Monday, April 16, 2012

Smart Meters/The Enemy Within

What Evil lurks in the Heart of Man, the Shadow Knows......

And now so does Smart Meters......Gordon Campbell you son of a bitch, you Fuc_ed over this Province and all you BC Liberal MLAs went to bended knees and gobbled the juice...

Enjoy the film...Thank Goodness your friendly Powell River Persuader and Kin have kept their homes free of smart meter spyware...Take your meters off, light up BC Hydro`s phone, call your MLAs and demand these Smart Meters be removed.

This is reason #2 of 1000 reasons why the BC Liberals are going down hard this Thursday and next May..

Enough is Enough..!

Enjoy the Film..Click the link and play...Popcorn and Twizzlers not included.

Take Back Your Power [feature film]

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open 


Hugh said...

What's the BC NDP's position on the smart grid? The new meters will be mostly installed by election time. But the smart grid will take a long time to setup, a year or more maybe?

The new meters can be read manually, without a smart grid being in place.

Too bad they're disposing of the old meters, which worked fine.

Grant G said...

There is talk of having a public referendum on them..

Let the public vote to keep or reject.

A vote to reject will cost the province $1 billion..

I think it`s worth the money.

Let`s dump them!

Gary E said...

They came to put mine in and left without doing so. The crew gave me some lame reasoning that they get paid now and when they come back to install them. I said they won't be back. Then I was told that they may charge me to have a meter reader come and read the meter I have. Or they would just cut off the power.

What they don't know is that for three years in the 70's I lived in the bush in the Yukon. And at present am (slowly)building a home which will have solar power and I fully intend to go off the grid.

I was thinking that I may want to do a grid tie. That's where I can sell the excess power back to hydro. But when they said they would be charging a fee for that I said Fu** em.

Anonymous said...

Hi Grant,

Thanks again for this post, all set out in easy to read format.

I agree with you that these meters must be rejected at any cost. Whatever the cost it will be cheaper than having these killing machines, spy agencies and fire starters installed on our homes. I think these are the single biggest threat to our future, our health and the future of this planet, the perfect tool for the New World Order to continue in their evil takeover of the world. Some people are already getting bogus hydro bills for hundreds and thousands of dollars.

I urge everyone whether they have had the misfortune of having one of these meters installed or not, to keep at this Harper/Clark B.C. Liberal absolutely corrupt government and demand to have it stopped and if you do have one, for them to remove it immediately. I truly believe it can be done if enough people stay the course. We have to believe this.

With summer upon us at last it is a good time to talk this up with your neighbours and let everyone you know how important this is.

I had no idea what is happening in my neighbourhood but on Saturday I was able to talk to a neighbour directly across from me. She had already been approached by Corix but told them that she did not want one installed. They did go away but told her she WILL eventually be having one put in. She has since posted the do not install notice.

Over at my house I have been lucky not to have them come here but I had done everything we could do to stop them last December. The REGISTERED letter to Hydro and copy to Corix being the most important one and it only cost me $9.84. All info for anyone who doesn't already know is at

Grant I will be forwarding your blog today to Una St.Clair, Dr. David Chalk and Josh del Sol if that is OK with you.


Grant G said...

You don`t need to ask Jean..

When Corix came to my home..

I told them they were trespassing and if they didn`t leave I would physically remove them..

I am on the No install list..

For those concerned, buy a cage, hire a handyman/woman to enclose your present meter..

Make sure the meter reader can still read your present meter.


Don F. said...

Glad to see a post about this finally Grant but everyone is a little too late to the party on this one including john horgan. The time to oppose this was at it's conception not when one million have been installed.
It has been out there for a while, I read many many insightfull articles many months ago.
Everyone dropped the ball on this!
There has not been near the opposition this deserved.

Grant G said...

Too late?..There isn`t one on my home, too late is a pipeline built to Kitimat..Too late is $6 billion spent on a pipeline, too late is $6 billion spent by Kinder Morgan to build a massive pipe to Burnaby..

Too late ISN`t an effing $100 dollar box on your house!!!..

Take an ax to it and it`s gone..

Too late is your tooth pulled, galbladder removed, vision gone.

Too late is burying people who didn`t deserve to die, too late is my fingers covered in fucking soot..

Too late isn`t a two-bit piece of hardware dangling in shreds where your smart meter used to sit.

Good Day

Grant G said...

Don F..I`m not mad at you..Horgan was, as many NDPers in the BC Legislature have been screaming for 3 years on smart meters including me...

What are we supposed to do..

The battle has been loud, loud in small circles, it`s up to the media to expose stories..

BC`s media..Palmer, Baldrey, Sean Leslie should lose any accreditation they have, every issue they knew about but like ALL BC Liberal MLAs they went to bended knee and drank the Gordon Campbell kool-aid..

They reported nothing...And I am a one-man band..

The last 2 years I have done my best to report on issues, personal issues aside..

I can`t do it all alone..

Cheers Don F

Anonymous said...

Hi Grant,

Apart from the usual cry's against the so called smart meters - privacy, increased billing, computer programming errors, lack of customer complaints resolution etc., - my big concern is the costs of these meters !

Ontario is installing 4.5 million "smart meters" for a cost of $1 Billion.

British Columbia is to install 1.8 million "smart meters" for a cost of $1 Billion as well.

Given that these smart meters are essentially the same technology, do the same job and probably cost the same amount of money to manufacture - why is it British Columbians are having to pay two and half times the cost of the Ontario smart meters for the same meter ????.

My bet is that somewhere - BC Liberal government or BC Hydro, are perpetrating a massive fraud scheme to hide $550 million !!

This prtce difference should be investigated by the RCMP or another agency. No BC government agencies should be allowed for obvious reasons.

Thank you.

Don F. said...

Grant, I didn't mean you, I appreciate you writing about it.
I specifically meant the opposition and the media, sorry if my writing wasn't that clear. I certainly didn't expext one blogger to carry the ball on this.
I'm sorry I didn't make that clearer.

Anonymous said...

How does one get on the do not install list?

Grant G said...

Call BC Hydro and scream hell no...Be firm..Tell them you are sensitive to WIFI...

Tell them you will rip it out..