Thursday, March 18, 2010

Gordon Campbell`s decade of deception Exposed

Well friends, the truth is coming out, no longer can Gordon Campbell and the liars hide the true facts from the public, lies,deception,mind control,brainwashing, an atomic reality bomb is about to blow Gordon Campbell`s world asunder.

As you know I stopped watching Global and CTV news, but the other day I got a phone call from my mother asking me if I had seen a segment on Tuesday`s Global news, I responded no, she explained to me what it was about, so I had to tune in Tuesday for the late night replay on Global.......And friends I was shocked, happy and concerned,yes indeed, those were my emotional states I went through watching this segment.

Here`s the deal folks, Chris Galais started the segment saying, are you finding it harder to pay your bills, living pay cheque to pay cheque? Well you`re not alone.

That is how the segment started,I was indeed intrigued, well according to the latest statistics, from 1997 through to 2007 average incomes in British Columbia rose by 2.4%.......That`s right folks, during a 10 year period where housing,rents,foods,fuels, user fees,hydro rates, gas rates,msp rates, and every other fee you can think of went up by leaps and bounds wages went up in BC by 2.4%.....I was shocked, shocked by the staggering numbers and shocked that Global news reported the story.

And it gets better, Chris went on to say...."The average wage increases throughout the rest of Canada over that same 10 year period rose 6.9 %" snip......Well isn`t that special, the rest of Canada had a smallish wage increase but here in BC wage increases over a decade were almost flat, and friends, this news report kept getting better....Jill Krop on the late night Tuesday report on Global had something to say as well, Jill said..."Remember the bad economic times of the 90s, well according to statistics, individuals had much more spending power in the 90s then today" snip....
Well well well, isn`t that interesting, and this story was still going on global, they went back to Chris Galais....And chris stated..."And if you think you are having tough times making ends meet now, things are about to get a whole lot worse" snip.....He then went to a chart and said...Teresan Gas is going up and......................................................................................................................
And then folks the news broadcast started fluttering,the sound went out,the tape died, the station cut back to Jill Kroft who stated..."We appear to be having technical difficulties"....
Well,let me finish the report,...Teresan gas going up(even though natural gas has fallen 20% on the mercantile exchange)......BC Hydro rates are skyrocketing...The useless carbon tax is going up, and the HST is coming, $1.9 billion dollars being yanked out of the consumers pockets every year with the HST, BC Ferries are going up,property taxes are going up,water bill going up, Transit is going up, fuels are going up!
Like I say, I was shocked that Global news reported the story, I was happy that everything I have reported about the big fraud,brainwashing,utter bullshit was true,happy that I was vindicated and proven right about Gordon Campbell and the liars and their utter BS being spewed from the public affairs bureau....And I was concerned,concerned because this damning report on Global got jammed and had technical difficulties before Galais could finish the story!
Now, about this Atomic reality bomb that is going to blow up in Gordon Campbell`s face, here`s the deal, the Canadian dollar is at par with the US greenback, the line-ups heading south going shopping are getting longer and longer, with cheaper fuel,cheaper goods, the Tsunami of disgruntled shoppers heading south is staggering and growing, along the Alberta border BCers are heading east for big savings, the HST numbers Campbell and the liars are putting out are getting turned inside out, it`s a perfect storm for a financial disaster...
All the lies about the dark 90s, the lies about economic prosperity under Campbell,the lies about the great BC economy,the lies about lower taxes when they have been eclisped by higher priced everything, the great con, the spin machine, well Gordon Campbell, the motor has blown a gasket,leaking oil, the big red machine is puking its guts out, the flim flam has turned to flem!
And the disaster is growing and growing, BC exports are getting hammered, a death blow to forestry which Campbell and company have already destroyed, tourism, Jamaica,Carribbean,Southern Mexico, Las Vegas, the deals in those states and countries are wooing Canadian travellers and American travellers in droves, dirt cheap vacations, and as for tourism in British Columbia, the high Canadian dollar is a killer,the HST is a job killer in restaurants and all throughout the tourism industry, high priced fuel in BC,the highest in Canada, doubling of ferry rates to the island, over height and over length rates are going from $2.50 a foot to over $5.00 per foot, that will cost RVers and boat towers an extra $250 to go to Vancouver island or the Sunshinecoast, again,another deathblow to BC tourism.
Natural gas prices are falling, there is a huge glut on the market, the Campbell government will be out hundreds of millions on their budget numbers, Kelowna had several grass fires already this year and have announced a burning ban already, the snow pack is half of normal, the rivers will be low flow during the freshet, IPPs won`t have anywhere near their expected energy generation, the ministry of forestry and the BC budget have only allocated $50 million for fighting forest fires, last year the Province spent $400 million on forest fire fighting, this year will be even drier...There will be a massive extra debt loaded on the backside of the budget.
So friends, Canadians heading south enjoying their new found wealth in the US,buying gas,clothes,tires,no HST, cheaper products in the US even without the dollar at par, but with a 1.10$ Canadian dollar (that is what the experts are predicting the Canadian dollar to rise to by June/2010)the border will be packed with Canadians spending in the USA....Add in the HST in BC, highest priced fuel in Canada,cheap vacation deals for Canadians heading out, add the high Canadian dollar and the HST and Americans won`t be coming here,Europeans,Asians will be going elsewhere for vacations...... Exports will be hurting,natural gas royalties flat and falling, a smoke and mirrors budget, unemployment is growing in BC,in fact thousands have been laid off in the last week,the Olympic employees,the 5000 Vanoc employees have all been given their walking papers. BCers with a negative savings rate for 6 straight years,that`s right friends, in BC over the last 6 years there is a negative savings rate,the big con is over,people borrowing on equity was driving the economy.
The perfect storm, the debt will grow, the slash and burn Campbell will keep cutting, Liberal MLAs will keep lying, yes indeed friends, a perfect storm for........
"Recall in the fall"
The doom and gloom of the 90s, the myth is over, the truth has been exposed,the facts are in, the brainwash won`t work, the people have had enough, the Campbell government is built on lies and deceptions,a complete betrayal of the voting public, a sick demented party that is nothing but a rotting corpse being held up by spinning yarn.
And friends, there is no cure-all pill, just like the big mess of debt,lies and fraud the Barack Obama Government inherited from George Bush....The NDP will have almost as big a mess to clean up, there is no instant fix, but the very first step is honesty, until we get a little honesty back in our BC legislature nothing will change, so sharpen your pitchforks, sharpen your pens.
"Recall in the Fall"....."Recall in the Fall"....."Recall in the Fall"......"Recall in the Fall".
The Straight Goods
Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Awesome post Grant! I'm almost prepared to say God Save the Queen - future Premier Carole James that is!

