Friday, April 13, 2012

Thomas Mulcair and BC By-Elections.

Here comes the Big Orange Star, a true professional, Thomas Mulcair, this man is an ideal leader and in the latest Federal poll the NDP are in a dead heat with Stephen treason Harper`s Cons...

But there`s more, the Federal NDP have a staggering double digit lead in BC over Harper and the Cons, which brings me to the point of this post, Phil Hocstein, Michael Smyth and certain bloggers have totally missed the mark on their perception of the political wind in this province, people are awakening to what right wing parties are really about, CRONY CAPITALISM....Free enterprise vanished 2 decades ago, the occupy movement, we, they may not be presently sitting or occupying any public spaces but the movement and mindset is alive and well, in fact it has grown in intensity...

Below is from a Federal poll showing rising support for Big Orange Star.
OTTAWA — After enduring weeks of criticism over robocalls, the F-35 and the budget, the federal Conservative party is virtually tied with the NDP in public opinion, suggests a new Ipsos-Reid poll conducted exclusively for Postmedia News and Global TV.

But the controversies haven't stuck to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who continues to enjoy strong approval ratings throughout most of the country.

The survey found that if an election were called today, 34 per cent of Canadians polled would vote for the Conservative party, compared to 37 per cent last month and 40 per cent when the last election was held on May 2, 2011.

In contrast, 33 per cent would vote for the NDP, which is up from 29 per cent in March and 31 per cent during the election.

What we see in this poll is the NDP on the rise across Canada and Harper`s support tanking, that is real bad news for John Cummins..

As you know I didn`t endorse any Federal NDP leaders, I knew either Brian Topp or Thomas Mulcair would win and was equally happy with either candidate as leader, also, Thomas Mulcair was the very best candidate for the NDP to keep the strong support levels in Quebec, this man has impressed me from the very first time I heard him speak, a fabulous communicator, he has John Horgan type qualities, once you meet him, hear him speak with concise  clarity combined with a level of charm unmatched by any political leader in Canada, this too is very good news for the Big Orange Star...And the really big story in our province, even before the NDP chose a new Federal leader they were slamming Harper`s Cons in BC..

Federal Conservatives losing support among BC voters: poll

Vancouver, BC (Mar 16, 2012) – The federal Conservatives have lost a lot of ground among BC voters since the May 2011 general election.

Federal Voter Intention

According to a recent poll by Justason Market Intelligence, popular support for the governing Conservatives has fallen from 46% in May 2011 to 30% currently, now behind the official opposition NDP (at 40% from 33%).

  Support for the Liberals also has grown, from 13% to 20%. The Green Party has held steady at 8% since the election.

BC Residents Oppose Lawful Access Bill

The Justason poll also finds a strong majority of BC residents (73%) opposing the Lawful Access bill (Bill C-30, also known as the Protecting Children from Internet Predators Act). Notably, over half of BC residents strongly oppose this legislation (55%). Seventeen percent (17%) support the legislation, with 5% strongly supportive.
The question: “The Canadian government is currently attempting to pass the Lawful Access Bill, also known as the online surveillance bill. This bill would force internet and telecommunications service providers to hand over basic information about their clients at the request of law enforcement without a warrant. It would also allow that data to be duplicated without permission. Do you support or oppose this proposed bill?”

Any fool that thinks Harper is a star and vote getter in British Columbia is delusional, clearly those who propose this scheme of a merger between Christy Clark and John Cummins are not thinking things through, the Harper bandwagon has lost 1 wheel and the other 3 are wobbling badly..

Now to the by-elections, let`s be clear, my predictions mean nothing, it certainly doesn`t require..a "BREAKING NEWS" headline announcing my own picks on my own site, funny stuff eh, ..

Joe Trasolini wins in a cake walk, he didn`t need a single endorsement, an ex popular mayor, a mayor for years, a harsh critic of the BC Liberals for years, especially on the evergreen transit line stall game and Burrard thermal, yes indeed Joe Trasolini is in favour of keeping burrard thermal for all the right reasons, it`s an ideal back-up power supply that BC owns, no need for IPP ripoff long term contracts bankrupting our province, Burrard thermal is a tiny emitter of GHGs compared to Lafarge cement....Trasolini would have won this election running for the NDP even if the Liberals didn`t implode over corruption, scandals and betrayals..

Below are the 2009 election results for Chilliwack Hope


LIB Barry Penner Elected
NDP Gwen O'Mahony
CON Hans Mulder
GRN Guy Durnin

First off, the Greens aren`t running a candidate, those Green voters will NOT go to the Cons or the Liberals, Gwen O`Mahony received just over 33%...Now remember, the BC Liberals weren`t hated(near as much) in May 2009..

The Green votes will go to O`Mahony, her base support is 33%, add the Green vote to that total..38.87 %...

