Thursday, November 21, 2013

Global BC`s Facebook Page, The Comments On This Latest Enbridge Poll


  • Trel Lee Prince Nope...this British Columbian and my family is far from warming up to it...

  • Jennifer Roberge by using media to suggest an idea, ARE you trying to con ppl into thinking that? cuz that's what it sounds like to me.

  • Joie Betz I want to know ONE person who's okay with this crap!! So far I don't know any.. So I'm calling BS!!
    • Bill Opdahl im one person ..and it appears I might not be a minority anymore ... interesting

    • Brett Elsasser read the comments there are lots for it, and a comment like that coming from you, who is using a phone made out of oil!! You Hypocrite!!!

    • Joie Betz Just because I use products made from oil doesn't mean I want a pipeline in my 'backyard'!

    • Debbie MacDonald Joie its not in your "back yard" but I agree with you. It is in my backyard though.
    • Joie Betz Hence why I put the ' on it.

  • Caitlin Ava I will NEVER warm up to it.

  • Amanda Love I know of at least 10 people who are willing to lay in front of the Enbridge trucks... gotta love the mainstream media spins!

    • Brett Elsasser wow, really just 10 people, guess most are for it then media must be right!!

    • Amanda Love hey dude ,you should learn to read, I know of at LEAST 10 people.
  • Tonia Mintenko Amaral What an irresponsible news headline Global. Shame on you.

  • Sierra Shelby show us where that poll came from and who they contacted lol what a bunch of BS .. stop trying to convince people that we will allow Enbridge here it aint happening or did you all miss the rallies on Saturday. its still NO. no poll was conducted in prince Rupert

  • Sarah Cleijsen While Rob Ford was acting like a douche for the world to see, christy Clark was signing the deal for this shameful project. Diversion at its best.

  • Ryan Stanley Take ur pipe n shove it

  • Greg Tyler judging by the comments, you, global, are so out of touch with BC'ers, you just rendered yourself irrelevant. Read the comments. Do you feel stupid ? because you look stupid.

  • Ronnette NoEnbridge Musterer NO PIPE LINES NO OIL IN BRITISH COLUMBIA! Oh my god when will you greedy people get it through your head that the First Nations do not approve?! There's no treaty saying that we have say over one piece of land for now we have say over all of the land. NO NO NO!

  • Greg Levasseur No we are not! No pipeline, no fracking!!

  • Amanda McConnell who is doing these polls? christy clark and her friends?

  • Kelly Ann Sounds like propaganda to me.

  • Charlotte Charlie Say no 2 the pie line that's my territory back north don't want it ruined


  • Ryan Stanley Whoever reports this must be smoking crack with Mr Ford.

    • Geraldine M Bligh Indeed..very poor journalism, I am starting to think Global is the BC equivalent to National Inquirer...or better yet..FAUX news

  • Chalise McCallum I call B.S !!
  • Michael Washington Wow Global BC how much did Christie Clarke pay you to run this propaganda piece? Insight West ( ) a company that is pro Energy/Oil all of a sudden interviews people that are now pro oil, and you run the story saying that people are warming to the idea? You realize this is the internet and we can fact check your stories right? This is taken directly from the front page of Insight West's website:

    Insightwest offers strategic, compliance and technical-based solutions for the energy and resource sectors.

    We are a newly-formed energy and resource consulting firm on our way to becoming the most informed source for industry and political insight and a barometer for key initiatives and developments in the oil, gas, renewable energy and mining sectors in western Canada.

    Contact us to help meet your energy and resource sector needs.


Geraldine M Bligh twice or three times as many oil tankers on our coast and in the port of vancouver, just that many more chances to kill off our salmon and all the environm



Marcie Callewaert We live in a society where alternative forms of technology are being bought up and squashed by the oil companies. Until we make a global decision to move away from oil and into new fields of tech, there is little we can do to escape oil, even if we try. When the government starts subsidizing alternative energy etc, then we can move forward. To all those who want to stay with oil I ask, what the heck do we do the day the oil runs out?

  • Jason Craig That is an untrue statement, no one is warming up.

  • Linda Hayter Salter Not warmed to the idea AT ALL!

  • Marvin Martian bunch of liars and crooks

  • Nancy Dolly Morgan this is a li no-one agrees with pipelines our world is destroyed with this bulllshit

  • Jackie Small Warming up to it? Yeah right! Tell the truth, Shame the devil.

    • Lopes I dont think people are warming up to it LOL people more pissed off than anything, ive been to a protest to see whats up, and even the pot heads were angry.

