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The Conservative Party of Canada: a Criminal Organization?

Fascism and Contemporary Canada.  Locating the Present Conservative Government Led by Stephen Harper.  Part X
The Conservative Party of Canada: a Criminal Organization?


Written by Robin Mathews


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Old Canadian Conservatism is gone.  The present government in power is a gathering of neoliberal goons for whom Canadian democracy is an impediment to be erased with all speed. That is not a foolish or extreme statement … as we shall see.


One of the iconic Old Canadian Conservatives, Hugh Segal, is leaving the Senate.  Preparatory to parting, he described his values, his efforts, and he revealed the richness of Old-Style Canadian Conservatism to an interviewer on CBC Radio in December.  In doing so, he managed also to expose the degree to which his kind shamelessly surrendered ‘for a mess of pottage’ to “the new fascist Right”. The Old Canadian Conservatives did not go down loudly, fighting and dying to teach Canadians what the country was losing.  They died instead, it seems, from over-indulgent feeding at the enhanced Pork Barrels provided by “the new fascist Right”.


That Right is everywhere in the present Conservative government. Also in December, the bulky minister of industry, James Moore, in a mood of Yuletide frankness and openness bridled at the idea of social responsibility.  In a pre-Christmas interview with a Vancouver journalist Moore asked – “Is it the government’s job  - my job to feed my neighbour’s child?  I don’t think so.”


Since almost all the Holy Texts in the world (the Christian Bible and the Koran of Islam, just for instance) insist it is James Moore’s job (and his government’s job) to feed Moore’s neighbour’s child, we can be sure Moore was expounding the faith of the New Fascist Right in Canada.


Flagship of that Right is, of course, the present Conservative Party of Canada. It persistently undertakes attempts to destroy (by fraudulent means) Canada’s free and democratic electoral system.  That tirelessly organized set of actions by The Conservative Party of Canada is no ideological accident.  It is, one may conclude, part of the attempt to implant fascism in Canada. 


Fascism, quite simply, is the integration of government and large private corporations to achieve a single goal: the unimpeded domination and profitability of private corporations. To achieve that goal, government must become the instrument of private corporations.  They (the private corporations) must, in fact, rule – erasing regulation, public oversight of operations, public memory, environmental and human protections of all kinds. AND they must erase any possibility of public influence on public policy formed in the country.


If the public is to be successfully prevented from helping to shape public policy, public memory must be destroyed, and real elections must be made impossible. The public’s voice must be silenced. 


No one can be certain of the number of times the present Conservative Party of Canada has engaged in organized election fraud, though many are counting its attacks on public knowledge: on science, libraries and archives, research, the CBC, etcetera.  Since the activity of organized election fraud – by its very nature – attempts to slip by unnoticed, it may have been used by The Conservative Party of Canada far more often than Canadians know or have been able to record.


But we do know The Conservative Party of Canada has been caught three times: in 2006, 2011, and 2013. 


The best-known case of organized election fraud occurred in the 2011 federal election in what came to be called the 2011 Robocall Scandal. Some observers believe that fraudulent operation gave the Conservative Party a fraudulent majority in the House of Commons. (More on that fraud below, because the exact identity of the wrong-doers has not, so far, been discovered – though a huge program of fraud has been proved beyond the shadow of a doubt.)


Two cases of violation by The Conservative Party of Canada are absolutely certain.  They are cases in which The Conservative Party of Canada denied any infractions … and then was forced to admit its guilt.


In the 2006 federal election The Conservative Party of Canada used 67 constituency organizations across Canada – in an organized program – to violate Election Spending laws and to gain fraudulent financial advantage in a number of hard-fought ridings.


Charged by Elections Canada, The Conservative Party of Canada fought, in denial, for more than five years.  During that time, millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money was used to bring the Conservative Party to justice. And then, on March 6, 2012, The Conservative Party of Canada finally admitted guilt to submitting fraudulent election records … and more ....  It paid back $230,000.00, and it paid fines of $52,000.00.  It DID NOT PAY BACK the millions of dollars spent by taxpayers to “catch” the wrongdoing Conservative Party of Canada.