Once the criminal habitual liar Gordo vacates his throne, BC finally will get back to normal and we can have our own Nuremburg War Crimes Trial with der Fuehrer Gordo and his henchmen receiving their just desserts!

Leah said...

If they're smart the NDP would say "no thanks!" for the next while...because no matter what they do to fix things, and no matter how successful they could be at cleaning up the crime scene - they're going to be blamed for the entire mess in BC over the past 10 years.

It also wouldn't surprise me to see a mass exodus of population from BC to "anywhere BUT BC." I know there are more than a few people around here talking about it. Imagine, the worst debt in our history...with a few million less people to pay it. Let's make an effort in future to keep an eye on ALL the liberal players. I expect that more than a few of them will be looking for a new province/country to live in. When/If that happens, let's make sure their new neighbours know who they are, and what they were part of. Think of it as a gesture of kindness to their fellow citizens, lest they decide to get into politics wherever they wind up.

Excellent post Grant, thanks for bringing what appears to be obvious censorship of Chris and Jill to the forefront.

Crankypants said...

The HST and rising dollar will also lead to many jobs being lost in BC. As the economic activity goes to Washington State, and Alberta many retail outlets will either start shedding jobs or just closing their doors. I agree with Leah that there could be a substantial exodus from BC which will just add more fuel to the downward spiral.

On the radio today, Michael Levy stated that a good deal of the accelerated activity in the real estate market was courtesy of foreigners buying up properties. I suspect that a good number of these pruchasers will be visiting on occaision, but for the most part their dwellings will be empty. Not much economic input will be coming from them.

