Sunday, January 19, 2014

Christy Clark, Time To Make A Leader`s Decision

What will it take before the media calls out the BC Liberal government and Christy Clark for acting like ignorant asses..

Jobs plan slogan is dead, failed propaganda, LNG won`t bring our province any money until at least 2019 if at all, endless reviews and phony public consultations on how to help the disabled, how to sell more booze, how to set speeding limits, how to expand gambling and gaming to every street corner and public gathering places..

Reviews on BC Hydro, on BC Ferries, on Translink, reviews into CLBC, now a review on why the ministry of justice is refusing to lay the obvious criminal charges against owners of the Babine mill in Burns Lake, what will it take for the media in this province to call a spade a spade, call corrupt corrupt, call a failed government what they are, an ethical and economical ongoing disaster..

It appears BC`s media will never grow balls or journalistic integrity, they, the Vancouver Sun, Global BC and cknw issue free pass after free pass to our failed government...

An editorial in the Vancouver Sun this week claims that everything is looking rosy for British Columbia, they cite the USA and Europe rebounding from the 2009 Wallstreet led grand theft of the world`s cash, they cite the virtues of a low Canadian dollar spurring tourism, spurring exports from BC, they cite LNG potential ..

That editorial garbage cites the same economists who have been wrong on everything, including how they were used to forecast the $billions and $billions in economic spinoff from our 2010 Olympic fiasco, how tourism would reach new record highs following the Olympics, it never happened, the same government spin doctors told us we would become an electrical exporting super power with run of river IPP hydro projects, and what bag are we left holding, BC hydro is bankrupt, in debt by $10s of billions, skyrocketing rates for residential users and a legacy of dead fish and spoiled environments...

These BC Liberals chased away John Doyle(our previous auditor general) because he was doing his job and the evidence is out on Christy Clark`s whitewashing replacement auditor with a pre-Christmas release stating all was above board with the Basi/Virk trial ending before it started
 indemnity deal...What a lark, no one believes that bullshit except Bill Good, Keith Baldrey and Vaughn Palmer, the same stooges who defended these corrupt BC Liberals through the last decade`s crime spree...

Babine mill owner`s crimes that have been swept away because of political party donations...

It was frozen cold in Burns Lake the week of the criminal tragedy, temperatures got as low as minus 48 degrees, workers were wondering why they were still working in the extreme cold weather because in the past they always shut the mill down when it was that cold..

Workers had to use torches to heat mill machinery and equipment just to thaw it enough that it ran...Workers complained for days about a strong odor of gas, of natural compressed gas emanating throughout the plant, workers were told to shut up and work, there was also ignored written warnings well before the explosion about build ups of dry wood dust...

Kaboom....The fuel found an ignition spark and blasted the mill to bits..

And it is obvious what happened, O-rings...Let me repeat that...O-rings...Remember the Columbia shuttle blowing up...O-rings are seals, gaskets, these O-rings seals failed to do their job because of the extreme cold weather, if the plant was shut down during the cold snap this tragedy wouldn`t have happened, rubber shrinks in extreme cold, becomes brittle, in other words they don`t work, the gaskets and O-rings allowed gas to penetrate the mill and Kaboom...

And what, WCB need search warrants and need to read owners their rights before conducting an investigation...Hogwash, they do not have to do any such thing, ....This is the reason the Ministry of justice is using to deny legal action against the mill owners..Hogwash, the reason is political party donations and the continued disrespect of workers..

And who is conducting this review of the ministry of justice, John Dyble, the same clown who whitewashed the ethnicgate scandal, where is the outrage, John Dyble was a top player in Christy Clark`s premier`s office, we already know that any review from this sellout isn`t worth the paper it is written on..

Where is the media?

Since 2009....Actually since 2003 these BC Liberals have been complete failures, going into the 2009 provincial election Gordon Campbell and Colin Hansen lied about our deficit, they claimed "$495 million dollar maximum" when the real deficit was revealed shortly after the election at a whopping $3.7 billion dollars, followed by a HST tax rammed down our throat, a complete government sellout, Gordon Campbell was rewarded by Stephen Harper with an overseas federal appointment, we have been a floundering province for the last 6 years and still the media props up this failed entity, they allowed Christy Clark to wander the province blathering, lying about a jobs plan, failed!!..Christy lied about credit ratings, lied about fiscal performance, lied about ferries, hydro rates and accountability as well as a fictional $trillion dollar LNG con-job..

