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Friday, June 10, 2011

(UPDATED June 21st/2011)Gordon Campbell, the day after he announced his resignation Unleashed His REVENGE

Updated...The Vancouver Sun has finally woken up to the revenge Gordon Campbell inflicted the day after he announced his resignation....The Vancouver Sun has recommended that Christy Clark TEAR up Gordon Campbell and Blair Leckstrom`s clean energy act, .....For the Vancouver Sun to realize how nefarious Campbell`s energy bill is it must be really bad.....You are going to die a painful death Gordon Campbell, you and your brother will hopefully be removed from the face of the earth, ....."Revenge is a dish best served cold" Vancouver Sun slams Gordon and Michael Campbell here

Well well well, the Edge of the Cutting Ledge show today, Vaughn Palmer, Keith Baldrey, Bill Racist Good, what a load of hooey, what a staged show, a partisan non-stop HST promotional show, they slagged Bill Vanderzalm, they slagged Adrian Dix, Chris Delaney, they slagged everyone including the intelligence of British Columbians...

I didn`t think those stooges could stoop any lower but today they raised the bar on pathetic bias lying radio...

But, Vaughn Palmer mentioned something that shook me too my core....What Vaughn Palmer said was....

"The day after Gordon Campbell announced his resignation he signed an order in council forcing BC Hydro to not only be self sufficient by 2015 but too also have a huge excess of power"snip

So much power that if it didn`t rain for a year we would still have power to spare....In other words Gordon Campbell in one of his last ploys before he left stuck BCers with a dagger in the back, Vaughn Palmer went on to say that UNLESS that order of council is rescinded there is no way BC Hydro can proceed WITHOUT raising rates by 53% over the next few years!.....Absolutely shocking, there needs to be a criminal investigation launched against Gordon Campbell and the BC Liberal cabinet.!

So there you have it, the petty little child mind Gordon Campbell in a last gasp guaranteed revenge against us for rejecting him!

The show today was so sad, actually it was embarrassing, the first caller up was a man? named Sam who has endorsed the HST from day one, Sam has a direct line to Billy Good, but Sam didn`t call in today about the HST, Sam called in to ask Vaughn Palmer and Keith Baldrey to tell the public about Bill Vanderzalm`s past, how he is unethical, embroiled in a law suit against Ted Hughs, .....Vaughn, Keith and Billy did just that, they brought up the property transfer tax and called it the most hideous tax in the history of BC...Yet they failed to mention that 6 new and different Governments that followed Vanderzalm Government could remove that "hideous" tax with a stroke of a pen, no negotiating, no asking Ottawa, no nothing, a total pre-arranged smear job that Fox news would be proud of....

And the show got worse and worse, the spin and propaganda even flowed through to CKNW`s news room, I`m talikng about Gord MacDonald on NW news, Gord MacDonald is reporting on cKNW news that...

"Christy Clark has come out in favour of the hospice at UBC but NDP  Adrian Dix has refused comment on the hospice either way" snip....

So now even their newsroom has entered the toilet bowl and offered up a floating log of innuendo and spin!

The show didn`t get any better after the half hour news break, a caller called in and said something about how there are so many service based businesses that were PST exempt and the Government needs that tax money...To which Vaughn Palmer responded with....

" Your right caller, why shouldn`t people pay tax on gardening services, restaurant meals, why should they be exempt"

Vaughn Palmer just told British Columbians that they should be paying tax on absolutely everything and nothing should be exempt from full taxation, WOW....Then Keith Baldrey piped up with....

"Even if the HST is defeated in the referendum you can expect that all exemptions will be revisited"Snip....

So Vaughn Palmer wants full taxation on every service, every product, every facet of your life needs to be subjected to full on maximum taxation....Well Vaughn, how does that BC Liberal ball jam taste?

And you Keith Baldrey, now you are threatening the BC Public with losing all the previous exemptions no matter how the referendum goes, I would watch your back Keith, your risking complete public backlash, mabye even worse, you might consider employing bodyguards after your comments today, you too Vaughn Palmer!

And the staged BC Liberal HST lovefest wasn`t over, a female caller just before the end of the show called in and took a swipe at Chris Delaney claiming he was making windfall profits from the HST in his little business and he was nothing but a hypocrit, the woman provided no facts, just innuendo, ....Fox news of the north is here!

But the big slip of the tongue by Vaughn Palmer, .....

"Gordon Campbell the day after he announced his resignation signed an order in council forcing BC Hydro to acquire enough power to be self sufficient even in the driest year recorded, and extra insurance power".....

Forget about any BC Hydro phony review Crusty Clark has ordered, unless a reverse order of council is signed that removes the previous Gordon Campbell order in council there is no way BC Hydro can`t raise rates by 100% over the next few years.

You BC Liberals allowed Gordon Campbell and Michael Campbell to punish BCers for the benefit of their corporate friends.

You BC Liberals are done, you stole our railway, you ruined BC Hydro, you gutted education, poverty, homelessness, child poverty, we are number 1 in all those categories for 8 straight years, you spent, you lined your pockets with gold plated indexed pensions....