The next problem will be inflation. At some point the federal government will be faced with a difficult decision. They will have to try and curb inflation by raising interest rates, which will most likely cause the dollar to rise even faster and all the pressures associated with that will just magnify the tenuous position our braindead politicians in Victoria have put us in.

Two things you can bank on, the future will be interesting and it ain't gonna be pretty.

Crankypants said...

I got my second wind, so I shall continue.

A few months back, I noticed that homes that were put on the market in my area were being sold fairly quickly. The ones that I see with for sale signs now have been on the market for the last six weeks or so, and they aren't moving. Now these are actual houses on cared for lots, not the overpriced cubicles being flogged at $1500 per square foot. Are we soon going to see the real estate market hit the bricks? Is there soon to be a downward spiral in the price of housing? Methinks the answer to both questions is a resounding yes, and that will have a major impact on the economic activity in many areas, and further put pressures on the government's coffers. They won't be reeling in the millions of dollars on the property transfer tax. The government also won't be getting the revenues associated with the cost of moving, the buying of new furniture etc.

Ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seatbelts as there will soon be one ugly ride in our futures.


Anonymous said...

Grant, the right wing in this province are currently swimming in the river of denile.
They think that only they know the answer to the questions of the universe. You know, the propaganda that is always spewed forth from the Fraser Insitute.

Campbell is a real estate developer. The most greedy type of the bunch. Beware of them. They will try and explain these up and coming events as 'non-explicable', or as 'forces unforseen'. Anyone who is given a position of leadership can make decisions to benefit the citizens of this province, not just a select few. Campbell, and all his accomplices chose the select few. This cannot be forgotten. To make him the scapegoat opens the election to be won again by the same greedy shysters. Every Liberal MLA is complicit in the downfall of BC! Just look at how their salaries have kept up!
It is time for a great big awakening by us all, and bang our pots and pans loud and clear, garnering attention where it belongs.

My Liberal MLA is Murray Coell, and he is one of them. Who is yours? Bang Bang

Grant G said...

"Bang Bang".....Well,Except for 2001..I have aways lived in NDP ridings..Burnaby Edmonds...My MLA on the Sunshinecoast is is fine nan who is passionate about children,seniors,students,a rising star who has tried so hard for social justice..

Nicholas Simons

"Bang Bang"......Target your MLAs,visit their home,phone them,email them..Tell them in no uncertain terms,peace and tranquility will no longer exist in their sheltered little world until they stand up alongside the masses.

Great quality comments as usual Cam(cranky).


Anonymous said...

The new budget and the HST, will cause so much hardship in the, central and northern part of BC. Mills have always been the mainstay of, this part of the province. During Campbell's time in office, he has caused 20.000 mill workers their jobs. It is the little guy, that keeps this province running, and, hundreds of them, now have no jobs. So, Campbell and Hansen, have targeted, these very people, with the HST, and their new budget. You would think, common sense should tell them, citizens up here have lost everything they had. It is, an exercise in futility to, tax these people into homelessness. Campbell and Hansen's budget and the HST, have been so poorly planned, I am amazed, other political party's, haven't taken, the BC Liberals to task for, Campbell and Hansen's insane budget and HST. Do not the other party's, see the plight of BC citizens. This province needs a brand new party, that would put the citizens and the province first. This leader, would not give millions to big business, such as banks. This leader, would have to be strong enough to, kick big business in the ass, and make them pay their fair share.

Anonymous said...

There will be no mass exodus for shoppers in the US or Alberta. Gordon (Korsakoffs) Campbell will have checkpoints at AB and BC crossings and I'm sure he has a few drinking buddies working at Canada Customs who will get those who try to avoid the HST at the border. Your correct about the technical bullshit at the Canwest/Liberal studio and it brings back memories of the soft drink issue and those bottlers who poison our children (you all know that cola company) well when the story hit the air with Tony Parsons who by the way will be spreading the CHEK bs now it to had technical troubles. Like Gordon (Korsakoffs) Campbell the Canwest/Liberal station has been exposed as one of the dirtiest in dealing with the Scampbell Gang. Hey Grant Have an idea: It's time to publish a book with true lies and deception from people of British Columbia whos lives have been forever turned upside down by this scandilous Govt. I'm sure the testimonials would poor in.

