Thursday, November 6, 2014

LNG Plants Will NOT Be Built In British Columbia(video proof here)

As written here before....PETRONAS and other LNG companies are having their LNG plants built in Korea, then barged to British Columbia....

How much more proof do you need....Click this link and watch this video..Just past the 4 minute mark..

Once again...We in British Columbia and Canada will be writing off $billions in taxation on LNG infrastructure that`s going to be built in South Korea or Japan..

 And it`s not just PETRONAS...British Gas said the same thing about having their plant built overseas and barged to British Columbia...

 ("BG intends to build a facility on Ridley Island capable of producing 21 million tonnes of LNG a year. Called Prince Rupert LNG, it would be built overseas in modules and shipped to Prince Rupert for assembly.
 Even so, the plant would create 3,500 jobs during construction,

 250 permanent direct jobs and another 250 spinoff jobs.

 BG says it is planning to build it in two phases, beginning in 2016.

The first phase — two seven-million-tonne-a-year processing units, or trains — is to be completed by 2021" )

And there is more bad news for BC`s LNG Fantasy..


UPDATE 1-Japan's Sendai nuclear restart in final stage: local governor

Kyushu Electric's two-reactor Sendai plant, located 1,000 km (600 miles) southwest of Tokyo in Satsumasendai, was the first to pass the independent regulator's safety guidelines last month.
"We are in the final stage on the issue of the Sendai plant's restart," said Kagoshima governor Yuichiro Ito during a meeting with newly appointed trade minister Yoichi Miyazawa on Friday.

Japan has said it would defer to local authorities to approve any restart.

The city assembly of Satsumasendai voted in favour of restarting the plant this week and Kagoshima's prefectural assembly is expected to vote to finalise the restart next Friday, local politicians say.

Only eight lawmakers out of 49 state assemblymen are opposed to restarting the plant.


When is Rich Coleman and Christy Clark going tell British Columbia`s populace of this development.....As in overseas developments!

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Anonymous said...

3 billion Massey bridge for tunnel replacement
corporate welfare for tilbury isalnd lng ships.?

Jon Ghun said...

You're absolutely right: Japan is most definitely going to restart several of its 48 nuclear reactors in very short order. The country's trade balance has been in a bloody red deficit since the Fukushima Hit; and it has to be reversed if the state is going to stay solvent. That means importing significantly less energy and firing up the nukes forthwith.

You're also dead on in stating that all (if any) LNG plant construction will be done off shore and shipped in.

The bottom line is that, for the people of BC, when you add in the fracking, there's not a single part of these LNG deals that makes any sense; and not a single one of them would ever get built in a sane world.

However, i think we know how the taxpayers are going to get bamboozled by the media corps(e) into believing in some utopian up-side dreamscape, while they are also being made to secretly eat every major start-up cost and allowed to claim little or no royalty on whatever comes out of the ground.

And that's to say nothing about having to go along with major environmental devastation and also taking earth-shattering risks.

This BC LNG gambit is a scam of such gigantic proportions that only the most gullible and the most corrupt could ever go along with it. Most unfortunately, that precise mixture of evil and idiocy is very much in play at present in this province. Moreover, this diabolical cabal of bc liberals have lied so big that their political futures are now staked on this gassy dream becoming real, come hell or high water. They are absolutely desperate to get something done on this file. They will kill to make it come true. Which means that, no matter how irrational, deals will get made to move this nonsense forward. The devil will be carefully hidden but the population will be sold out and stuck with the bill.

Keep fightin' the good fight.

Anonymous said...

Corporate media to the rescue

Anonymous said...