You are going to Hell Gordon Campbell, and you remaining BC Liberals are criminals and liars! (Audio vault here, cue up June 10th/ 10:00 am)

The Straight Goods

Cheers Ears Wide Open


Anonymous said...

I am sure we have always known, Campbell was arrogant and totally vindictive. That we saw, many, many times. He even used the F-bomb word, at a female member in the Legislature.

We are also used to the Bill Good group, spreading the Liberals lies, like all good propaganda machines are supposed to do. They remind me of Tokyo Rose during WW11.

Believe you me, the BC Liberals and the Bill Good group, have no pride in themselves, as decent BC citizens. All of them, are earning the contempt they deserve. They have no idea how badly they sound....As low life's, with the lowest of character.

Anonymous said...

And Christy is just like Gordo; malicious, scheming, vindictive and a cunning liar except evil Gordo was very intelligent.

Anonymous said...

What is so sad about your article is that the mainstream media NEVER confront Chrispy Clark on her involvement in BC Rail. They never question her about her "fixing" the HST so people are confused.

As for the HST, the pro HST side are lying and misleading the public. I was called last evening by a polling company. The question -

If you are voting NO to keep the HST at 10% press 2

If you are voting YES to get rid of the HST and return to the GST/PST at 12% press 3

How is that for lying to the public. The tax will not be lowered (if you believe her) to 10% until 2014. We are paying 7% more on far more things than we did the PST.

I am voting YES to get rid of the HST and then I will be voting to get rid of the lying, corrupt liberals.

Evil Eye said...

I thought you quit listening to the drek that comes from Radio Liberal infomercial - 98.

I have no respect for Good, Baldry and Palmer, as they have crossed the line from informed comment to propagandist. All three have won the Herr Goebbels "Truth in Radio" award, for their partisan Liberal shtick.

Grant G said...

I was robo-polled by the same outfit last night, the robo-poll call is lying, repeating the BC Liberal lies.

Don`t worry, all the Liberals have managed to do is anger the public.

Christy Clark has the same OWNERS running her as Gordon Campbell.

I pushed the same button...YES TO KILL THE HST.

Dr. Evil....Someone has to point out the propaganda, those stooges are enemies of the public.

They seem to think that they are arguing with a small minority in actuality they are fight 75% of the public.

I wonder if they have bodyguards protecting them.

Thanks folks.


KenC said...

I live in the north so don't waste my time listening to the likes of the 3 stooges. The thing is, if they were slagging the intelligence of British Columbians I don't think I could disagree with them. There is no way in hell that an intelligent population could have elected the last two provincial governments. I have little to no faith that level of intelligence has seen any improvement as of late. Let's face it, if we weren't so bloody stupid we wouldn't be in the mess we're in.

Grant G said...

Hello faithful readers and contributors, join Laila Yuile and I at a non-partisan anti-HST rally on June 16th....Details here.


I would like to inform and invite all of you to a Say Yes to NO HST rally/demonstration at the following location:

The corner of Highway 10 and 152nd street, Surrey,
Northwest corner at the rotunda and lawn.
4pm to 5:30 pm.
Thursday June 16th, 2011.


Cheers from your friendly neighborhood Powell River Persuader.

Anonymous said...

Hi Grant

I had an by-law officer drop off 138 of our signs off at my house that surrey stole. they got caught red handed, he left red faced after I chewed him out , this is not the end of the story more to come.

Walter v E.

lailayuile.com said...

Anti HST rally/demonstration- June 16th, 4-5:30 pm Surrey, email lailayuile@live.com for details, all welcome, non partisan,and independent " people for the people" rally. My sign was tossed in the blackberry brambles...

Anonymous said...

The HST just say NO No No, I listened to Carol Taylor and what she said about it as Finance Minister, she only was in Govt for one year as she didn/t want to be dictated to By G Campbell I presume she said it was the most unfair tax and would never impose it on the people of BC.

Grant G said...

Actually...Vote yes yes yes to kill the HST...

No, we don`t want the HST, NO we don`t want to be lied too.

NO we don`t trust BC Liberals but...

We must vote YES YES YES on the referendum ballot to kill the HST..

Elwood said...

Grant, I have said it before and I will say it again...... the only time that I have ever enjoyed the 3 stooges at CKN 'double boo' was when Brian called in to give them "THE STRAIGHT GOODS". It even set Billy Good STRAIGHT.

Now....... whatever it takes, get Brian to start calling back every week! Have him *67, change his voice ....... whatever!

It's Brian's message that counts, which always takes down the 3 stooges!!!

Elwood said...

Grant, I have said it before and I will say it again...... the only time that I have ever enjoyed the 3 stooges at CKN 'double boo' was when Brian called in to give them "THE STRAIGHT GOODS". It even set Billy Good STRAIGHT.

Now....... whatever it takes, get Brian to start calling back every week! Have him *67, change his voice ....... whatever!

It's Brian's message that counts, which always takes down the 3 stooges!!!

Grant G said...

Thanks Elwood...Nick Ozinski has cut me off the last 5 weeks in a row..He was ordered by the BC Liberals to keep me off the air...

