Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Christy Clark, Woman of the 90s

Don`t you love the rain, clean refreshing water, and I am not talking about drizzy rain but a big heavy never ending down pour making sweet music on the roof, I`m not sure why but I have always been drawn to the rain, whether playing, working even walking in mother nature`s shower a clarity of thought and reason fill my mind, maybe it`s the noise of my own thoughts being drowned with the sound of water.

Whatever the reason isn`t important and before I get started, I can tell you that I have never had such a nasty week on line, the name calling, both ways, yes friends I did participate in that nasty form of banter, for the present I have decided to agree to disagree and move on, others can own the self pity plank,  I haven`t taken my eye off the prize, off the privalege, off the honour of guiding our Province forward with good honest policy, there is so much at stake this time.

We have lived through a decade of Campbell Liberal policies and direction and it`s clear that it is unsustainable, something has to give, the far right wing ideology and free enterprise, de-regulation look the other way isn`t working, for a decade wealth transfer through taxation, user fees, levies and tax shifts and the most insideous theft through utilitiy rate increases reaching 120%  in 6 years, add in the  two tier rate structure and thousands of $dollars are siphoned from the middleclass, carbon taxes, the necesseties of life, fuel, heat, power and ultimately survival, for none of those items any of us can live without, to be bled dry for the sole purpose of making Plutonic power, Finavera, General electric shareholders a little happier and making a handful of corporate Government friends ultra rich,it`s all wrong.

Bugger up our rivers and mess with the fish for no other reason but creating wealth for the few and darn it folks, we, we the people should own wealth creation from our rivers, just imagine, a BC Government that paid contractors, or BC Hydro themselves built these projects, if we did sell power any profits would flow to Government coffers, the work would get done, the capital investment, the jobs, there is absolutely no shortage of skilled workers and companies that would build run of river power generators(Water diversion) without the demands of owning them, Gordon Campbell`s Liberals messed up badly, on the environment and on the economic end, any rating agency in the world, any accountant, anyone with connected brain cells who looks at the Liberals IPP and energy plan are shocked, the unanimous opinion is....... The Campbell Liberals would be fired in the private sector, ridiculed as being inept but the most popular assertion is....There must be corruption and pay-offs, directorships, what else could explain the worst business arrangement in British Columbia history.....We own the rivers, we own the water, .......We give the river and water away, Plutonic, General electric divert the water through tunnels and turbines, we guarantee them a massive stream of cash for 30 years, we guarantee a rate over and above the market rate by a factor between 3 and 8 times, these companies have no risk, guaranteed revenue regardless of the price, electric prices could crash and we pay, we pay for energy we don`t need, use or pay and with the world in flux, reccessions, depressions, with all kinds of cheap domestic power sources coming on line and hydro use through efficiency of everything, including incandescent lighting,  the price, the ability to pay, especially for our neighbors south will almost guarantee we lose money for decades.

Schools, we can`t morally close more schools, the demographics will change and babies will be born, maybe with a return of the "socialist Hoardes"  families could afford to have a basket full of kids, we all remember that, wow, remember the street ball hockey, just dad working with enough money for the car, house, groceries, everything....How was that possible, were Governments not as corrupt, shareholders and CEOs had a conscience, the good corporate citizen, maybe the banks didn`t need record profits every year, whatever the reason those times are gone, now, two parents working, no kids, one kid, two mortgages and now up to their eyeballs in debt, Canadians on average have $1.45 of debt for every dollar they have, the pendulum must swing back to people...

We have a tsunami of baby boomers coming down the pipe, unless the "socialist Hoardes" are put in charge there will be no public health care or public education, we live in a beautiful wet rain forest, we have natural wealth, we have no reason to exploit it, we need to nuture it, be responsible, maximize the benefits, there are generations behind us, we can`t merely leave the 50th generation behind us the return of BC Rail and nothing else, they need to see Salmon, trees, they need to feel the heavy wet rain drops, they need to be able to do a moondance on an oil free sandy Ucluelet beach to the sounds of Orca singing......

Which brings me to Christy Clark, can anyone tell me what her platform is, I heard her campaign launch speech and from what I gather is her platform is the..... oh so tired spin that Christy and the Campbell Gang used to perfection, Christy has come out swinging against the NDP, the "socialist hoardes"...Christy isn`t swinging against the Wall Street criminals and their ponzi schemes which started this latest depression, she`s not going after the plump banks or wealthy gas and oil drillers, no friends, Christy has but one platform and one tired old ideology,......

