Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Destroying National Services. Canada Post And The Grand Plan.

Fascism and Contemporary Canada.  Locating The Present Conservative Government Led By Stephen Harper. 

Part XI     

Destroying National Services. Canada Post And The Grand Plan.


To begin, as the Canada Post union has pointed out, Canada Post has seriously misrepresented its present financial condition to suggest it is in much worse shape than it is ... in order to spark violent changes in operation. For the first time – in addition – Canada Post tried to levy a special $5.00 surcharge … on all parcels going to Fort McMurray, Alberta. Canada Post pulled back on angry reaction to the levy.


The pull-back may have been planned from the start - both the surcharge and pull-back planned as public relations “theatre” to mask other draconian changes, to divert attention from them, and to give the impression that Canadians are listened to in matters of public policy.


Canada Post has announced the elimination of all door-to-door mail deliveries in Canada– using dubious delivery numbers, according to the union.  And it is raising stamp prices … absurdly. In addition it has announced a program of major labour cuts.


Canadians may be sure that Canada Post has done those things under the direction of the Stephen Harper cabinet or in collusion with the cabinet. In fact, the CUPW (postal workers’ union) website states “it was all hatched in the backrooms of Conservative government offices”. [Go to the CUPW website for information you won’t get from the mainstream press and media.]


The Conservative forces in Canada use falsehood, organized fraud, distortion of fact and truth, and Dirty Power Tactics as matter-of-fact instruments of policy.  They plan complicated operations to practice fraud upon the Canadian people.


Chief crystal-ball-gazer declaring Canada Post will lose One Billion Dollars annually until 2020 is the Conference Board of Canada, which also said Canada Post would lose $250 million in 2012.  Instead it made $98 million in that year. (FOOTNOTE: the president of Canada Post sits on the Board of Directors of The Conference Board of Canada which is, to put it modestly, an ardent supporter of neo-liberal, private corporate rule.)


The great historical policy of the Canadian Postal System has been equality of cost and of service.  A letter across town or from Victoria to St. Johns, Newfoundland cost one price.  Timely delivery was assured everywhere in Canada.  Parcel Post cost was governed carefully by distance. Why was Fort McMurray - now getting very bad service – targetted with the insult of a $5.00 surcharge on every parcel sent there? There is every reason why Fort McMurray – concentrating high wages and growing population – should have crackerjack mail efficiency and an active, effective body of postal employees.


One may – without being outrageous or extreme – suggest the bad service is an intentional policy to make Fort McMurray residents angry with the Crown Corporation. One may suggest further that the proposed parcel surcharge, the raise in stamp prices, and the ending of home mail delivery are measures taken to force average Canadians to push for privatized mail service ... or to acquiesce when a Far Right organization like The Fraser Institute (or The Conference Board of Canada) suggests privatization. Fifteen years ago such a suggestion would have been lunatic. Times have changed….


The present minister in charge of Canada Post is Lisa Raitt who has demonstrated animosity to unions and to fair labour practices. Using Dirty Power Tactics as then minister of labour she attacked fair labour practices in strikes by Air Canada and Canada Post workers, giving patently stupid reasons for destroying fair collective bargaining.


Canadians need to register clearly in their minds that the present Conservative government and the Conservative Party of Canada led by Stephen Harper are not above planning a fake parcel surcharge they can retreat from to make a pretense they respond to public concern.


 The Conservative forces in Canada use falsehood, organized fraud, distortion of fact and the truth, and Dirty Power Tactics as matter-of-fact instruments of policy. They plan complicated operations to practice fraud on the Canadian people.


They have, for instance, denied all accusations of Election Fraud in national electoral matters.  But the Conservative Party of Canada has been found guilty of violation in two major cases … and is still being investigated regarding a third - about which the people of Canada have already rendered a judgement of guilty for massive cross-country election fraud.


Mark the point carefully: The Conservative Party of Canada has repeatedly organized frauds on the Canadian people in attempts to violate fair elections and fair electoral practice.


