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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

John Horgan Makes Christy Clark Look and Sound Like A Bumbling Stumbling Lying Bubblehead!

John Horgan TROUNCES Christy Clark in estimate debates on the office of the premier..

Christy Clark, as John Horgan pointed out,.....Christy Clark blathered, blustered, and told so many lies I lost track..

If the legislature was a court of law Christy Clark would have been hauled away and jailed for habitual perjury..

Listen carefully to the debate....Clark blustered about the BC NDP piling up debt in the 90`s...

As John Horgan and many bloggers have pointed out....BC`s total debt in 2001 ..counting contractual obligations stood at $31 billion dollars...

The debt today after 14 years of BC Liberal Government economic leadership has risen to a staggering ...

$165 billion dollars..

Christy Clark refused to answer any questions, her almost every response to every question was about the "doom and gloom" of the 90`s...

You remember 2001 don`t you Christy Clark, that`s when our BC debt, including contractual debt stood at $31 billion dollars...Today our BC debt is $165 billion dollars..

British Columbia Legislature....A place where Christy Clark can lie her face-off with impunity!

 BC Legislature podcast.....


The John Horgan Christy Clark beatdown starts about the 88 minute mark of the video(linked above)

Christy Clark ..almost everytime during this debate, when Clark is embarrassed by Horgan`s commentary and or questions Clark starts her retort back to him with teenage giggling and bullshit about the 1990s...

So funny, Christy Clark and these BC Liberals have nothing new, every woe today is the fault of the NDP in the 90`s according to Clark...

BC Liberals have been in power with a majority for 14 years...

The video is funny and sad at the same time...It`s funny how Christy Clark can`t tell the truth....John Horgan quoted real facts, real numbers on job creation and debt, Christy Clark never stopped lying, the silly goose she is..(cluck cluck)

What`s sad...A leader of a province can stand in the legislature, the people`s house and lie her face off, refuse to answer questions while she giggles and tee-hees on everything, ...Especially the denial by Christy Clark and her party over the fact that they added $135 billion in debt to the province of British Columbia since 2001...$10 billion in debt added to British Columbia each and every year under a BC Liberal Government...

Yea Christy...giggle giggle..Real funny stuff

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lumberron said...

I watched it as well.I don't know how Horgan can stay calm.It is pathetic to watch her.And she has all her ass kissers sitting there with a glum look on there faces.I was disgusted and just had to mute it as soon as she starts blabbering.I would just have all the members put in ear plugs and just ignore her until shes' done.It is beyond embarrassing to watch that pathetic wannabe.I thought it was good when Horgan mentioned Eby from her old riding.We are beyong fucked if she is not stopped soon.Our son is taking a welding course in high school and I feel sick when I think of that future.We have had all her years involving education and I don't feel we got our moneys worth through no fault of the dedicated teachers who give a shit unlike her and her ass kissers.God she even piped out how good that crooked POS Coleman is doing on his portfolios.Fuckers

Grant G said...

Lumberron....I too have trouble listening to Clark lie, snort and giggle...But, it`s important..

The BC Public, as many as possible need to hear uneducated Christy Clark lie her face-off..

BC`s media won`t report the lies, or our real BC Debt, that`s why I persevere..

Lumberron...I don`t like to meddle with other people`s families, however..

Try to turn your son onto the film and movie business, cameras, sound, special affects, even acting...

The thing is, teenagers do the opposite of what you tell them, you have to use reverse tactics on them....

But, as a selling point...Hot babes in the movie business, pays real well, one good TV or movie role and he`d be set for life...Beats sucking fumes while bent over a pipe or working in a sewer..


North Van's Grumps said...

Could someone PLEASE to an FOI to discover what the Premier's Office (Christy)(Dyble) definition is for the word BOTTOM?

Bill said...

Hi grant

I also watched Horgan steamroll all over Christy and her record of Liberal government scandals, hyperbolic promises, out and out lies and pie in the sky sparkle-pony futures. She could only pull out the lame 1990's nah-nah-nah defense - reverting to her rout attacks, tired talking points and smirky/giggly smug non answers. As you and lumberron above also noted the awkward downward glazes/body language and disengagement of the three support staff behind the embarracing "performance" of their boss was really telling. I am pretty sure no matter how much those staff make they did not want to be in the same room with their boss as she embarssling floundered through the debate attempting to defend the indefensible.

Horgan did a masterful job. Too bad so few watch these proceedings to see just how terrible the Christy Liberals have failed on all files that matter to BC citizens. Only the corporate LameSchemeMedia will equal the fail of this GovermeNOT in their mirrored deflection/non reporting of this and all sad realities of the record - they are to be equally damned for their continued failure to BC citizens.

Also... Just yesterday three independent (non Liberal government sponsored) studies on "game changing" major corporate Christy Liberal initiatives were released... The CCPA on LNG development, Tsleil-Waututh Nation/Vancouverand Burnaby cities etc on Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion and thirdly on Site C development for future electricity supply. I must give you a respectful tip of the hat and thank you for your years of coverage all all three of these issues - all three studies echoe what your ongoing analysis.

Bang On!

North Van's Grumps said...

8 Health researchers fired, one died

How is it that those employees who are still negotiating with the BC Liberals and those that have settled out of court are not held responsible for accepting money on the condition that they don't speak out against the person(s) who did the firings on behalf of the Minister of Health and the Premier's Office GCPE staff?

