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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Christy Clark Joins David Mclean`s Mile High Club!

Well well well...If anyone thinks that Christy Clark is ethical, honest or trustworthy are delusional, this latest breaking news courtesy of Public Eye`s Sean Holman will debunk that myth in a New York minute!

Christy Clark`s brother Bruce Clark`s home was raided, Bruce had Government documents he wasn`t supposed to have, his bank accounts were raided...Christy Clark met with all the big players at the heart of the BC Rail Government scandal, Christy Clark has refused a public inquiry, she has ordered a review of the Government indemnity policy but the Basi/Virk case...Which is the only case on record where Government BROKE the indemnity policy has been excluded from the review...

Christy Clucking Clark has vehemently denied any involvement in BC Rail....Christy claims ignorance, Christy is not a novice, she a well honed politician and political spinner, as you know David Mclean, the head of CN Rail who now own BC Rail was Gordon Campbell`s  chief campaign donor in both 1996 and 2001....In 1996 Campbell campaigned on selling BC Rail and he lost that election, in 2001 Gordon Campbell lied when he campaigned on not selling BC Rail, so in the long run David Mclean got his railway and British Columbia got screwed over, we lost our profitable railway, we witnessed a corrupt trial overseen by a in conflict of interest special prosecutor, we also lost out on $24 million dollars in legal fees, $6 million for the defense and $18 million for the prosecution, the trial ended with a shocking $6 million dollar legal defense gift to Basi and Virk, which broke the indemnity rule...

No public inquiry, no answers, no investigation, just lies from Clark, lies from De Jong, lies from all the BC Liberals, okay, let`s just forget the whole thing, we the public must be wrong, Christy won`t talk, the media doesn`t care, it`s not enough Christy Clark was forced to retract on air for lying about BC Ferries, blatant lies, it`s not enough she lied about how the referendum would be run, lied about not running partisan ads, lied about equal funding, lies lies on top of more lies....

Now remember, Christy Clark is no novice, no rookie so can you explain why Christy Clark during her leadership bid for the Liberal party flew around this big Province for free in David Mclean`s airplanes...

Talk about a conflict of interest, the head of CN Rail David Mclean who was the primary money man and financier for Gordon Campbell`s election runs, a man who wanted BC Rail, a man who received BC Rail in a tainted bid with a tax loophole buried in the agreement that will strip away every dollar BC received for BC Rail, would someone explain to me why Christy Clark is taking freebie perks from the man at the heart of the corrupt BC Rail Deal....

 Christy Gordon Campbell Clark.....Same old BC Liberals, lies, corruption, hypocrisy, only now wearing a skirt!

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JonH said...

I can hear Chrusty now. What is a politician supposed to do you know? I just happened to bump into him at the airport you know? The plane belongs to McLean not CN you know? Even though he's the owner of the company I've been accused of leaking confidential Government information about BC Rail to, it's just a coincidence you know?
Really people how much more evidence do we need? Christy Clark has proven daily that she cannot be trusted and in fact is the lying, corrupt and arrogant piece of garbage that many people have been saying she is.

wendy said...

Wow! Always thought she was a liar and she still continues to lie to the people of BC. What a shame MSM isn't all over this.

I fear she is even worse than Gordon Campbell. We must vote YES to get rid of the HST and then vote this corrupt bunch out. Never voted NDP but they are beginning to look really good.

Anonymous said...

testing...having problems posting comments Grant. Kim

Anonymous said...


I have been blocked for a couple of weeks now. I got around it by using my same email and password but use profile Anonymous instead of Google Account and it will probably work for you too. I think I am only blocked from Grant's blog so that's a good sign he's getting to them.


Grant G said...

I have opened up the comments again, no moderation, keep it clean, relatively clean..

Don`t let me down folks, hopefully my arch enemies don`t start with the bullshit again..

Good day

Anonymous said...

It should come as no surprise that Christy Clark has sold herself to the highest bidder - " publicly prostituted herself" for an undisclosed amount of money! Very much in the same manner as our former DISGRACED premier Gordon Campbell DUI.

Given Clarks propensity for pure fabrication and mindless chatter, the lies are already backing up on themselves. Clark just keeps on spewing forth with nary a thought of where it all goes (empty headed ???).

Insulting Clark would be a meaningless effort as she wouldn't grasp the full meaning of what is being said, anyway !

Given that we have a DOCEMENTED DISHONEST GOVERNMENT - it will be interesting to see the outcome of the HST referendum. My money is on the people voting overwhelmingly to extinguish the HST - but, the government will FIX THE RESULTS and declare the referendum unsuccessful !

Where do we go from there ? Do we start demonstrating and striking or do we just accept the fraud for what it is - like meek little sheeple ??

This is where it should start to get interesting and we should listen to just how business starts talking, as they have the most to lose (after the people of BC that is).

Thanks for all your good work Grant.