Christy Clark`s platform is, vote for me to keep the NDP out.....That`s it folks, Christy Clark has been clucking about the big labour movement and how to stop the union takeover, well folks, there are no unions anymore, well barely, what`s left of big labour in BC has been losing, wage concessions with zero-zero-and zero- increases, with the exception of politicians and radio talk show hosts wages are flat and falling, in fact, British Columbia has a lower minimum wage today then we had 10 years ago...in 2000 the minimum wage was $8 dollars per hour, in 2010 the minimum wage is $6 dollars per hour, the lowest in Canada by a country mile, unions were so 90s or even earlier, with Asians willing to work for a few dollars a day, gladly taking not only our logs but our mills too, global competition and corporate control guarantees that unions will never flourish again, I think the public are aware of that and now their demands, their expectations have diminished, the security of affordible health care, education, food and the necessities of life is all people want, Christy Clark is a dinosaur, in fact she is already lying in public, she lied about the "socialist Hoardes" driving people from the Province in the 90s, Andrew MaCleod at the Tyee broke down that lie for us.  Christy Clark has also been talking about making the  Tesako mine and destruction of Fish Lake an election issue, a project that poisons water, kills animals, kills a lake and every darn fish, a project that even a Federal Conservative Government couldn`t endorse because of the devastating environmental damage.

Christy Clark also made a boo boo about the HST, she suggested to forego the referendum in September and put the HST to a vote in the legislature, interesting since Christy can`t vote and the BC Liberals already voted on the HST, the pundits claim Christy Clark is confused, well folks, I have thought about what Christy Clark said about having a vote...And I have come to the conclusion that Christy Clark isn`t the one who is confused but the political pundits...

Let`s look at Christy Clark`s record on cknw radio, the HST fraud was foisted on us in July 2009, 2 weeks after the election, Christy Clark has been defending the HST on radio ever since, with people like Neils Veldhuis of the Fraser institute, Michael Levy, Michael Campbell, John Winters, Hocstein, Sam, hundreds of BC Liberal supporters have been featured by Clark on her show in defence of the HST......Bring on the people`s revolution, 700,000 BCers sign the anti-hst petition, something everyone said couldn`t be done, despite the ad nauseum from Bill Good, Christy Clark, Colin Hansen and the other stooges the people spoke, .....Craig James and big business court challenge continued the dirty work of the Liberals in an attempt to squash the petition, the people won again, the petition was forwarded to the select legislative committee, the committee, with a Liberal majority, they had but one of two choices to make, either send the HST petition to a non-binding referendum or send it to the house for a vote on the HST, a vote where everyone of the MLAs stand up and vote for the HST again, if that had been done, the Liberal majority could have rammed the HST down our throats and we`re stuck with it, political suicide in my opinion but the discussion over the tax would be over.

So what Christy Clark actually said was.....Let`s have a vote in the legislature, the Liberals vote for the HST, the HST will then be the law of the land, Christy Clark then cancels the referendum(because the result of that referendum is already known, HST REJECTED)  ....That folks is what Christy Clark said, it`s the only logical answer, she has defended the hst with vigor for 18 months, Christy on radio wanted the hst Liberal dominated  legislative committee to send the HST to the house for a vote rather than a Province wide referendum, vote it in and move on!.....There is no confusion by me on this matter, Christy Clark wants to ram the HST down our throats in the legislature and screw the referendum, it`s the only logical conclusion considering her stance and support of the tax!...Christy as premier would send the HST petition back to the Liberal dominated committee and direct them to choose the other option, a House Vote, something Campbell avoided doing because of Recall fears.

Remember, the Liberals voted on mass for the hst in the last spring session, the only reason for another vote in the House is to fill the demands of the successful petition, remember...There were two remedies, the first being a non-binding referendum, the second being a vote in the house. The Liberals use their majority to vote it in again, shazzam, now there is no requirement for the referendum, that folks is where Christy is going! What would Clark do if the HST vote passed, tell the MLAs that the vote now doesn`t count and we are now going to a referendum?   The only way another vote could take place would be under the successful anti-hst petition rules, (referendum or house vote)......Christy would be asking the MLAs to vote for the tax, she supports the tax.....

I believe that Christy Clark is laying a trap, she comes with a populous stance(a free vote in the house on the hst)...But the vote would be under the successful hst petition banner, the consequences of the vote would be nullification of the referendum, and....Hear me very clearly, if there was a vote in the house on the HST the big business community could launch another legal challenge saying the petition act was fulfilled with a free vote in the house..(I think legally, that challenge would have legs, do you trust Hocstein and the business community too not launch a law suit?)

