Monday, November 4, 2013

Sending The Message To Politicians And Corporate Leaders At Home

 Written by Grant G

Rising Tide, a new grassroots organization against fraccing and gas extraction held a protest, a mock fraccing rig was set up on Christy Clark`s front lawn, at her home, her "sanctuary" least that`s how Bill Good portrayed it...

Bill Good on CKNW today made the assertion that the personal homes of politicians is a "sanctuary", a no-go zone, Billy claimed that protesting anything is fine but politician`s homes and their families at their residence is off limits, he also proclaimed that Hamish Clark should be immune and sheltered from the rough n tumble of political theatre...To which I say..

Hogwash, Gordon Campbell through guile and lies stole and sold BC Rail to his friends, to his party financing friends, he lied about the HST, about debts, he manipulated through procedure and Government forces the BC Rail "trial"...he also bankrupted BC Hydro..Gordon Campbell deserves no sanctuary, ever!

George Bush and Dick Cheney put America into war, a war of presidential choice, a needless war based on manipulated lies, 100,000`s  died in that oil-based clash, Dick Cheney and George Bush deserve no sanctuary, Aldoph Hitler, Mussolini, do or did they deserve sanctuary, maybe if the people protested at their homes history would have played out differently..

So today(November 4) between 8:30 am and 9:00 am this morning Bill Good put on his indignation hat and played the role of protector of Christy Clark and Gordon Campbell, Billy Good stated that protesters targeted Gordo`s home and his wife Nancy`s school where she taught class at least once too, and oh how he bemoaned the violation of said sanctuaries....The hypocrisy reeks, Billy Good`s hypocrisy reeks for no where in his belittlement of the grassroots Rising Tides did Billy mention Glen Clark..?

Glen Clark was terrorized by our B.C. media over an alleged deck apparently built for free, these BCTV reporters were hiding in Glen Clark`s yard, snapping film-footage of him in his home, this violation of sanctuary was ok, no need to mention it eh Bill Good, it wasn`t people protesting Glen Clark it was a media frenzy, that`s different I guess when rightwing media violates sanctuary,..our one-time media smelled a scandal and jumped, pursued and went after Glen Clark with a vengeance, those days are long gone, now our media has turned into corporate cheerleaders and Government press release readers, the days of asking tough questions and even tougher follow up questions are gone..

Dalton McGuinty and the Ontario Liberals in an attempt to save their majority during their last election cancelled 2 gas plant projects, they were trying to save several ridings where they were polling poorly, what Dalton McGuinty and Kathleen Wynne did was ...

To try and save several ridings they cancelled 2 gas plant builds opening up the province of Ontario to penalties and fees associated with the cancellations, the price for this corrupt political decision is a staggering...$900 million dollar cost to Ontario taxpayers..Should Dalton McGuinty or Kathleen Wynne have sanctuary in their private home, or anywhere, ..$1 billion dollars spent to try and win a majority election, that was not an accident or bad judgement, it was deliberate crime, theft, those two politicians should be hounded at every corner for the rest of their lives as a reminder of their crimes.

WallStreet bankers and the corporate elites robbed the world of $trillions of dollars when their derivative gambling and fraudulent mortgage backed securities they peddled weren`t worth the paper they were written on, millions of people lost jobs, lost their life savings, the entire world stunted and stalled because of corporate greed and crime, not bad decisions, or error by accident, deliberate acts of financial crime on a world scale, and who was jailed, who was punished, no one, these rip-off Wallstreet tycoons are sitting comfortably in their $million dollar Hampton mansions, their penthouse suites, their multi-million dollar yachts ..

