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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Where are our fish?

As an avid sports sports fisher I find myself holding back the tears for what is happening to our wild salmon,up here at Pender Harbour we had a fish farm...........And where was it placed,right near the outflow of the little streams that flowed from Sakinow lake,well as time went by our local sockeye run dwindled,they never recovered and they`re gone,caput,game over.......
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Having watched the Howe sound salmon vanish, the pender harbour fish dwindle,I haven`t seen a Coho Salmon up here in 10 years at least.....Being the avid angler that I am,well many years ago my favorite fishing partner(DAD)and I ventured to the way way west coast and checked out Port Alberni........What could I say but WOW,they had salmon,lots of salmon,big salmon.......
In case you thought this was going to have a happy ending well think again.....some years later fish farms started showing up in and around the area,there was one in paticular that was placed between China creek and namint bay,well it didn`t take too long but the salmon return numbers were getting smaller and smaller,next thing we know the sockeye fishing was shut down,this shut down occurred about 6 years ago,anyways,after some pressure from unnamed sources the fish farm was pulled out of there,so five years ago this fish farm gets pulled and guess what,the sockeye have come back,so this year they re-opened the sockeye sports fishery and the numbers were good,so all is good,well not quite,we all have heard about the vanishing fraser river sockeye and the experts are stumped as to WHAT HAPPENED.....Fish farm lice,that`s what happened,all the evidence is there,how can the public be so stupid and our government so obstinate is beyond me.......
One other big problem this season(so far)is I have been a little busy,so my favorites fishing partners mom and dad are having to battle the fish without me,those fish beware,he might be 80 years young and mom might be a little slow on the net but I`m having sockeye steaks for dinner tonight.

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

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