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Rich Coleman, British Columbia`s Minister of Giving Away Public Assets To BC Liberal Friends(An LNG Story)

 Written and assembled by Grant G

B.C.'s Auditor General John Doyle has condemned former forests minister Rich Coleman for allowing a forestry company to remove land from three tree farm licences for residential development, citing the possibilities of conflicts of interest and insider trading by government staff.
The report, released Wednesday in Victoria, said Coleman's decision to remove private forest lands from three tree farm licences (TFLs) on southern Vancouver Island was made without sufficient regard for the public interest.

The auditor general also said the investigation raised concerns about at least two potential conflicts of interest and possible insider trading, all of which are now under investigation by the province's conflict of interest commissioner and the BC Securities Commission.

In the report, the auditor general blasted the minister for being more concerned with the financial problems of Western Forest Products than the public interest.

Doyle said the minister acted on incomplete information and with too little public consultation.
"Based on this evidence, I concluded that the removal of private land from TFLs 6, 19 and 25 was approved without sufficient regard for the public interest," Doyle said.

"I am not criticizing the policy of allowing licensees to remove their private land from TFLs," said Doyle, "but I expect that such decisions will be thoroughly informed and that stakeholders will be consulted. In this case, the minister's decision was based on an incomplete analysis."

Minister indignant over allegations

Doyle has also raised the issue of conflicts of interest in the deal. Coleman's brother is an executive with Western Forest Products, the forest company that is developing the land.

The auditor general also noted what he called unusual activity in the stock markets, an issue he asked the BC Securities Commission to investigate.

The government responded by attacking the auditor general for issuing "a biased and inappropriate report."


17% of Vancouver Island was given away to BC Liberal party donors, Rich Coleman was in conflict of interest and should have resigned in shame, instead the BC Liberals attacked the messenger and used Global Television and CKNW to make excuses for and to deflect from the crimes committed, ..

Not only did that crown land giveaway not produce a single forestry job...It also allowed those forest companies to cut down trees and ship them out of Canada as raw logs, without having to report the volume, after all, these were now "private lands", you don`t have to report out on raw log shipping from private lands...Another result of Rich Coleman and the BC Liberal`s land giveaway was...It allowed these forest companies to become prime waterfront real estate sellers, which they fully partook in..

You see friends, Rich Coleman is an habitual liar, all BC Liberal ministers are, their leaders too..

Rich Coleman was the minister in charge of giving away our analog meters and shoved smart meters down our throats, BC Liberals paid double the price for smart meters than the going rate, the reason?..Because BC Liberal insiders owned shares of the smart meter producing company, people like David Emerson, $1.4 billion dollars B.C. spent on smart meters, and of course, the reason for smart meters was for real-time billing, after all, BC Hydro because of $70 billion dollars in energy buying contracts from IPP`s Gordon Campbell forced them to buy was going bankrupt, now BC Hydro rates are rising by 60% over the next 3 years, and even with those increases in consumer rates, BC Hydro`s $6 billion dollar in deferral debts created by the BC Liberals to hide their crimes are scheduled to rise even higher, yes indeed, Rich Coleman has his grubby little fingers in that file too..

First to Profit from $1 Billion Smart Meter Program: Liberal Insiders.

And we all remember Rich Coleman threatening the city of Surrey over a giant proposed casino,


Rich Coleman issued warning to Surrey councillors ahead of casino vote

Kelly Sinoski, Vancouver Sun

Published: Thursday, January 24, 2013
Days before Surrey's controversial casino vote, the minister responsible for gambling called some city councillors with a warning: If they voted no to this proposal, they could forget about a new casino anywhere in Surrey.
Councillor Bruce Hayne, who voted against the proposed $100-million casino resort in South Surrey, said Minister Rich Coleman's call was unusual but clear: "He let me know in no uncertain terms that if we turned down the proposal, the province and (the B.C. Lottery Corp.) would not be looking at another site in Surrey."
Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts says it was inappropriate for Coleman to call councillors just days ahead of a public hearing into the proposed casino and, in a scathing letter to BCLC Thursday, she also blasted CEO Michael Graydon for what she described as inflammatory comments following Surrey's 5-4 decision to reject a gambling license for the project, proposed by Gateway Casinos & Entertainment Ltd.

