Wednesday, January 22, 2014

David Hughes Debunks British Columbia`s LNG Export Numbers(On Radio)

Golden unicorns and shiny ponies, Christy clucking Clark and Rich habitual liar Coleman, snake oil salesmen, fraud artists, election fraud sold to a dumb electorate by a corrupt media...

I have little to say right now, however, the man in demand around the world for his expertise has plenty to say on LNG and BC`s fake-out Ponzi scheme....

He was a radio guest with Simi Sara today on cknw, the segment took place January 22nd/2014 the time...1:00pm to 1:30 pm..

I present you.....David Hughes


The NEB appears to have violated its mandate to ensure Canadian energy security by approving seven LNG export applications, which add up to more than the current gas production of all of Canada, and far exceed even its most optimistic projections of BC gas production. To put this in perspective, the US, which produces five times as much gas as Canada, has approved only four export projects with a total capacity of less than half that of the NEB approvals.

The public would be well advised to demand more from their government than an improbable LNG fix to address crucial long term energy security, environmental, and fiscal problems.

Arm-waving assertions by BC politicians of more than 950 tcf[13] of recoverable resources are misleading, as they convey none of the geological and economic uncertainties in these estimates, nor the scale of the environmental and technical challenges in attempting to recover them. Natural gas is a finite, non-renewable resource; however it will continue to be an important energy input to BC and Canada for the foreseeable future. Liquidating BC’s gas resources as quickly as possible is not a sustainable energy plan. Long term energy sustainability must of necessity involve a reduction in our reliance on non-renewable resources and a vision of how to get there.   

David Hughes is a geologist and veteran of three decades with the Geological Survey of Canada. He is president of Global Sustainability Research and a Fellow of the Post Carbon Institute


Cue up the audio vault..January 22nd, 1:00 pm...And listen to the hiss of air coming out of Christy Clark`s silicone balloons..

And even more bad news...

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open



Just for the Record said...

Are you opposed to fracking? Then you might just be a terrorist
From North America to Europe, the 'national security' apparatus is being bought off by Big Oil to rout peaceful activism.

This is where fascism leads.

Hugh said...

And we here in BC might want to someday use our own natural gas.

Anonymous said...

Grant, not really where this should go, but ...

IMO, all these corporations do this. Pay a fine which doesn't nearly cost anywhere near any clean up, and besides the damage is done.

Companies attitudes, it's only money. Keep digging.

And then this, what is it they don't want exposed?

#CBC website blocked in #China after story about offshore accounts:

by CBC News Alerts via twitter on Wednesday, January 22, 2014 at 4:49:54 PM

Grant G said...

That comment does belong here, corporations lies, BC Liberals and Governments lie.

Chinese thieves and greedy lying corporations..

They never clean up their mess, that`s why Enbridge`s northern gateway pipeline is dead, ground zero, any Government that attempts to push that through will find itself in the crosshairs of...


John's Aghast said...

And what does the MSM have to say about this?
Just a minute whilst I check under the bird cage.

Jon Ghun said...

Gave that David Hughes interview on 'NW a listen. (Still respect Simi Sara for what it's worth)

Sure enough, he confirms exactly what you've been writing for quite a while already--namely, that the clarke government is way too high on hopium when it comes to projecting their lng numbers. They're off on drilling wells, pipeline development, plant building, and the all-important corporate capital investment.

The problem is that, when reality finally descends on these feckless bandits destroying the province, they'll be long gone up the sea-to-sky highway while the government-of-the-day's budget is going to have be reconciled with a massive outstanding debt that cannot be paid down with a whole lot of nothing but broken dreams.

Now let's see if someone like Mr.Horgen can get some traction in the corporate-controlled media by trotting out Mr. Hughes' numbers to confront the government's propaganda (that is, when/if they ever dare to reconvene the legislature again).

Keep up the good work. We're going to get this province back and set it right one day.

Half-glass-full, cheers.

Anonymous said...

Is this the reason Alex G Tsakumis has gone to ground.

Grant G said...

I couldn`t care less why Alex Tsakumis went to ground.

He`s a rude crude bullshitting mirage, please no more on AGT.