Enbridge with their crimes against the environment and humanity, the NTSB (National Transportation Safety Boaed)) in a detailed review officially called Enbridge`s response to the Kalamazoo pipeline rupture "Keystone Cops"  response to their Kalamazoo oil pipeline rupture, ...BP(British Petroleum) and the Gulf spill disaster,  they knew what they were doing was dangerous, they broke rules, took chances and rolled the dice, the result was a dozen dead oil platform workers and millions of dead marine birds and millions of dead fish, people who depended on that area lost their livelihoods and to this day no has gone to jail, no protesters and or concerned people have protested at the BP executive`s homes, but they should, those industry leaders that make life-altering decisions for greed, when those who can roll the dice and lose need to spend their dying days regretting their actions, they should live in fear, in fear of retribution, retaliation and or of vengeance, those corporate and political leaders who act with blatant disregard to human life, human prosperity, those who commit crimes against humanity should live their entire life running from the shadows and then and only then will politicians and corporations stop acting recklessly..

 Weibo Ludwig...also known as the EnCana pipeline bomber, Weibo claimed the gas industry in northeast B.C. ...The gas industry through their actions killing his livestock, poisoning the water, causing still birth in family members and he took matters into his own hands...Should Weibo have blown up pipelines, no, he should have set up a camp at homes of the EnCana executives, pipelines and infrastructure can be replaced, only through the fear of God, fear of fellow men glaring at executives in their homes, ...Those executive and decision makers will learn that deliberate guile, fraud, shoddy work, deliberate risk-taking and dice-rolling with other people`s assets will result in a life of running from the shadows, ....Being the laid back take it in stride citizen hasn`t worked for western advanced societies, the reviews and investigations done after the fact that point fingers at no one accomplish nothing, sanctuaries need to be a thing of the past..

If I stole a $billion dollars...if I deliberately started forest fires, if Joe Public on purpose caused any of the above events to happen they would see 25 years to life in prison, life isn`t a hockey game so any sports analogies are wrong...

Billy Good and his selective criticism, our May 2013 election, Hamish Clark, Christy Clark`s son went door to door election campaigning with Mark Marissen, he injected himself into the election, he is not an innocent bystander...And I could care less...

Yet Adrian Dix`s wife who did not go door to door campaigning and distanced herself from the election and electing of her husband, yet rightwing media/blaggerts, Sunnews and Ezra(little man) Levant did a 20 minute lashing and insultfest against Adrian Dix`s wife, Ezra Levant mocked the fact that she read poetry, had no cell phone and owned no car but rode public transit..Ezra Levant attacked the innocent life partner of Adrian Dix and where was the outrage from our toothless BC media, not a word, not a peep, the Ezra Levant public assault and personal attack on Adrian Dix`s wife was a ok in Bill Good`s mind..

The only person to put up a fight and call Ezra Levant out was me, the Powell River Persuader, the silence on that issue from BC`s media including Billy Good was deafening..

Rising Tide spokeswoman on air this morning with Billy Good made some valid points, valid points that Billy Good chose to ignore..The spokeswoman stated(and it is true) that people in BC`s northeast or in Alberta fraccing zones, all fraccing zones, if a local person refuses to allow fraccing on their property the gas companies won`t stop, they`ll either approach a neighboring property and buy permission or just drill from the edges, they drill deep down then turn their drilling sideways and drill under your property anyway, the original say no resident, their water table gets spoiled even when they said no, now faced with sour water, soured view and no compensation, meaning even if landowners say no to the gas fraccers the industry gets you anyway, that was the reason for the protest at Christy Clark`s was about being violated at your home, is not fraccing a violation if it sours your water and lifestyle..

Rising Tide spokeswoman also cited stories where innocent land owners who said no to fraccing had gas extractors despoil their water, their children have burning skin from merely taking a shower, homes and residences that smell like petroleum after nearby fraccing, these people are paying the price and they did nothing...Billy Good asked for examples from people this happened to and he asked for callers from Northeast BC to call CKNW and report their problems...unfortunately people in northeast B.C don`t listen to CKNW..

 If you want proof Billy Good you can read this...

Jessica Ernst who is fighting not only EnCana and the gas industry but a complicit in crime Alberta Government and a Federal petroleum cheerleading Government...Illegal laws, decisions and court rulings run amok in Alberta, the same type of bullshit stall tactics and motions ran thick and heavy in the BC Rail trial...And we know how that ended, an illegal disposition and legal laws broken by British Columbia`s ministry of justice and the attorney General`s other words a corrupt farce disguised as a trial..