The employees', save one, combined silence sends the wrong message to those that do the firings AND they'll do it again, with a shrug of the shoulders.

Christy Clark: We have learned from our mistakes!!! Bull Shit

Grant G said...

NVG...Indeed, Christy Clark is personally responsible for the death of the health worker and directly responsible for the hatchet job and firings..

Christy Clark was upset with those health workers because they were warning the government and public about the insidious side effects of the smoking cessation drug Champix..That drug causes suicides in people..

Christy Clark was on her high horse ..Christy Clark was promoting her quit smoking campaign, that was laudable...But when fact-based evidence came out about Champix Christy Clark merely needed to warn the public about that particular smoking cessation drug..

But she didn`t, Christy Clark was lobbied by that drug manufacturer to keep quiet about it..

Clark lashed and fired those wonderful public servant, pure vengeance and message sending..

Christy Clark is directly responsible for that worker`s untimely death..


By the way..Great post you have up..

One tsunami strikes Kitimat and that proposed LNG plant will be wiped out with the possibility of a catastrophic explosion that would annihilate the town of Kitimat and surrounding areas..



John's Aghast said...

Well, I couldn't access the video you referenced (thankfully, I already have high blood pressure), but I did get the one between Horgan & Chrispy re the Health Worker fiasco. What amazes me is the amount of money (even at minimum wage) that this circus manages to waste playing their silly game. Why not let them go on, one on one, and let all the smirking a55holes get on with their jobs? And I realize they make more than minimum wage - which in itself is a travesty! How many are there that the camera doesn't show? And what happened to that Coleman Clone, Linda Reid? Do we have a new Speaker of the House?
If that's the best we can offer as an example to our children as to how 'adults' and our parliament works, then it should be banned!!
A disgusting show of juvenile behavior!!

sd said...

Actually one of her stooges finally lifted his head and started giggling and nodding during the debate when she went into her shtick about the 90's but other than that they were a very glum bunch. The way the lieberals grin and nod over any response they give makes me sick and pissed off! Keep on it Grant!

Grant G said...

John Aghast..You probably have to activate ..The silverlight, that`s how you make the video run...

When you click the link, it`s the video screen in the top left corner..


North Van's Grumps said...

LNG Final Report check out the reference page 34 links


This spells out the jobs numbers
July 2013

Anonymous said...

Whatever it takes to win


Grant G said...

NVG...This might help you decipher those job numbers..

If what the BC Liberals say about the total LNG jobs is true..

61,000 jobs required to support 5 LNG plants..

Works out to $6 billion dollars plus per year in wages ...Just to support 5 LNG plants..



BC Liberals have huge job number estimates for BC companies during the construction phase, not workers constructing the plant, workers at various companies that would be supplying goods to the LNG plant construction..

Another lie..Almost every component of these LNG plants will be barged to British Columbia from South Korea..

Details here..


Grant G said...

NVG...Email that would ya...


Can only read part of what you without posting in full.

Grant G said...

Can only read part of what you said without posting the whole comment.


Anonymous said...

What nauseates me is that every time I read Palmer or see jerk Baldrey they are talking about how Christy is so masterful in deflecting heat from the NDP. I wont even comment on that that lying weasel Tom Fletcher on Black press....will we ever get a media that isn't bought off by the Libs in this Province?

Anonymous said...


Evil Eye said...

Premier Photo-op is a person of the worst kind as she is a compulsive liar and a psychopath. Photo-op does not know truth from a lie and with the Herr Goebbels taught mainstream media acting as trained seals clapping her on, nothing will change.

What we are living in today is the beginnings of a fascist state where politicians are insulated as much as possible from the voter.

Voters only have one tool to rid themselves of deadwood, the vote, but the vote has been eroding. civic politics used to be an election every 2 years, then 3 years now it is for years. Civic corruption has been climbing along with the fewer civic elections. As most MLA start in the civic scene they bring entitlement and corruption to the provincial and federal levels of government.

We are sleepwalking into dictatorship!

Bii said...

With respect to the FOIs and deleted emails...

"It's like the West Wing". Actually it is 'West Kelowna' and it's her thing. Just like Campbell before her Christy thinks it is ok to "do what it takes". A BC Liberal tried and 'true' tradition.

She has always, always done it her way/the BC Liberal way. It's her party and it has been BCs downfall.

Anonymous said...

The email story has completely disappeared from the media. It was a half day story and now it is being supressed...no doubt on orders from the media gurus in Toronto. What kind of bullshit is this?? If an NDP GOVT had destroyed emails then guys like Baldrey and Palmer et al would be going at it constantly until resignations took place. God I hate the media in BC just plain pathetic !!!!!!!!

Grant G said...

Yes our media sucks...The pattullo bridge story, released today(coincidence?)..Construction isn`t even starting until mid 2016?..Maybe not at all..

On the Federal scene...Peter Mckay announces his retirement from federal politics on the same day news came out on how Canada`s economy fell into recession in the first quarter of 2015..



Anonymous said...





Grant G said...

The Georgia Straight article by Dermond Travis..

It`s good to know Dermond Travis is an avid reader of The Straight Goods...

That`s okay, the more people, the more media ringing the alarm bell the better.


Grant G said...


Here was my May 25th article

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...
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