Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Why Petronas LNG Proposal Is Caput(podcast) and Meet Murray Kristoff, The Racist Port Edward Councilor


Final vote today, unanimous rejection, wrong location...Move your site Petronas or go away, three strikes, you`re out!

A very good discussion on Petronas`s LNG proposal takes place in this podcast, ...

Petronas and the Christy Clark Government have failed to have any meaningful discussions with First Nations...Time for another supreme court law suit, this time against Petronas and the BC Government..

First things first, listen to the below podcast, (20 minutes)


Listen to the trucking company owner Murray Christoff spew racist crap ....

Murray Kristoff states, and I quote...."This particular band(Lax Kw’alaams)
has given its members what appears to be voting power over this project, whereas we have never heard of any other bands doing such a thing, it`s been a long time coming for this project as everyone knows, now it`s in the hands of those type of voters"

Really Murray Kristoff, "those type of voters"..you mean First Nations who own the land, First Nations that receive a bounty of salmon every year from the Skeena river, thousands of years of reliable salmon to be wiped out...

I``m thrilled to learn that racist bastards like you exist....Could it be that you are concerned for your own wealth?...A former Port Edward councilor who endorsed Petronas`s project while on council, ..What have you been promised Murray?

Imagine that, people like you Murray Kristoff deciding to kill a major salmon river, destroy a salmon estuary and rearing grounds so you can reap windfall profits!..

Hello readers, you can hear Murray Kristoff speak on the podcast, prepare to be outraged...

Murray, can we talk?...LNG, after 25 years, 40 years when Petronas has gone, the gas depleted, no more salmon in the Skeena, no sockeye, no pinks, no chinook salmon....Thousands of years of a sustainable fishery wiped out for your personal gain..And...Petronas`s offer at first glance appears large, but in reality it works out to about $10 dollars per day per member, how much do you bill per hour for one of your trucks Murray?


Murray, there are other locations in Prince Rupert Harbour, yes, those locations would require more investment, rock blasting, ...Not an easy to build on flat eel grass estuary, ...BG(British gas) has a location they won`t be using, Shell Canada`s location is available as is CONOOC location is available, those companies have bailed on BC LNG...

Petronas is merely looking for the cheapest option..You Murray and Christy Clark need to read this..


Chinese LNG glut to add to Australia’s pain

The shake-out from Australia’s massive malinvestment in LNG continues, with The AFR reporting research from Barclays arguing that China is facing potentially “unprecedented surpluses” of natural gas, which is likely to lead to reductions in their spot purchases, damaging exporting nations like Australia:

The country’s growth in demand for gas fell to its slowest for 12 years in 2014, and with the slowing of the economy, demand growth may slide…
That is likely to lead to a supply glut for the first time in China, with a potential 23 billion cubic metre surplus by 2017…
“With [LNG] imports set to rise nearly four-fold in a decade… Chinese state-owned enterprises may step away from spot LNG (and also re-sell cargoes) and become selective on long-term contracts.”
Of course, this analysis comes on top of Goldman Sachs’ forecast today that Australian LNG earnings could be $500 billion lower than expected over the next decade.
Sucks to be an Australian LNG producer right now.



 Need more Murray?, the current Asian LNG price is so low, it would cost Petronas more money to get the gas to the BC coast than what they could sell in Asia for...The price in Asia is..$7.60 $US..That is under $7 dollars Canadian..


 The average price of spot LNG imported into Japan that was contracted in April was at US$7.6/MMBtu, down from US$8/MMBtu in March, the country’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) said on Thursday.

Spot liquefied natural gas cargoes booked earlier and arriving in April averaged US$7.9/MMBtu, up from US$7.6/MMBtu the month before, METI said.
Only spot LNG cargoes are taken into account in this assessment, excluding short, medium and long-term contract cargoes, as well as those linked to a particular price index.



Where were we Murray, oh yea.....

In the 70`s, Ridley island in Prince Rupert was chosen for a cargo port, ..They, the Environmental assessment panel deemed the Skeena river estuary, the eel grass, salmon`s nursery as too vital, too sensitive to build on, ..LELU Island was rejected then, as it will be now...{You can read details here why the Lelu island location is a very bad choice}


I`m glad Lax Kw’alaams First Nations people on masse rejected the proposal...Of course the band council may choose to overrule the people, that would result in their removal by the people..

Murray Kristoff, ..."Those kind of voters"...Do you believe in Democracy?..Our GVRD transit vote "those kind of voters"...Provincial elections.."those kind of voters"...the referendum on the HST "those kind of voters"

The referendum/plebiscite held on Enbridge in Kitimat "those kind of voters" how about NDP Rachel Notley`s win in Alberta, she is rejecting Enbridge northern gateway, it was in her platform, "those kind of voters" in Alberta voted for her...

