Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Air Canada/Aveos, Corporation Scorpiation(UPDATED APRIL 17th, At bottom of post))

Well isn`t this interesting, the grand illusion, the corporate sting, follow the moving parts and even more importantly follow the money...

Collusion, corruption and corporate greed all bundled together to screw the workers in an elaborate scheme, the cheap way to dust off thousands of workers and wriggling out of pension liabilities...What might I be talking about, I`m talking about Air Canada and Aveos colluding together and committing corporate fraud...

As you know in April 2011 Air Canada forced 2000 senior mechanics, engineers, electricians, technicians and computer personnel to transfer to Aveos Fleet Performance....Full Stop...

Private-equity investors bought a majority stake in Aveos in 2007, but in 2010 a group of lenders took control of the company

Aveos chairman Eugene Davis said the privately owned company exhausted its options with Air Canada, so an insolvent Aveos must close plants in Montreal, Winnipeg and Vancouver.


Ok, Air Canada forced 2000 workers to transfer to Aveos in April 2011...

  In April 2011, some 1,900 Air Canada aircraft mechanics were forced to transfer from the airline to Aveos Fleet Performance Inc. Although the transfer is expected to be completed by Feb 18, 2012

But can`t you see, in 2010 a group of equity lenders took-over Aveos lock, stock n barrel, I haven`t got the name of these equity lenders but these companies are similar to Baines Capital, ever hear of Baines Capital, that`s who Mitt the Shit Romney worked for, they would lend money to troubled companies based on equity, that equity being buildings, machinery, property and ultimately Baines Capital takes over the troubled company and for workers it`s bloodshed, accrued pension and benefits are removed, this is what Aveos did in 2010, they got entangled with equity lenders in 2010....

So why then in April 2011 did Air Canada force 2000 employees to transfer to a company that was entangled with these loan sharks, the answer is simple, this is corporate collusion designed in an elaborate ruse to wriggle out of worker pensions and outsource to the cheapest labour market they can find...This is what Air Canada and Aveos have done, there is no doubt in my mind that the Conservative Government was well aware that these workers were being sacrificed for the sake of corporate greed....Why would Air Canada force senior workers to join Aveos when their finances were very shaky and dependent on Air Canada supplying Aveos the work....

Air Canada knew full well when it transfered those employees to Aveos (a company in bed with equity loan sharks) and if Air Canada stopped sending work to Aveos but instead outsourced to Aeroman in El Salvador that in very short order Aveos would be bankrupt, and that`s exactly what happened...

This was no accident for Aeroman in El Salvador is actually owned by Aveos, so on one hand Air Canada bankrupts Aveos, a company which they forced 2000 in house employees of Air Canada to transfer to and on the other hand they started outsourcing work offshore and to Aeroman in El Salvador which is a sister company of Aveos.....

Are you shocked yet, outraged, perhaps you need more convincing....


Cash-strapped Aveos Fleet Performance Inc., reeling after its contracts to repair planes were scaled back by Air Canada, says it will be liquidating assets and shutting down.
Aveos said Tuesday it had rejected an offer of $15-million in emergency financial aid made late Monday by Air Canada 



Yes in the above story Air Canada is pretending to help out by offering a 13th hour emergency loan, this too a ruse.

This is the phony gesture from Air Canada, a smokescreen, all part of this elaborate ruse to screw these workers and outsource to the cheapest labour force they can find....Because Air Canada isn`t stupid, yesterday Aveos was granted creditor protection by a Montreal court, Aveos could not have accepted this emergency money in bankruptcy protection even if they wanted to, Air Canada knew this, it`s a scam, Aveos is a scam....And...The smoking gun courtesy of your friendly Powell River persuader....

Air Canada knew by scaling back work orders to Aveos at a time when Aveos was entangled with Equity vulture capital lenders that bankruptcy was the only possible outcome, but this story is just getting started because there is so much more....Are you ready for some action?


Aeroman breaks ground on hangar expansion

MONTREAL, Sept. 19, 2011 /PRNewswire/ - Aeroman, a member of the Aveos Group, announced that it is adding a new hangar that will accommodate three new lines for narrow body aircraft at the maintenance facility in El Salvador for both existing aircraft (Airbus 320s and Boeing 737s) and the future Airbus A320 Neo. 