Watts said the actions by both Graydon and Coleman have shown a disregard for public process. Coleman also blasted Surrey council for rejecting the proposed casino and said B.C. won't waste any more time looking to place a casino in Surrey.
"Why even have a process and engage the public on a gaming license if your expectation is that it should go through regardless?" Watts said earlier this week.


Rich Coleman`s grubby little hands again, how much money has Rich Coleman taken illegally in bribes and payoffs to giveaway public assets and sell monopolies, only Rich Coleman can answer that question, I would guess that it`s in the $millions..Rich Coleman has no shame, he lies as easily as a rug..

Rich Coleman was front and center again as he tried to give away liquor distribution and hand that  $2 billion per year monopoly over to another BC Liberal party donating company, only extreme public pressure and world class sleuthing by Bob Mackin who uncovered a tangled web of meetings, connections, secret lobbying, ...I`ll let Bob Mackin fill in the dirty little details..


Liberals pondered liquor store privatization

One of the biggest provincial stories of 2012 was the BC Liberals' controversial, aborted attempt to privatize the Liquor Distribution Branch's warehousing and distribution.

There was no business plan and no formal industry consultation. There was plenty of intrigue, because BC Liberal backroom boy and BC Rail adviser Patrick Kinsella was lobbying for Exel Logistics. The government did its best to wrap the deal in a shroud of secrecy. We still don't know precisely how and why it was kiboshed before the shortlisted bidders could make their final presentations.

But the government didn't count on me and my li'l library of #LiquorLeaks shining some much-needed light on the specious process. Thanks, also, to good ol' fashioned brown paper envelopes and the documents inside. (I'm not finished yet. Far from it.)

So, what's the latest, you say?

Remember when the government released Treasury Board and Cabinet reports in late May? They were so heavily censored that the only information visible had been cut-and-pasted from already published service plans and financial reports. I appealed and pressure from the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner caused the government to uncensor portions of those reports. I'm not satisfied yet, but I am happy to report what the government was hiding from you.

Specifically, that the government was studying the sale of its chain of 197 B.C. Liquor Stores, along with the LDB logistics! I revealed this in Business in Vancouver on Dec. 13. The documents are below, which indicate anticipated opposition from the B.C. Government and Service Employees' Union was the biggest obstacle.

The government opted to keep the stores, but tried to sell the warehouses and distribution. Then, on Sept. 27, it agreed to a new two-year deal with the BCGEU that included a moratorium on any LDB privatization.

 This happened after liquor minister Rich Coleman spent six months banging the drum for a private warehouser and distributor to come along and help government save money (despite industry players warning that higher prices would be the outcome).


 Liquor, gambling, land giveaways, payday loan sharking, smart meters, Rich Coleman enjoys all the perks associated with selling out the public and the scariest part of all,,,,,,

Rich Coleman is the lead conman on the LNG file, in fact Christy the dunce Clark gave Rich Coleman a brand new ministry, a new title, a suitable title considering all the bullshit and hot air Rich Coleman has expelled..

Rich Coleman, The Minister of Natural Gas...or as I like to call him.."Rich Coleman, an over-stuffed corrupt windbag"

I did say this article was about natural gas.........

Last week was rather peculiar,  I`m talking about this announcement here..


B.C.'s natural gas reserves double previous estimates

Report estimates B.C. has 1,965 trillion cubic feet of natural gas available

A new report from the B.C. government claims the province's natural gas reserves are more than double the size of previous estimates.

The new estimate is based on analysis of the Montney Formation, which spans northeast B.C. south of Fort Nelson into the Fort St. John area and across the border into Alberta.

