Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Gordon Campbell ignored laws regarding public safety

Freedom of information document release has turned into an utter joke under Gordon Campbell but it has come to light that serious safety violations have occurred and that is no laughing matter!
A recent freedom of information request for documents Gordon Campbell read and analyzed before the election about the BC deficit and updated forecasts were released to the ndp, but unfortunately the majority had been whited out, the Campbell Government has refused to release the documents that prove that Gordon Campbell and the BC Liberals are Habitual Liars and deliberately lied about the size of the Provincial deficit, you must remember Gordon Campbell and Colin Hansen stating pre-election that the BC deficit would be "$495 million dollars maximum" well we know what happened,within weeks of the elections Gordon Campbell finally told us the truth that we in the know already knew,the real size of the deficit was well north of $3 billion dollars.
So why have these pre-election documents released to the ndp been whited out, all this has done is prove again that Gordon Campbell is a habitual liar,even when he has been caught red handed and red-faced he continues to exasperate his lies by doctoring documents with white-out.
In watching estimate debates for the ministry of citizen services, a ministry run by Ben Stewart, the same minister whose deputy sent an email to our oldest war veterans attempting to extort $26,000.00 dollars ,pay up or hit the bricks, thank goodness these true hero`s contacted the ndp and the press to put a stop to this madness, this ministry also has the Public Affairs Bureau contained within it, the spinners,the propaganda ministry, 200 people that spin and churn and manipulate the news, they fire off press release after government press release to a compliant Canwest and Global news where they willingly air them regardless of accuracy or fact, a compliant main stream media that nary does any research or fact check anything, no friends,the MSM wouldn`t want to upset their main advertiser.
But I found out some very interesting items, there have been request after request from environmental groups,from the NDP,from other concerned groups who end up getting an estimate of cost for these requests,estimates that can range from 80,000,00$ to 200,000,00$....Simple requests that cost a kings ransom, and these requests require a 50% deposit fee to even get started, well unfortunately these requests are more often than not .......Cancelled, little environment groups, concerned citizens simply can`t afford these costs.
These costs, labour costs Ben Stewart stated are $30 dollars per hour for document retrieval, well that sounds reasonable, 25 cents per photocopy, again,that sounds reasonable,and $16.70 per minute for accessing the main-frame....Hmmm...that my friends works out to $1002.00 per hour for access to the Government computer, so even the simplest of requests end up costing tens and tens of thousands of dollars, a deliberate attempt to stifle freedom of information, and it`s not just the cost of the main-frame.
30$ per hour for labour, 25 cents per photo-copy, $1002 dollars per hour for access to the main-frame......White-out of all the pertinent sections,Priceless!
That my friends is sick, for group after group who have spent the money,spent thousands receive nothing but a smattering of words between a sea of white-out!
But what I really wanted to talk about is section 25 of the freedom of information and privacy accounts (FIPA).....A very special section of the freedom of information act, a section that falls directly under Ben Stewart`s ministry,a ministry inhabited by the public affairs bureau(PAB).
Section 25....Section 25 of FIPA is a section that has very specific guidelines, this section has to do with disclosing immediately any information that has to do with an environmental safety, section 25 also in it`s language states that any pubilc safety issue MUST BE DISCLOSED IMMEDIATELY TO THE PUBLIC.
Section 25---------Of the FIBA ACT---Public safety issues must be divulged even without a request,it`s the law...Ministry of the environment broke the law,withheld the toxic air reports!Below information comes directly from the freedom of information act,specifically ....Section 25____________________________________________________________________________________
Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