"The new addition is a strong endorsement of the work that is being performed at this facility", said Aveos President & CEO, Joe Kolshak.

 "There is increased demand from our customers for a high quality, on-time, cost-efficient product and by adding extra capacity we'll be in a position to continue to both grow our business and satisfy our customers." 
The expansion will add about 82,000 sq. ft. to the existing 294,541 sq. ft. facility, bringing the total number of narrow body airframe maintenance bays to 11 following completion of the work. 

Construction began on September 1st and is scheduled to be completed by April 2012. In keeping with the advanced architectural design of the building, the new extension will also be built on an innovative structural system that will facilitate accelerated construction work on the hangar. 

"We are pleased to be given this opportunity to grow our facilities with the support of our long standing customers, particularly as we position ourselves for future growth," added Mr. Kolshak.



Full Stop....In 2007 Air Canada splinters off Aveos from Air Canada...In 2010 Aveos got entangled with equity lenders who took over the company...

In April 2011(after Aveos was in deep do-do financially) Air Canada forced 2000 employees to transfer to Aveos......

On September 19/2011...6 months after Air Canada forces 2000 employees to  transfer to Aveos....Aveos`s sister company Aeroman in El Salvador breaks ground on a massive hanger expansion specifically built and designed to service the exact same make up of planes that Air Canada has in its fleet!!!!

And today Aveos`s lender have already announced an asset sale, all this happened so fast, from workers being locked out on Sunday...On Monday a court grants creditor protection to Aveos`s equity lenders and on Tuesday a liquidation of assets sale is announced, nothing moves this quick unless it`s all pre-planned..

How on earth can Aeroman be expanding and needing more hanger space while Aveos...Aveos the senior part of this group of companies is going bankrupt...For you see folks, Aveos is not part of the Aeroman group but complete opposite...Aeroman is/was part of the Aveos Fleet Performance group!..

If it doesn`t make sense it isn`t true....This was an elaborate scam pre-planned, this is corporate collusion, this is Stephen Harper`s world, Kevin Oleary`s world, Fuck the worker, Fuck worker`s rights, the smoking guns are right here, there is no explanation this was deliberate....Remember Caterpillar leaving London Ontario 2 months ago, that too was deliberate corporate corruption, a race to the lowest wage land they can find...For there was another interesting article out yesterday..


2012 Will Be Another Record Year for Caterpillar: CEO

Published: Tuesday, 20 Mar 2012 | 1:56 AM ET
By: Jean Chua
Writer, CNBC.com

  • r

Caterpillar, the world’s largest heavy machinery maker, will have another record year in 2012, says its Chairman and CEO Douglas Oberhelman.
Growth will come from the company’s new markets such as Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa and China, Oberhelman told CNBC in Beijing.



This is what occupy the world was about, wake up Canada, we are at war with Corporations and the Federal Conservatives who are now controlled by Corporate money, bribes and payoffs..Stephen Harper is controlled by China, this is war people...

Wages are falling in Canada and jobs are vanishing at the same time corporations are sitting on record cash...Air Canada and Aveos stage play is a corporate sting, an elaborate ruse that has been facilitated by Stephen Harper and his elected convicts..

More shocking revelations here...

UPDATED HERE ________________April 10/2012

MONTREAL - Employees of the bankrupt aircraft maintenance firm Aveos will receive a total of $5.8 million in back pay, a Superior Court judge has ruled.
The 2,600 employees won a series of court rulings last week at the behest of trustee FTI Consulting.

Judge Mark Schrager ruled that employees can receive up to $2,000 each on condition that they give up any future claims.

In a separate order, the Superior Court ordered the Montreal company to provide third parties with physical and intellectual property.

The ruling will allow Air Canada to repossess Airbus A330 engines and related files.

About 90% of Aveo's contracts are with Air Canada.
FTI says Aveos had about $2.72 million in cash as of April 6, which is sufficient to fulfil its financial obligations.
Aveos shut its doors and announced it was ceasing operations, citing a drop in maintenance work from Air Canada, which sold it off in 2007. Plants and offices in Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg and Vancouver were all affected.
The decision ignited a firestorm, leading to worker protests and a storm of criticism from opposition federal politicians who claim Air Canada is legally obliged to keep Aveos afloat.
Air Canada says it no longer owns Aveos and has fulfilled all of its contractual obligations.