Stephen Harper, himself, is involved, visibly, in falsehood and misrepresentation. He supported the violations in electoral robocalling in Saskatchewan in January 2013. He accepted Nigel Wright’s (Senate Spending Scandal) resignation – which he called a resignation from the PMO, “with great regret”. Then, embarrassed by the Opposition, with facts, Harper declared he had fired Wright. One of the statements by Stephen Harper is a falsehood. Without question.


But all was well in the Prime Minister’s Office because the only person who knew anything about the $90,000.00 payment made to ‘control’ Senator Mike Duffy was Nigel Wright himself … according to Stephen Harper.  But days later, Harper was forced, by facts, to admit in Parliament that other people in the PMO knew about the payment, not only Nigel Wright. One of Stephen Harper’s statements on that matter is a falsehood.  Without question.


… and so it goes with Stephen Harper and with The Conservative Party of Canada … lies used whenever possible, and even – as is plainly evident – when not at all possible.


The avalanche of falsehoods, distortions, and misrepresentations that come from Stephen Harper and The Conservative Party of Canada are a part of a program to destroy the democratic electoral system in Canada and to reconstruct power in the country. The reconstruction is intended to place private corporate power in the actual position of government – resulting in a structure which is commonly described as “fascist”.


The Senate Spending Scandal reveals some of the solidarity of the players in that reconstruction. Canadians have looked on wonderingly as the Bay Street Boy Scout Nigel Wright has submitted himself to attacks, vacillations, and  false reports made about him by Stephen Harper.


Why has Wright been so silent?  Promises for the future? Hidden pay-offs? Possibly, since Wright’s severance agreement (for instance) has never been made public. But perhaps we are dealing with something very, very different.  We may be dealing with what I choose to call “fascist loyalty” – a group determination to destroy Canadian democracy and replace it with corporate rule bludgeoned into place by lies, the destruction of national institutions, the erasure of citizen and environmental protections, and an endless attack on free and fair elections. Nigel Wright may simply be staying out of sight and remaining faithful to the vision.


Painted frequently as a person of faultless honour and integrity, of selfless benefaction and public charity, Wright may appear somewhat different to careful examiners.


Canadians are hardly aware that (longtime acquaintances) Stephen Harper and Nigel Wright share biographies revealing a worship of Margaret Thatcher and her programs to destroy community solidarity, community sharing, and communal social responsibility. Margaret Thatcher famously rejected the very idea of community, saying there is no such thing. Wright was, apparently, giddily attracted to her in his youth.


Canadians are hardly aware, as well, that Nigel Wright is an early and long-time backer of Stephen Harper to become and remain leader of the Conservative Party.


Nigel Wright is one of the founders, moreover, of what may be called the present Conservative Party of Canada.  He “helped found [in 2003] and fundraised for the Conservative Fund of Canada, alongside Sen. Irving Gursten, the chief fundraiser, for years.” [Tonda MacCharles, The, Jan 13, 2014].  He was seven years on the Board of the Fund with Senator Irving Gurstein. 


What Canadians may forget is that Senator Gurstein was charged in the 2006 Conservative Party of Canada election fraud, called the in-and-out Scandal, involving the lawless disguising and relocation of a huge sum of money through 67 Conservative constituencies.  Charges were later dropped against Gurstein when a plea bargain was reached and The Conservative Party of Canada admitted guilt.  Linda McQuaig reports that “Wright is named in court documents” of the in-and-out Scandal.


Very plainly, Nigel Wright didn’t arrive, brushing stardust from his glistering angel feathers, to the top position in the Prime Minister’s Office.  He had “been around” Conservative ways of dealing (and helped create some of them) for a long time, and was close to one of the most dubious men in the Party: Senator Irving Gurstein who most recently, as Chair of a Senate Committee, ruled “out of order” a motion concerning his own activities.


The picture is clear.  The Canadian postal service - for the Conservative Party of Canada and the Conservative government - is not a public service devoted to fairness, service, and equality of treatment.  It is nothing more nor less than an enterprise through which private corporate actors can exploit workers and abuse Canadians on the way to creating a gigantic profit-making enterprise for a very few.