Maybe someone else will pick up the slack and do free-for-all-weekend posts!

Anonymous said...

Have to agree with you on AGT.He is nothing but a wind bag with no real scoops.Isn't everyone waiting for his big scoops that will bring down the government as soon as he can fight off the threats and talk to his lawyers because he and his family are in danger.What a blowhard POShzurink

Grant G said...

Laila yuile is a bright charming woman, I may not agree with all her posts or opinions, but there is no call for Alex Tsakumis`s bile name calling..

AGT is toxic sludge..

He time and time again promises the moon and delivers nothing.

A Stephen Harper, Dianne Watts bootlicking partisan.

He has no credibility, none, zippo, zilch...

And now that Van Dongen isn`t leaking him information and the Basi/Virk document dump has run dry..

Stale sludge slinging slob.


In a related matter said...

Gitga’at First Nation challenges Enbridge panel ruling in court

Posted January 23, 2014 by Canadian Press in Energy and Resources

VANCOUVER – The Gitga’at First Nation in British Columbia has filed a court challenge to the federal review panel recommendation in favour of the Northern Gateway pipeline, bringing to 10 the number of applications filed in Vancouver against the project.

In another related matter said...

NEB shuts down Kinder Morgan pipeline hearing website for “maintenance”

Posted January 24, 2014 by Canadian Press in Energy and Resources

VANCOUVER – An oil pipeline critic and New Democratic MP from British Columbia says plans by the National Energy Board to perform maintenance on its website this weekend are “ridiculous.”

Burnaby-Douglas MP Kennedy Stewart recently said his community office would hold Saturday computer labs to show people how they could apply online to participate in upcoming hearings on the proposed Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion.

The $5.4-billion Trans Mountain pipeline from Edmonton to B.C.’s coast could result in a seven-fold increase in tanker traffic in the waters that surround Vancouver.

But the National Energy Board says on its website that users could experience service interruptions, starting at 6 p.m. this evening and running until 6 a.m. Monday.

Stewart says the public application process was launched last week and is only open for 28 days.

He says the energy board has not made print copies or printable files of the application available so there is no choice but to apply online. Days Stewart:

With only 20 days yet to go, ‘network maintenance’ that takes the better part of three days is unacceptable and presents yet another challenge for people who want to have their voice heard during the hearing process. Even seeing that notice will discourage people from attempting to apply.

Elwood said...

Grant, you have made some succinct statements here and David Hughes gave an absolutely great interview.

So what's the point? The BC LIEberals don't care and even the BC NDP opposition doesn't care.

And the BC MSM stooges all follow BC LIEberal press releases.

Again. What's the point. Obviously nobody cares any more.

I see that Andrew Weaver was again interviewed tonight by Glowball News.... but no one else. I support Andrew, but I am severely disappointed by the BC NDP opposition. A complete joke.

Grant, all of us in BC are now hooped. It's game over for us who know what is just right. Very sad but I just had to say it.

Anonymous said...

Grant G said...

Elwood, my internet friend..

Don`t be so pessimistic..

There are 10 lawsuits launched against the NEB`s ruling on Enbridge and Harper hasn`t even approved it yet..

And more, there was a Federal poll out 2 days ago and Harper is in 3rd place, miles behind Justin Trudeau..

Federal Conservatives are dne come the next Fed election and both Justin Trudeau and Thomas Mulcair are against Enbridge`s proposal..

That project is dead..

As for LNG, there might be 1 LNG project coming to fruition, there won`t be 3, or 5, or 10..

As for the opposition, forget the NDP, we are the opposition, ..

Stock market is tanking this year, world falling back into the dumper and monies will be tight..

And besides, it`s a beautiful day to be alive, here we are on the verge of a people`s revolution.

Elwood...One more thing, don`t be mad at Christy Clark...

Do what everyone else is doing..

Laugh at her

Good Day

kootcoot said...

"The $5.4-billion Trans Mountain pipeline from Edmonton to B.C.’s coast could result in a seven-fold increase in tanker traffic in the waters that surround Vancouver."

As I've mentioned before, too bad, so sad. But Vancouver and environs are already an overpriced black hole of greed and grime, so a black Burrard Inlet or English Bay is okay by me.

