Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Thomas Mulcair`s Party of Wallflowers, The Disturbing Truth Unraveled

Written By Grant G

The hypocrisy emanating around alleged sexual harassment of 2 NDP MPs by 2 Liberal MPs has reached an astonishing level.

A quick recap on the history of this burning issue.

Earlier this year 2 (Unnamed) NDP MPs came to Thomas Mulcair and complained about some form of harassment, possibly sexual harassment, the alleged perpetrators were apparently 2 Liberal MPs...From what we know.

Thomas Mulcair apparently went nowhere with those complaints, never brought it up to Parliament Hill`s investigative arm Internal Economy....Apparently Mulcair just sat on the complaints, Mulcair didn`t approach Justin Trudeau or any other Liberal with these allegations, didn`t approach the 2 accused federal Liberal MPs with his concerns..

Flash forward to a couple of weeks ago, an NDP elected MP went to Justin Trudeau and complained of serious sexual harassment, stated that the perpetrator was an elected Liberal MP, she also told Trudeau about another case of serious sexual harassment that happened to another elected NDP MP...Why?

Why did this NDPer go to Justin Trudeau.....What this parliamentarian told Trudeau was obviously a serious enough complaint that Trudeau immediately, without hesitation suspended both accused Federal Liberal MPs pending an outside investigation, albeit there is no parliament mechanism in place to deal with these harassment issues, the old boy`s club has always been internal and sheltered from serious scrutiny.

What was Justin Trudeau to do, sit on the complaints, then having to worry if his sitting on a serious complaint, like Mulcair did, had these reported sexual harassment complaints ever saw the light of day Justin Trudeau would have immediately been labeled an enabler, not decisive, not leader like, self-serving and thinking only about quashing serious information that could harm him, harm the party and destroy any possibility of forming government in the 2015 federal election....and if indeed these were serious sexual harassment complaints what would happen if those accused Liberal MPs struck again, harassed again, what then...If that happened and the public found out that complaints were filed earlier against those Liberal MPs Justin Trudeau could write-off his and the Liberal party`s political fortune..The outrage would be palpable..!

Justin Trudeau by suspending 2 of his own members did the right thing, make no bones about that..

As it stands now, the 2 accused federal Liberal MP`s are in limbo, there has been some sort of internal investigation conducted by Internal Economy investigative board...That means that the accusers know what they were accused of...

Both of the accused Liberal MPs are now claiming their political careers are done, caput, at least that`s the way rightwing media, and Conservative and NDP pundits are portraying matters, still trying to pin fault on Justin Trudeau....Absurd!

And in an interesting turn of events the unnamed NDP MPs accusers are refusing to lay formal charges therefore Internal economy has no choice but to drop the whole matter, thus leaving the accused Liberal MPs in a no win situation.

I disagree that the accused are in limbo or a no win situation and here is why....Everyday in Canada wives and girlfriends are beat up, assaulted, raped by husbands and boyfriends, either while drunk or by nature, in the heat of battle police are called by victimized ladies and or by concerned neighbors and relatives etc etc, police attend the scene, witness the aftermath and drag the perpetrator(s) away to jail.

The following day or days later very often girlfriends and wives tell the police that they do not want to proceed with charges, reasons are varied, for the sake of children, finances or fear of retribution, a simple misunderstanding, blaming booze or drugs, this is far more common than one would think, the police, law, authorities do not need a formal complaint to proceed with charges, police can independently lay charges without a formal charge from a victim.

That is a good law...crime is crime regardless of a complaint.

As it stands now with Parliament Hill`s Sexualharassmentgate there are only 2 victims, those are the accused Federal Liberal MPs....For if the allegations brought forward by 2 NDP MPs are not serious enough to proceed on, they should have remained silent.

This bullshit being uttered by NDP brass, that a formal complaint would re-victimize these ladies is utter hogwash.

These ladies are not wallflowers, they are campaigners, door knockers, talkers, they make speeches, give interviews, definitely not demure quivering in fear worried about their job or repercussions after the fact ladies, these are blabbering politicians who spin, distort and bluster.

Having said all that...If these NDP MP`s are going to play possum with a different political party`s elected members then it is up to the accused Federal Liberal MP`s to come forward in the public domain and air their side of the story.

For if one is a public official, a person with an important job, a decision maker, if one is accused anonymously of serious allegations of harassment/sexual harassment and the allegations will affect that person`s career either present or future and if that anonymous accuser refuses to file a formal complaint thus rendering the accused in a no win situation, they`ve been harmed publicly and can`t mount a defense.

If that happened the accused, if indeed they believe they are innocent or the charges alleged are frivolous they have a perfectly legitimate right to make their case public, even if it involves naming the accusers publicly.

If these Federal Liberals MPs honestly believe they are innocent and or have been harmed by frivolous accusations they must come forward and state their case.

A public court will decide on who is telling the truth.

The more I hear about this case the more I believe this was a plot to get Justin Trudeau in a leadership bind somewhere down the road.

Thomas Mulcair`s NDP party has been in free-fall for the last 20 months, polling a distant third place, finishing a distant third place in by-election after by-election...Thomas Mulcair knows his target voters are not the hardcore Conservatives,  the voters Mulcair is chasing are the centrist voters, the ones who left his party and flocked to Justin Trudeau`s resurgent big-red machine.

This whole affair stinks...These NDP MP wallflowers need to grow a pair of integrity balls and come forward, or shut the hell up.

And personally speaking,  the NDP accusers and the party are doing a major disservice to all woman who are suffering from or suffered from abuse, sexual abuse and worse, what kind of message does it send when strong elected well paid female politicians are afraid to come forward, whining about being re-victimized......Is that the message the federal NDP is putting forth to females living in fear, living with abuse...Just.

Shut up and go away.


Written by Grant G

The Straight Goods

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