As with the destruction of (Crown Corporation) BC Rail in British Columbia the pattern of destruction of Canada Post is becoming clear. [Remember when BC Rail destroyer, premier Gordon Campbell had to leave the premiership and had an approval rating of about 9%, Stephen Harper stepped in, whisked him out of B.C., and appointed him to the position of Canadian High Commissioner in London. Friends.]


The process of BC Rail destruction undertaken when Gordon Campbell was premier and Christy Clark was deputy premier of British Columbia slowly became clear during the later four-year long BC Rail Scandal pre-trial and trial. A program of destruction had been undertaken. (1) BC Rail profitability was falsified and/or misrepresented. (2) BC Rail was made unpopular by cutting attractive services. (3) Profitable operations were carefully extinguished or sold off. (4) Consistent propaganda reported BC Rail a steadily failing operation.  (5) Corporate forces and cabinet power united to work openly and covertly for its destruction.


Few in Canada – even in British Columbia – know that one of the early advocates of BC Rail-wrecking was Paul Tellier, head of CNR, who privatized it, and saw its headquarters move, in fact, to Texas from which it has (miraculously!!) become a very profitable railway.


Doubtless a privatized Canada Post would soon prove highly profitable to its corporate owners - as postal workers would become pauperized and postal services would become a luxury except for those in Canada willing or forced to pay extravagantly for a “public service”.


Already Canada Post has presented highly dubious financial accounting.  Already it has offended Canadians across the country by attempting a unilateral surcharge on parcels sent to Fort McMurray – on top of mounting an inadequate postal service in that city. Already it has threatened the employees of Canada Post by announcing a huge cut to employment.

Already it has announced the end of door-to-door mail delivery and an outrageous rise in mailing costs ….


I believe the whole “Canada Post Crisis” is a fake construction created by the Conservative cabinet and the executive officers of Canada Post with the deliberate intention of destroying a unifying, historical, communitarian institution owned and operated by Canadians. What will Canadians do to save Canada Post?


Some serious commentators in Canada say Canadians are on the way to losing their democratic political structures because they don’t care and won’t act to preserve them. A better explanation may be that Canadians simply can’t believe the vengeful, brutal, corrosive, full-scale acts of dishonesty and criminality being practiced by the Conservative Government and The Conservative Party of Canada. It may be that Canadians simply can’t get their minds around an organization working to pervert every excellent and humane process and institution won for Canada and Canadians over the last two hundred years. Canadians need to wake up … and to act. Now.


That may be difficult (though all the more necessary) since no federal Opposition Party will, so far, face the truth of the new fascism in Canada. All – all of them go on pretending they are facing a “normal” ruling government and Party operating in a “normal” democracy and in an unchanged, democratic House of Commons. If the Opposition parties won’t wake up, Canadians will have to by-pass them with strong public action to remove what they will more and more see as a band of criminals presently in power.

Written by Robin Mathews

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Bit by bit, brick by brick Stephen Harper destroys Canada and hands control to corporations, .......Canada is now the poster child for a Corpo-Fascist Society......We must stand up and fight now, children of the future are depending on us, can`t you hear their cries?.......Grant G

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Destroying Canada, period.

It came out yesterday that reports submitted by the Harper government to the United Nations show that Canada won't be cutting our greenhouse gas emissions anytime soon. Instead the government admits our emissions will soar by 38% by 2030 mainly due to tar sands exploitation.

Where's the outrage? I have gone to the web sites of CBC, CTV, Torstar, G&M, NatPo, and four or five other papers coast to coast and not a word of this. There is a CP story about Athabasca making the rounds to the effect of how the oilsands can help other provinces if only they'll help ramp up production, code for accommodating pipelines to get dilbit to "tidewater."

There's plenty of reporting on Nordstrom's taking over Sears property in Eaton Centre, some Calgary guy killed fighting for al Qaeda, some Danish tourist gang-raped at knifepoint in New Delhi, all that sort of thing but nary a word on our federal government's dodgy emissions reports.