B.C.'s total natural gas reserves are estimated at 2,933 trillion cubic feet — enough to support development and LNG export operations for more than 150 years, according to a statement issued by the Minister of Natural Gas Development Rich Coleman.

But according to the study, an estimate of 1,965 trillion cubic feet of available gas, often referred to as gas-in-place or GIP, is the most realistic scenario of available reserves in British Columbia...

The study, The Ultimate Potential for Unconventional Petroleum from the Montney Formation of British Columbia and Alberta,  was a joint effort by Canada's National Energy Board, British Columbia's Ministry of Natural Gas Development, the B.C. Oil and Gas Commission, and the Alberta Energy Regulator.


Let me say this, a joint effort from the Alberta energy regulator, and the NEB(the appointed panel that heard the Enbridge hearings) and the same group shutting out the GVRD on the Kinder Morgan pipeline issue, only Alberta will get to attend Kinder Morgan`s twinning application, the B.C. Oil n Gas Commission, weren`t they or aren`t they about to be handed to them by Christy Clark the authority over the ALR.(Agricultural Land Reserve) for 75% of the province and of course, Rich Coleman and the ministry of natural oh my, never a finer group of honest brokers been assembled.(sarcasm insert here)

A joint study with a stupid name..... "The Ultimate Potential for Unconventional Petroleum from the Montney Formation of British Columbia and Alberta"

With a study title like that what would you expect, yet there was no mention in the study about how much gas is in each province as this natural gas play crosses over into Alberta..When this announcement came out last week I was wondering why...Rich Coleman and Cluck Cluck already claimed we had a 75 year supply of natural gas available for export so why was it important to double the estimate to 150 years?...Why indeed, would not the LNG exporters invest with only a 75 year supply, after all, the chatter on LNG plants mused about operating over 30 years, now we can look forward to LNG exporters for the next 150 years, 24/7, 7 days a week, 365 days per year blasting millions of tonnes of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere..

The announcement last week, last Wednesday..Why, why, why....There was more to the announcement about "the study" than meets the eye..

First off...The joint study, let`s be clear, the only way to prove up reserves is to drill for gas, are you telling me the NEB...The Alberta Energy regulator, the B.C. Oil n Gas commission and BC`s ministry of natural gas were all over the Montney Basin drilling test holes?????...No, they were not, it`s a study based on nothing but propaganda that can`t be proven one way or another..

150 years of gas, is that with 3 LNG plants or 5....Is that with 5 LNG plants or 12....You see that doesn`t make sense, its purely a number meant for propaganda effect, 

Let us delve a little deeper....


"The Montney area will support economic activity in our province for a very long time as a supply hub for liquefied natural gas development, said Coleman.

B.C. Premier Christy Clark has made developing the province's LNG industry the cornerstone of her government's economic development strategy for the province. She heralded the report's release on Wednesday. 

"In 2007, we were talking about importing natural gas  — so since 2007 we have discovered that we have huge resources that we have the ability to access that we didn't have before," said Christy.
According to the Ministry of Natural Gas Development, there are more than 10 proposed LNG projects in B.C., three of which already have approved export licences from the National Energy Board.
The government estimates if five of these proposed facilities move forward, the cumulative gross domestic product benefit to British Columbia could total $1 trillion by 2046.


 The above is more from last Wednesday`s BC Liberal Gov press release....Before we carry on, I called Christy cluck cluck Clark a "Dunce"....The reason I did because it`s true, look at the above statement from Christy Clark..

 "In 2007, we were talking about importing natural gas  — so since 2007 we have discovered that we have huge resources that we have the ability to access that we didn't have before," said Christy...

Have at it Christy Clark..?

Not only is her English that of a valley girl(sorry valley girls) but she lied again..