Aveos employees to get back pay | Money | Toronto Sun

Canadians skilled workers get screwed over again, now by the judiciary, the judge ruled that employees of Aveos will RECEIVE some BACK-PAY...IF..And only if..."Judge Mark Schrager ruled that employees can receive up to $2,000 each on condition that they give up any future claims."

So now employees who were locked out, given not even 1 weeks notice if and only if they sign off on any and all future claims, that being severance, pensions, everything, can receive back-pay..Oh the humanity! ....I`m ashamed to be Canadian, Where is Lisa crack the whip Raitt over this betrayal, where is the Federal Government, where is the fight for Canadian workers, this paltry sum of money doesn`t make employees whole, most are owed more than that, what the courts, the Government and the corporate sector have made very clear, employees are trash, pensions don`t have to honoured, merely flip ownership to a subsidiary of the mother company....Does the term robber-barons come to mind...

For shame on Canada, for shame on Stephen Harper, for shame on the 1%, the corporate elite..

I have one question for the judge, how come employees have to surrender any future claims against Aveos in order to receive monies for work performed in the past, the issues are distinct and separate....

Air Canada, portrait of corporate greed personified....

Viva la Revolution.....The time of retribution is approaching!  


UPDATED HERE April 17th.....

Quebec Battles for Aveos Employees, Christy Clark goes Mute

People can say what they want about Quebec, but at least they have the courage to fight for what`s right, unlike British Columbia where Christy Clark could care less about hundreds of Vancouver Aveos workers..


QUEBEC — Quebec's justice minister said Tuesday the province will sue Air Canada to keep the Aveos aircraft-maintenance jobs in Montreal.

The Montreal aircraft MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) firm acquired Air Canada's airplane-maintenance business in 2007, but its workers were left jobless, without notice, when Aveos declared bankruptcy on March 20.

Air Canada told the province it is not bound to maintain the jobs of 1,800 Aveos Fleet Performance Inc. employees at the airline's Dorval base. But Quebec's Justice Minister Jean-Marc Fournier said Tuesday that Quebec wants to contest the airline's interpretation of its privatization law.

"The law is clear," Fournier told reporters. "Air Canada cannot just say that the words of what the law says are not important."


Here is my viral story on what happened, .....

Christy Clark is so controlled by Stephen Harper that Christy Clark`s BC Liberal Government will sit back and just watch...Whether it be Enbridge..The HST..Health funding, Canada pension and Kinder Morgan`s proposed pipeline expansion..

Here`s another novel idea, British Columbia can save a small fortune, let`s just cede all BC Government responsibilities to Stephen Harper`s Cons...

Where are you Christy Clark, are you out cruising Chilliwack with Pammy Martin and your other gal pal Laurie Throness?

Hello British Columbia ex- Aveos employees....Adrian Dix and the NDP made waves in Victoria Legislature about what happened to you, they demanded action be taken by a BC Government..

You will get nothing from BC Liberals, they are a Stephen Harper puppet Government beholden to crony capitalism..

Time for a Big Orange Star Government both provincially and Federally to protect workers from predator Governments..

What Air Canada did was illegal....I guess that explains why Christy Clark and Stephen Harper defend their actions, "Birds of a feather flock together"

The below link is Adrian Dix in question period fighting for you Aveos victims

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Kim said...

You are brilliant Grant G. I suspected as much, it was fairly obvious about Caterpillar, but you are a genious at playing connect the dots! Bravo! I'm sharing this widely, with your permission...may I post a link to facebook?

Grant G said...

Have at it Kim...Thanks

Yes indeed, exclusive and breaking news.


Grant G said...

Hey Kim....Did you notice when the big hangar expansion is complete?

April 2012..In 2 weeks..


kootcoot said...

I can't wait to fly in planes that are serviced in third world countries by underpaid, undertrained and under supervised workers....NOT!

At least when Apple exploits third world workers, those buying Apple crap aren't putting their lives in danger by buying the newest IPad. We are rapidly getting beyond the point where the greed and crap can be solved in a civil and/or political manner. \

I'm starting to think all these boardrooms have pictures of their hero Benito Mussolini on the walls...keep the trains and planes running on time, and fuck the workers and the pilots.

Mogs said...