Did I say "dodgy"? Why, yes, I did. That's because, outrageous as they are, the U.N. is pretty sure that Harper has cooked the books.

In a new report to the United Nations, the Harper administration says it expects emissions of 815million tonnes of CO2 in 2030, up from 590Mt in 1990. Emissions from the fast-growing tar sands sector is projected to quadruple between 2005 and 2030, reaching 137Mt a year, more than Belgium and many other countries, the report shows.

Worse, Canada is likely under-reporting its emissions. An investigation in 2013 found that Canada's reported emissions from its natural gas sector, the world's third largest, could be missing as much as 212Mt in 2011 alone.

"Canada appears to have vastly underestimated fugitive emissions (leaks) from gas exploration," possibly because of "inadequate accounting methodology " according to the Climate Action Tracker analysis done by Germany's Climate Analytics, the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and Dutch-based energy institute Ecofys.

Bill McKibben, founder of the grassroots climate campaigning organisation, told the Guardian: "Who'd have imagined that digging up the tar sands would somehow add carbon to the atmosphere? That Canada watched the Arctic melt and then responded like this will be remembered by history."
Thanks to the disaffected lib

Anonymous said...

We are living in very evil times in Canada. Once a dictator such as Harper gains control? As we were warned, we can kiss Canada good-bye.

We have been watching Canada unravel especially when the Gordon Campbell and Harper worked together to destroy BC. Campbell thieved and sold everything out of BC, he got his dirty hands on. BC is key for Harper to control.

The get together of the 3 Amigo's is likely for their plots, for the NAU.

Big business pushing for NAU.
May 19/2011

This has been on the books, for a very long time. BC Mary wrote about this long ago. Bless her dear soul.

Jon Ghun said...

Absolutely correct, Mr. Mathews. They're scheming to grab our national postal service. But's that's not even a small part of what they're really after.

They want it all in the end and don't believe in democracy for the rest of us.

We're staring down the wrong end of the empire and they are most certainly fascist.

We're being made to march down the road to serfdom in order to return us to feudalism.

For this purpose, the dominion of Canada is being retaken and folded into their global order.

Harper's their northern executive of the moment; but there's no shortage of people willing to do the dirty for their 30 pieces of silver all up and down the line.

They front as neo-conservatives but they're really an organized collective of masons, evangelicals, zionists, satanists, materialists (ie.bankers and corporatists), and assorted psychopathic militarists and hardened criminals.

They believe in the law of the jungle, and that might makes right in the end. They're a society of dead souls, who think they're smarter and better than the rest of us. And their ultimate goal is total dominance by the one, big bank, behind which stands the Rothchilds (with Jacob on top).

The following two pieces explain things a little more fully than I can here:



"The Oligarchy, The One Bank, And Global Corporate Control


Be well, good people.

Media Mentions said...

Looks like there's more meat in the Canada mess pie: All things considered, to me this just points to the general inefficiencies of centralized corporations.

Anonymous said...

It's not just happening in Canada.

"Europe Is Now Run By Big Banks, Big Business, And Big Bureaucrats"

With Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras settling into his role as EU President, UKIP's Nigel Farage stunned the "Goldman Sachs puppet" with a 150-second tirade of truthiness he has likely never experienced. Farage sarcastically remarks how Greeks "will be dancing in the streets" at Samaras' 'successful' negotiation on MiFiD reminding him that "60% of youth are unemployed and the neo-nazi party are on the march."

Europe is now run by "big business, big banks, and big bureaucrats."

Farage goes on, suggesting the smarmy-looking Samaras should "rename his party from New Democracy to No Democracy." People do not want a United State of Europe, the outspoken UKIP leader explains, they want a "Europe of sovereign states," and concludes ominously, "the European elections will be a watershed.

On behalf of Agent K said...

Canada Post: Putting the lies on the table

Canada Post has come up with some very dramatic lies that need to be addressed because it effects our civil liberty. When a corporation that big is allowed to tell that many lies and get away with it, we all suffer and the press is no longer free. Canada Post has just made three outrageous statements. The first of which is the announcement that they are going to do away with door to door delivery of mail. That's like a restaurant saying they are going to no longer serve food but they still want your money. It's bad business. It reduces business revenue.