I guarantee that the BC Liberal`s vote won`t completely collapse in Chilliwack-Hope...But as you can see Gwen is already well over 1/3rd of the vote, almost 40% in fact..

 BC Liberals have lost half their vote, but here we go again, at least 5% of the BC Liberal vote support has gone to the NDP, maybe more, John Cummins is from the old Reform part of the Conservatives, abortion, cut Government services, privatize everything, religious dominant thought processes..

Also, there is a very strong Environmental vote in Chillwack-Hope, with Enbridge threatening and now Kinder Morgan, I suggest that many centrist voters from the Liberals would rather go NDP than Harper`s Reformer`s farm team, not to mention Harper`s pension and health care cuts...Still with the environment, Gordon Campbell in 2009 had hoodwinked BCer`s(some) into thinking he was green, carbon tax, carbon trading and offsets, Liberals have thrown out all of their green credentials with LNG, fracking, incinerators, Fish lake, now the assault on the ALR, and more IPPs...

I`m adding another 4% points of support to Gwen O`Mahony, giving her a total of..

42% of the vote, a clear winner...Yes indeed, Gwen O`Mahony will win Chilliwack hope, an NDP sweep in by-elections.

The NDP are on the rise in BC, and across Canada, the latest poll(Angus Reid) has the NDP at 46% support levels in BC.

I think both candidates for the Big Orange star are fantastic....I`m not endorsing and this isn`t breaking news, these are my predictions, Trasolini is a wall in Port Moody, no brain surgeon required to make that call, and Gwen O`Mahony in Chilliwack...The numbers add up...Common sense.

My pulse on the people is usually spot on,  even at 40% support Gwen O`Mahony wins easy..

Harper has turned into a black hole, the wheels on his bandwagon are broken and people have had enough of crony capitalism for the select few being called free-enterprise..

Average BCers can`t afford any more right wing free enterprise.

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


kootcoot said...

I like your analysis, but, but, unfortunately the "king" of BlogFarts insists the "PC Brand" is sweeping BC. Officially he don't do drugs neither.

Actually it is difficult to tell just who is a PC anymore - the guys in Ottawa are a mixture of PC traitors, like Peter(less) Mackay, Reform/Alliance/CRAP fugitives posing as Big Blue and run of the mill Canadian Taliban members.

Then you have Crusty the Clownette masquerading as a Liberal, surrounded by Boosenkool, MacIntyre et. al., fresh from Treason Steven's inner sanctum. At least as amusing one state (Alberta ain't a province) to the east we have draft-dodging chickenhawk Flanagan (former Harper advisor) handling Wilma Flintstone, oops, Danielle Smith's campaign to terminate Conservative rule in Texas North, cause they ain't reactionary, reich wing and neo-con enuff.

It is certainly an entertaining year so far, and anytime there is a slight lull, it is even more absurd in the Country most Albertans and Steven Harper wishes they had been born in.

Grant G said...

Indeed Mr. Koot...Alberta and the Wildrose Alamo party.

You know..

"When right is not right enough"..

Maybe they should be called the "Right Ear Lobe party"..

Cuz they is way over dat way.

Anonymous said...

OK, I propose that Harper build a 20foot fence around Alberta's borders to keep this right wing thing in check. Like a bad influenza virus it needs to be contained.

Danneau said...

Funny we should get a little Ted Nugent with this, one of the brightest flames for GWB crony-capitalist, libertarian gun-toting, I-get-to-do-whaterver-I-want-whenever-I-want-and-so-forth advertisements for all that for which music is not good. I fear that much of the debate about governance in Canada has sought the level of idiocy and disconnect that characterizes most of the Republican nomination process and which will surely inundate the airwaves/newspapers as we move to a general election. Watching time-shifted programming on cable from Detroit is equivalent to sticking a spoon deep into the throat to induce regurgitation, as is, sad to say, most of what transpires in Question Period, certainly that portion that emanates from the Government benches. Great piece, along with the bridge stuff above.

Anonymous said...

When the BC LIberal party is wiped off the map, then the rightistas will have nowhere to go but to the BC Cons and start pressuring them for all their perks and freebies. The BC Cons will eventually end up the same as the Liberals are now, so to cast them your vote is a waste of time. Change will not come from the BC CON party.

Anonymous said...

The worst problem in Canada and BC, is Herr Harper.

BC got the worst of it, than all the other provinces, from Harper and the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals. We in BC, had two monsters to fight, Harper and Campbell, and we still do. The BC Conservatives also support, the Enbridge pipeline and the tar tankers. The entire ruddy lot of them, work for Harper.

Harper and Campbell are a litany of, lies, deceit, thefts, corruption, dirty tactics, dirty politics, and neither one of them hesitated, to cheat to win.