<— Public Interest Paramount Information must be disclosed if in the public interest
25 (1) Whether or not a request for access is made, the head of a public body must, without delay, disclose to the public, to an affected group of people or to an applicant, information
(a) about a risk of significant harm to the environment or to the health or safety of the public or a group of people, or
(b) the disclosure of which is, for any other reason, clearly in the public interest.
(2) Subsection (1) applies despite any other provision of this Act.
(3) Before disclosing information under subsection (1), the head of a public body must, if practicable, notify
(a) any third party to whom the information relates, and
(b) the commissioner.
(4) If it is not practicable to comply with subsection (3), the head of the public body must mail a notice of disclosure in the prescribed form
(a) to the last known address of the third party, and
(b) to the commissioner. >___________________________________________________________________________________Well isn`t that interesting, so when Doug Routley of the NDP asked Ben Stewart(minister of citizen services) why the toxic air results from Prince George that recorded Formaldehyde levels 20 times the legal limit in a residential area were not reported to the public until May/20/2009, one week after the last BC Election, 10 months after the air test were done,well...
The non-answer from Ben Stewart was "deafening" .....He had no answers, but Ben Stewart kept getting whispers from the head propaganda spinner,the head of the PAB who was sitting directly to his left.
Ben Stewart stated to Doug Routley that the NDP would have to ask the ministry of the environment why the information wasn`t released, yes friends,Ben Stewart punted the question in estimate debates to another ministry, section 25 of FIBA, Ben Stewart is responsible for that section of the act, folks,if you don`t know how estimate debates work, ndp members ask questions to the ministers about their ministries one at a time, so estimate debates for the ministry of the environment won`t be for weeks, and despite what Ben Stewart stated to Doug Routley about asking Barry Penner I have seen this play over and over again, one ministry directs questions to another ministry and when the second ministry is questioned that ministry directs questions back to the original ministry,but the opposition can`t get a do-over of the previous ministry, the opposition can`t question 2 ministries at the same time.Just like questions about the HST, questions about cost to the public,costs to ministries,the ministers punt to the ministry of finance who punts back to other ministries, all questions of the HST...The NDP were told last fall that questions about the HST would be answered in February 2010/ .....Now we are in March/2010 and HST questions are being punted off to the future, the same thing happened with creating Translink,the same thing happened with the carbon tax, questions were punted and punted until Gordon Campbell rammed through the carbon tax in the last hour of the last day of the legislative calender in 2008,no questions answered, the same thing is happening with the HST,no legislation,no nothing,you can bet your last dollar that the same last hour of the last day ram job will happen again.
That`s the game Gordon Campbell is playing, the toxic air reports were kept secret until after the election, both Barry Penner and Ben Stewart are playing political games with people`s health,children`s health,senior`s health.
Who has the authority,not the minsters, every where Gordon Campbell` ministers speak or go they have members of the public affairs bureau at their side, who controls the message, not the ministers, the PAB has more power than do Cabinet ministers, the PAB makes propaganda decisions, messaging, deletion of facts,obfuscation, which member of the PAB will step up and admit he or she ordered the withholding of information that directly affects human health, who is running the BC Government?
Is it Gordon Campbell,Patrick Kinsella, Ken Dobell, Accenture, Plutonic, what dirt do they have on Gordon Campbell, what blackmail, how many children has Gordon Campbell fathered with other woman, who has a copy of the birth records, who really is controlling the BC Government, for only a truly demented man would make decisions to lie,cheat,sell off the Province, with-hold information as to public safety,deliberately harm the public, only a man being black-mailed or a truly demented criminally insane man by the name of Gordon Campbell.
The Straight Goods
Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Absolutely!! I hold them all responsible for who they have ruined, maimed, and killed in this province because of their policies and deceit.
What's that old saying? "What goes around come around." And Gordo and his cronies,and his personal media machine, PAB, their time is coming.
He and many others should be behind bars, and will be!

jaydee said...

He had no answers, but Ben Stewart kept getting whispers from the head propaganda spinner, the head of the PAB who was sitting directly to his left.......Reminds me of a TV interview I watched during the Olympics when someone with a mic who could not be seen, only his mic and his arm showed, asked a guy in an outside open air area a question and immediately a guy (PAB) appeared directly behind the visitor's left shoulder and said in his ear, "stick to the games". The guy, looking shocked, took a quick look back at the (PAB) plant and then looked back to the mic and continued his statement. Most interviews were 'pre-planned selectively' and it was obvious because they always had ear to ear over-done smiles and nothing but praise for anything and everything.
Thanks for another good post.

Crankypants said...

Once again our provincial government has shown its disdain towards the electorate. Are the residents of Prince George that expendable? In Campbell's eyes, I guess the answer is yes. And yet they still vote for people such as Shirley Bonds. What does it take to open peoples' eyes? It boggles the mind.


Anonymous said...

Where do we draw the line, in this province? Campbell and his DUI, now MLA, Thorthwaite and her DUI. Campbell gave Jane all of his support. He told her not to resign, I assume, if she resigned, Campbell would be obligated to do likewise. What about the drunk driver, who killed a young cardiologist and his bride to be. Campbell, then should give that drunk driver, his support too. He gives the citizens of Prince George, no support what-so-ever. Those citizens are becoming very ill because, of the poison, in the very air they breathe. He supports only what benefits him personally. Drunk driving gets his support, poison in the air, that doesn't matter to him. Campbell, needs a mental evaluation. He just doesn't get it, he is despised, for his lying, deceit and selling, BC's assets and natural resources. He is all the more despised for, his insane budget, and the HST, that BC people just can't pay.