Tuesday, March 2, 2010

British Columbia Budget greased with snake oil

Well friends I was looking for highlights in today`s BC budget but unfortunately there wasn`t any, let`s examine the low lights and down right lies!

Sometimes the utter garbage spoken by Colin Hansen and Gordon Campbell is enough to make me upchuck, let`s start with the property tax deferral scheme,first off you can`t access it until next year,secondly, you have to have at least 15% equity in your home and children under 18 still residing at home, well, isn`t that peachy, Colin Hansen stated that the interest rate would be prime, can you imagine a property tax bill piling up for a few years with interest,eventually a homeowner will owe 10,000,00$ dollars or more and never be able to pay his tax bill, but what Colin Hansen said next was offensive, here`s the quote..

" Homeowners can use the money to pay off credit card bills, or for tutoring fees or even music lessons" Snip.
Can you imagine deferring your tax bill to pay for piano lessons or tutoring to make up for the education your child isn`t getting in an over crowded classroom? What planet does Colin Hansen live on.

MSP premiums have gone up 6% and they`re going up another 6% next year to pay for inflationary pressure in health care, but the most mind boggling lie that Colin Hansen and Gordon Campbell said was this....

" Extra Tax money collected from the HST will go towards healthcare" Snip

Perhaps Colin Hansen and Gordon Campbell have forgotten what their own finance department said about the HST, or maybe they think no one is paying attention,well I`m paying attention as are all you faithful readers of the Straight Goods, the finance department has stated that the HST ....Because of all the exemptions,like home heating costs,homes up to $600K, car fuels,exemptions to school boards that there will be roughly a $370 million dollar tax shortfall....And that`s not my assertion, no other than Vaughn Palmer wrote the column after consulting the ministry of Finance ,so for Colin Hansen and the Habitual Liar Gordon Campbell to say "Extra tax dollars collected from the HST will be directed towards healthcare" is a blatant LIE,a Public relations exercise.(Read about the $370 million dollar tax shortfall here)http://www.canada.com/vancouversun/news/westcoastnews/story.html?id=3114ae80-eb7a-4965-898e-960054af77cd&k=74603
What else is in the budget,not much, another promise to build the evergreen line, construction to start sometime in 2011,how many times are they going to recycle that lie,there is no funding for the Evergreen line,that little detail was left out, there were a few more vague promises, $60million dollars for children`s sport and the Arts over 3 years, a fraction of what they previously got,the amount is $15 million dollars less per year than the 2008 level,and,the Province of BC contributes less to sports and arts than any other Province in Canada,DEAD LAST,even Newfoundland gives more funding to Arts and Sports! And there was no details as to which group was getting what amount, are each of those getting $30 million over three years,$10 million per year, again no details,another promise drifting into future years, would you trust this group of Habitual Liars?
Something about a Northern property tax break, but again, the program won`t start until 2011/2012.....Annual facility grants for schools are coming back, but again there will be no money until next year, a further School tax break for big industry,another 10% cut for big industry on their school taxes, so now they will be paying but 40% of what they paid last year.
A few more details about where the increased health spending is coming from, over $300 million are being cut from the ministry of the environment,ministry of forestry,ministry of citizen services, and that money is going to the Health budget,robbing Peter to pay Paul, the true environmentalists are furious, the forest industry again is being sold out,industry leaders are sickened by this budget.
And, the Devil is in the details,BC Hydro rates are going up 7% in April, and the Campbell government is asking for BC Hydro increases to reach 24% over three years, again, measly tax exemptions for poor people making up to 11,000K per year on one hand and dig in our pockets for another $200 dollars per year in BC Hydro fees,this was nothing but a vacant budget, a BC Liberal Government running on fumes and lies, nothing for laid off workers,nothing for higher learning,nothing for students,nothing for dead resource towns, what little increases to the health budget will barely cover the Campbell gift to big Pharma, meager education increases that won`t even cover wages,negotiated pensions,increased BC Hydro fees and other down loaded costs.
A sick,tired habitual liar named Gordon Campbell, add Colin Hansen to the Habitual liar list, that HST bullshit about extra tax money going to healthcare when their own finance department states there will be over $370 million dollar tax shortfall every year because of the HST.
Lastly,I was listening to Christy Clark today on CKNW, on her 12:30 PM to 1:00PM segment Christy Clark laid a rip into Carole James, she went on and on about how Carole James would run a bigger deficit and how terrible that would be,she also went on and on about how the BC Liberals are better money managers than the NDP, she then asked for callers to phone and tell who they would trust more with the money and do you agree or disagree with running a larger deficit such as Carole James was proposing.....
And to my amazement, despite Christy Clark begging for callers to slag Carole James, every caller said Gordon Campbell lied, Gordon Campbell can`t be trusted,and this statement from a caller, if we can afford billions for a 2 week party we can spend more on health and education,I was amazed, Christy Clark couldn`t even dig up a BC Liberal supporter on her right wing rant show! yes friends,Gordon Campbell was booed at Hockey house,he was booed at the Live City site when his picture was shown on the big screen,and yes,even at the closing ceremonies at BC Place the crowd booed Gordon Campbell when his picture was put on the big screens,despite a patriotic crowd brimming with Canadian pride the resentment towards Gordon Campbell came out loud and clear, that my friends is a deep hatred of a Habitual Liar, and there is no recovery from that!
The Straight Goods
Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Crankypants said...