 "In 2007, we were talking about importing natural gas"

No, British Columbia was not talking about importing natural gas in 2007, in fact in 2005-2006-2007 natural gas was near $12 dollars per unit and British Columbia made record amounts on royalties, peaking in 2006 at $1.9 billion dollars, B.C. has been exporting natural gas for decades, why on earth would B.C. have ever talked about importing natural gas, it was the USA, let me repeat that, it was the USA of America that started building LNG regasification plants in 2007 in anticipation of receiving imported LNG from abroad,.... B.C. never ever considered importing natural gas.....Obviously Christy Clark has us confused with the Americans or perhaps she heard that refrain in Washington when she was there promoting LNG and looking for investors last month..She heard it, now repeats it, it`s a lie, a falsehood, not true, Christy Clark just blathers away oblivious to her surroundings, and facts..

Now, like I was saying, what was the reason for that announcement about gas reserves, Rich Coleman and Duncy Cluck already stated over and over again how large our gas reserves are, so who are they trying to con/convince, themselves or potential investors....

 As you know no energy companies have even put a shovel in the ground, no final investment decisions made, why the delay, these BC Liberals have been blathering about LNG for 4 years, still nothing..

 So last Wednesday this gaseous reserve announcement was made and to me it made no sense, until last Friday when another LNG article came out, when one puts both stories together it became very clear as to the BC Liberal`s motivation..It was a deflection from the real story..

Let us recap...Rich Coleman claimed we have not 75 years of gas in the Montney basin but 150 years worth of gas in the Montney basin..

So, if you were a company like say....Talisman Energy and you had vast holdings in the Montney Basin, this announcement would be huge, your holdings have just doubled in value...

And suppose even at the low natural gas prices in North America gas extraction in the Montney basin was still very profitable.

If all that was true Talisman Energy certainly wouldn`t be or have considered selling their Montney Basin holdings, would they, double the reserves, profitable at low prices, who would sell and why, that is indeed a very important question because...

Because on Friday November 8th ....2 days after Rich Coleman`s Wednesday gas reserve announcement.....

"The new estimate is based on analysis of the Montney Formation"---That statement means nothing, read what it says, an estimate based on a formation study, meaning no drilling..

2 days after Rich Coleman`s announcement Talisman Energy sold all their British Columbia and Montney Basin assets to Progress energy for $1.5 billion dollars..

Why, why would Talisman Energy sell their piece of a $trillion dollar gas play in northeast B.C....Why indeed..

The article claimed Talisman was "reorganizing".....Reorganizing, selling a now double in value asset is reorganizing?

And who bought this asset from Talisman Energy...?

Progress Energy, hmmm, that name rings a bell, Progress Energy used to be a Alberta energy company but they were bought out last year..Progress energy is actually...

Petronas, The Malaysian Government..

Interesting no....It get s better because according to Petronas`s subsidiary company Progress Energy..

According to Progress Energy, Petronas(Progress Energy`s Mother Corporation)..Petronas is having Progress Energy over the next 2 year do test drilling in the Montney Basin to prove up reserves before any final investment decision(FID) is made..


"Calgary-based Progress Energy Canada Ltd. increased its stake in British Columbia’s Montney Basin with the $1.5-billion purchase of Talisman Energy’s interest in the lucrative shale natural gas field.

Progress Energy CEO Michael Culbert said the Talisman properties are adjacent to its existing drilling operations and infrastructure in the Montney, so Progress gains efficiencies from the addition.

However, the newly acquired resources won’t factor into the natural gas development that Progress is pursuing in support of the bid by its parent company — Malaysian state-owned firm Petronas — to build a $10-billion liquefied natural gas export plant at Prince Rupert. At least not for now.
“We really look at these assets as having the pedigree to be able to compete in the North American market,” Culbert said.

The field produces natural gas that is profitable, even in the current environment of extremely low prices, and also contains liquids such as propane and butane that increase revenue potential, Culbert said.

 Progress’s ambitions in the region were bolstered earlier this week when the National Energy Board released a new estimate of the Montney’s potential reserves at 449 trillion cubic feet of gas — 271 trillion cubic feet in the portion of the Montney on B.C.’s side of the Alberta border.

Culbert said the NEB estimate classifies the Montney as a “world-class” resource, “and I think as a major player in the Montney, particularly the north Montney, we believe that as well.”

