Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Keith Baldrey Spindoctoring BC Liberal Bootlicker Strikes Again

Well , Keith Baldrey, BC Liberal`s spindoctoring bootlicking sad sack is at it again...

On Global`s noon news Keith Baldrey was spinning like a top, he announced that BC Hydro and LNG Canada have struck a deal;....!

Keith was less than honest, he told a gullible public that LNG Canada(Shell) would be buying electricity for almost double the current industrial rate in B.C.....

Keith told the public that this move would calm the fears that residential ratepayers have about subsidizing LNG plant`s power needs...

What Keith Baldrey didn`t tell the public is......

That LNG Canada won`t even be making a final investment decision until late 2016...

That even if LNG Canada goes ahead with a final investment decision they wouldn`t be up and operating until 2021-2022 at the earliest..

And the most disgusting omissions Keith Baldrey deliberately left out was...

LNG Canada will be using natural gas burning turbines to liquefy natural gas, not electricity from BC Hydro..

And ....the BC Hydro electrical  power if used, is only for AUXILIARY  Emergency power!.....

In other words the entire report by Keith Baldrey on Global News (November 4th)was nothing but white noise designed to fool a gullible public...

There is nothing in the BC Hydro deal with LNG Canada that requires them to use ANY BC Hydro power..

For shame....You are not a professional broadcaster Keith you are a professional paid BC Liberal spindoctor..


BC Hydro announces LNG deal

BC Hydro is touting it as a first – the utility has signed a power agreement with LNG Canada for its proposed plant in Kitimat.

Hydro says the deal covers auxiliary power needs, as the plant would use natural gas turbines to actually liquify the product.

The agreement would also see LNG Canada pay for the construction of power lines and other infrastructure to supply the plant with electricity.

Still no word when Shell and the other companies involved in the LNG Canada bid will make their final



Keith Baldrey is a perfect example of how mainstream journalism has fallen into the corporate sewer. no ethics, no quality, cheap tawdry garbage from pathetic sellouts!

Shell(LNG Canada) will probably never use this power.....

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


sd said...

I happened to be home for lunch and heard this. It's like you have to have a truth meter running every time this clown opens his mouth.

Anonymous said...

Best to do is presume, with good reason that everything that comes out of Baldreys, Palmers, Fletchers and Goods mouths and the corrupt corporate media is a complete lie.

Other than bloggers who need to contradict everything they say,save yourselves the pain of reading the crap.I have had my TV crap cut off and no longer have to listen to the misinformation.


Grant G said...

I cut my cable too....Not at home, heard the announcement about this deal on radio, asked my host to tune into Global news, I told my host to watch how Baldrey will spin this white noise deal...Right on cue Baldrey did just as I knew he would..

Also...200,000 BCers over the last year cut their cable from Shaw and Rogers..

More to follow.


Anonymous said...

The best we can all do is get rid of cable TV and let the corrupt Shaw/Telus, etc. suffer the loss of money we have been paying to watch nothing but crap and ads.

I haven't missed mine for one split second, I get all the real facts from excellent bloggers like Grant, etc.


Hugh said...

The usual industrial rate is $53/MWh, but BC Hydro is paying $100+/MWh for new IPP power?

Buy at $100, sell at $53?

Anonymous said...

In case you didn't get my message when you were on the island with your mom I sent you an email telling you that for many months I had wanted to cancel TV cable and thanks to you I finally did it after you did it...and I thanked you for the push! Now if everyone would do the same we could put some TV cable companies out of business!

Grant G said...

Cable is a joke, news media is toxic...

CAPP..Kinder Morgan, Enbridge ads, Harper oil pushing ads(on the taxpayer`s dime)..

How can they remain neutral..

Check the Vancouver Sun or Province newspaper online..their front page is polluted with tarsand and CAPP advertising..

CKNW is all CAPP all the time..

Propaganda is being shoved down our throat, it`s wrong, the media knows it`s wrong..

Keith Baldrey is an egotistical scab, a conman, a pathetic piece of garbage..

Death to cablevision and death to cable news..