Tuesday, June 14, 2011

BC Liberals are Imploding on Themselves!(updated at bottom)

From my sources.....Donna Barnett will not be granted the nomination for the Caribou riding, besides winning her riding by less than 100 votes, Donna Barnett`s name is toxic, as a MLA she was a failure, her speeches are weak, her appearance is ragged, Donna Barnett is being shown the door...

Jane Thorthwaite, the shameful drunk driving Jane Thorthwaite is being tossed from the party as well, Thorthwaite not only admitted being drunk while driving, she not only apologized to her constituents for risking the public`s safety by driving pissed during the Olympics, but then she plead not guilty after admitting her guilt, a typical lying BC Liberal....Jane Thorthwaite has been told to look for employment elsewhere....

Cut n pasted from Les Leyne`s latest column on Christy Clark`s schedule, Les Leyne requested an itinerary of Clark`s daily meetings.....Check out who has access....Enemies of Democracy!

Her first day in office on March 14 was spent mostly in the public eye. But it included a 15-minute meeting with the deputy premiers council - deputy ministers from across government - after the swearing-in.
The next day she had a meeting with Liberal caucus chair Ron Cantelon before attending her first caucus meeting, a three-hour session.
Clark spent three-and-a-half consecutive hours making "protocol phone calls" on her fourth day in office, and followed those telephone calls with a half-hour private session with Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson.
Phil Hochstein and Kurt Krampl, of the Independent Contractors and Businesses Association, got a private half-hour meeting with the premier in her second week in office.
There was also a 90-minute session with the First Nations Leadership Council that week, along with a twohour health briefing with some senior civil servants.
Clark also had 15 minutes with business leader Brad Bennett. Three weeks later, at the Liberal convention in Penticton, Bennett was introduced as a member of the party's election readiness committee.
Clark's schedule for Monday, April 4, is fairly typical.
She had an hour-long cabinet committee meeting, via "telepresence."
Then Clark recorded a video for the Premier's Excellence Awards with Counterpoint Communications for an hour.
After lunch, she had a 15-minute meeting with Liberal MLAs Jane Thornthwaite and Mike Macdonald, a 15-minute interview with a Ming Pao reporter, an unspecified briefing and then a meeting with Liberal MLA Donna Barnett

Read more: http://www.timescolonist.com/Leyne+peek+into+Christy+Clark+work/4942173/story.html#ixzz1PEL4nhNn


Phil Hocstein, that meeting with Hocstein was a strategy meeting on how to keep the HST and how to funnel advertising dollars from the BC Liberals to Hocstein`s group

And then there is Kash Heed, a mouse of a man who along with his entire campaign team cheated the last election, Kash Heed is still hiding behind the BC Supreme court, Elections BC is suing Kash Heed, Elections BC would have stripped Heed`s MLAship, but Kash Heed is hiding from the courts....

These are three BC Liberals who are losers, corrupt, liars and useless, none of these three MLAs will receive the BC Liberal nomination in the next general election...

Those are not the only problems for the Liberals....If  the Boston Bruins win the Stanley cup Blair Leckstrom will have a problem, already considered a party rebel and individualist, Blair already quit the party once before the Stanley cup,  the initial Christy Clark/Blair Leckstrom showdown over the Yale treaty, Leckstrom folded like a cheap suit, Leckstrom`s balls shriveled up as he turned tail and ran, rumours are rampant that Blair Leckstrom will be running for the John Cummins BC Conservative party, ...Leckstrom also has his eyes on the Federal Conservative party.

Bill Bennett has turned into a whimpering fool, Bill Bennett won`t go anywhere or to any other party because, because nobody wants him, Bill Bennett the racist is hoping that if he paints nail polish on Christy`s toe nails, rubs enough lavender on Christy`s feet he will be granted a reprieve....Good luck with that Billy Bennett.

