Friday, March 5, 2010

Toxic dumping kills all the fish in Byrne Creek

Friends, it never ends, I just read a story in the Burnaby Now, someone or some industry,or some company has dumped some sort of toxin into a storm drain near Edmonds skytrain station, whatever the toxin is, it has killed all the baby coho Salmon again!

Year after year the Byrne Creek river keepers have tried to revive and restock this creek and every other year there is a chemical spill or deliberate dumping and all the fish end up dead, I personally admire their efforts but in all reality there is too much industry and development in Burnaby, it has happened too often, you see folks that`s the bottom line, you can`t develop on or near Salmon bearing streams, accident after accident and if it isn`t accidental it`s an on purpose dumping of poisons, the picture of dead coho Salmon floating in Bryne creek is enough to bring tears to my eyes.(read about it here)

Here is the link to the story,the first link has a picture which is on the front page of the Burnaby Now..the story link is here.

Friends,sometimes I get a little grumpy,it just tears me up reading about fish kills,I have lost count on how many times the Byrne Creek Salmon have been slaughtered by toxic chemicals, and yes sometimes It appears like i`m angry at my contributors,nothing could be further from the truth,it`s all of you that keep me posting. There will be no investigation,no one will come forward,no company will be fined,the Streamkeepers will re-stock Bryne Creek and they will all get slaughtered again, and I will shed more tears and have nightmares.

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Kim said...

It makes me weep too Grant G, you're not alone. I sent a link to a lady who has just discovered the salmon tragedy recently. She has started a blog and a food drive to raise awareness. She buys canned salmon and sends it to first nations.

kootcoot said...

Industry can pollute entire watersheds, extinctify entire species and kill people, but hey if you leave your household garbage in the wrong location, make sure there isn't anything in it to identify you or your address - or you will be fined at the least. Same thing with rural septic systems, the homeowner has to jump through hoops and pay through the nose, cities and industries get a free ride - ie Victoria, the Seattle Industrial Canal, Cheasapeake Bay, the lake that will become a tailings pond, I could go on for the rest of the day!

Anonymous said...

The wise one, Ed Deak, always says that 'wealth cannot be created, only taken, from other sectors.' This is a classic example. The salmon, our environment, has been forced to give for the sake of some bottom line somewhere.

Anger is in no short supply these days. The question is, what to do about it? Leadership anyone?

Anonymous said...

Boy,I'd rather belong to this circle jerk,as our boy alicks tsuxsalot,refers to us as, than his circle of jerks ,

Boy for a guy that's still prescribing that we vote liberal if there's a leadership change and to say hansen is honorable after these fiasco's they call budgets that legislation had to be changed to make them legal,goes to show how far these guys will go to get re-elected,the game will be the same corruption and entitlement and please shut up for its before the courts sound familiar?ps sorry for being off topic but that guy just kills me. Grant you could use my spelling of his name if you like, hes such an opportunist can't tell where he stands on anything he sways back and forth to suit his needs.

Grant G said...

I guess we know why he isn`t writing for any MSM media anymore...I agree...A amateur response to my comment on his Fudget budget redux story...

Rude,Crude,bad speller,...."Kid" or "junior" is so disrespectful...

To comment there you have to be doting and complicit... if you have a Different point of view gutter mouth comes out.

Delusional/ I think we all will be shocked with the next BC Poll coming out...A good shock for us "circle jerks"


Anonymous said...

Grant, did you read Michael Smyth's column today?!

I almost fell out of my chair when he stated:

"I watched [Gordo] get mobbed for pictures and autographs during the Games."

LOL... yeah right! Smyth must be smoking too much of that funny stuff.

Grant G said...

People also clamoured to get Jeffery Dalmer`s autograph....And Pickton`s signature and Clifford Olsen...

There are some sick people out there...And there are still some Gordon Campbell supporters, they of course all come from the "Bible Belt"


Grant G said...

1:56 PM....I just finished reading Michael Smyth`s column...Dull story..Smyth forgot to mention that Campbell was booed at Molson Hockey house..Booed at Live City..And booed at the closing ceremonies..

But here`s the deal...Smyth jumps on the obvious populous stories, like government buying olympic tickets or raising hydro rates...
But he never digs too deep and like Vaughn Palmer...He goes back to slagging the NDP and forgiving Campbell...

The pattern is all too predictible.

Smyth is like a tiger Woods gossip guy,he really should write for the National Enquirer.

For a so-called legislative reporter, he lacks any substance or investigative qualities,or at least he never puts those qualities on display if he indeed he does possess those skills.


Anonymous said...

Smyth, Palmer, Baldry, and Bill "not-so-Good are toadies for the lieberals. They are lookong for the big prize at the end. They are guilty of been "PABsmears" for gordo the drunk. They have gone to the dark side. When I hear them giggling like little school girls, it makes my blood boil. If they had any balls whatsoever, they would be doing their job, and telling the truth about the drunk, his girlfriend, his lies, and his gang of suckers. Off with their heads.

Kam Lee

Grant G said... more thing about today`s Smyth column..

Check out the comments..It appears most of them aren`t buying the Great Furlong argument..

King Furlong(for sainthood and the order of Canada that Michael Smyth suggested).....

In fact most of the comments,none of which are mine...Say what I said earlier..

He was a competent employeee,no more no less,for goodnees sakes,he only had $billions of dollars for a 2 week party...

Sheesh, ya figure he moved mountains and saved the third world,well, he didn`t save us...And honestly speaking..

I have never heard of the head of any Olympic organizing team from any past olympics being dragged through the mud for a poor job!

Unfortunately the media wants to feed us olympic pablum until we "puke"


Anonymous said...

I walk by the Bryne creek every morning on my way to work. I have never seen it without a shiny gleem on top (like what happens when you dump petrol). Around the same time as the news report about the fish came out I noticed florecent yellow crap in the river.

I've grown so sick of what I see on a daily basis that I have just recently started taking daily pictures of the waste. Maybe I'll post them somewhere. Not sure yet.