In 2013, the situation was different, but a fraudulent intention appears to be very clear.  No election was in process.  Electoral boundary commissions were at work across Canada to bring changing population and constituency boundaries into harmony.  The Conservative Party of Canada, apparently, didn’t like the changes envisioned in Saskatchewan (because they might threaten safe Conservative seats). 


And so Saskatchewan was flooded with robocalls in January, 2013, the purpose of which appears to have been to poison public opinion and to suggest the constituency changes were an affront to the democratic wishes of the people of Saskatchewan.  Because no election was being held, complaints went to the Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission (the CRTC), overseer of electronic communications in Canada.


The CRTC found against The Conservative Party of Canada – which, at first, denied wrongdoing (again).  Then it admitted guilt, that it had violated CRTC rulings.  The Conservative Party of Canada, sender of the robocalls, did not identify itself as the sender. It did not give a local or toll-free number so people could check on the source of the calls and ask for more information.  In fact “the caller” seems very obviously to have wanted to hide its identity.


The CRTC did not name the whole organized robocalling program in Saskatchewan “deceptive”. Since the CRTC does not seek ‘wrong-doers’ but those who have violated procedures, it merely indicates when procedures have been violated and penalizes the violators– as it did in the case of The Conservative Party of Canada in Saskatchewan.  The CRTC named a penalty of $78,000.00 against The Conservative Party of Canada for its violations in Saskatchewan in 2013.


Reasonable Canadians may fairly conclude, using ordinary language, that The Conservative Party of Canada attempted (and, indeed, perpetrated) another “election fraud”. A Saskatchewan Conservative MP suggested the operation was organized out of the Prime Minister’s Office by a person who has become the deputy chief of the PMO staff.


In addition, Ottawa Citizen reporters pursued the story, finding a voice expert with very solid credentials.  He listened to the voice on the Saskatchewan robocalls, and he matched it with Matt Meier’s voice on his voice mail. The expert declared that he was close to certainty that the voice on the robocalls is owned by Matt Meier of RackNine, Edmonton, a robocalling firm used by The Conservative Party of Canada. RackNine was used in the much-publicized robocalling in Guelph, Ontario in the 2011 federal election.  Out of that scandal a court case alleging criminal behaviour is proceeding against a Conservative Party worker who claims he is being sacrificed to protect the real wrong-doers in the Party.


The 2011 election fraud – operated across Canada – is still under investigation by Elections Canada. The only party widely believed to have engaged in organized, widespread election fraud in that 2011 election is The Conservative Party of Canada.


Out of that scandal came the application by eight Canadian voters from across the country, before Federal Court judge Richard Mosley, to unseat six elected Conservative MPs on the basis (claimed) that their election was contaminated by election fraud.


Mr. Justice Mosley could not identify a person or persons responsible for election fraud.  But he concluded that misleading calls were made “to electors in ridings across the country”, and that “there was a deliberate attempt at voter suppression”. 


Mr. Justice Mosley was “satisfied … that the most likely source of the information used to make the misleading calls was the CIMS [Constituent Information Management System] maintained by the CPC [The Conservative Party of Canada] accessed for that purpose by a person or persons unknown to this court.”


In addition, Mr. Justice Mosley makes very clear in his ruling of May 23, 2013, that the “respondent [Conservative] MPs attempted to block these proceedings by any means”, and that they made “transparent attempts to derail this case”. He added that they engaged in “trench warfare in an effort to prevent the case from coming to a hearing on the merits”.


Consider those facts…. 


A political party attempting to move Canada to fascism might well engage in “trench warfare” and do everything it can “to derail” any case seeking to protect the integrity, fairness, and honesty of the democratic election process in Canada.