Not until those politicians and corporate decision makers lose their sanctuary, not until those who do offend and deliberately act against the public, they who risk life, risk harming the environment, those who take chances and roll the dice, if snake eyes are the result the punishment should fit the crime, no more sanctuary or safety zones..

Pedophiles, murderers, arsonists,  food poisoners, water poisoners, these people don`t get sanctuary at work, at play or at home..

At what point do we the people react, what if hospital cleaning was stopped to save money resulting in 1000`s of deaths, what if our water was being sold, what if sections of our crown land were sold to China, what if farmed fish and Marine Harvest killed the last wild salmon, what if one of Enbridge`s utilized oil tankers lay on its side in the Hecate Strait, mortally wounded puking millions of gallons of bitumen into our ocean, what deeds warrant a home protest...

Time for all those individuals to be held to account. even if their name is Stephen Harper, Allison Redford, Janet Holder and even Christy Clark..

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Grant, agree or disagree with you the stories you present are fabulous thought proboking food for thought, you are the king of bloggers in British Columbia by far.

Thanks muchly


Anonymous said...

My boo boo, meant *thought provoking*


Jon Ghun said...

I have to agree that direct civil action is now becoming the only reasonable response; because, for all intents and purposes, these corpo-govermental bandits have shut down, blocked or obfuscated any and all democratic processes through which the concerned multitude may speak and act to secure life, liberty and happiness.

They are violating the natural order of things and there's going to be a reckoning to return the balance of things.

With a reference owing to Ross K., consider also the following:

'In 2005, the BC Utilities Commission in it's infinite wisdom decided AGAINST holding public hearings into the sale of Terasen (formerly B.C.) Gas lock, stock and barrel to American pipeline giant Kinder Morgan.

As a result, British Columbians who had concerns about this deal, particularly as they pertained to the public interest, lost their chance to have their questions answered in an honest and unbiased manner (ie. free of P.R. and spin).

British Columbians were silenced. And this was after the fact that Kinder Morgan was formed from Enron Liquids Pipeline, L.P.. When it became Kinder Morgan Energy Partners L.P. all of it's stock was purchased by Robert Kinder (former president of Enron Corp.) and Bill Morgan (former Enron corp. pipline executive).

The BC Utilities Commission never explained what specific rules, regulations, controls, potential penalties and/or protocols, if any, were put into place to ensure that British Columbians were not to be subjected to energy market manipulations such as those that were previously practiced by Enron traders in California.

"During California's rolling blackouts, when streets were lit only by head lights and families were trapped in elevators, Enron Energy traders laughed, reportsCBS News Correspondent Vince Gonzales.

One trader is heard on tapes obtained by CBS News saying, "Just cut 'em off. They're so f----d. They should just bring back f-----g horses and carriages, f-----g lamps, f-----g kerosene lamps."

And when describing his reaction when a business owner complained about high energy prices, another trader is heard on tape saying, "I just looked at him. I said, 'Move.' (laughter) The guy was like horrified. I go, 'Look, don't take it the wrong way. Move. It isn't getting fixed anytime soon."


Now in 2013, we learn that Kinder Morgen will hold NO public hearings in Vancouver, save for some sort of moderated on-line forum, to address concerns over the proposed massive expansion of their pipe line capacity. They're obviously not going to listen until they are made to do so; and that day is here--one way or another.

Thanks for keeping the light on.


Righteous One said...

Can't believe Alex Tsakumis is making excuses to defend this piece of trash of a premier. Just look for my post as the "Righteous One" calling it a load of garbage.

"When the kid or son participates and joins his mom in door to door election campaigning and allows himself to be used in that way, he has entered himself into the political arena and should expect anything.

If you go to Communist countries where lives are destroyed with homes and land taken away, rights and services cut back, people in the thousands protests at government official homes to regain those rights lost especially those officials who are convicted or responsible for murder, theft, or crime like how the BC Liberals are. The difference between here and over there is people aren't afraid to stand for their rights and speak their thoughts out. It is the norm and how revolutions are created. It is not garbage to fight for human liberty, dignity, and rights. The revolutions for one's freedom regarding skin colour, social class, or whatever are not considered garbage by any means. Calling it garbage would be very insulting indeed."

kootcoot said...

