Sunday, May 24, 2015

A Fascist Canadian Federal Government. Living A Life Of Crime (without Opposition)

A Fascist Canadian Federal Government. Living A Life Of Crime (without  Opposition)

                                       Written  By Robin Mathews, May 2015

To begin, a fascist government is one which becomes the gangster corporations it serves, creates fake ‘oversight’ bodies to serve those corporations, takes over police in order to further criminal designs, makes enemies of and harasses all forces working for democracy and justice in the country, sews fear wherever possible, and runs a full-scale propaganda campaign claiming to champion ordinary people.

Welcome to the Conservative government of Canada.

We Canadians – in the light of what is written above – are thick in the head.  We absolutely refuse to see the width and depth of the lying by the Conservative government, the extent of its dirty-dealing, the huge alliances it makes with what are probably criminal organizations, its programmed cheating of vulnerable Canadians, its treating of ordinary Canadians as if they are garbage.

Never in Canadian history has government/corporate corruption been so total, so unrelieved, so crass, … so planned.  [Read, for instance, Lawrence Martin, “If integrity is the issue, the Tories are finished”, Globe and Mail, May 12, A11, Anthony Hall, “Neoconning the public”, Common Ground, May 2015, pp. 12, 13…, Michael Harris, Party of One, Viking, 2014, etc. etc.]

To see the very end-point of Conservative Party malice and greed, think of wounded veterans being cheated of care, thalidomide victims promised assistance, and stalled…, First Nations people (over and over) treated as trash and denied social assistance granted to other Canadians. Those examples illustrate clearly that any expense will be manipulated and denied that doesn’t accrue profit to private corporations (located anywhere in the world).

The Stephen Harper Conservatives in league with The One Per Cent are stripping Canada bare, are looting and pillaging the country before our (mostly closed) eyes.
[Kai Nagata of Dogwood Initiative, May 21, reports that the wholly spurious National Energy Board has told Kinder Morgan it can keep its (spill) Emergency Response plans secret.  And he reports in bold face print that Kinder Morgan’s publicly released risk assessments contain a  flat out lie.]

The whole Kinder Morgan transmountain pipeline scenario is seen by more and more people as a series of dirty-dealing manipulations … a silent pact among the Conservative cabinet, Kinder Morgan, and the National Energy Board.  On every hand people are looking for the Opposition Parties to disown the National Energy Board publicly, to demand its eradication, and to work openly and publicly to destroy it.

Economist Robyn Allen has publicly withdrawn (May 19, 2015) as an expert intervener from the National Energy Board review of Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain Expansion Project.  In doing so she condemns the NEB unreservedly, writing it “violated the rules of procedural fairness and natural justice, and biased its decision-making in favour of Kinder Morgan.”

Where are the Opposition parties?

That is just one example of the Conservative government as instrument of The One Per Cent.  Here’s another – that Canadians miss because the truth is almost impossible to take in.

A Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) boss (or bosses) has written to papers assuring Canadians that the CRA doesn’t politically target persons or organizations when engaging in audits.  That is probably one of the more flagrant lies coming from the fog called the Party in Power, the Conservative government.  Before the present Conservative government was in power does anyone remember what might be called raids on environmental organizations – that just happen to be enemies of the Conservative government?  CRA “activity” and inactivity doesn’t stop there … by any means. Take a deep breath ….

The CRA and the Conservative cabinet have to know about the over $200 BILLIONS of Canadian private and corporate money hidden away in Tax Havens around the world. Since at least the publication of Nicholas Shaxson”s Treasure Islands in 2011, no one can claim ignorance about the Tax Havens.  And, indeed, the CRA knows about them and – seemingly – wants to ignore their existence.  On whose behalf?

Canadians For Tax Fairness (CTF) has been researching and reporting on big-time Canadian tax dodgers – keeping CRA well informed (as if it wasn’t already).  As a first step CTF wants CRA to calculate and report on what is called Canada’s ‘tax gap’ – what should be paid and what isn’t.  Liberal senator (PEI) Percy Downe has also been pushing CRA to go to work.  Establishing the tax gap, apparently, is seen as the first step in doing something about it. 

But a not very bright school child might well see what is really going on.  The CRA (otherwise known to some as the Conservative cabinet) wants to be rid of the subject altogether. 

(1) The Conservative cabinet has slashed CRA operating monies at a time when powerhouse activity on gigantic tax-dodging is required.