The second is the absolutely absurd claim that their "think tank" claims they are going to start losing money at such an unprecedented rate that they forecast $1 billion in annual losses by 2020 unless changes are made. That is an insane lie and any media outlet that reports that false claim as true should have their press credentials revoked. If nothing else the public should stop buying their newspapers period.

The third outrageous scare tactic is to raise the price of stamps to a dollar right before Christmas. That is an act of business terrorism. It's as though they want to kill mail volumes completely. Which I submit is exactly part of their political agenda. Back in the day Canada Post used to offer a reduced rate for Christmas cards knowing that people send many out at a time. If it was a card only they got a reduced rate. That's like a black Friday sale. It generates more business volume. Something Canada post doesn't want to do because of their extreme political agenda which has nothing to do with public accountability.

I have a lot to say on this matter and will say much more. However, at this time I will simply address the most obvious and most pressing lie that is fueling this fraud. That is the ridiculous claim that they will in the future anticipate that their 16 year trend of record profits will somehow magically be reversed into a billion dollar a year deficit. That is a bold faced lie.

For 16 years Canada post made a consistent profit. 2011 was the first year that changed because of a labour disruption. Why was there a labour disruption? Because Canada Post wanted to do away with sick leave and destroy the employee's pensions. That was the issue on the table. It had absolutely nothing to do with wages. It was about route measurement and pensions. As a result, Canada post locked out it's employees knowing full well Stephen Harper would legislate them back to work with an imposed settlement which is exactly what they did again. The right to strike is part of the free collective bargaining process in a free and democratic society. That does not exist at Canada Post. Corporate monopolies need government intervention to keep them honest.

They keep arbitrarily coming up with these insane ideas to destroy pensions and benefits then consistently lie to the media about the numbers. Canada Post's MO has not changed one bit. Yes I used to work for Canada Post. That was a long time ago. I took one for the team back when Moya Greene was sent in to privatize Canada Post. She tried to sue me for slander when I posted a screen clip of the Bombarier stock crash when she was involved with it after she helped derail CN. That was over ten years ago. She took my job but I kept the web site. Her first lawyer, Michael Manson from Smart and Biggar did kinda look like Charles Manson in the eyes. I said to him then, Alright Chuckie, you might be a devil and it might be a sin, but I'll take your bet so I will because a public post office is the best there's ever been.


On behalf of Agent K said...


ndeed it is. These consistent record profits are paying dividends to the government. It's a cash cow. Getting rid if that is getting rid of a huge amount of tax revenue. Something they are dying to do because their political agenda is not to create tax revenue, it's to privatize everything so their friends can gouge consumers and contribute to their political campaigns in return while consumers are left paying more and more taxes. It is a criminal fraud that needs to be investigated fully.

First is the billion dollar deficit lie. The Union posted an accurate list of the profit Canada Post has been making up till 2006. By their own figures they admit they continued to make record profits until the labour disruption which they caused by trying to take away pensions in 2011.

Denis Lemelin pointed out that the corporation lied about the decrease in mail volume and he pointed out that despite the nominal decrease in mail volumes the amount of profit the corporation has made has continued to increase. There's a reason for that. The letter carrier routes are based on volumes. If the mail volume decreases the route gets loner which in turn cuts jobs. That is already built into the equation. So when they keep crying about decreased volumes they fail to mention that automatically means a decrease in jobs. The bottom line is that this billion dollar annual loss is fraudulent. Parcel delivery is increasing because people buy things online.

Cutting door to door deliver and raising the price of stamps to a dollar is not necessary. That is an absolute lie. I have much more to say but that will suffice for now. The billion dollar lie is exactly that. A lie. It is false. Stopping door to door delivery is something the public should be consulted on without the false numbers and the false jump in price of stamps. This fraud needs to be addressed because it all boils down to public accountability just like the BC Hydro fraud.

On behalf of Agent K said...