But as to the north coast, fuck that, if they try I won't be the only one in the way with bells on and ammo if necessary. Over at the Mound's place (I think) someone (maybe the Mound hisself) pointed out how much harder it would be to defend pipelines in the forest than on the deserts of the Mid-East, and when you think about it a lot of oil infrastructure has been blown up and otherwise destroyed even there.

Hugh said...

"In other words, by replacing its own coal-fired power plants with B.C.'s cleaner-burning natural gas, China could achieve our emission-reduction targets for us." Whatever.

Except coal exports from BC are supposedly going to increase.

Grant G said...

I`m disappointed with you Hugh..

Michael Smyth is the lamest, poorest writing scab in the MSM..

Please, in the future don`t dirty my website with any Michael Smyth.

He can`t write, doesn`t research, no original thoughts..

I can`t understand how he even has a paying job, lazy, inept mail in his articles slug..

A 10 year old child could write better and put more thought into an article than Michael Smyth.


kootcoot said...

"Michael Smyth is the lamest, poorest writing scab in the MSM"

I don't know Grant, that is an awfully competitive field in BeeCee. I don't know if Smyth would even get into the inverted podium if they had a Journalistic Olympics of Crap as there are so many piles of crap with keyboards posing as journalists in our poor screwed over province.

Nick Cunningham said...

"Market Disruptor: Nuclear Restarts Spells Trouble for LNG"

'There are two major factors that have emerged in the last five years that have sparked a surge in LNG investments. First is the shale gas “revolution” in the United States, which allowed the U.S. to vault to the top spot in the world for natural gas production. This caused prices to crater to below $2 per million Btu (MMBTu) in 2012, down from their 2008 highs above $10/MMBtu. Natural gas became significantly cheaper in the U.S. than nearly everywhere else in the world. The second major event that opened the floodgates for investment in new LNG capacity is the Fukushima nuclear crisis in Japan. Already the largest importer of LNG in the world before the triple meltdown in March 2011, Japan had to ratchet up LNG imports to make up for the power shortfall when it shut nearly all of its 49 gigawatts of nuclear capacity. In 2012, Japan accounted for 37% of total global LNG demand. The future of LNG may indeed be bright, especially when considering that global energy demand has nowhere to go but up. But, investors should be aware of the very large threat that Japanese nuclear reactors present to upstart LNG projects.'

Just for the Record said...

On February 9, the City of Tokyo will hold an election for its Governorship. The race is being contested by Morihiro Hosokawa and Masazoe Yoichi, amongst 14 other candidates.

Hosokawa, who is a former Prime Minster, is stridently calling for the complete and immediate denuclearization of Japan; and he is being strongly supported in this position by the very popular ex-Prime Minister of Japan, Junichiro Koizumi.

Masazoe, who is an ex-Health Minister, is advocating a more modest easing away from nuclear power over many years; and he has gained the support of the ruling national-government party, the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) which continues to support the use and development of nuclear power.

Even though the City of Tokyo itself does not host any of Japan's 50 presently -idle nuclear reactors, the city government of Tokyo is a major share-holder in TEPCO (The Tokyo Electric Power Company) and it could use this ownership as leverage to control or even force TEPCO into receivership.

For the record, TEPCO is the entity responsible for dealing with the on-going Fukushima Nuclear Reactor Crisis which gets worse here everyday.

The election will mark a major turning point in Tokyo and Japan's history. If Hosokawa wins, LNG demand stays high and so do prices. If masazoe wins, Nuclear power goes back on-line and LNG demand falls.


Anonymous said...

Christy and Co. you are so full of it. A little late isn't it? Not that there was any truth to your "plans". All BS again.

Trying to shift the focus away from Enbridge I'd say, but it's not going to work. We're watching it all, do you hear us? See us?

Worst frickin governments is this one and the last 12 years with the lieberal, Gordo cons running this province. We've become the laughing stock. But doesn't really matter to you now does it, you've feathered your own? But you know, what goes around comes around. Your kids and grandkids will be disgusted by all of you and what you did to this province and its citizens. You, Gordo, Stevie, all losers "L".