Tuesday, April 17, 2012

AGT Attempts to Claim My Story as Exclusive, Low Class

Well well well, let me say this, AGT tried to do the same thing with my Michael Smyth story...

The Pamela Martin saga was my story, a story I reported and posted last night and AGT a day later claims exclusive to the same story?

Your so-called exclusive that you posted Tuesday evening is 24 hours old AGT ..... Old news..

Your readers pointed out that I had the Pamela Martin story then you went digging..

Desperate days eh?..No B.C. Rail bombshells available, no John Von Dongen leaks..


Below is my story that was posted 24 hours earlier on Monday night...


Pamela Martin campaigning with Laurie Throness in Chilliwack bi-election, all being paid for by the BC Taxpayer!

Well well well, the mystery has been solved, everyone has been wondering why Pamela Martin was being paid $140,000 per year(plus expenses)....

Pamela Martin who is paid a small fortune by the BC taxpayer, media, the public, everyone has wondered why Pamela was brought on board the BC Liberal Government, she`s written roughly 1 email per month..

Well, as I stated last year when Pammy joined Christy Clark`s leadership bid..

"It`s to garner voters for her gal pal Christy Clark"

That was bad enough but tonight it has been confirmed that Pamela Martin is..

Pamela Martin is paid 140,000 dollars years to...

To campaign for BC Liberals..ON YOUR DIME.

On the Global 6:00 pm news tonight (Monday April 16th)....Global news ran a story on the upcoming Chilliwack bi-elections and...

Drum-roll please..

Pamela Martin is accompanying Laurie Thronessas as he knocks on doors and campaigns in Chilliwack/Hope trying to convince Chilliwackers to vote BC Liberal...

The 6:00 PM newscast for Monday April 16th is unavailable at this time at Global`s website...

But perhaps someone could ask Christy Clark to explain why the BC Taxpayer is paying for Pamela Martin to accompany BC Liberal candidate Laurie Throness on a door knocking campaign..

Is this illegal, I think it is, BC Liberals aren`t paying for Pamela Martin`s pay-cheque, we are, you are, the taxpayer is...

Since when did public servants get hired to stump for candidates in bi-elections...

Christy Clark and the BC Liberals have some explaining to do to the people of British Columbia..

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Fabulous Grant

Yea, typical AGT, rude, egotistical and making claim on every story.
It amazes that his readers wouldn`t call him on it, unless he writes most comments himself

Grant G said...

I don`t know about his comments however I do know he is very disrespectful.

I guess he ran out of BC Rail, now all he has is a hate-on for Christy Clark, pathetic indeed

JJ said...

I read it at your site 5:00 am this morning Grant.LOL

Anonymous said...

You nailed his ass again, "exclusive"


Gary E said...

Just like the Liberals Grant. Sooner or later people will discover (like we did) that he can't think for himself.

Anonymous said...

I got banned from this Limbaugh wannabe just 2 blogs later last year. I did not take long to realize the guy's a blowhard.
Can I take a moment to say how sick I am of hearing that d-bag Hochsteins name on the news again today. The 99% of us need to tell the 1% where to get off in the by election and also a year from now.

Anonymous said...

Remember this whopper lie AGT laid out there before vancouver civic elections


A story made up in his bloated head, AGTs archives from august 2010 prove he wasn`t on Cortes island, it was a story fit for a comic book, he is the laughing stock of the blog world.

Busted his ass again Grant


Anonymous said...

There is nothing more disgraceful and dishonest, than taking credit for, another persons hard work.

However, don't worry about it Grant. We give credit to whom, the credit is due.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, whether you agree with the guy or not he sure comes across as an arrogant douchebag with his faux-swagger.

Anonymous said...

Here is the 2nd comment I have tried to have posted at AGT:

"Still, the StraightGoods story on this was date stamped April 17, 12:51 a.m. I read it somewhere else before here. And you didn’t print my earlier comment with the mention of the date stamp. You talk of Dix being magnaminus in his response to Bloy, you keep trumpting your number one status in blogs why can’t you acknowledge that another blog posting had this story earlier than you. You were happy to plug the North Shore columnest the other day. It is great this story is getting more exposure, and I don’t see why you have to act so boorishly. Honestly, I only write you occaisionally, but your big head is getting even bigger. And guess what, lots of people read lots of blogs, you are over the top in lashing out at people for reading many type of blogs.

e.a.f. said...

Now boys, play nice.

Yes AGT is a tad on the full of himself side & does name drop a bit too much but hey just accept him for what he is & enjoy his columns when you can.

I read over a dozen political blogs & enjoy them all. Each one brings their own "flavour" to the table.

Political blogs, in my opinion, are not a "me first" thing. They are to provide information & opinions from each individual. It gives people an alternative to the MSM.

Grant G said...

Look friends, I have thousands of readers, i`m actually amazed and awestruck..

It really compels me to keep it fresh and lively..

AGT may be mad at me, who cares.

I have said it before, AGT is a good writer, he calls it as he sees it. he has broken lots of stories, he has had exclusives in the past..But his rude behavior towards other writers, bloggers, my gawd, no one throws more mud at people in the news o media personalities than AGT, I wish he would stick to good verse and cutting stories.

"Breaking news"

Is something that has just happened, right off the newswire, like a car wreck, a political defection, an election result, a season ending goal.


is different, exclusive means nobody had it but you, no one reported it but you, or perhaps an "exclusive" interview and advertised as such..

When he was confronted on the "exclusivity" issue he could have shown a smidgen of respect..

Instead he attacks Robin Mathews, the now deceased Mary Mackie, our witty writer and blogger extraordinaire from the Kootenays and me..

And what`s even worse, he yammering about having his lawyer peruse my site for libel and slander.(who cares)

Think about that for a moment..

Someone hiring a lawyer to go looking for libel? Which means this..

The person wasn`t harmed or he could cite HOW??Not hire a lawyer to "look"

It also means.. It`s a deliberate act of abusing the tortious act


What the hell did BC Mary ever do to deserve getting smeared and slagged?

Don F. said...

I was labelled a 'hater' whatever that means and blocked out for the simple reason that I read other blogs! Insane!
In my mind the guy is certifiable, I will not acknowledge further that his site even exists!

Anonymous said...

Tacky? Sociopath comes to mind.

It's OK to talk to yourself but it gets serious when you answer yourself.

Anonymous said...


Alex's exclusive was the pictures he obtained and the legal answers he provided. Those complimented your fine post.

You have no reason to be upset with him. It classifies as an exclusive.

Sorry and respectfully,


Grant G said...

Claudia...There is no mention of photos in his title..

And AGT had no excuse to launch into a Baby`s wet diaper temper tantrum..

And or attack BC Mary, Robin Mathews and others..

He only went looking for the story after his IP address perused my story..

He could have acknowledged my story.

No excuses..

In fact AGT knew he would get flak..

It was deliberate..Hence his PVR reference at the start of the article..

Same with his By-election predictions..

He`s predicted everyone, LIBERAL..NDP..BC Cons..

And no matter the result AGT will say..

"I predicted it"

The only thing bigger than AGT`s ego is his fat mouth.

With respect Claudia

Good Day