"Canada Post is Lying Again."

Well this is rather astounding. Canada Post does the time warp and brings back confrontational dishonesty. What I find so amazing is that Canada Post can get away with bold face lying to the media and that the media actually prints their lies without investigating them at all. Back in the day the media could be sued for printing something that is untrue. Not now. Now corporations control the media with advertizing dollars.

I have a lot more to say about the bold face lies Canada Post in unilaterally implementing and spewing in the media. However, right now I'm too angry to talk. I'll just leave them with a big F*ck You. F*ck Canada Post for coming up with such outrageous lies and F*ck the main stream media for printing those lies without questioning them first. The press is no longer free. It is disgusting how the main stream media is pimping out the freedom of the press. They should be sued and have their press credentials revoked.

This is Corporate Communism at work. Mark my word, right now Corporate Communism is a much bigger threat to our individual liberty and our financial prosperity than Hitler or Stalin combined. Welcome to the new age. It's radioactive. Why they're still pumping 300 tons of bullsh*t into the pacific ocean every day as we speak.

Scout said...

The evidence supports mega private global corporation CGI is taking over Canada Post...

"Partner to global and North American organizations, such as Canada Post"...

Just like CGI took over the Royal Mail in the UK...

"Account Director - Post Office and Royal Mail Group at CGI (Formerly Logica UK)"...

"Our clientele in Europe includes PostNord, La Poste, Deutsche Post, Royal Mail and others. We also support global and North American organisations, such as Canada Post."...

Harper & his cons are major partners with CGI & have awarded CGI contracts with our government worth BILLIONS, & Harper even made the head of CGI's Board of Directors, a MAJOR CGI stockholder, GG...

Kreditanstalt said...

When your beloved NDP, Liberals or whatever are government again you'll see that nothing will change.

Hard unaffordability - the math - is driving policy decisions - not some evil capitalist plot concocted by the party currently in power.

Why not get the government entirely out of the business of delivering stuff altogether? THEN you'd finally know the true cost to the user - unsubsidized by the rest of us.

Hugh said...

Kredit, I would use BC Hydro as an example of Govt supplying a reliable, affordable service (electricity).

Now that BC Hydro is becoming privatized, with $50 billion worth of private power contracts, and a $billion 'smart grid' we will have to pay more for the service, which won't be any more reliable.

Jon Ghun said...

"Hard unaffordability" is NOT driving policy decisions.

Read the materials provided.

What's driving policy is GREED. And the rest is rhetoric and ruse.

robert smith said...

Kreditanstalt said
Hard unaffordability is driving policy

Jon Ghun said...
"Hard unaffordability" is NOT driving policy decisions. Greed is.
Kreditanstalt also said...
When your beloved NDP, Liberals or whatever are government again you'll see that nothing will change.
This is one of those conversations that usually end in a communication meltdown. Both sides are so sure they are right nether feel any further reliant information is either right or wrong.
Looking at the wage wealth gap and the mounting government debt greed has partnered up with decades of elections. While greed is responsible for stimulus that has made the rich ultra-rich while the average Canadian is deeper in debt than every,,, both public and private.
Ultimately the government has care and control and while I support free enterprise and salute the successful going from a 1 in 10 child poverty rate to a 1 in 5 is solely on the governments shoulders.
The sides of the discussion wont agree on who is right because they are both right.
Real change wont come with an election as its the system, on all counts, on all levels is failing. Whether its greed, political corruption, lack of ability, or serious mental issues the system is dysfunctional. when the peoples choice of PM turns out to be the head lobbyist for big oil,,, its dysfunctional.
Pity no msm thinks this is an important topic but as nasty as government is they would cut political advertising until they got back on message, the governments message of selling used hay as fresh cut.

Anonymous said...

Now we know who went with EL Stevie:
and further:

Stevie, Stockwell, Christy, you name em, they're all in the same pot.

Anonymous said...

to continue, Steve is full of $hit.

And Steve doesn't like the media unless it's his own grown at home media:

Stevie and Co., you are a disgrace to this country. Go, just Go and take the others with you.