This post should go into the Powell River Persuader Hall of Fame. Thanks for reminding me about the Glen Clark fiasco, talk about invading privacy, but hey, Murdoch's minions feel they can violate the privacy of anyone, and so does our sorry excuse for a press.

Meanwhile I doubt you are surprised that the King of Bloggers is on a virtual crusade about people being mean to poor Hamish. As usual his sycophants echo his ruling from on high and anyone who dares disagree is insulted. Also he claims that in BeeCee we have some nifty method of hydraulic fractionation that doesn't harm the water table or anything else, I have asked for an explanation. Also heOB apparently has forgotten that in gas form (it ain't always liquid) it can explode and a lot of gas leads to an exceptionally large explosion. Apparently at Lac Megantic it was propane cars on the siding that caused the tragedy when the unattended train collided with them when it dis-railed. Without the propane cars it may have just made a big mess without destroying downtown and killing 50 people.

Grant G said...
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Anonymous said...

Harper is no Conservative, never has been. He had hired Wolfgang Droege and his Heritage Front as, security for Preston Manning.

Harper and his Cons, the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, all work together. The BC Liberals are known as, Harper's satellite party. Harper prorogues Parliament, Christy prorogues Legislature.

Fadden as CSIS at that time, warned of China's huge invasions into our country. BC was specifically mentioned, Campbell had already given much of BC to Communist China. Harper rewarded Campbell the post as, High Commissioner to the U.K. Campbell did a lot of dirty work for Harper.

Never in all of my years, have I ever seen Canada so corrupt. Once evil gets into a country? It's very difficult to get rid of them.

Remember the Fascist Dictators of the 30's and 40's? The Communist Dictator was also of evil.

We went to war so, we wouldn't have, Fascism, Dictators nor Communists in our country. Harper is the new face of evil, in these times.

Anonymous said...

First it was a postponement of the meeting, but it seems these two have already had their meeting.


agree with jon ghun

Jon Ghun said...

The truth about a whole lot of things (and people) is rising to the surface like toxic, septic seep. The stink is noticeable and the sources identifiable. Things are going to be revealed, summed up and adjusted on the scales of cosmic justice.

If people in general were more aware of how critical these times are to their onward bound travels, they would be a lot more focused and circumspect.

The great power of materialism and the efforts of it's agents are all for the purpose of taking people's minds off of what is important, by body-slamming them with trivia and the inconsequential.

Things are not going to go on the way they have been going on for so long, not in BC, not in Canada, not in the US, not anywhere in the world.

Things are going to change radically and quickly and then we shall see what all sorts of things and people have been set in place for.

Raise a half glass full and be ready.

Anonymous said...

When those in charge of seeing after your welfare are stealing your resources, they know they have to set up protections against those being robbed. Not surprisingly, they get all antsy in the pantsy when the public dares to get near their private parts.

Heavy-handed police tactics are surely in the offing.

kootcoot said...

"Heavy-handed police tactics are surely in the offing."

In the offing? I would say it is already underway like the police riot at the G20, or fake cop protesters at Montebello, or Gustafson Lake and the Maple Spring. I haven't even mentioned the over the top US paramilitary response to Occupy Wall Street and elsewhere.

In a court case over the tear gas attack in the eyes of protesters sitting on the ground at U.C. Davis, some of the victims got 20 some grand, while the cop who sprayed their eyes received almost 40 grand for emotional distress or some such bullshit!

Evil Eye said...

Bill Good is a shill, nothing more, nothing less.

As for protesters protesting in front of Irma Giese's (a.k.a. Premier photo-op)front stoop, well is it not the same Premier that decided NOT TO HAVE a fall sitting of the house?

When the Premier closes the people's house where this debate should have been, I believe she and her house is fare game.

She hired the job didn't she? Well, being premier is not all junkets to China and Europe or cutting ribbons.

I think what we saw in front of her domicile was just the beginning - she has lit the fuse of discontent.

Anonymous said...