Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Big Tail Comes to our Front Yard

A 16 foot long six gill shark came to downtown Garden bay last month, practically in my front yard(next door)  ....These big fellows are common to BC, although they reside in deep water, usually between 400 and 2000 feet of water, however they do  come to shallow water to give birth, this shark was indeed a female and apparently she did give birth..

First time anyone has seen one shore-bound in Pender Harbour, 40 years up here and this is a first..
 After an enormous struggle the shark was placed in the water, unfortunately mother shark succumbed to the grounding, hopefully her babies are well....

I don`t think i`ll go swimming anytime soon..

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Hi Grant,

Poor Mom. Can the babies, how many? survive on their own?

Such a gorgeous backyard you have and no manicured lawns to cut, heaven on earth.

I hope the tin roof is on your new home and it must be wonderful when it rains.

Enjoy Grant, you've earned it and thanks for everything you do.


Anonymous said...

Ha Ha all I have down here right now is racoons banging across my roof!

Grant G said...

Sharks are born live Jean..With a food-sack attached..

They will be just fine and grow big and scary..



Anonymous said...

Thanks Grant for caring about these non-populist creatures of today's world. I mean they are not lawyers or economists, but just sharks ya know?

Anonymous said...

What a magnificent beast! I wouldnt go swimming either..lol..

Anonymous said...

Holy Moly!!! Do stay out of the water Grant. I wonder why she died?

Your web site is always interesting, enjoyable, and full of knowledge.

To think this beautiful province could become a polluted wasteland, because of greed...is far too sad to think about.

Good work, as always Grant.

Hugh said...

"Under new rules, the Northern Gateway review would have to wrap up in May of this year — a full year-and-a-half before it was scheduled to end."?


Anonymous said...

Sharks huh? Right in your neighborhood? Bad news, Grant. You are already in the water.

Grant G said...

@ Anon 9:59 pm...

You bet I`m in the water, well not really..Out fishing ON THE WATER in my boat..

Guess who`s having fresh caught WILD salmon for a celebratory dinner tomorrow night?

Not YOU anon 9:59 PM

MMMMM Salmon