Barry Penner is also contemplating running for the Federal Conservatives if a spot opens up, Barry Penner, despite his lack of brains, Barrty Penner isn`t making phony excuses for the lack of court sheriffs and security in our justice system, Barry Penner has been honest by saying...

"There is no money for more sheriffs, the Province is in deficit, the province is running massive deficits"

Not your typical obfuscation from a sitting politician....Barry Penner has irked Crusty Clark to no end.

Even today, Ben Meisner who is aware of how low the BC Liberals are polling, is aware of the impending HST defeat in the referendum has come out with a stark warning to Christy Clark in his latest opinion piece,

"Don`t call a fall election, wait until the next scheduled in 2013"

So not only is the Province of BC broke, not only have the voters seen the BC Liberals for what they are, LIARS...But, the party is not united, the George Abbot side of the party can`t stand Christy Clark, Mike De Jong has no respect for Christy clark, there are more defections coming to the BC Liberals, the party is in disarray, you will notice that Crusty Clark won`t even use the name Gordon Campbell, ...Gordon Campbell is no longer the former premier, Campbell is now only Crusty Clark`s "Predecessor"......Crusty can`t say Gordon Campbell`s name anymore, in fact I have a personal challenge for you faithful readers, ...Let me know if you ever hear Christy clucking Clark use the name Gordon Campbell either in speech or print....

And not only that, Christy doesn`t even use the name Liberal anymore, she now refers to the party as a..

"free enterprise party"

Right now, the BC Christy Gordon Campbell Clark Liberals are polling very low, they are at a measly 35% support..Their core voters.....

Don`t expect an election call anytime soon, Christy Clucking Clark is now hated by most women in the Province, some men may still be voting with their penis but even that number is shrinking, Crusty Clark is like that one episode on Jerry Seinfeld show about "Two-face"....Gerry Seinfeld`s one time girlfriend who looks downright scary under certain lights, ....Christy Clark is BC`s two-face, without her large make-up crew she is one scary looking B....Gawd help anyone waking up to that egotistical mouthpiece.

(UPDATED HERE)     Exactly what I said about deep divisions in the Liberal party and Clark`s running away from  Gordon Campbell`s appalling legacy, I`m sure the NDP will capitilize on what Christy Clark says in Vaughn Palmer`s column, you can read the whole article, I recommend it, but here is a little teaser and a little advice to the NDP...Christy clark is on the record as saying..."Gordon Campbell made a mess of our Province"....Use it, so much for Alise Mills and Falcon/Bond/Bell/ and most other Liberals who gave Gordon Campbell praise and voted lockstep with Campbell`s draconian policies.....What is it Christy Clark, was Gordon Campbell a monster, a brutal leader, an economy killer or was he your "predecessor".....You can`t have it both ways Chrity Clark, praise Gordon Campbell or besmirch him, well what is your answer cluck cluck?.....How many Campbell loyalists are there, but more importantly, how many Christy Clark loyalists are there?...Below is a little cut n paste from Vaughn Palmer`s latest column(Tuesday night late), although your friendly Powell River Persuader had the story first..

For Clark’s unwillingness to cosy up to Campbell at a charity event is illustrative of the soured relations between the current and past B.C. Liberal leaders.
Distance-taking is standard operating procedure for leadership changes within unpopular parties. But Clark and Campbell have taken it beyond matters of policy and style, veering into the realm of the personal and the petty.
He recently passed on a golf fundraiser where she was to be in attendance, much to the relief of the organizers.
Then there was that grotesque spectacle at the Liberal convention in Penticton, when the party aired a commemorative video to its former leader and premier without the man himself being there.
Why did Campbell skip his own tribute? Some suspect he didn’t want to see her, some that she didn’t want to see him. I’d guess the feeling was mutual.
Campbell didn’t disguise his preference for Kevin Falcon as a successor. He’s probably stung, too, about some of the moves Clark’s made, like instantly reversing his long-standing refusal to raise the minimum wage.
Clark has let it be known that she regards him as having left things in a mess for her to clean up. Nor has she disguised the satisfaction she takes in abandoning parts of his legacy

Read more: http://www.vancouversun.com/news/Column+Christy+Clark+turns+down+photo+with+Gordon+Campbell/4947122/story.html#ixzz1PHMUBe00

The election won`t be called this year, Christy Clucking Clark will never achieve her mandate from the people, she will go down in history as BC`s longest serving unelected premier!