Talisman put its B.C. holdings up for sale earlier this year as part of an effort to dispose of $2-$3 billion worth of assets as part of the company’s reorganization.

Very interesting, Talisman, a north American company is running away from British Columbia, running away just 2 days after Rich Coleman made a claim that "estimates" have doubled, running away from British Columbia days after Rich Coleman made the unproven claim that Talisman Energy`s asset just doubled in value...Strange?

But there is yet more intrigue......

Rich Coleman just made the claim/estimated claim that the Montney Basin ..


A new report from the B.C. government claims the province's natural gas reserves are more than double the size of previous estimates.
The new estimate is based on analysis of the Montney Formation, which spans northeast B.C. south of Fort Nelson into the Fort St. John area and across the border into Alberta.

B.C.'s total natural gas reserves are estimated at 2,933 trillion cubic feet — enough to support development and LNG export operations for more than 150 years, according to a statement issued by the Minister of Natural Gas Development Rich Coleman.

Even Bernard Schulmaan is calling the....
"The Ultimate Potential for Unconventional Petroleum from the Montney Formation of British Columbia and Alberta" study.. BULLSHIT.

And so am I...There`s still no final investment decision, and Petronas, the parent corporation of Progress Energy doesn`t believe Rich Coleman either, I can safely say that because of this statement from last Friday`s article. 


 "Culbert said Progress Energy will continue what he referred to as the appraisal phase of drilling in the north Montney, which the company is developing in partnership with the Japanese energy producer Japex.

Appraisal will see the company punch 160 to 170 new wells per year into its property over the next two years to establish how much gas its holdings can supply to Petronas’ proposed LNG plant.

Culbert said the company’s goal is to show that its existing holdings contain reserves of 15 trillion cubic feet of gas by the time Petronas makes a final investment decision on whether to proceed with its proposed LNG plant.

According to the Ministry of Natural Gas Development, Progress Energy holds the oil and gas rights to 190,000 hectares in the Montney region"


 Does that make any sense?...Rich Coleman just made the unproven claim that gas reserves in the Montney Basin are double earlier estimates, 150 years worth...Yet Petronas, yet Petronas doesn`t believe Rich Coleman and is using the longstading tradition of..."Trust but verify" and is spending the next 2 years having its subsidiary company Progress Energy doing test drilling..

Which means the earliest Petronas would announce a FID would be is......late 2015 to 2016...That is IF the gas is actually there, .

It is obvious that Rich Coleman used that "Estimate of gas" story to try and put out the flames of discontentment from the energy companies..

Funny stuff because Petronas has a big mess in its own financing..

(I recommend you read the above liked article,  a first class informative read)

 ...and the very first proposed LNG project that was granted the first LNG export licence in British Columbia has stalled over financing,  that project was a tiny little $500 million dollar LNG plant proposal, tiny in comparison to Chevron`s $60 billion dollar Gorgon LNG plant in Australia..

So ask yourself..

Why is Petronas still needing 2 years and hundreds of test-wells before even considering a FID..

Why did Rich Coleman make the doubling of gas reserve estimate claim when the BC Liberals and Christy Clark already claimed we had the largest gas reserves in the world...75 years not long enough to lure energy companies?

Why did Talisman Energy dump all their BC holdings, why when days earlier Rich Coleman claimed Talisman`s asset theorectically doubled in value..

 And lastly..

Why is Christy Clark dumb as a stump, "ya know"

P.S......I recommend you listen to this audio on LNG and natural gas plays in the below link, it discusses this topic on audio..

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open



Jon Ghun said...

You've done lots of heavy lifting here; and I would like to thank you for putting the truth out for people to see.

The mind really does boggle at all of the hi-jinx of this dirty coleman character. He's as corrupt as they get. The guy's a one-stop government disposable site. Just pays yer' money and he'll fix ya' up with whatever ya want. Forest lands: Liquor services: Casinos: Smart Meters. Damn. The mob really has taken the place over.