Anonymous said...

This province does'nt need another party. That would be spoiler Campbell would want and take away votes from the only party worthy of our future the NDP.

Parzone said...

Hi Grant,

I also watched Global news that day and the partial story on the cost of living here in BC.

The part of the story that was put forth had me sitting up in my chair, but then the story went dead. The news anchor said they would try and bring the story back later if possible. I don’t know if the story repeated on that broadcast or not (my guess is it was not)?

Now here’s the part I don’t get.

I then made a point of watching the 11pm news to see the whole story of how hard it is to live in BC.

Bam!! Down goes the story again…. it seems that the story was never fixed before they aired it on the later broadcast.

And what does it say when Global runs a story, has “technical problems” with that same story on two different broadcasts and then does not run the complete story the next day.

It’s not as if this kind of story was old news by the next day.

Why bother at all?

Kim said...

Grant, are you volunteering the recall campaign?

Also, off topic, sorry, but Alex Morton is going walkabout in April to Victoria to Save our Salmon. Spread the word! I'm going to try and get some boots on the street to support her.

Anonymous said...

"And what does it say when Global runs a story, has “technical problems” with that same story on two different broadcasts and then does not run the complete story the next day."

It says the dollars you are paying to support the Public Affairs Bureau (English for Pravda) being used against us - and it doesn't hurt that the GlowBall Empire is part of the gang with an agenda and ideology in lockstep with Gordo's.

Grant G said...

Good "Eye" Parzone...Yes,very interesting that the technical glitch wasn`t repaired from the 6:00PM news through to the 11:00PM late news.

The report was so damning they should have finished the story on Wensday,but they did not.

On another note, apparantly there was another poll released today,and...

Gordon Habitual Liar Campbell got ZERO BOUNCE from the Olympics..Not even a 1 point bounce,nothing, well......

perhaps he did get bounce,perhaps he was polling at 10% before the Olympics and got bounced up to the basement?

"The last desperate act of a scoundrel is to wrap themselves in the flag"

Red mittens covering blood-stained hands,screaming the National Anthem,yes indeed friends,the MSM media didn`t report the story,but it appears that the public agreed with our assessment at The Straight Goods!

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Grant G said...

I will be gathering signatures for the HST initiative on the Sunshinecoast.

And I will be posting more on Alexandra Morton soon.

As for recall,yes indeed,that my friends is where the rubber hits the road, there are hundreds of Volunteers for recall in Point Grey alone.

Campbell/Donna Barnett/Murray Coell/Don Mcrae/Ida Chong/....Mission/Kamloops/....And don`t forget Margaret McDiarmid(school burner).

The anger,the sour taste,so thick you can cut it with a knife.

Anonymous said...

Surprise Surprise Chris Gailus the new voice of the Canwest/Liebral News is a tossaway Fox news anchor from the good old USA. Do any of you know of Rush Limbaugh. Also of Fox. I bet this guy wouldnt say crap if he had a mouth full.

kootcoot said...

"Surprise Surprise Chris Gailus the new voice of the Canwest/Liebral News is a tossaway Fox news anchor from the good old USA"

Where else would the Evil Empire of Asspersons hope to find a news reader experienced in a "fair and balanced" delivery.

Besides Rush "Oxy" Limpballs, don't forget some of their other stellar chatterers who weren't sent down to the minors (Gailus), like Big Bear(poop) O'Reilly, Michelle Malkin, Drag Queen Extraordinaire Ann Coulter.

Lately Glen Beck has been setting the standard over there in Murdoch's swer for complete lost of contact with reality. He currently is waging a campaign on the very concept of "Social Justice" as it is just the first step on the road to a Nazi Dictatorship complete with perhaps outsourced "ovens."

Anonymous said...

Grant said - "On another note, apparantly there was another poll released today,and...Gordon Habitual Liar Campbell got ZERO BOUNCE from the Olympics..Not even a 1 point bounce"
Grant, I always look forward to your keen political analysis.

But WTF, the poll today showed the criminal habitual liar Gordo closing the gap from 14% to 8% with the NDP from the same pollster.

Christ man, the LIEberals had a 50% gap when the NDP was in power during the 1990's.