(2) In doing so, the Conservative cabinet might be charged with protecting rich, corporate tax-dodgers.

 (3) At the same time, the Conservative cabinet is steadily increasing the amount of the tax revenue paid by ordinary Canadians.

 (4) By sheer coincidence corporate propaganda claims that lowering corporate taxes makes room for corporations to hire more people (but no evidence exists to prove that they have done so or really intend to do so).

So what do we see?  We see the government/CRA employing the very real smoke-screen action of attacking, across the board, voluntary, ‘people’s’ organizations as enemies of Conservative policy by slandering them and conducting damaging audits of their work.  Behind the smoke-screen action, the gigantic tax-dodging process by the Canadian rich - through Tax Havens dotted around the world - goes forward very well protected and apparently right off the radar of the Canadian Revenue Agency (and many Canadians). And, just incidentally, the loss of taxes to the Government of Canada is being made up by a process of increasing the tax load on the non-rich.

When written as it is here, the failure of Conservative integrity looks far worse than Lawrence Martin suggests.  But we Canadians are thick in the head.  What I have related here will be described as “conspiracy theory”. The failure, for instance, to care for our wounded veterans will be described as a “glitch” in operations, a crazy oversight, not a completely consistent part of the attack on Canada and vulnerable Canadians by the cabinet of the Stephen Harper Conservative government.

All that is lamentable. 

More lamentable is the almost total failure of the Opposition Parties.  With Conservative Party evil-doing and dirty tricks at an historic level – Opposition Parties should be naming, exposing, confronting, challenging openly, demanding accounting – in Parliament, on media, in community halls across the country, on the streets of Canada – and where possible, in the courts … exposing Conservative Party criminal action.

Nothing makes more clear the sclerosis, the opportunism, the calculating compromise of the Opposition Parties than their inaction. Nothing shows more clearly their desire to be buddies of the global corporations -  “to take over administration”, rather than to defeat the  Conservative government with a radical re-building action plan.

That is why Canada must have a wholly new Party that takes power and reclaims Canada for Canadians.  That is the absolutely necessary next step ….

[Merv Ritchie and friends in B.C. are moving in that direction by creating a new party ... that you can join. Is it the right structure? Will it work?  Is it the vehicle for the gigantic and absolutely necessary next step?  

 Go to and see what you think.]

 Written by Robin Mathews

The L.A.W. - Land Air Water Party
The L.A.W. Party is a Political Party founded in British Columbia with the intention to run Candidates in the Provincial and Federal Elections in Canada.

The Principle of the L.A.W. Party is to ensure protection of the Land Air and Water.

The Party has yet to develop a logo for use in the upcoming elections. Submissions will be respectfully accepted and considered.

The Party official statement is;

“The Preservation and Protection of all Land, Air and Water is the LAW.”

The Party will work towards developing and supporting replacement products and technologies for products presently harming the Land, Air and Water.

As an official party running and participating in legislative assemblies, all voting will be considered free votes without direction or obligation to a party leader. The expectation is all issues threatening to the Land Air and Water will be voted down by party members.

More specifically the purpose of the Party is two fold.

First to oppose Canada's continued reliance on petroleum products of all types including the extraction and transportation of these products where they threaten the L.A.W.

Secondly to uphold the original peoples treaty and non-treaty rights and Canada's obligations to the indigenous peoples who have always had a personal relationship with the L.A.W.


The below written by Grant G

Time For Canadian Politicians To Walk the Walk

I wish Merv Ritchie and his team good fortune....And on another note, related to the above article by Robin Mathews..

The NDP federally is polling very well as of late, and that does warm my heart...

The National Post`s Michael Den Tandt has come out swinging against Thomas Mulcair, a lame article, not subtle, a column that reeks, why anyone would want put their name to it is beyond me, so slim, so obvious, so written by the Harper Conservative propaganda department.

And of course our corporate newspapers The Vancouver Sun and Province ran with the Mulcair smear..

I recommend that you read Michael Den Tandt`s article....Not because it`s good journalism, because it`s bad writing...There are so many Stephen Harper government boondoggles, from failing the military on every procurement, running up debt, near $1 billion in taxpayer funded Conservative partisan advertising over the last 5 years..The debt run-up...And a total failure by Harper on the economic front...Alberta oil has been dug, dredged and extracted for decades, oil was at record highs for years, a 6 month oil-price downturn and Alberta`s economy is toast, the federal budget back in deficit too...5 straight Stephen Harper federal deficits, and he had a majority..