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

I totally agree, BC is in a desperate state. I have had a gut feeling, for a long time now. I am not a political guru. But, when you point things out Grant, i haven't been wrong with the way i feel. Everything fits.

What i don't know is the outcome, of BC's future.

Hansen is making a mess of our health care. I certainly don't believe, Christy's "family's first".

BC's environment is in peril. The Enbridge pipeline, and the oil tanker's from China, being forced on this province. Fracking is contaminating our clean underground water. Christy wants to dump toxic mine waste, into Fish Lake. That too, leaches into the underground water.

Campbell's theft and sale of our rivers, the eco damage looks horrible, by photo's i have seen. The cost of hydro, going up to 53% higher.

The election lie of the HST, which has only driven up costs up. Food, gasoline, insurances, are all through the roof.

Campbell's corrupt sale of the BCR, the other election lie, the BCR wasn't for sale.

The job losses. Businesses still closing down, both caused by the HST.

The BC Liberals can look us right in the face and lie, the HST is good for us, good job gains, money we will save. All out and out blatant lies. The media spreads the Liberals lies.

Falcon's threat, he doesn't have to honor the HST referendum, even if we do win. When we look in the faces, of the BC Liberals, we look into the faces of evil. I read Grant's post, on what Campbell deliberately did to us, regarding our hydro. That is pure evil. I don't know what else to call it.

Anonymous said...

What exactly is the latest with Kash Heed ? When will this go to trial ? Is the MSM not following this scandal ?


Grant G said...

BC Supreme court has granted Kash Heed`s attorney request for a delay.

Kash Heed wn`t see the inside of a courtroom until his term as Fraserview MLA expires, and since he won`t be running, Elections BC will not pursue the case.

You can thank Christy Clark for pressuring the courts and giving Kash Heed a free ride.

Good Day

JonH said...

Grant, if you're right then it is the worst possible news for the well-being of the Province.There is no way BC can sustain the prolonged corruption and incompetence demonstrated by the BC Liberals and not suffer irreparable damage.God knows it might be too late already let alone if we have to wait until 2013 to turf these BC Liberal scum. Chrusty, for the good of the Province please call an election for the fall.

Evil Eye said...

Interesting gossip from die-hard Liberals (hey they are my relatives) has given the "Eye" some startling revelations.

The Fed Liberals are secretly telling their long time adherents to discretely liquidate BC holdings and relocate out of the province because the provincial debt is completely out of control and massive tax increases must happen, a la Greece.

It seems Campbell & Co. has bankrupted this province by giving the wealthy a free ride and the ride is now coming to an end.

The "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" are about to visit BC and it ain't going to be pretty.

Anonymous said...

I live in Chilliwack and my Ex hangs around with a circle of friends that coincidentally includes the above mentioned Barry Penner.My wife assures me that in spite of Mr Penner's politics-which I detest-he is none the less a rather likable and even witty chap.Just thought I'd mention it.

Anonymous said...

There is absolutely nothing in this province, that isn't corrupt.

Campbell and the BC Liberals, really made corruption in BC a legend. Christy is following through, with the corruption and lies.

Campbell belongs in prison, for his theft and corrupt sale of the BCR. The trial of the corrupt sale of the BCR, was a total farce. Tried in a corrupt court. Presided over by a corrupt judge who allowed, brain dead witnesses.