    • Terri Davey get rid of it

    • Garry Green the mighty propaganda machine wins again

      • Garry Green I do not know 1 British Columbian who has changed their mind. Makes me want to unlike Global so I don't have to endure this propaganda, bought and paid for by you know who.

    • Lise Gauthier Madsen Which people in BC were asked about this?? Shareholders, employees, executives of this company?? Nobody I know wants these things in their backyard, given the safety records of such. which have to be 'leaked' (lacking a better word) to the public while they try to cover up all their environmental damage.

    • Christina N Adam Stanley If the pipe line is for my feces then let them.

    • Geraldine M Bligh OH!! Since when..Global? Were you paid to pass this information us? I think it's patently untrue. How about doing some truth reporting. Shameful.


      Geraldine M Bligh the fat cats do yes..but not the rest of us.

      • Jenna Marie Kerr Bs!!! Lets stop these idiots!! Ill come lay infront of trucks too lo
        • Brett Elsasser so you want the trains and trucks sent through your area then??

        • Marcie Callewaert No, we want alternatives to the oil that causes a need for trains and trucks. Brett, you are obviously missing the entire point of why people are protesting these pipelines. We don't want them moved, we want an alternative source of energy. Believe it or not, they do exis

      • Valarie Oloman Bullcr*p!

      • Margaret Niesh B.S. not allof us! Stop the propagan

      • Pamela Manson Not this British Columbian. Kristy Clark has sold us out. Shame on her.




      Marcie Callewaert We don't want the pipeline moved, or trucks and trains to carry it instead - We want alternative energy sources, which are currently being bought and squashed by the oil companies. The government subsidizes them for this so they can make more cash of our country's oil. We live in an oil dependent society - but we want alternatives and THAT is what this fight is about!

      • Brett Elsasser well it's coming through one way or another, you don't control the roads or rail!!

      • Eric Oja nobody has asked me ,its the same as who voted these idiots in to power ...not me ...

      • Michael McGlone Thats false advertising ? Why do you resort to this ?- instead of talking to the people of B.C. explaining your position on the safety of pipelines & it's benifits for the province ? This only dis-credits & worsten your chances of implementing this project ?


      • Juan Morphish BS, classic way of trying to get people to change their minds, by telling them people are changing their minds. Reality, no they aren't. Gateway is a bad deal for BC. We take all the risk so we can host some foreign temporary pipeline workers. We get zero royalties, and sweet FA from Alberta. Maybe a handful of full time jobs at the terminal. Not worth the $100 million dollar a year sport fishing industry it risks on the Skeena, and not risking the coastline for not risking the skeena commercial fishery for etc etc. Go away with this BS

      • Gerald E. Nyce Said no one in BC!!

        Media propaganda!!!

      • Carli Emary Yea, where are you finding these British Columbians? ?Alberta?

      • Michele Moir What a crock.... We are not warming up to Enbridge at all... Who's doing the Polls? Looks like global is sleeping with "end"bridge

        • Gillian Hannah they probably surveyed people that are involved with making money on it. Similar to the BC Ferries. The surveyed 500 people. They probably asked people that don't depend on it but have no choice. I always hear "if you don't like it, move". Guess that could apply to Enbridge too!!!

      • Rae Alcock This is not true. Flat out



      • Marcie Callewaert We don't want the pipelines moved, or an alternative source of transport, we want an alternative energy source. The oil companies routinely buy and squash these technologies, which the government subsidizes them to do. We live in a society dependent on oil, and yes, we know how many things are made with oil. What happens the day the oil runs out? We want these alternative technologies developed now, so we have a choice to use them, instead of oil



      • Joanne Gilmar Sez who? NO ONE I know has changed their mind... nice try, media.

      • Don Todd People, people, people all this is unsustainable no matter how much money the Dark Politic of the money makers tell you. 135 years LNG supply that's two generation down the line and what will the crunch be??

      • Dale Chipesia nothing but money in pockets for government,few contractors but years of impacts to wildlife and environment...

      • Neila Dandy No one I know is happy about it. And no, I am not a tree hugger

      • Julie Anne Bereczki Worst journalism ever. How about the 140 city's and towns across the country last Sunday protesting the absurdity of the pipeline. The only people not opposed are the people who have something to gain. Who paid you off global? Garbage

      • Cameron Stehr we all know how reliable pollsters have been in the past #ndplostlastelection #election 2013

      • Tom Kirton oh really i was never asked as far as i can see and heard WE don't want that pipleline in bc .

      • Jo West sure not warming up here ....


