Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Election Promises Meet Decision Desk( The Rachel Notley Era Begins)

Written by Grant G

Election promises meet decision desk

"Hope and Change"......I remember when Barack Obama inspired a nation to believe, inspired the world too, feels like a longtime ago....

Mr. Obama achieved only the easy part, changing from George Bush the lessor to someone with functioning brain cells put the world at ease, for about 90 days before the signs were apparent, "Hope and Change" turned into meet, negotiate and stagnate.

 Hope was left high and dry, any change was thin veneer, window dressings now shrouded the same backrooms, financial string pullers relinquished nothing, the same players who orchestrated economic ponzi parties for bankers, bribers and bootlickers adorned in Caligulian robes, nothing changed, the federal reserve, representatives to the banking and investment crowd remained the same, window dressings added for appearance sake..

Yes, many say that Barack Obama tried to play nice with opposing forces, chose to negotiate, find middle ground, extreme efforts exerted to placate those who would be most affected, yes, one could say Barack Obama attempted to change opposing opinions with logic and reverberating speeches, yes, one could say Obama was obligated to try and find mutual agreement across the spectrum of forward direction.....

Three years later the writing was on the wall, five years later, six years later and nothing has changed to inspire hope, or make people believe change will happen..

Rachel Notley promised things too, ...To raise corporate from 10% to 12%...Right now most of the Alberta oil companies aren`t making any corporate tax money, aren`t highly profitable at this time, and will as such claim poverty, even in the future when oil rises and big profits return these 2014 losses will be claimed against future taxable corporate profits...

The time is perfect to raise corporate taxes, threats will rule the day, doom and gloom future forecasts will dominate Alberta headlines if Rachel Notley proceeds with her election platform...

Every jurisdiction in the world is charging higher royalty rates than is Alberta, less than Texas, Norway, even Mexico and Venezuela have higher royalty rates, Alberta is losing $billions every year in royalty money, money and royalties that these same complaining energy companies would have to pay if they actuall up and moved..

This was your key election plank Rachel, no time to back off on this one, endless economic flak will be fired in your direction, every rightwing pundit will be armchair quarterbacking, offering advice on taxation, there will be pleas to hold off and wait, that the time isn`t right...

The time is right, raise corporate taxes by 2% and raise royalty rates, do it before oil prices return, Rachel Notley you made promises...

You told your base the Enbridge Northern Gateway is a dead pipeline, to risky for such a pristine area, you told industry that climate change is important, you told the electorate that Alberta needs to do things different when it comes to Alberta`s physical environment, you talked of the need to upgrade Alberta`s oil IN ALBERTA, create domestic jobs and add value-added to Alberta`s petroleum exports...

Northern Gateway pipeline loses ally in Alberta election upset


The fine people of Alberta believed your election platform Premier Notley, Alberta public has seen massive increases in bitumen production, increased bitumen exports, increased extraction and a massive increase in environmental degradation while government revenues declined, hospitals, schools and social services declined, for the last decade school infrastructure, health infrastructure has been neglected while corporate profits soared, a big fat Tuesday party that ran seven days a week for the last decade where the top 1%-ers filled their boots, filled their boots with loot and called the Alberta Government`s economic shots..

The arrogance of indifference was on full display last week in Alberta, the epitome of greased palms and veiled threats was when five Edmonton businesses decried an NDP Government, these men were complaining that they have donated large sums of money to the Alberta PC party over the years and that they were happy with the arrangement, they paid $hundreds of thousand`s of dollars to the PC`s and received $hundreds of millions in Government contracts...The cronyism, entitlement syndrome oozed from their words of "fear the NDP"  ..These businesses even vowed to stop donating tax write-offable donations to needy charities if the NDP won.

Big Oil has had an orgy of indifference to the people of Alberta`s future for far too long, less production of oil with higher economic returns is a recipe for long term prosperity, a recipe Rachel Notley needs to follow, that was her message of hope and change...

Raising minimum wage is another of her election promises, that promise can be phased in over several years..

Alberta, Canada`s most conservative province voted in Rachel Notley to change decades of corporate culture engrained, cold opposing winds will blow fierce, those anti-society forces will not lay down their loaded arms until all ammo has been spent.

Barack Obama will not go down in history as the man who brought hope and change, he will be remembered as a window dressing president..

Canada`s top earners have done very well in Canada, Stephen Harper has offered them more, income splitting and a doubling of the contributions to TFSAs...In British Columbia our top earners will get those federal goodies as well as their provincial taxes lowered too..

Those doing economically well are continually being lavished more and more while funding for everything universally needed is stunted, healthcare, science, education and the environment, the needs of the many and the health of our only planet is being threatened by one trick ponies seeking corporate profits....   

Today, Wednesday May 6th/2015 Alberta and Canada have hope..

Let`s hope that after Election promises meet the decision desk,.....

 The changes will still be coming...! 


The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open    


Anonymous said...

"Raising minimum wage is another of her election promises, that promise can be phased in over several years.."

Come on Grant over several years??

Notley should raise the minimum wage to the max possible and do the corporate tax and royalty thing within the first 30 days. Its just like ripping off a Band-Aid, the screaming will only last a few weeks and all will be forgotten well before the next election 4 years away. Get er done quick!


Grant G said...

Agreed CGHZD, however, if one was to see waffling on election platform promises...

Let it be the timeframe for raising minimum wage rather than the timeframe for raising corporate taxation and royalty rates..

Do the heavy lifting in the first 6 months...that gives 4 years to see results..


Anonymous said...

But wait
thers more to consider

Hugh said...

3 things:

1.Alberta NDP opposed to Northern Gateway.

2. FNs reject Petronas LNG Corporate Welfare project.

3. Ontario may pass law banning fracking. LNG in BC would depend on fracking.

Cocoabean said...

Deluded. How will this change anything?

Rachel Notley has made a career as a statist: government trade unionist, government employee, lawyer and lobbyist for government spending.

How will this party, with that background,ccreate more wealth, more jobs or higher profits for employers? Or higher resource prices?

All the NDP will do is continue to spend on social programs and government employment and pile up debt.

(Just the same as would the other parties, BTW...)