He has to be stopped before the entire province is stripped, soiled and sold off behind closed doors. Because all of the corrupt deals and lies are going to cost us terribly in the end. The bills are piling up and there's going to be nothing left to meet them.

Adding insult to injury is how he's getting away with all of this banditry because of the complicity by omission on the part of the so-called mainstream media.

I don't even have the heart to go on about all this hot air the lieberals are blowing about natural gas. I think you're hitting the target dead on this issue.

Keep up the good fight.


Grant G said...

Thanks for caring Mr. Ghun, too bad there weren`t more like you..

All we can do is open people`s eyes, and hopefully, their minds..

Good Day

Anonymous said...

China Investment Corporation, eyes BC forests spells FIPA danger.
Dec 12/2012

Isn't China after the timber and the mines, on Vancouver Island with their FIPA with Harper? The F.N. people said...If they block anyone from thieving the forests? Canada will be sued as the Chinese did, with our BC mine jobs. There are 18 mine permits on Vancouver Island. Perhaps that is where the rumor of 3,500 more Chinese miners, on their way stemmed from?

Harper's evil Omnibull-S-Bill means, China has permission to sue anyone if, they block China's takeover of Canada.

Chinese buy up Canada's farms
June 22/2013

China trade deal, a 31 year ball and chain on Canada
Oct 19/2012

Harper the Dictator has, many, many plots to steal every resource there is in BC.

The BC Liberals work for Harper. The BC Liberals are, Harper's satellite Party. Harper's sellout of Canada to Communist China, began way back in Campbell's reign of terror.

People have to wake up to Harper's evil plots for Canada and especially for BC.

Harper's FIPA deal with Communist China means, Red China will take Canada over, for a minimum of 31 years.

China has polluted much of their farmland and 40% of their water. China will take our food crops to feed China plus, all the Chinese coming over here for 31 years. Dead pigs come floating down China's rivers.

Can you imagine what Canada will look like after, 31 years of China in Canada? It is being said? The Chinese will never get out of Canada.

I heard of, the horrendous mess the Chinese are doing, up at the tar sands. Other people up there say, China doesn't have a ruddy clue, how to not pollute everything up there either.

Harper also signed a deal with, the Red Communist China Army as well.

Neo-Nazis donate to Harper's Alliance.
July 18/2002

Harper is every bit as hateful as, Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini. All of them have, very similar characteristics and personalities.

Anonymous said...

Fascism is rising fast all over the world. Why? It is because those who have stolen so much from the public that they are rich beyond need and everyone else is in need. When you steal a lot of money, you need a lot of money. You have to hire your own private army to protect you but... that never works for very long.

Anonymous said...

Grant you always deliver spendid posts without games, no promising Wednesday to deliver Friday then say Tuesday, come Tuesday fiddle=diddle with teasing people and delay for more time, kingo bloggo is a joke.

by the way, really well done again.


Grant G said...

@JD...Thanks for that but please, no more referances to that Harper bootlicker....

The man is a buffoon and doesn`t realize full grown older adults are the ones reading political blogs, not teenagers or 20 somethings, most political blog readers are 40 to 80 years of age and the Stephen Harper Bootlicker treats them like children, like I said, he`s a buffoon, no more mention of him...


Elwood said...

Thanks Grant. I always look forward to reading your well-researched insights.

No investigative journalist in BC has your capabilities and determination! They are like children in grade 1 in comparison. Keep up the good work so BC will finally be able to open its eyes.

Anonymous said...

From the Guardian's George Amnbiot:

"It's business that really rules us now.
Lobbying is the least of it: corporate interests have captured the entire democratic process. No wonder so many have given up on politics"

"It's the reason for the collapse of democratic choice. It's the source of our growing disillusionment with politics. It's the great unmentionable. Corporate power. The media will scarcely whisper its name. It is howlingly absent from parliamentary debates. Until we name it and confront it, politics is a waste of time."

Dan said...