      • Jason Coles you might start the pipe line in alberta but the people of b.c. dont want your oil alberta so it is a waste of time

      • Kami Swanson Neeme I'm sure who ever did this alleged survey was paid by the oil industry! If people actually think they will get jobs out of this they have their heads up their behinds! Companies like these hire cheep labour from other countries but I'm sure you will all get minimum wage jobs when it comes time for an oil spill clean up! So I guess there might be jobs involved!

      • Catherine Reardon The pollsters must have been asking a lot of men under the age of 25 - I know I'm generalizing, but men under 25 are looking at the money to be made by the work provided and they don't think about the effect of the pipeline on their future children. Building the pipeline is so shortsighted - anyone thinking about the future is against it and that includes all of my friends!

      • Kim Lazaruk Goslin

        SO YOU DON'T CARE EH...? If the kindermorgan/enbridge pipeline's go ahead ? Le...See More


      • Fannie Pa Queeta Wtf are you talking about I don't know one person who is for i
        • Brett Elsasser If you read comments you will see them!!

        • Leah Amey Out of all these people commenting so far, I only counted 7 for. That's maybe what 10% for and 90% against. It is BS propaganda by the media, but what else is new.

      • Katie Addison We are not!!
      • Randall Sharp i bet the pollster used the Globe and mail mailing list also the Fiberal A.K.A the Conservative voters list to poll

      • Marie Robertson I am still against it!


      • Chris Säville funny I just attended a "defend our climate" protest last Saturday in my tiny little town there were HUNDREDS there not too warm to the idea, there is a big difference between "warming up" and "being force f

      • Darvy Culleton FAKE POLL. BC'ers are not warming up to this. Nothing had changed, why would their minds suddenly be changing?? C'mon
      • Tammy L Nicholls Absolutely not! Was Global BC paid for this particular blurb? Give your heads a shake!

      • Alistair Sinclaire Show me this "New poll"

      • Kari Onmywaywardson Solar power!!!!

      • Jeannie Atkinson Dixon Highways do more environmental and human damage than pipelines, yet everyone loves a new highwa

      • Zach Cripps Where are the facts to support this. I do also agree that Global is becoming a partisan to the Liberals and the Northern Gateway. Pipeline. What happened to the report before the election that showed 80% of the province doesn't want the pipeline? It too was reported on Global.

      • Debbie MacDonald Anyone can join websites that do polling. I belong to a couple, but not this one.


      • Hanna Lewandowski It stinks, indeed.

      • Jacob Chappelle Time to embrace change and be part of a solution. We all need jobs, and we all need OIL & GAS

        • Marcie Callewaert No - We are in a society where the governments have dictated we need oil and gas, and squashed alternative energy sources. Until the government stops subsidizing oil to squash these alternatives, we will be dependent on oil - The whole point of this is that we want those alternatives to become available!

        • Shellie Dendewicz You wouldn't be getting the jobs, they'd bring in people to do it, cheap labor.



      The Straight Goods

      Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Jon Ghun said...

Corporate media consults pro-industry pollsters in order to throw out a few positive numbers.

Clearly the money boys are trying to manipulate perceptions in their favour.

They've been getting away with it for so long that they're falling back on their old tricks.

But not this time!

Keep it up, good people.

Grant G said...

Funny stuff indeed..

I hardly ever tweet on twitter, however, I did tweet Keith Baldrey, I told him to check out Global facebook page..I told Keith Baldrey that their own viewers are calling the poll and Enbridge support bullshit..

And guess what, Keith Baldrey had no courage to tweet me back publically, no, he`s a coward, he sent me two private messges..

Here they are..


Keith Baldrey Keith Baldrey
You have three whole followers! Wow!
09:46 PM - 21 Nov 13


And this one, after he insulted me with the three whole follower bulshit, I tweeted him back that I have thousands of blog followers and I don`t use twitter, my account is always shut, he sent me another private message..

Keith Baldrey
Off your meds again?
10:06 PM - 21 Nov 13


Keith Baldrey calls himself a pro, he couldn`t debate facts so he lashes out and brags about his twitter followers and then throws in a drug insult based on ...Well, based on the fact he had nothing else in his arsenal.


Jon Ghun said...

When they can't baffle with smoke and mirrors; they resort to personal attacks.

Stay strong.

The truth will out

Anonymous said...

Ha! The only one I have ever read say that to your meds again would be...the king of bloggers himself, Alex Tsakumis. Baldrey and AGT make good BFF, both full of shit!

Great work Grant.


Grant G said...

Thanks Jean..And Jon..