Quit being a corporate/economic slave don't fly don't buy don't even participate in the Con-man game. Harper leads/runs it in Kanada, you really want to work for him?. It is simple they need wage slaves to keep their illusion going, its your choice are you going to take the planet and all the wild and beautiful nature down with them just to earn a wage and to have stuff that they make or are you able to become FREE?


Your choice!


Don F. said...

It is so obvious, the dates the moves. So contrived and explicit as to be insulting.
The best way of dealing with this is not to use them, hit them where it hurts but of course then there are the sheeple.
I will explain this the best i can to people in the hope.

Anonymous said...

Great breaking news, if only you can connect the dots before it happens then you can screw them in their con-man stock games.... quick sell aveos and buy aeroman.. one the otherhand totally agree with other comment that quality of craftsman-ship will be unsafe. It appears once again that profits are more important than human lives.. if anything were to happen air Canada will tell us to sue aeroman in el Salvador...

Anonymous said...

Plausible deniability is at root, credible (plausible) ability to deny a fact or allegation, or to deny previous knowledge of a fact. - Wikipedia

April 27, 2011 — Aveos announced today that Joe Kolshak, a seasoned veteran from the airline industry, is joining Aveos as President & CEO. ... In addition, Peter Timotheatos, VP Finance at Aveos, is promoted to CFO. ... Chahram Bolouri, former President and CEO, and Robert Comeau, former Vice President and CFO, are leaving Aveos to pursue other interests.

November 30, 2011 — Aveos announced that it has tapped seasoned aviation industry leaders – Tim Canavan, Shannon Wagner, Paul Lochab, Mike New and Bob Madigan – to join its Executive team.

The fact that needs to be plausibility is that this was part of a long term plan to get rid of the unionized workforce, and with a wholesale change of senior management the company can plausibly deny that fact.

ron wilton said...

We should all be looking over our shoulder now.

Who or what is next for Herr Harper's controllers?

Heil Harper!

Anonymous said...

Driving companies into debt to screw the workers out of their jobs and their pensions has become an every day occurence now. Just look how the bc liberals have offloaded millions of dollars of their debt onto bc hydro.Soon they will be saying that they have to let workers go. Driving another crown corporation into the dirt. And in doing so removing it from the public's hand's to make it available to private investors and political insiders,who will profit of the backs of the new low paid workers and cozy guaranteed government contracts.
Corruption abounds JW

Anonymous said...

Is this how Harper is focusing on Canada's economy and job's for the people?

As we can see....since Harper's so called majority...Harper has done nothing other, than kill this country.

Harper gave a speech on, global governance for Canada. Harper fully supports this, 1% ruling the world. He gives billions of our tax dollars, to these wealthiest corporations in the world.

Harper gave a speech in New York, at the Council of Foreign Relations. Sept 25/2007. He fully endorsed the NAU as well.

There is something very evil, going on in this country. I understand why it was said...If Harper wins a majority, we can kiss Canada good-bye. Harper has given Canada to the U.S. and China, resources, jobs and all.

Is this the reason, Harper is in a panic, to build his stalgas as fast as he can? He knows Canadians will turn on him.

Anonymous said...

A small correction... we were not forced to join Aveos, a good proportion of us saw through these lies and preferred to take a layoff rather than submit, maybe if more of us stood up when we had a chance, this scam would have failed...

Anonymous said...

The earlier poster was correct, we were not forced to join Aveos. Our option was to "transition" to Aveos and keep our jobs or leave. Not much of a choice in my opinion, especially for those of us supporting families.

Those of us in heavy maintenance have seen aircraft come into the hangar after it has had work done in off shore or third world facilties. Most of the time the paperwork states the work has/had been accomplish when is fact it was not.

I agree that shutting down operations on a Sunday, CCAA on a Monday and liquidation assets on a Tuesday doesn't happen unless this is long in the making. Hangars such as that at Aeroman are not built "just because", We already have word today several of aircraft that were scheduled for work in Winnipeg and Montreal are already in bays at other facilties. I can't get my car in for a oil change that quick.

I hope the general public realizes this can happen to anyone at anytime. As of right now, we don't know where our pensions are, no last paycheck for the previous two weeks worked, no 2 weeks notice and health and dental cut off immediatly. And somehow our gov't is okay with this?

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should not look at this as a recent
Event, history has a way of repeating it's self.
There are dozens of examples around the world of gov-Corp collusion that has left populations ravaged and broken at the hands of a dictator- yes Canada , right in our cosy
Democratic back yard. Wake up people !
Lucifer walketh amongst you. Adolf anyone !!!
Adolf anyone ????