Coleman is like our own Henry Kissinger, he just keeps coming back for more and gets no grief about his misdeeds. He has, of course, no shame, no remorse, no sense of living in a community or being part of the undertaking that is humanity. This is a frighteningly good post, tough slogging for the reader, but how corrosive it must be to put this down on the digital page in full conscience of the wrong it represents. Good for you and many thanks.

Grant G said...

Thanks Dan..."Tough slogging for the reader"...

Tough slogging for the writer, I am having to continually best the propaganda arm of the BC Liberal Government and the Energy ectraction industry..

Oh, and having to best the mainstream media..Funny, that part is easy..

For example, this story today by Ian Austin..

I`m not sure if Ian Austin was tired, if it was an attempt at comedy or maybe Ian Austin was ordered to write something on the LNG presser..

Have a read..Ian Austin mentions the whopping $12 million dollars CONOC(Chinese Government) paid for 800 hectares in Prince Rupert then Ian Austin drifts into a short blurt about $200 billion in construction underway in Australia(Including many LNG plants already online)..

Not sure if Ian was being sarcastic, funny or fed up from being continually asked to write glowingly about Christy Clark`s LNG wet dream.

BC Liberals are getting desperate, we keep losing jobs and LNG is falling apart.

And I am telling all you readers this..

If Petronas(Malaysian Government and CONOC(Chinese Government)actually build LNG plants..

Chevron..Shell..Exxon, BG Group(British Gas) and all private non-state run energy companies will leave B.C. for other jurisdictions.

And...British Columbia will receive next to nothing in royalties, our resource will be fully owned by foreign state run companies/Governments, from well-head to the end using customer these foreign Governments will have B.C. by the balls.


Anonymous said...

Good to know someone is keeping track, Grant.
In Aug. 2012, Coleman went to London, at taxpayers expense, to attend a "Natural Resources" conference. This "conference" happen to occur exactly during the London Olympics. Now who would organize a "Natural Resource" conference during the Olympics, when hotels would be at a premium, and could only be afforded by those on government expense accounts? Why, Canadian High Commissioner and former BC Premier Gordon Campbell, of course. Apparently, they had a great time. It would be interesting to FOI Coleman's expense account and any report about this so-called conference.

Grant G said...

Thanks Elwood, you remain as solid support..

Very true Anon 7:09 PM...

The "corporation" is now "The Government"

Democracy is on the edge of nothingness...

Remember that whopping $12 million dollars from CONOC I mentioned up above..That really is funny.

$12 million dollars..What is that?..

3 large homes on medium sized lots in West Vancouver or 10 Vancouver specials on 33 foot lots in south Vancouver, or South Burnaby.

BC Liberals speny more money to bring the Fake Bollywood awards show to B.C...A 2 night affair that never sold out..

Hmmm...Fake Bollywood Awards show and BC`s LNG Fantasy..

Sounds like a good title for a LNG article..or..

I can picture in my mind a Bollywood movie, a movie full of colourful dresses(saris), with lovely ladies and handsome men dancing and singing, celebrating the glorious benefits of LNG...

Then suddenly the dancers turn sad and desperate, the colourful saris fade to black and the stars, young lovers who once basked in the warmth of natural gas commit suicide..


Writing, and reading is a visual experience..

Good Day

Anonymous said...

Grant you are right on again, buffoon man is making it up as he goes along, ooooh nooo, Christy is going after buffoon man, danger, danger, danger.

We saw that same ploy last spring, sorry Grant, too easy.


Anonymous said...


Bmon ‏@Bmon555 1h

BC Libs trying to kill FOI's ? #bcpoli
David Schreck ‏@StrategicThghts 33m

@Bmon555 How can u "derail" FOI that is a joke b/c anything can be excluded as "advice to cabinet" due to court decision. #bcpoli 1/2
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Hugh said...

Fracking in China:

"Development of tight gas and shale gas projects such as Changbei is expected to help China overcome its reliance on offshore natural gas projects."