What passes as journalism these days, that National Post article is not worthy enough to be published there, let alone worthy enough to be re-posted in our B.C. corporate rags...

It shows how stupid the federal Conservatives think we the people are...A child could see through Michael Dan Tandt`s article, it will drive more people to the federal NDP..

Lastly, I wrote an article after Rachel Notley`s stunning victory, it was titled Election promises meet decision desk(The Rachel Notley era begins)

Rachel Notley made specific election promises, ..."To raise corporate taxes, to review royalty rates and adjust" (upward)....Rachel didn`t specify raising royalty rates upward but she certainly wouldn`t lower them, any royalty review would be to raise the rates, that is what Rachel Notley explicitly implied in her election campaign, I agree with that platform..

Ever since Rachel Notley won the Alberta election the corporate world has come out squealing like pigs, claiming the sky will fall, threatening to take their ball and go somewhere else..

I urged Premier Rachel Notley in my article to proceed forward with her election promises, for that is why the people voted her in...10,000 people were on hand for her swearing in ceremony today at the Alberta legislature.....10,000 people..

This is the NDP`s test....This Alberta test run will have profound implications on Thomas Mulcair`s federal election bid...

Let me elaborate, the Alberta PC`s(Stephen Harper`s gang) ran Alberta`s economy like a drunken corporate boardroom, all the money wasted, they collected so little oil revenue that the province of Alberta couldn`t survive with 6 months of low oil price...No provisions, no nest egg, no rainy day fund..NOTHING..

The people of Alberta did not elect an NDP Government to maintain the corporate taxation and royalty rate status quo....

The people expect those election promises to be kept....

Let the oil companies squeal, let the corporate newspapers holler "Greece, Greece, Greece"

I guarantee that if Rachel Notley follows through with raising corporate taxation the energy majors in Alberta will not leave...Reason?...Tax and royalty rates are higher in the USA, higher in South America, higher in Norway, higher everywhere else in the world..

What Rachel Notley needs to know and hopefully understand....Thomas Mulcair and the federal NDP`s electoral chances depend on her keeping the promises she made to the people of Alberta..

The Canadian public is yearning for a political party to actually keep their election promises..

Enough of talking the talk....Canadians need to see our elected leaders do something new...

 walking the walk!

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Jon Ghun said...

Yes, the Northern Neo=cons are going for broke. But they are doing nothing that isn't being done in Australia, England, the US, France, Japan. Best not to give them too much credit or over-estimate their capacities. They are merely middling managers put into power by men in even higher places.

If we look up, way, way up in the sky on a cloudless night in virtually any half-assed gathering of humanity, and ask ourselves what we see riding herd over top of it all, what do we see there?

Ever wonder who really owns and runs those towering four-sided monoliths? The ones with the serpentine or lionic logos. They don't announce themselves as being royal or imperial for nothing.

Well, it's these same fine fellows who are funding little stevie's great adventure. It will also be they who hand the reins of power to Justin when the time is right to shift to the left; for he knows them all well and also what has to be done to get their nod of approval. Besides, his father did them a good turn worth trillion$; so they sort of owe the trust a favour.

Anyway, they don't much care who wins this or that election, because they hold the paper on everyone of any consequence. No one should be under any illusion that the police/spying was to keep us safe from the latest CIA cut-out, ISIS.

Moreover, the corporate media is just a ledger mark in their global portfolio. Chalk full of spooks, masonic plants and wanna-be bourgeois grifters who know to do exactly what they are told.

As well, the elite civil service are profiled, vetted and well-placed to act on their masters behalf, not ours.

As the wise ole' Lord Acton admitted:

"The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the people versus the banks."

The power lies in the hands of those who have seized the authority to print currency out of thin air, and then to charge people compounding interest for the privilege of borrowing it from them. The rest is haggling over who gets to go next at the latest carnival attraction on any given Sunday.

Not until this relation is radically changed will we ever have a chance of being free in our own sovereign country.


Anonymous said...

Its ridiculous to suggest we start to support a whole new political party. Does the writer not get how much work it is to gain supporters? How many years? You will just be pissing in the wind with this idea.
The best party to support this election is the NDP. They have been raising issues, it's just that no one wants to listen. Media is the friend of Cons and Libs.