Anonymous said...

After being here for two months doing my contract job i was surprised at the sudden changes to empty out the main stores at the main air base and the changing of offices. Don't get me wrong but it was sure the beginning of things to come.. Now everyone is out of the job. Its totally unfair that air Canada purposely starved aveos out... So i guess there's a huge empty lot for a much lower costing mro to take over the job. The aero cafe is currently in renovation ironically... Reporting from Montreal

Anonymous said...

We need to hunt Milton down and screw the $18 million out of him that he stole from us.

Anonymous said...

It's pretty funny how you keep talking about the new hangars at Aeroman and linking them to Air Canada,I worked for ACTS - Which became AVEOS and it was announced in 2010 that over the next five years Aeroman would invest in bulding new hagars from the exciting 2 to a total of 11 by 2015.This is old news And to date Air Canada has not sent 1 single plane to Aeroman,there planes are in Premier Aviation in Trois Riviere,and Rome New York,they also have planes at Avianor in Mirabel ,which by the way if you go up to Avianor at Mirabel it seems all the Mechanics there are wearing Air Canada jackets,or have Air Canada placards on thier tool boxes,Air Canada has also sent 3 planes to Nashville for repairs,they are doing the Embriers.I am also told that the Wide Body Hangar has re-opened,Air Canada has brought back Mechanics from lay-off status,and recalled Mechanics who chose to go to Toronto to stay with Air Canada.And Milton has taken 82 million dollars to date in the last 3 years, ACE Aviation has $400 Million to divi up amongst it;s share holders,of which Milton will get a minimum of $50 million.So I am sure there is some sort of Conspirecy,but I would be looking in the direction of Strikeman Elliot,And Thier lawyers,who they represent and why,You could start with Brian Mulroney who sold Air Canada in the 1st place,A Stikeman Elliot Lawyer,and who handled Air Canada;s CCAA Bankrupcy - oh yea it was Strikeman Elliot,And who are the Lawyers who look after ACE - OH YEA......Stikeman Elliot...and who got Equity Financing for Air Canada from GE CAPITOL - Yes it was Strikman Elliot huh......and why is there an Asian connection with a Mister Li....the richest man in all of Asia and the A/C board of Directors.....I think Mr Li's lawyers are from Strikeman Elliot....Funny how this name strikeman Elliot comes up more ofter than AEROMAN.........

Anonymous said...

Good post Grant.

The other very great peril for Canada.....Harper has given Canada to China, on a silver platter.

Harper has permitted China, to buy up the tar sands. China refuses to pay Canadian wages. Harper is allowing China, to bring their own people to work their vast tar sands holdings. Harper is also permitting China, to bring thousands and thousands of their own people, to build the Enbridge pipeline, very, very quickly. China wants the tar oil, right now. China does not want the dirty oil refined in China. The Chinese people are paid crap wages, to do it in their own country. I dread any work done by China. The pipeline could break apart at any time.

Campbell shipped BC mills to China, along with our raw logs. This put hundreds of BC mill people, out of jobs. China owns BC mines. They are sending their people to school, to learn English. China is bringing their people over, to work those jobs too. Everything Christy has said she was doing, is for the benefit of China, to completely take BC over. None of this, is for the good of the BC people. It's all for the good of China.

Remember what Fadden of CSIS warned? China is making huge inroads into Canada. Well, our worst nightmares have all come true. Harper and Campbell should be tried for, High Treason, for giving Canada and BC to China.

Just, no-one fly Air Canada. Our country used to have, high standards of safety. However, with Air Canada maintenance and parts, in a third world country, passengers will no longer be safe.

acjetmech said...

Hey G man,

U R Brilliant,, BRAVO!!

I am one of these affected and I see it the same way.

Q? How and what can we do with this info. How can these corp pigs be exposed and be sent to the slaughter house. My Family is suffering???

Grant G said...

Hey ACJetmeck..We keep banging the drum, we vote Stephen Treason Harper and the Facists out of office..

We need an NDP worker friendly Government before Canada turns into a third world banana Republic..

Mainstream media could care less, they too are controlled by Robber Barons.

The day of retribution is coming soon.

Harper must fall..

Air Canada too

Good Day