To add insult to injury, there is apparently an increase for the budget of the Public Affairs Bureau in this budget as well. And you can bet your bottom dollar that when the cuts in staffing come along, the PAB will be spared.

Another thing that is really atrocious is that Campbell doesn't even have the decency to reduce his cabinet. When he was in opposition, he ragged on the NDP that he could run government with less cabinet ministers than the NDP had, and ever since he was elected to power, he has systematically increased the number of cabinet ministers from year to year.

As for Christy Clark, her credibility dwindles by the day on pretty much any issue she attempts to cover. She is nothing but a train wreck waiting to happen, and it boggles the mind that Corus hasn't seen fit to replace her with Simi Sara. For a woman that is supposedly so well educated, it boggles the mind as to how unintelligent she sounds.

Once again Grant, you have exposed the total uselessness of our provincial government.


Evil Eye said...

The Liberals are desperate! A source has told the "Eye", that some major private donors to the BC Liberal party are withholding money until there is regime change.

It seems the sour odor of Campbell's concubine is fouling the air on the West Side of Vancouver.

It seems our dear Premier suffers from Tiger Woods disease.

This budget is Campbell's last hooray in diverting taxpayers money to his friends. One last slurp at the public trough!

As for Christy Clark, I never listen to that screaming political whore, in fact (and I know NW reads this blog for possible legal attention - so listen up advertisers) I have all but stopped listening to NW altogether, and I also tend to boycott those who advertise on that station.

Elevator music shows more intelligence than Ms. Clark.

Anonymous said...

And the lying continues. Finance Minister Colin Hansen has stated that the largess from the H.S.T. will go into Health Care. This was dutifully reported on the 07:30 A.M. News on CKNW. Yes folks, this would be the same Colin Hansen that has gone on record informing us that the H.S.T. would be revenue NEUTRAL! One of those opposing staements is a lie. Take your pick.
I have to just shake my head when I hear Crusty Clark, Shawn Leslie, Jon McComb, and Michael Levi quoting the Finace Minister, as though They have the ability to know when he is speaking the truth.
They don't.

Cheers, Gary L.

Anonymous said...

Grant, I only wish that our government in waiting, Premier James and Finance Minister Ralston, would present an alternative budget so that British Columbians can see what a positive vision is like.

If they would only go through such a strategic exercise and present it to the public then that habitual liar Gordo would continue to plummet in the polls with his fabricated fudget.

Why don't they do that?

Hugh said...

Hydro rates going way up?

All that unnecessary private power that BC Hydro is buying isn't cheap.

Leah said...

Anon 7:50 - as long as Carole James is leader of the NDP, the party will always remain the one "in waiting." And so it should.

Grant G said...

Look friends,as you know I am not impressed with Carole James,however...The NDP do not have access to the books,and, what can any government do to fix the disaster created by Gordon Campbell?

Forestry dead,sold out to American corporations, massive tax cuts to the rich,Wild Salmon almost extinct,private power buying contracts that will bankrupt BC Hydro,BC Rail sold and we receieve ZERO net gain for the sale,BC Ferries gone and bankrupt,Translink bankrupt,P3s costing hundreds of millions in extra dollars.

Unfortunately friends there is NO MAGIC CURE-ALL PILL!

But,we have to start with being honest with the public,we need an honest truthful government to tell us the truth,and truth will never be spoken by a BC Liberal or Gordon Campbell.

kootcoot said...

""Extra tax dollars collected from the HST will be directed towards healthcare" is a blatant LIE,a Public relations exercise."

So let's see, the HST is revenue neutral, no it will actually bring in less (370mil) oops, no it has EXTRA money for health care (more than the old PST).