And after the election, wheelchair fees for seniors, the shocking BC hydro rate hikes and more job losses and the realization that BC Hydro is bankrupt, not to mention the endless crony patronage appointments...

We have no provincial government, we have failed persons and a schoolgirl running our province like a fraternity. a wink wiggle toga wearing milf premier who was tossed out of S-F-U for cheating on elections, and saying all this it`s not the government that is responsible, it`s Keith baldrey, Vaughn Palmer, cknw, Global news and a corrupt defunct media...And with that above delusional editorial in the Vancouver Sun its no wonder why no one buys those rags anymore..The Vancouver Sun, The Province, Siamese twins with boring echoed and identical copy sheets..Not an original or ethical journalistic thought between them..

This post isn`t about any of the above topics..

Christy Clark with a media assist has passed the transportation infrastructure conundrum responsibility to no one..

The Translink referendum..

Let us be clear....The subway line down Broadway to UBC is too expensive, we can`t afford that $3 billion dollar project, students can ride the bus, if more buses are needed buy more new buses, I hear no stories about students arriving hours late or not being able to get there, students attend UBC for but a few years, they can get up extra early, ride bikes or drive cars...That caddilac project is off the table....Sorry Gregor Robertson, no subway for you..

Surrey has to decide to either go elevated skytrain with bombardier and Translink or LRT, light rapid transit, Translink will never endorse or approve LRT, Translink is intrinsically connected with Bombardier and the highly over-priced elevated skytrain...If Surrey wants a big bang for limited dollars than LRT it must go, it will however have to go it alone...

A referendum on Translink must be project specific, as you know Translink was given ownership of the dilapidated Pattulo bridge, it is in need of replacement, replacement cost will be approximately $1.6 billion dollars..

Let us be clear, if the referendum on transit includes monies from the public for a pattulo bridge replacement it can`t be a toll bridge...That is double dipping, I don`t know what the ministry of transportation does anymore, however..

The public can`t be taxed for a pattulo bridge replacement with property taxes, road use charges, multiple tolls on all bridges, more gas taxes, etc etc etc and charged tolls too, that is a double dip...

Translink already is charging 17 cents per litre on gas...Translink is already on property taxes, on BC hydro, ...Property taxes are for municipal governments for roads, sewers, parks and other needed infrastructure...Gas taxes are already too high, Translink is a bloated whale in need of harpooning..

Road charges, meaning X amount of dollars per miles driven would require $millions in recording devices and another bureaucracy..

Tolling all bridges would require another bureaucracy and 10`s of $millions in cameras, mailouts and billing apparatus..

A simple fee of say....$250 dollars per car every time one renews its insurance would alleviate all those cost outlays for cameras, recording devices and the like....I`m not saying that I`m in favour of that fee just saying that would be more prudent than spending hundreds of $millions in new recording equipment and more bureaucracy...

Property taxes are a no go, there are far too many property owners who simply can`t afford to fund a service they don`t use...

That leaves us with 2 options for transit funding....These are the only real options and neither require a buck-passing referendum..

The carbon tax, remove the corporate and personal income tax cuts associated with the carbon tax and direct that money into transit, not for bridge replacements but for transit..

And if that move is too onerous for our pathetic failed and incompetent BC Liberal government than new taxes on income are the answer..  meaning tax workers, tax those with jobs.

The BC jobs plan?, tax higher earners and or tax workers to fund transit, that way a tapped out public, including the poor, including low income pensioners, including those who can`t afford anymore raping by this government won`t have to pay...

The obvious answer is to simply direct the carbon tax for transit improvements, that will of course require the government to rollback those tax cuts associated with our phony carbon tax...

Make a decision Christy Clark, that`s what you were elected to do, stop waffling, stop stalling, stop playing reindeer games and get off your fat ass and do something, anything, stop smiling and winking and do something!

And besides, Christy Clark and these corrupt BC Liberals have decided carbon and greenhouse gases are our friends...As are those $trillion dollar LNG unicorns, redirect the carbon tax revenue to transit or kill it!

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open



Anonymous said...