Canada has never before seen anything like the organized, sustained, continuing attacks on fair elections and a fair electoral system as the attacks being conducted by The Conservative Party of Canada led by Stephen Harper. As a result law, investigation, and penalty for systematic violation of citizens’ voting rights and freedoms drag behind the outrages being committed repeatedly.  They seem to be committed according to a grand plan. Is that possible?


Propagandists for The Conservative Party of Canada led by Stephen Harper will hedge and disinform, accuse and vacillate, deny and attack. But more and more concerned Canadians of every party and political conviction are becoming convinced that the present Conservative Party of Canada has engaged again and again in what are, in fact, criminal attempts to destroy free, honest, democratic election processes and structures in Canada. Canadians may, therefore, be concluding that The Conservative Party of Canada is a criminal organization.
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Written by Robin Mathews

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Anonymous said...

The worst problem is? People are very uninformed, as to what Harper really is.

Harper is a Fascist Dictator. The reason Conrad Black was permitted back in Canada was, he was a member of Harper's Northern Foundation of 1989. Black kept the lid on things for, Harper's evil Fascist takeover.

Neo-Nazis donated to Harper's Alliance.
July 18/2002

Harper is the first ever Canadian PM, that is held in contempt of the House.

Harper is a cesspool of corruption. Rotten and evil to his very core.

Jon Ghun said...

A fairly sharp piece that succeeds in cutting down to at least some of the putrid flesh at the heart of the northern neo-cons' agenda--namely, electoral fraud. Make no mistake about it, this is a con job of major significance in carrying elections and they will surely try to pull it off again.

What appalled me most though, was that bulky minister moo-moo-moore espousing nothing less than what used to known as social darwinism. This is a atavistic belief system commonly associated with feudal aristocrats, free-masonic elitists, dead-soul userers, and virulent talmudists.

Holding to this primitive mentality, all that matters to them is material wealth and their own survival. Tickled to death with their own importance, subscribers to this ideology hold the view that every individual is in a war of all against all. This war is then said to "select" those who eat well--like the bulky mr.moore--and those who don't--like 20% of the children who happen to have the misfortune of being born to live in British Columbia during these darkening times.

Conveniently, this dogma never pays the slightest regard whatsoever to the fact that taxes, rent and interest are violently and disproportionately extracted from those least able to pay.

Nor does this mind-set ever let on about how money is created out of thin air by issuing debt (plus interest) that can never be paid back so that this horrible burden invariably falls on those born without power and privilege.

As well, these same types are also commonly committed to nepotism, graft, secrecy, and are often predisposed to acts of psycho and socio pathology whereas others just won't go that far for war.

Might makes right for them; and it's all natural, right?

Well, yes; but only if you're a single-minded, hard-core fascist psychopath who's hell-bent on taking as much advantage as power, privilege, and profit will afford.

Anonymous said...

Conservatives (Reform) = This is the crew which faced a backbench revolt over MPs being gagged on the Commons’ floor, which sent out party interns to disrupt a speech by an opposition party leader, drafted an enemies’ list, muzzled Canadian scientists, tried to bring in a draconian union disclosure bill, and is demanding that employees at Library and Archives Canada and elsewhere sign highly-restrictive loyalty oaths.

This is the government which imposed gag orders, closure and time limits on committee work with near-record frequency; bars cabinet ministers on the hotseat from answering questions in the House; crushed Rights and Democracy and other groups which failed to follow its political line; suppressed reports; eliminated databases; cut down the census; used vast sums of taxpayers’ money to propagandize its own work and demonize opponents; is under the microscope for alleged suppression of voters’ rights; and ran a cover-up out of the PMO on the Senate expenses scam.

I mean just look at that record. Have you ever seen anything so MONSTROUS?
How much more evil must he do before the media of today, and those who were so easily fooled, finally have the guts to say that the Emperor has no clothes?

Before his madness leads us to total disaster.

For when is enough ENOUGH?

And does anyone still think that it couldn't happen here?

A thank you to Simon.

EA III said...

Would you like some docs on Regina election fraud