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Friday, June 24, 2011

The Art of Distraction (volume II)

The art of distraction, a curious course of action, Governments, strategists, spin doctors, Gordon Campbell was an expert at creating an issue out of whole cloth and you bet our lame stream media played along.....

I am of course referring to BC Rail....The strategy developed by Campbell, send out spin doctors and lobbyists to claim that BC Rail is a debt ridden burden on the Province, we know that wasn`t true, it was a manufactured con, same thing with BC Ferries and David Hahn....Take Hahn`s wage, over $1 million bucks per year, BC Ferries are unchanged, same routes, same schedule, new defective German ferries, ...How come the CEO of Canada Post who has 50,000 employees under him gets paid a mere $497,000 thousand dollars per year, that CEO has to run air mail, food mail, post offices, a national mail service...BCers should be outraged(and we are)....

The art of distraction, the BC Government knew Canada post was going on strike and deliberately put our HST referendum smack dab in the middle of it, my own postal station lady told me 3 months the strike was a given...If she knew, the BC Liberals knew....It`s a big non-story, ...We had the Canucks distracting BCers for 2 months, a media driven hockey frenzy designed to keep a flustered public thinking about nothing...The lame/tame Vancouver riot has had a similar result of continuing to distract from real issues...Pamela Martin, Chris Olsen, Rebbecca Scott, Stephen Smart plus the usual stooges Good/Baldrey and Palmer...

Take today`s cutting ledge show, what did they talk about, Pamela Martin, Gordon Campbell, Carole James...Nothing on John Doyle and his demands for BC Rail trial documents, all the documents, nothing on the HST, nothing on the BC Hydro review due to be released within a month, nothing on the BC Ferry review, all these REAL issues have had a media distraction blanket thrown over them...Not one caller bothered to mention Baldrey`s June  15th Burnaby Now column where he called Christy Clark`s 10% HST fix..."Not Doable" snip....

I understand the raging anger BCers have towards Harper over the Campbell appointment, but it wouldn`t matter what Dix said about Campbell to Stephen Harper,...Harper could care less what Dix would say and wouldn`t back down regardless...All that would do is create a Federal enemy, and believe me, I`m fine with a Danny Williams style premier, a gutsy take no prisoners approach, but...One must occupy the big chair first, the only way the NDP and Adrian Dix can make a difference is if they are in power...

Stephen Harper made a huge political mistake, he has outraged British Columbians, outraged BC voters who voted for the Federal Liberals, the Federal NDP and the Federal Conservatives....Harper won`t be running again after his term is up, (not unless his sellout of Canada isn`t complete)...And I doubt he could even get elected again, the Canada post hammer he`s using, Air Canada, appointing losing candidates to the Senate, backtracking on balance budgets, asbestos being labeled safe, and his unholy alliance with Alberta crude tar...Harper is digging his own grave..

What has been on the news all month, any real issues?...Nothing but hockey, now hockey riots, now Pamela Martin, Gordon Campbell....Meanwhile BC Hydro is waiting to rip taxpayers once the next election is over, Translink is ready to dig deep into your pockets too..And BC Ferries...And what are some us blathering about???...Adrian Dix not pulling his hair out over Pammy Martin and Campbell, to what end?.....Adrian was in Vernon yesterday having an anti-HST rally, on the news he talked about the HST and the sad state of affairs at Vernon Jubilee hospital...Isn`t that more important than getting in a pissing contest with Stephen Harper?...Is Harper not gunning against unions, collective bargaining, will not BC teachers and health care workers soon be targets too...Dix must gain power, if not basic workers will be toast in BC...The Art of Distraction, look at the NDP leadership challenge, the media, the spinners, the wrath of Kwan, the bakers dozens, Baldrey,Good and Palmer only referred to them as dissidents for months, they still do...Can`t you people see that BC Liberals and Conservatives want these petty non-issues dominating the headlines while BC Hydro rape, ferry rape, Translink raping of the public`s pockets flies under the radar, what about Surrey Schools, what about operating rooms, what about Enbridge, Fish Lake, what about the real issues....What about the really big picture....Your children, your precious children....

New Zealand had big destructive earthquakes, Haiti, Japan has had big crackers, and last night, an under reported story that sent chills through my entire body, there were two..7.2 earthquakes 30 seconds apart off Alaska in the Aleutian Islands....These earthquakes are all in the Pacific ring of fire earthquake zone, and guess what, we are in the same zone and over due, well at least due for a big earthquake....Let me lay out the big picture...The Art of Distraction....

Gordon Campbell, the BC Liberals, the BC Government has failed on seismic upgrades to our old aging schools, the funding isn`t there, at the pace of the upgrades it will take 50 years to complete! If we have a 7.5 earthquake in BC during school hours your children, thousands of your children would be dead!...You hear me folks..

Would I have preferred Farnsworth and Dix say nothing about the Campbell appointment, yes....But I didn`t hear anyone from the rightwing neo-cons complaining about Gary Doer being appointed by Harper, let Harper hang himself, the Brits will figure Campbell out, Harper is making Canada look like freaks, that too will come back to bite him, meanwhile some are raging and sniping at me, at Dix, others are vowing to vote independent because Dix didn`t attack Harper...Harper has the big club, Dix doesn`t even have a fly swatter at this time....In fact I even read one comment that said..."I will never vote for the Federal Conservatives again after the Campbell appointment" snip...And another commenter commented on that comment...The other commenter said...I`m paraphrasing..

"You mean it took Harper appointing Campbell to figure out Harper was despicable".....In other words, The Art of Distraction...Whatever it takes, I wrote yesterday how it was a political gaffe by Harper appointing Campbell, and consider this scenario, Stephen Harper responds to British Columbian`s outrage over Campbell`s appointment, he changes his mind and gives the position to Rick Hansen, Harper`s popularity surges in B.C.!...Can`t any of you see the positive in Harper exposing himself for what he is? ....And I also wrote in a past post..

 "If I was a parent of children who were attending school in a old brick and mortar building waiting for seismic repairs I would pull them out!" snip

Those are the issues that are flying under the radar, some of the issues, meanwhile some of you are prepared to spoil ballots and elect the BC Liberals again out of anger towards Stephen Harper.....And that`s exactly what the media wants from you.

I`ll pray for your children, please let our earthquake happen on a Sunday night at 1:00am...

The Art of Distraction

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

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Grant G said...

I found this comment from the Province newspaper very compelling, cut n pasted.

Judging by the many hundreds of angry out pourings from readers on other media sites, the federal conservatives may have seriously underestimated the negative reaction to Campbell's appointment as high commissioner to Britain. Were the federal election to be held now, the conservative party standing in BC would, without any doubt, been compromised. This is such the degree of disdain with which British Columbians hold Gordon Campbell.
On the other side of the water, the British are probably left wondering if diplomatic relations between our two nations are being taken seriously by Ottawa with the appointment of a politician mired in scandal and forced to resign in controversy

Read more: http://www.theprovince.com/news/Column+Diplomats+grumble+over+shrewd+Campbell+appointment/4997341/story.html#ixzz1QCeIPyQs

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