I suppose Murray that your wisdom trumps all, ......

I mean what the hell, salmon had a good run, thousands of years returning to the Skeena river...

You are right, Christy Clark says BC has 100 years of natural gas..

100 years, one lifetime...

Say hello to your children and grandchildren for me would ya Murray Kristoff..

Here`s a pretty picture and a fairy tale you can tell your children..

"A long long time ago the Skeena river was alive with salmon and many other fishes, but a wise ole princess premier named Christy Clark decided gas was more important, she spoke as if she could see the future, $100`s of billions in a prosperity fund, no sales tax, all debts paid, wealth, great wealth beyond even one`s wildest dreams, Asia would pay us so much money that daddy and his trucking company would become super-rich, free money, money to buy toys, money to buy ponies even unicorns.....

But then something happened, something queen Christy couldn`t see, Petronas made no money on LNG, the market crashed, a world glut, everyone undercutting everyone until finally Asia moved to nuclear power, all that money promised didn`t materialize,  the people received no money, 25 years of corporate promises evaporated, year after year Petronas claimed tax losses, the gas was now exhausted, northeast British Columbia leaking methane, the caribou disappeared along with the Prince Rupert salmon..

But, luckily for me, your dad, I made so much money I retired in luxury and we can still see wild salmon in pictures..."

 Sweet dreams little ones, love Daddy

 Written by Grant G


The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Merv Ritchie said...

You are one amazing guy Grant - Well put. I have personally met many here in the northwest who feel just like Christoff. In fact Terrace may still be the most bigoted racist community in all of BC. The business community is rife with indignation towards the Indigenous peoples, the RCMP openly murder them and the many young non-indigenous conceal their hatred when around those who do not share their ignorance.

It is so bad many indigenous hide from their own heritage and honour each other only when they appear to be accepted as "white". Some join Christian Churches, professing loudly, in an attempt to be accepted as "non-indigenous.

The open bigotry at the local Chamber of Commerce was described to me by one business owner as "venomous".

Grant, your bold, blunt words are just one tiny skin layer of a large onion. BC and most of the wealth generated here has been taken from the indigenous peoples lands. The hatred for them is a huge cover for the outrageous evil British Columbians continue to commit for their personal wealth and gain.

There is a terrible psychological trauma not yet fully recognized and understood by both the indigenous and the non-indigenous.

A continuing genocide turned inward. Meaning; now we see those who were targeted (Indians, inflicting the harm directly on themselves and their own people.

Ah, Grant, I thank you for opening this very real and very necessary discussion.

Grant G said...

Thanks Merv....Murray Christoff is an asshole, I bet dollars to doughnuts that Murray doesn`t even realize what he said, like a involuntary facial tick, Murray couldn`t contain his blatant racism..

The big media is corrupt too..

Not one major news media have reported how little money the offer was, no reporting on how the Petronas offer was backloaded to year 30 and beyond..

No details on the Skeena river salmon $dollar value, no, they have their marching orders(bow to the corporations)

Merv...I call it the way I see it..

The Straight Goods

Talk to you a little later

Merv Ritchie said...

Yes, and if you drive into Port Edward you will see just past the Highway 16 turnoff huge land clearings. Land purchased by Christoff, cleared and shops built in preparation for the huge camps and construction facilities required.

Nothing like good 'ol "Free Enterprise" at its finest.

CBC's reporting focused on the one woman who spoke out in favour of the project. She doesn't even live in the territory; lives in Abbottsford; BC's right wing bigot capital.

Just like the newest Tahltan Central Council (a BC registered Society) president Chad Day. He doesn't like living anywhere near the north. He loves the Vancouver lifestyle and is sacrificing all the Tahltan peoples indigenous lands for his and his corporate friends benefits.

Like I stated earlier, there is a huge psychological reckoning required. Apologizing for the past behaviours of the churches, BC and Federal Governments, and then carrying on business as usual is not honourable, respectable or "reconciliation".

Grant G said...

With luck Petronas walks away from British Columbia.

As for Murray Christoff....

He should have kept his filthy mouth shut..

As for media reporting, CKNW has played up the one disgruntled voter angle all day long, ..

Michael Eckford, cknw`s 2 PM to 6 pm radio voice..

He has just quit cknw..The reason..

CKNW corporate brass have been pressuring him to tow the corporate line, ...

Eckford couldn`t bring himself to sellout..

Simi Sara, Sean Leslie and Jon Mcomb..

Those little robots fell inline..

Sad, integrity means nothing in 2015

sd said...

Grant, I listened to that CBC "show" and was very surprised Gloria let him get away with that crap.Wow, Eckford is gone? So much for the 'new face" of NW!

Grant G said...

Merv, you can email me at..