Yea, when those can`t argue with facts start sniping and throwing personal shots around..

Global and Baldrey are really pathetic..

Like for example, how come Christy Clark is off to Asia today, the staory states she is looking for investors into her LNG dream..???

But I thought we had 14 rock solid LNG proposals?

I thought the shovels are getting ready to build build build?

What is Christy Clark actually selling in Asia..

Is Christy Clark selling LNG proposals that are waiting years to decide if they will even build in BC..

Is Christy Clark selling LNG buying contracts??

LNG that we have none of?

If LNG was real..

Christy Clark gone til mid December..Then it`s hoilday time til mid January, then Christy Clark will vanish again.

The media..Keith Baldrey..Vaughn Palmer..

They should be asking Christy Clark and Rich Coleman about..

About the 14 LNG proposals for B.C. Coleman has been bragging about.


"Added to other B.C. gas plays, the study concluded that the natural gas resource potential for British Columbia as a whole is 2,933 trillion cubic feet – double previous estimates.

A dozen or so projects are on the drawing board to export natural gas from terminals in northwestern B.C. in the form of liquefied natural gas (LNG), targeting customers in Asia."


BC Guv claims we have all these big-time proposals..

So what exactly is Christy Clark doing in Asia?

She`s runnin and hiding.


Less Visable said...

Every theater of human endeavor of any critical importance is infiltrated by dedicated sociopaths like baldrey. They are invariably indifferent to the lives and deaths of others. They are without conscience and those without conscience are sociopaths. Every movement and especially those that generate high capital returns have tribal flunkies operating there.

They made their deal and do what they are told. The irony is that when you are told or encouraged to say something by certain people, it should go without saying that the truth is the diametrical opposite of what you are told to say. This should dawn on them. Perhaps it does but whether it does or does not, it does not matter to them. They made their choice. They're not like you and I. They don't care about the truth or anyone not on their paid-for side.

We have to make our choices, too. We cannot allow them to keep destroying the world we live. We cannot allow them to steal everything they can lay their hands on in the common weal. But know this: They will never stop of their on account. And so, we're going have to make them.

You may think nothing much is happening in these days of limbo, as step by step, inch by inch, it gets worse and worse. But now is when the most important moments of the battle are occurring all over the place. We are defining ourselves in our speech and actions. We are inscribing our intentions on the fabric of existence. We are coming into resonance with the conning towers appropriate to our frequency. A great deal is going down, under the radar, out of sight, in the burbling peripheral, precipitating from the unseen into reality.

What have you been eating? What have you been thinking? What have you been doing? All this time, what have you been up to through the course of the last decade? Where has your attention been? What considerations have occupied your heart? What are you going to do when they try to ram dirty oil down your throat?

Be well and wise. good people; for this is truly about life and death.

Anonymous said...

Sheesh Grant, you keep on producing the GOODS while the bloated ego keeps talking about delivering the GOODS(maybe one day when pink oinkers are flying)

I guess blotto is not only drinking his own blood he is swilling down his own bathwater.

Stay true GG and don`t ever lose that natural humour


Grant G said...

Thanks Watchmen...Who the hell are you guys/gals?

Nice comment Less Visible..

Enbridge will die...First Nations will tie it up for years in court..

Harper is done, caput, a proven lias, resonable or plausible deniability has long since passed..

And Christy Clark, her support levels have fallen 15 points since the election, another proven liar..

She can`t get Enridge through either..

Enbridge, those clowns are idiots, wasting time when they could be pursuing pipelines elsewhere.

Janet Holder and Enbridge lost the battle..

Like I said, If Christy dunce Clark tried toforce eNBRIDGE, OR EVEN IF cHRISTY CLARK GAVE TWO THUMBS UP..

Christy Clark`s life, her son`s life would be surrounded by 24/7 security, forver..

And First Nations would still stop it forever in the courts..Janet Holder and Enbridge would be old n grey


kootcoot said...

".Janet Holder and Enbridge would be old n grey"

Janet Holder already looks like she eats bitumen watered down with condensate for breakfast, lunch and dinner and uses it as mix for vodka after dinner.

From the Janet Holder fan page:


It only takes a few moments in conversation with Janet Holder to know that she is one of a kind.
- See more at:"

Sorry Janet, but slime like you is as common as dirt. Think Bernie Madoff, Jaime Dimon, the Enron crooks and the head slime blob of Canada - Spiteful Stevie Harper!

BTW, I'm surprised you haven't heard from Balderdash about violating the privacy of his communications with you.......of course he is pretty much of a chickenshit and a mensch without the good mensch qualities.