Grant G said...

Hello Anon 10:23 am...

Excuse me, starting a new party is difficult, BC`s Green Party vote has allowed the BC Liberals to remain in power..

Should the Green Party go away?

Do you have the right to tell anyone to not create a new political party?..

The posting, this article doesn`t endorse any party, merely pointing it out.

Anon, by advocating against those wanting something different, wanting change for the better are you not trouncing on Democracy?

The odds are very narrow that the L.A.W. Party takes hold..

So many good people make stupid mistakes..

David Suzuki and Tzeporah Berman can take credit for electing the BC Liberals...

Those environmental gurus came out swinging against the BC NDP over a carbon tax, a useless carbon tax that benefits corporations(money collected from BC`s carbon tax goes to corporate tax cuts)

BC`s carbon tax hasn`t taken any GHG`s out of our atmosphere..


The day will squeal and holler over new political parties, the day we try to silence those voices who want to make difference...

When that days comes...

We better learn to start goosestepping.

Good Day

Merv Ritchie said...

Thank you for posting this introduction to the newly registered Political Party in BC.

Of great concern is "just another political party" and "more splitting the vote".

We discussed this at our committee meeting yesterday. The reality is no one really knows what the major "mainstream" political parties stand for; other than standing against each other.

We will be clear on what we stand for, the preservation of the necessities for survival of life. Even the Green Party of BC publically supports the crazy concept of Newspaper publisher David Black building a refinery in Kitimat. A most ridiculous concept, furthering environmental devastation in a presently pristine region (other than the Rio Tinto Smelter of course).

Further to that, our objective is to remove the control of the dictatorial running of our democracies as we see today.

To that end, as stated in the writing Grant has included, all members will vote as they see fit on every issue. And in addition we will argue for a secret ballot in all legislative assemblies; from the City Councils and regional Districts, to the Legislature.

The argument against this (and I have personally interviewed many Party leaders, MLA's and MP's)is how people want to see how their representative voted to determine if they will vote for them again. The fact is we all know how they will vote now, as they are told. We wish people to vote for the man or woman who will represent them, not the charismatic Party "leader".

So we will not be like "any other" political party, you will not be voting for a "leader" as there will not be one. And as for more parties; the very best governments in Canada have been minority governments. It is how Canadians got their Heathcare system.

Many platform issues are being developed. Watch for our soon to be released official announcement set for Aboriginal days.

Thanks for your support and wishes.

Merv Ritchie

Jon Ghun said...

How Canada Was Stolen By International Bankers And The Suit To Get It Back

By John Lounsbury of Global Economic Intersection
Friday, May 15, 2015 4:53 AM EDT

Forty years ago an international cartel successfully conspired to assume sovereign control of Canada. With reorganization of the government during the Great Recession of the 1930s Canada had operated for the following 40 years a under total independent sovereignty, more so than any other capitalistic democracy. But that all ended in 1974. How that happened and what is currently underway to restore Canadian sovereignty is the subject we explore in what follows.


The story has as its focus the Bank of Canada, Canada's central bank, chartered originally as a privately owned corporation in 1934. In 1938 it was designated a federal Crown corporation, whose shares are owned by the Government of Canada, and executively administered by the Crown in Right of Canada through the Governor of the Bank of Canada.[3] The Minister of Finance holds the entire share capital issued by the bank. (The preceding 3 sentences are paraphrased from Wikipedia.) So, chartered as a private banking institution in 1934, the Bank of Canada was transformed to a public bank in 1938.

From 1938 to 1974 Canada operated with a public bank handling all the finances of the federal government in Ottowa, including interest free loans to fund all government activities. In 1974 the Bank of Canada stopped the practice of issuing interest free loans to the federal government. A prominent constitutional lawyer in Canada, Rocco Galati, contends that the continuation of interest free loans to the government is required by the public bank charter of the Bank of Canada and has filed a suit to re-establish interest free government loans.

Galati says that the reason for the bank policy change in 1974: It was a concession to the international banking community in the form of the Bank of International Settlements (BIS). Since that time, Galati says, the sovereignty of Canada has been compromised - the BIS determines facets of Canadian monetary policy and private banks diminish the function of the federal government. This is because interest is paid by the government to private banks that could otherwise be used for government expenditure on infrastructure and social well being of the citizens, or could alternatively result in lower taxes.