Although...Brian took down Alise Mills last Saturday(June 4th.4:30 pm) on the Sean Leslie show...Brian put Alise in her place at about 4:52 PM June 4th....Check the audio vault.

Crankypants said...

Maybe someone should phone into the three bozos show and remind Keith Baldrey, and by way of that, the listeners of the day that he had his house painted before the HST took effect. At the time this came out, he seemed very pleased to be able to save paying the HST on the labour portion of the bill.

Palmer wrote an article about Campbell's parting shot which I believe ran in either Friday's or Saturday's Vancouver Sun, and although the title seemed to be a shot at Campbell and the BC Liberals it came across as half-hearted at best. The only conclusion I can come to is that the plan has been from day one of Campbell's reign of terror to make Hydro's books so deep in the red that he could justify privatizing it.

As I see it, we have to first of all extinguish the HST followed by the extinguishment of the BC Liberal Party's control of our governance. Then we need a full enquiry on the sale of BC Rail, forensic audits of all Crown Corporations complete with all directives issued by Campbell & Co. to them. The people of BC have been bled dry, the provincial government's coffers are empty and the debt load Campbell's administration has saddled our future generations with are outrageous, to say the least.

I really hope that the Canucks close this year's playoffs out tomorrow. It's time for the quest for Lord Stanley's mug to quit being the lead stories on every newscast and occupying half of the first section of every edition of the newspaper. Hometown pride is laudable but won't put one grain of rice on the table of most of us.

I will try to make the rally on Thursday.


Grant G said...

I look forward to meeting you Cam...

Just look for the large man, Stone Cold Steve Austin type, only with brains, well, sort of..

Have no fear, I only look intimidating.

Cheers, see ya there.

Anonymous said...

I just got my ballot package in the mail. I will mark, "YES" to extinguish the HST.

I am too far away for the rally. However, i will certainly cheer everyone on.

I know the majority of BC people, are dead set against the HST. I just don't trust Elections BC not to cheat, in favor of the BC Liberals.

Anonymous said...

The rumour mill Gordon Campbell will soon be getting an appointment by the Feds probably diplomatic south of the border. Oh Please and a big pay check as well I am sure.
I thought about this after he resigned and sure enough maybe be true. What will he mess up this time??? No wonder Canada and BC are in the red and the people taxed to death.
And how many people in Bc are going to be able to pay BC Hydro these huge increases?? Iknow not me.

Anonymous said...

Now that Campbell has been appointed to be Canada's new ambassador to the uk the appointment is not going to look good for Mr. Harper. Once the UK tabloids look into Mr. Campbells background they are going to have a field day crucifying him in their own mad dog frenzy way. This will reflect on Mr. Harper for making this appointment. They may even consider it an insult to their intelligence appointing a man so nefarious with a record of drunk driving to a position residing in their country. Maybe this appointment is something to do with the Bilderberg band of hooligans, After all, Wasn't Mr. Campbell invited to one of their meetings for a brainwashing. I may add, Mr. Campbell charged all his expenses for that trip to the BC taxpayers even though he stated it was a personal trip.

Anonymous said...

Copy of story sent to all UK newspapers. Original had Campbells mug shot attached.

Canada appoints drunk to be new Ambassador to the UK.

Subject: Resume of Gordon Campbell. Canada’s newly appointed ambassador to the UK

Mr. Gordon Campbell the ex BC Premier who resigned in disgrace has received a plum appointment to serve Canada as the next Ambassador to the UK. Mr. Campbell a convicted drunk driver with a record in the USA was given this post by Mr. Stephen Harper the prime minister of Canada, Some believe it is Campbell’s reward for the underhanded sneaky way he rammed the new HST tax down the throats of the British Columbia residents. This tax is now up for a public vote with the BC Liberal Party spending millions on advertising propaganda in an attempt to brainwash the citizens to accept it. Yes! Like people will vote for more taxes. Mr.Campbell’s popularity dropped to an all time low for any politician when it plunged below 9% forcing him to resign his position and slink off with his tail between his legs.
Myself! I think promoting a man to an ambassador position with a resume showing police mug shots and blogs of philandering ways is a sign of no respect and a slap in the face to the country he is appointed to. Then, That’s just me.
At least when he takes over his ambassador duties in London he will have a chauffeur so drinking and driving should not be a problem. Besides he will have diplomatic immunity against prosecution.
There are a few internet sites referring to Mr. Campbell. None very flattering I may add.

This story was sent with name, address and phone number of author.

http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/34800 Campbell's DUI conviction in Hawaii

Subject: Premier Campbell's Mistress / Escort / Concubine - Lara Dauphinee

Further information on Gordon Campbell can be found on this site.

Anonymous said...

Vote Yes to kill the HST and that Clean energy act that Gordo sneaked in before he resigned in disgrace. That is another act that should be killed, how come we had lots of power and stable rates before Campbell and his henchmen got in power???Have to get rid of these liberals for good. With my income now I am barely scraping by as I am a retired senior worked hard all my life and always a frugal lifestyle. Guess I will take up panhandling so I can eat properly