After Gordo's lies, the HST, the deficit, his criminal friends buying up the public's assets - HOW THE HELL ARE WE EVER GOING TO WIN on behalf of all BC'ers!!!!!

THIS IS BULLSHIT with the MSM indoctrinating BC'ers with this criminal administration.

Grant - What the hell are we going to do!!

I'm just flummoxed!

Grant G said...

The answere is simple, the Campbell Liberals are a dead rotting corpse, 25% of the voters will choose Liberals no matter what,Carole James can receieve 45% of the vote,MAXIMUM...There is another 10% of voters the NDP can reach, but the only way to reach those voters is with a male leader....

John Horgan,even Adrian Dix, unfortunately there is a segment of society in BC that will not vote for a female premier,look folks,if there was an election tomorrow the NDP would win hands down....

But the election isn`t tomorrow, I think Carole could win in 2013,and she could lose in 2013.
Recall in the fall first....

I like Carole James,she is very personable and friendly, but, I have also talked to many in the party,right now Carole James is being selfish and is thinking about herself.

I guarantee you that if Adrian Dix or John Horgan took the helm of the NDP you could add a minimum of 10 points in a week.

In having said that, we will remove 8 BC Liberals in the fall and take power,Carole can have a short leadership run and move aside before the next election.

That`s politics friends,I have asked nicely for Carole James to step aside....

And remember, she can leave willingly,or be pushed out at the NDP convention in 2011.


Anonymous said...

I'm betting she will neither step down - or be forced out. Her ego equals that of Campbell any day...if people would take off their blinders, they could easily see that. Try forcing her out, and you'll witness her nasty side, it's there.

Besides, the liberals WANT her right where she is, she's their only hope for re-election. They've already said as much...if I can find the link to their comments again, I'll post it.

jaydee said...

What's Moe up to? Not a fan but shouldn't he be talking Carole out the door? She HAS to go and I agree need Horgan or Dix.
Grant, have you read the 'rules' for recall? I remember when the King of Recall Falcon was working behind the scenes for Campbell around 1995-6, all the time swearing he wasn't interested in politics, tried a recall and it failed. I think the NDP wrote the rules but it is worded so it would never work last I heard. I would tell people Falcon is so stupid he doesn't even know there is no way he can pull it off. Here I am signed up for HST and will do the recall too duh!! Carole's making me lose sleep.

Grant G said...

Recall rules are quite simple,first off,you can`t recall until 18 months after the election,that is why the fall of 2010 is the earliest we can recall...

You must be on the voter`s list for the riding you want to gather signatures for recall..

A 50$ dollar fee to elections Canada for recall papers..

Once all the paperwork is in order you have I believe 21 to 30 days to gather up ....

A minimum of 60% of the voters in the particular riding, the 60% or more must have been on the voters list and voted in the last election in that riding....

The only ones who say recall is so onerous are the media,the Baldreys,Palmers and the Smyths....

Look,we are only recalling the close ridings,I guarantee that you will get everyone who voted NDP and Green,conservative or independent, for the most part that puts the tally near 60% already......

Add in all the Liberal voters who feel betrayed and presto...70% to 80% mark should be easily attainable....Because remember...We don`t have to recall 85 ridings,all we need is 7 ridings....
I know for fact there are hundreds of volunteers for Point Grey alone...Caribou Chilcoltin,same thing, angry voters who have had enough.....

The HST initiative,it is important to test the water with the HST initiative,ask and indentify voters willing to sign the recall petition.


Grant G said...

I double checked...60 days to gather signatures..40% of the voters who voted in a district are required...

Piece of cake...Adios


jaydee said...

Thanks for checking Grant, 7 sounds doable, too easy!!!!
Weird around the different blogs, PAB is everywhere, including in one of the local papers where I live, The Now Newspaper letters to the editor, and in their roses and rotten tomatoes column too, knocking CUPE whiners, one of their favorite words. They are easy to spot, some say they hate Campbell and then rant on about NDP...really trashy stuff and that guy spends most of his time talking to himself or PAB's, that guy probably is a PAB, now he has a job. These bad actors won't leave Gregor Robertson alone, can't trash Carole, they wouldn't want Carole to get a few seconds at the mic so they act like she doesn't exist.
I can't believe how dirty this is getting already, the odd few still tells that guy great stuff, excellent post....