Corrupt RCMP, who commit crimes, just as bad as the criminals they arrest. However again, the corrupt courts lets them off. The RCMP punishment is, a years vacation with pay, and a transfer to another detachment.

Elections BC, who tampered with the wording on the recall, after the fact. Craig James, a friend of Campbell's, doing his dirty work for him.

The media, who spread the BC Liberals lies. That is one of the most disgraceful acts of all. The media siding with the most corrupt government, in the history of this country.

What is really sick, the BC Liberals are proud of their corruption, lies, deceit and cheating to win.

I am happy to hear, you are attending the rally with Laila, Grant. Make sure you post, and let us know all about it.

Beware of trouble makers. As we have seen before, people in dark clothing and covered faces. Or someone may try to start a disturbance, so they can call the police. Some of you have been victimized before. Don't put anything past the BC Liberals. They are the masters of dirty tactics. That is exactly something they would do.

Grant G said...

Barry Penner may be witty but he has no brain power, check the blog roll, go peruse the Barry Penner site, Penner is a mental midget. period.

Perhaps your wife could ask Barry Penner why the BC Liberals refuse to release the findings on a BC Taxpayer paid for study on...

Species at risk...We paid for it, the BC Liberals have had the report in their hands for months, why are they delaying letting the public or the opposition NDP see the report, what are they hiding, what kind of spin campaign are they planning..

The only reason the Liberals are refusing to release the report is because it has highlighted serious concerns.

Barry Penner was the Minister of the environment for years, now he is Attorney General...Release the damn report, and I don`t care about how affable or witty Penner is.

I want ministers with brains..When will you BC Liberals release the species at risk report!

Grant G said...

Oops, that would be your EX Wife, or EX girlfriend, didn`t mean to alarm you.

Anonymous said...

Yer preachin' to the choir Grant believe me.I think a lot of otherwise decent people can fall sway to the worst possible strain of political virulence,especially in a platz like Chilliwack where right wing politics and anti union sentiment go hand in hand with Ford F 350s and Tim Horton donuts.The trick is coaxing the whole sorry dog and pony show leftward ho without causing too much of a hippie punching free for all.

Anonymous said...

Wikileaks has said, the N.A.U. is on the way. Harper and Campbell worked hand in hand to bankrupt BC. All of BC's vast resources are gone. The giant corporations own all of them. Our BC assets stolen, BC has nothing left to recover with.

The last hurdle is, Harper wants the HST very badly. Layton even said, Harper is behind the HST. We knew that, Campbell, Hansen and Harper, colluded on the HST, long before the BC election. Once that is settled, Harper won't give a damn, what happens to BC and the people. We are of no more value. We will just be used to bear the load of the HST, to pay big business. That's what the HST was designed for. It certainly wasn't for the BC people's benefit. I'm sure, the referendum will be cheated.

Wikileaks said, the N.A.U. will be started, in small increments at first. It was crucial, to seize BC's vast natural resources. And, they are truly gone. We own nothing, but the huge debt Campbell and the BC Liberals, have left us in. We have to pay them, for stealing from us.

Anonymous said...

Love the comparison of Christy to two-face on the Seinfeld episode. I like this quote about the BC Liberals and their stick-men HST campaign...

“In the current believability stakes, the BC Liberals come off about as well as a teen who – not content with taking the family car without permission and then totalling it by wrapping it around a tree – then presents you with the repair bill and a sanctimonious lecture on vehicle maintenance.”

Anonymous said...

They remind me of outhouse rats. They do well when the food supply is good,but when supplies run out like our tax dollars,they start eating their own. their should be enough drano in them to do all of them in.

Walter V E

Crankypants said...

Your assessment of the BC Liberal Party's situation going into the next election is bang on.

The sad part of all this is that these people were elected in the first place. That is what happens when ideology trumps critical thinking.

The democracy our forefathers fought for in the past has been reduced to nothing more than which party can run the slickest campaign. Companies such as McDonalds and Walmart would be proud.