Tuesday, March 23, 2010

NPA builder of choice Millennium screws Nanaimo for Millions

Well folks, here we go again, as you know the NPA chose Millennium development over reputable builders like Wall Development and Concord pacific to build the athletes village, and that of course turned into a financial disaster.

Gregor Robertson had to go to Victoria to change the Vancouver charter, Gregor needed to acquire the legal authority to borrow hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars, yes friends, because of the decision by the Sam Sullivan,Peter Ladner and the rest of the NPA party the city of Vancouver is on the hook for hundreds of millions of dollars, who knows why the NPA chose Millennium development, they had no money, no assets, they had nothing but an in with Paul Barbeau and the NPA party.

In reading the Nanaimo daily news, not only did the NPA`s builder of choice screw over Vancouver but they have screwed over the city of Nanaimo for millions and millions of dollars, of course I don`t feel sorry for Vancouver, the elected officials,the NPA decided Vancouver`s fate but I do feel sorry for Nanaimo, you see, Nanaimo believed they were dealing with a reputable firm, think about it, certainly if Vancouver`s NPA chose Millennium to build the athletes village they must be capable of building a new hotel in Nanaimo, small potatoes compared to the Vancouver project.

Well Nanaimo was wrong, Millennium development is nothing but a disaster, I have followed and written on this story for several years now, it`s unfortunate that Nanaimo followed the NPA`s lead and picked Millennium, because....Nanaimo has a new trade and convention center(Not built by NPA`s builder of choice Millenniun).....But they have a problem, Nanaimo lost $850.000,00 dollars last year on the trade and convention because they had no where for delegates to stay,they lost bookings,and guess what,because of Millennium development Nanaimo will lose at least a million dollars for 2 more years,or at least until they get a new hotel to compliment the trade and convention center! So no matter who Nanaimo now gets to build a new hotel the city of Nanaimo will be out millions more in lost conventions,Nanaimo has spent over $3 million dollars on Millennium development on managements fees and more, (read about how the bankrupt company Millennium Development has missed deadline after deadline here)http://www2.canada.com/nanaimodailynews/news/story.html?id=0af5873d-d8e0-442e-a164-8ee44ab1b690&p=1

Absolutely amazing, a right wing Nanaimo run city gets screwed over big time by Millennium,yet I never hear Susan Anton talking about Vancouvers potential largest financial hit in history,I never hear Susan Anton talking about forcing Estelle Lo to resign, no friends,Susan Anton only has answers for Gregor Robertson and how he should run the city,the pure hypocrisy of the lone NPA to squawk about how awful Gregor Robertson is, yes,selective memory indeed, perhaps Susan Anton has advice for the city on Nanaimo and can help them out with a reputable builder? Everywhere Millennium development went buyers and people got screwed and were left holding the bag,for example..in West Vancouver.

The Millennium Development Group is in hot water right now with the fiasco taking place at the 2010 Olympic Village in southeast False Creek, so you can’t blame this developer for the hold on the West Vancouver Evelyn Condos project which was officially delayed October 2008 citing problems with the slope foundation and pouring the foundation in the wet/cold weather. Usually, this is not a problem, but that was the official word on the delayed West Vancouver Evelyn Condominium that had not started pre-sales. However, pre-sale condo marketing and advertising had started and Rennie Marketing Systems had announced that there were thousands of registrations for this new West Vancouver Park Royal real estate development. The Evelyn West Vancouver condos are in a great location close to Park Royal, but next to the highway, which brings about lots of noise and people. As of right now, the Millennium Development Evelyn West Vancouver condo project is delayed and put on hold temporarily. The developer and Rennie Marketing said last year that sales may start later in the spring of 2009, but as of this point, that timeline too, may be delayed for the new Evelyn West Van Drive condos.

Where did all the money paid to Millennium development go?who knows, all I know is Gregor Robertson has done his best not to drag the NPA and Susan Anton through the mud, perhaps someone should ask Susan Anton about the 250 social housing units in the athletes village,Gregor will have to sell those units for market value to try and recoup some of the hundreds of millions the city of Vancouver has spent.

All I know is Peter Ladner and Sam Sullivan and all the NPA need to explain why they structured a deal with Millennium development that could cost the city of Vancouver a king`s ransom, Estelle Lo warned the city, her warnings fell upon deaf ears, maybe all the electrical panels should be pulled from the athletes village and rip all the wiring out of the 1000 plus units, hey,what the hell, whats another wheel barrel of cash leaving the city,no friends,Gregor Robertson may be a little flaky but the Peter Ladner and the NPA cost the city a fortune,the NPAs actions with Millennium development led to West Vancouver and tentacles stretched across the Georgia Strait and sucked millions from Nanaimo.....The biggest possible con in Vancouver history, anyway, where there is a spark there is a NPA mouthpiece blaming Vision for the end of the world.

So, the Millennium development saga is over,Vancouver got guzzled with insider help,Nanaimo got screwed through association,West Vancouver,who cares, a lesson learned,we have bigger fish to fry, where there is smoke there is fire, and I see smoke coming out of Gordon Campbell`s ears.

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jaydee said...

I watched Susan Anton on Global? tonight and at first I thought they were going to start doing a little reporting but no, wrong again. They just had to cap it off with Anton, the sole NPA who survived, (too bad for Vancouver) ranting on about all the businesses that are interested in keeping the tram/bus? here. She just doesn't get it, Vancouver is broke thanks to her and NPA and the B.C. Liberals. Perhaps her time would be better spent campaigning the businesses she refers to and get them to buck up and pay for it. I think Vancouver is lucky to have Gregor Robertson and he is doing a good job. Too bad the Campbell mob and supporters keep taking aim at Robertson, because the public remember him as NDP. They sure don't want to take aim at Carole James, it would probably get her some air time, exactly what the mob doesn't want.
Mob rule MO.

Crankypants said...

There could be another Millenium type situation brewing. BC Hydro made a deal with Finavera for four IPP wind farm contracts. After reading Will McMartin's article in the Tyee and listening to a follow up conversation between Jon McComb and John Horgan, one has to shake one's head.

Finavera basically hasn't got a pot to piss in, and they are suppose to somehow come up with financing four projects. This has financial disaster written all over it.

It's no wonder we faced a financial collapse globally. We've got people buying who knows what with nothing to pay for it, companies with empty bank accounts getting involved in multi-million dollar projects and money lenders making loans to these types then flogging them off onto unsuspecting sheep as primo investments.

It shouldn't be too long before we see another depression. It is obvious that the scammers will just keep on screwing with the system for their own personal gain at the expense of the great unwashed.


Grant G said...

Finerva has no problem,the BC taxpayer has the problem..

What is shocking about the Finerva deal is this,Stooges,the TV media,....

Their "Silence is Deafening"