Think about it, the law suit gets launched, it ends the referendum, Christy Clark and the BC Liberals put their hands in the air and say....It`s not us, it`s before the courts!  Something really fishy going on here,

Christy Clark is old, tired, ad nauseum, she hasn`t progressed into the future and is stuck in a time warp somewhere around 1996, she doesn`t want to get along, Christy Clark wants to refight fast ferries, unions, schools, health care, and the environment, there is no point fighting those things Christy, they died years ago, where were you? And as you noticed from my last post, Christy Clark can lie with professional ease, she can argue not knowing any facts and or choosing to ignore them, what comes out of her mouth is anti ndp venom and hyperbole from the 90s....We need a leader of the future, not a prima donna who failed to finish everything she started, we don`t need another liar and time warp victim....

Meanwhile the rain is drumming on the roof and I have an urge to go outside and do a moondance, even when it`s hiding, I hope the neighbors aren`t up!

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


PJ said...

Thank you Grant G for your wisdom. I sat watching the link about WikiLead today in awe. Talk about shooting the messenger.

I am giving you a link here: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/3036677/#40613478

Don't know whether you have seen it but I sat a watched it with awe. Here is an example of someone that has experience and something really important to say.

He is not like the 'sky is falling' idiots that I think that you are referring to because he did his homework.

Keep up the great work.

PJ said...

Grant G, the WikiLeaks link was on http://creekside1.blogspot.com/
if you haven't already seen it.

Anonymous said...

Who says you can't write. Those were beautiful words. It describes just how I feel about the rain.I have a nature CD recording of rain in a rain forest. Now don't let them get to you. It is obvious,by the wording of the nasty remarks, that their main interest is not in what is best for the province or party but in what is best for their own little power clique.These elites are angry at you for clearly pointing out the deficiencies of the last campaign and the lack of leadership. I encourage everyone to read carefully and analyze these negative attacks on Grant,you will quickly see what I mean and their motivation will be clear to you.Take care Grant,keep up the good work. The grassroot members are not going to allow a few sulky, self-absorbed, yellow scarved elites destroy this proud old party. It has survived worse,and will survive this. Maribet

Grant G said...

Thanks Maribet...You made my day, it saddens me to see someone like Norman Farrell a week later and starting this week with another post filled with whining and excuse making.

I get the impression some are posting for merely the response and arguments.

Kinda like those who write about Tiger woods and Paris Hilton....

I hope I never have to stoop that low for readers.

The NDP rift only has legs because of a few selfish people...Does anyone think there is unity in the BC Liberal camp?...

The only difference, Gordon Campbell got the message, Carole James didn`t.

Eyes Wide Open

Crankypants said...

Grant, you've mentioned many of the dasterdly things Campbell & Co. have foisted upon the citizens of BC, none of which have made the day-to-day existence of many any easier. In fact, the opposite is true.

Christy, and for that matter, all of the contenders, save Moira Stillwell, have Campbell's blood on their hands. They were either present for all of the BS, or in Christy's case, a cheerleader for that which came down the pike after her departure from provincial politics. Moira's entry is really inconsequential and I wouldn't be surprised to see her bow out well before February 26, 2011. The other four are really playing to the Liberal members that will be voting at their convention, which means their number one message is to keep the NDP out of power. It may play well within the Liberal circle, but means absolutely nothing to the rest of the population of BC. Whether this is a result of the fact that Gordo is still hanging around difficult to determine. I suspect that it may be, but that is nothing more than my opinion.

The reality is that no one has attempted to differenciate themselves from their competition and if things don't change pretty soon, the rank and file of the Liberals may resort to choosing their next leader based on nothing more than popularity, vision or policy be damned.

No matter who wins on the Liberal side, the majority of the populace of BC will still be marginalized. What I find really frightening is that should the NDP get their act together and become our next government, will things be a whole lot better? I would hope the answer is yes, but I get the distinct feeling that other than election day, the voter ranks right up there with the plague. No matter who gets to be the ruler, the business sector seems to gain at the expense of the proleteriate.


Grant G said...

Cam, we can only hope that the other party is better, it`s all we have, the status quo isn`t working.

As for business, they always do well, including the 90s.

We need a decade of the left, we are a rich province, industry can pay a little more, after all, Hansen said we won`t even notice that $1.9 billion dollar tax shift, either will business.

Tommy Douglas..Health care, The ALR ..ICBC..Worker rights.

What would we have without the NDP.

Thanks Cam

Anonymous said...

jaydee said...

Great post Grant.

I would like to make sure everyone follows Grant's link to INCREASES. A great article by John Horgan MLA Juan de Fuca, opposition NDP energy critic.

Let's get the show on the road and make this go viral. This is on the top of everyone's mind right now......