Scratch a journalist and beneath the thin veneer of false professionalism you will find some of the most selfish unethical people on the planet. Times Colonist, CheckNews, A-Channel, CTV, BCTV, The Province, The Vancouver Sun, The Georgia Straight and The Tyee are some of the worst, hope this helps.....

Jon Ghun said...

Another hard-hitting piece.

Thanks for being (t)here.

I could chime in but you've laid things out well.

The only thing I would add is that, if the government doesn't start getting things under control soon, at some point in the not too distant future, BC is going to face a terrible debt crisis; and then things are going to go really bad. We're living on borrowed time and money. When the housing equity bubble bursts, balance sheets are going to blow up and blood is going to run in the streets.

Of course you saw this:

"Premier's Jobs Task Force Files Limp Report, Dies.
After Burying Progress Board, Plug pulled on Jobs and Investment Board after it finds little to cheer about."
By Bob Mackin, 16 Jan 2014,


And this:

B.C. groups ask court to block approval of Northern Gateway pipeline

Environmental groups and First Nations argue review panel made decision on insufficient evidence


Keep up the good work.


Just for the Record said...

"Democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts and murders itself. There was never a democracy that did not commit suicide." -- John Adams

bcwaterboy said...

Isn't it so tragically ironic that Ms photo op won an election on her jobs plan but yet hardly a peep on the news about how bad an investment the ads were. Perhaps maybe calling them election ads is in order.

Anonymous said...

Strangely? Christy Clark's governing is much the same as Harper's. Both of them prorogued Parliament and Legislature, pretty much at the same time. Christy has yet to call Legislature, since her so called election win. I say Christy is only Harper's mouthpiece.

I also smell another rat. Why did Harper take a plane load of people with him to Israel?

There is another meeting of the 3 Amigo's coming up.

I am remembering what, our BC Mary said, bless her soul. Canada and Mexico, will be the largest states in the U.S.

robert smith said...

Isn't MSM really just all about the money. Political advertising weighs in the most which is why MSM never lets a day go by without speculating on the next one. Obviously trying to get the publics attention is more proving your worth, even if its just spec or got ya. Always leaning toward the governments point of view is another good indicator of who signs the paycheck.
A 14 year old told me today commenting online is a waste of time. It depends on the blog but mostly comments that mocks, rants and insults take up more time than I care to waste. Many MSM have shut down the comment section because of the facts posted fragged the spiel, obviously a waste to comment. This blog expresses opinions only occasionally and slightly tainted by personal preference, but accepts the facts. The name The Straight Goods is come by honestly.

The problems this country has wont be solved by the next election. We've had decades of elections and the only consistent change is for the worst making political rants so 80's.
The message of voting isn't getting through to government, they just starting to hear none of the above as voter turnout keeps dropping fairly consistently.
The problem starts at the federal level, they have care and control of most aspects of our lives.
Over the last few decades the government increasingly displays they don't care they have lost control.

Anonymous said...

Hey Christie and Co. anyone listening? Stupid, you're really stupid.

NEB, really? Your own mandate?

“The NEB appears to have violated its mandate to ensure Canadian energy security by approving seven LNG export applications, ..."

Ah, Stevie and Co still at it.

Anonymous said...

And there's Kinder Morgan and the NEB:

“I feel the NEB is pulling a fast one,” he told The Vancouver Sun in an email on Thursday. “This is starting to feel like a deliberate attempt to shut out local communities from the process. We have more notice and registration opportunities when discussing adding speed bumps to residential streets!”

NEB spokeswoman Sarah Kiley said the board always values public comments, but must speed up the hearing process

due to legislative reforms by the Harper government.

Last sentence speaks for itself!

Stevie and CO, you're out of control.

GW Andrew said...

The system is doomed to fail, because the resilience of natural complex systems requires freedom of action for its individual components. We do not observe resilient complex systems with central control. Yet central control is the dominant ideology of our present political and economic systems. Total control, with a vanishingly thin veneer of democracy, ephemeral as the morning dew

Anonymous said...

does anyone else feel we are working for a corporation (the government), instead of being the employers? we have had the same "management" (government)stagnating,while the public accepts as though we have no way of changing the situation,"that's just the way it is" attitude. even if there is no way to get rid of these self indulgent children we do have a way to have a good government...the only way, no matter who is in power, to have a good government needs a good opposition. so no matter the party they all have to take the blame for our frightening future, both federally and provincially. has everyone really just given up?