Leah said...

Grant, let's hope the petitions to recall Campbell go as well as the HST campaign is going in the North. I'm a volunteer for it, so I receive notices about how it's going...thus far...the results are incredible. Far beyond what they were expecting!

Let's hope that momentum can be gained, and held, throughout a recall process!

Anonymous said...

Recall 'em all! Grant - it will be important to keep in mind that the PAB and LIEberal cronies are desparate and will try to undermine recall petitions.

For example, in the Delta South Recall petition, we received over 1,200 signatures more than needed. But 3,169 signatures were ruled invalid!!!

That's because the PAB and LIEberal machine got LIEberal cronies to sign the petition making the recall proponents THINK they would win. The LIEberals will lie, cheat and steal in recall campaigns.

Grant - Wouldn't it be wonderful if you were the official proponent of the Recall Gordo campaign and you could use your blog to organize and bring us to victory???

Grant G said... will be important to gather up ALL the NDP votes,Greens,and independents,we must reach the threshold without Liberal voters,we must get 70% of the voters to allow for vote spoilers.

They will lie,cheat....But I have the funny feeling that Liberals will volunteer to resgn,that is what happened on Vancouver island with the Reisma affair....

The close ridings,the NDP and Greens have well in excess of 40% support..Recall will be a snap.
Don`t let the "Stooges say it can`t be done"

It can and will be done,as for recall headquarters,Bill T..Chad Moats,and many others will be leading the charge...My riding is Nicholas Simons...

But I will be stalking Point Grey to unseat mr. Big


Hugh said...

Speaking of gas, here's the Vanc. Sun article about a global glut of natural gas:

The BC Govt responds by giving away our gas to the gas drillers, almost for free. They get a "royalty holiday".

Then they raise our consumer gas prices:

kootcoot said...

"Grant G said...
I double checked...60 days to gather signatures..40% of the voters who voted in a district are required...

That would mean something in the range of 20-25% of the voters list in the riding in many cases as turnout was less than half of the eligble voters IIRC. For once voter apathy could be our friend - higher turnout would mean more signatures.

If the signatures are enough AND verified, does that trigger a by-election? Or does the recall itself have to be voted on first. I would hope that canvasers have the right to demand proof of eligibility to avoid typical Reich Wing voter fraud as detailed by the commenter above from Delta South and any imposters should be prosecuted (Perhaps have canvasers take along a digital cam and not accept any signature from anyone unwilling to submit to a photo and swear they are who they say they are and live where they say they live - signing the petition kinda is an oath of that, the photo is proof of who was claiming to be that person, that day, maybe taken in front of their address or holding a sign verifying the time of signing which could be correlated with the time on the petition).

I am blessed to live where I would have to travel at least a few hours to be in a riding where recall is necessary - but good luck to all who need this recourse.

Recall in individual ridings should be much easier than any repeal of the HST, because it is province wide and apparently even ONE riding not meeting the criteria would defeat the entire effort. Meaning that unless the Fraser Vally bible belt and the Okanagan Vally secede, or the horns on Gordo's head become visible, province-wide recall is as doomed as STV style electoral reform.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this the truth!
Rule No. 2: Effective control of the population requires that a dictator have knowledge of every aspect of a citizen's existence. Privacy enables dissension and may contribute to revolt.

(Rule No. 1: "Controlling what the public sees and hears is essential to the successful operation of a stable dictatorship.")

Anonymous said...

I can't find an explanation anywhere, that says why, citizens of BC, who despise and have no confidence in Campbell, are forced to be stuck with him? Campbell and Hansen have told a litany of lies, use deceit, break promises, thieve our assets, sell our natural resources. Those resources belong to the citizens of this province, he has no right to put his dirty hands on them? Why is it, Campbell and his henchman Hansen, control this province and the people who live here? Campbell and Hansen, have dragged BC, down to the second from the bottom, of the poorest provinces of Canada. I ask sincerely, why? This province is in ruin, we will not survive until November. People in the north are becoming destitute, because of job losses.