John Horgan, also my # 1 and only pick. I have sent this to everyone on my mailing list so people can get to know who he is.

Thanks Grant.

Anonymous said...

Grant, wonderful read as usual its amazingly clear to me what kind of premier Ms Clarke would make when she goes into melt down on her show over a few free ferry rides enjoyed by frontline workers but is silent on the 1.2 mil a year Hahn is making and his board cronies.. in other words more of the same from the well to do while the average joes loses everything in taxes and user fees utilty costs, I had a 2% raise 3 years ago which was prompty swallowed up by my parking fees going up 2 1/2 times the size of my raise that turned up on my pay stub.
will Ms Clarke restore public services to bc'ers will we ever get our hospitals clean again, perhaps we could run our own bc med rather than having it contracted out to an american company, our ferries.. well after reading your story on the bc ferries funny accting schemes they seem to belong to germany now, hydro for the first time in decades cant make payments to the province , the slow dismanting of the 3rd cheapest power source in north america will she stop these things? and thanks for pointing out the the biggest news story and the hightlights in globals top stories ...Bingo gate is all they could come up with!!!!! good god we are doomed if we rely on global ctv nw and the print media not even worth mentioning for the news

Anonymous said...

The data dump has started at Alex Tsakumis blog.

BC Mary said...

What bothers me about Christy Clark (and other LINO campaigners) is their unabashed declaration that they fight to ... well, let's say it plainly: they fight to disenfranchise 50% of the BC population.

"Fighting" the Socialist hordes is just a silly way of saying it. Craig James for Elections BC deciding to disqualify legitimate votes is another silly way of saying it.

Somebody said that W.A.C. Bennett would be spinning in his grave like a BC Ferries propeller, if he knew what the present crop of Anti-Social hordes have done -- and are still trying to do. What about that monstrous new Ministry of Natural Resource Operations, for example, ready to grant BC government approvals for almost any form of exploitation in B.C.

I'd like to hear somebody talking loud and clear about Post-Partisan Politics -- like now, when there's a real Life-and-Death crisis in which everybody knows there's no two sides, only the desperate need to clean things up.

Isn't this a time when people work together?

I like the way your thinking follows those lines, too, Grant. BC is in deep crisis (10 people shot down in the streets of Shaughnessy last night).

I mean: Do we help? Or do we fight about who's allowed to help (and no help is provided)?

P.S. Dave Basi is expected to be back in BC Supreme Court on December 15, 2010.

Anonymous said...

Is there any truth to the rumor, Campbell isn't leaving, he will be in the background, as an adviser? And yes, the people had better wake up to Campbell's pollution plans for BC. I always read, Rafe Mair's blog, the Common Sense Canadian. I would ask, all the people of BC to read Rafe's blogs. Campbell is an underhanded b.....d, and sneaks behind our backs to do his dastardly deeds. If we don't watch our backs, BC will be a, polluted wasteland. You dammed right Campbell will stick around. He is pushing for, the Enbridge pipeline, and the dirty oil tankers from China. The Feds have kept the door open, to reapply for the toxic waste to be dumped into Fish Lake, and Campbell is working it. The F.N. People are again, fighting with Campbell over it. Don't think Campbell and Harper, have given up on, off shore drilling of gas and oil wells, off BC's coast. Site C dam, which will flood the most valuable farmland in Canada, is for, the dirty Alberta tar sands. So, prepare for the fight over the Enbridge pipeline, and dirty Chinese oil tankers. REMEMBER, Campbell is too full of, hate, spite, malice and far too vindictive, to just go away.

Crankypants said...

Grant, I agree that the old CCF, now the NDP have given us some good things, which unfortunately have been under constant attack by Herr Gordo.

In general, I would support the political party system of governance if those that get elected actually get to make the decisions. It is the unelected ghosts hovering in the shadows that, in my opinion, really set the agenda that I despise. If a Jock Finlayson, Phil Hochstein or Jim Sinclair wish to govern, then they should stand for office. But no, they are quite content to play the role of a marionette.

Maybe I watched too many episodes of Star Trek, The Next Generation, but I would like to see a party called the logical party. One that was not considered as being labeled left, centrist or right. First of all I find these labels meaningless because one person's centre may be someone's else's right or left. Let's face it, business depends on the masses to buy what they are selling, and the masses depend on business to give them the ability to do so. Business and labour should exist in a harmonius relationship rather than an adversarial one. Unfortunately, I think that our political system has allowed pitting business versus labour as a means to gain control in order to stroke their egos, rather than govern for the better good of all.

As I see it, good governance would piss off, or please, everyone a little rather than choose winners and losers.