That's the trouble with lying, it is so hard to keep your story straight. With these guys, if their lips are moving (or just sneering, as in Colon Hansen's case) the sane assumption is that it is fiction. While lying isn't that rare in politics, these guys have managed to create a new standard of "truthlessness!"

Maybe Gord will resign to spend more time with his "family," once he decides which one to spend time with - other than the Crime Family he is now running.

Anonymous said...

How long will it be till they sell BC ferries.
Will it be next year when ridership is down by another 10%. And costs rise 15%. Why we won't be able to afford to run it and must sell it lock stock and debt to CPR. maybe a consolation for BC rail.

Grant G said...

2:39 PM...I think if check my archives,I have like a dozen BC Ferry Stories in 2009..

Google up "would someone please send BC Ferries a lifeline" That`s one story..

Not trying to be rude 2:39PM...But Gordon Campbell already sold BC Ferries, we don`t own BC Ferries,they are a private company that we taxpayers pay for,for us BCers to regain ownership of BC Ferries we would have to have to pay off their $1.5 billion dollar debt and payoff all the executive saleries and compensation packages.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to Post twice, but we live on a small Gulf Island. Our "highway" is what B.C.Ferry Services call a Minor Route.
Our fares have gone up 160% since 2003.
Not bad eh?

Gary L.

Anonymous said...

Campbell has sucked the life out of British Columbia! He sucks and sucks and sucks, till there is no more milk. The left realize the grave situation BC is in, and are always screaming 'STOP SUCKING!' 'YOU ARE KILLING HER'

But apologists still follow El Gordo, thinkiing that they can live off the crumbs he leaves behind. Stupid Idiots.

jaydee said...

Leah I agree with you, Carole James must go, just really bad timing for her, she's probably capable and honest but unelectible when B.C. Libs dump Campbell, hire Taylor or Watts or whoever, all carbon copies of Himself anyways and uninformed people and corporations for the $$$$$$, fall for it all over again. Just like when we got rid of the Socreds only for them to come back as B.C. Liberals. The worst problem we have is the MEDIA, how can you clean that up?...nothing but lies, lies and biased reporting all around. Absolute corruption, absolutely.
This really is no 'budget', just mob rule and do as they please as they go...no plan. Just something to keep 'those stupid B.C. taxpayers/citizens' busy arguing about and rehashing the same thing over and over while the mob continues to, well, mob rule. To quote Gordon Wilson 'That's exactly why nothing ever gets done in British Columbia.' Hansen's/Campbell's no-budget isn't worth the papers it's written on. Dreadful things to come soon and getting worse when the Paralympics are on. Absolute despare ahead.....
One good thing did happen on budget day, I watched it on CBC, I can no longer stomach Global or CTV. After Hansen the Guppy finished with his BS the CBC actually allowed Vander Zalm to speak and he said...in a loud, clear voice that NO HST WILL BE GOING TO FUND HEALTH CARE...and the CBC did not give a lying B.C. Liberal the last word. NOW THAT'S PROGRESS.

Anonymous said...


kootcoot said...

I can't remember for sure, there have been so many empty pompous performances since the OweLimpics (BC Budget, Fed Speech from the Terlet, and the Fed Budget today), but I was surprised to notice some of them were ONLY covered live on the CBC - regular soaps on CTV and Global). I guess Glow Ball and CTV can't spare the advertising revenue for an hour or so of "public service" broadcasting. Not only do we not own our railroad, our rivers etc. anymore, but the corporations now OWN the airwaves as well. Maybe progressive revolutionaries should just jam their worthless signals.

Even in the evil empire to the south when the Prez gives a speech it is on EVERY major network AND PBS.

Anonymous said...

The new budget is dreadful. Is it really true, hydro, will eventually go up 33%? Food costs have risen 27%, that I believe, I don't know what, roast beef is anymore. Our new carbon tax, is, 4.45. Will the trucking company's raise their rates, to compensate? Will this not, drive the cost of food even higher? How about all the other goods trucked in, will they also go up? Then there is the HST, will that not make the costs of the above,7% higher? Pretty much everything else will be 7% more. Campbell and Hansen, are now going to tax, people selling their vehicles privately. I was really horrified that, Campbell and Hansen, were going to evict the Legion, if they didn't cough up $26,000 for rent. Legions are a non profit clubs. They pay for prosthesis, for children who, lose their limbs. They support many programs and charities. Campbell and Hansen, are so low in character. They have made abundantly clear, they have no concern about children. However, the Legion, does care. Their poppy drives, are for charity, and, our veterans deserve our support. Our Canadian boys fought, so, Canada would not have, lying and deceitful, governing officials, that rob their citizens. They saw enough of that during the war, and now they are seeing it again.