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Friday, August 21, 2009

HST Fraud Exposed,Oil and Gas Edition

Straight off the BC goverment web site,a list of PST exemption for the Oil n Gas industry under the current tax regime......It`s a big list.....lets go



A)amine skids used to remove CO2 from raw natural gas-automated equipment at the well head,processing plant or refinery.

B)bags,filter for exempt equipment that qualifies for the production machinery-barrels-batteries-bits,drill,tricones-blow out ignition system-blow out preventors-buildings,portable

C)casings-catwalks-cementing equipment-centralizers-centrifuge-chemical barrels-coil tubing-compressors-computers-control panels-custom software

d)dehydrators-dectectors,flame-disposal lines-drifts-drill bits-drill stem-drums

E)EDR(electronic drilling recorder)-EDR system-electric generators and alternators-EDR recorder-elevators-emergency gas shut off devices-engines on pump trucks-equipment used to monitor and control production at the well head,processing plant,or rifinery

F)filters-fishing tools for retrieving tools lost down downhole-flame detectors-flare sticks-floats-fracturing equipment-

G)gas detection monitors-gas dehydration equipment-gas flow equipment-gas lift lines-gas shut off devices-gauges-generators or gensets-guns-

H)hand held tools-hardware for use in drilling-heaters-


L)lab testint equipment-line heaters-lines,salt water disposal lines-liquefaction equipment

M)machinery and equipment used to inject substances into a resevoir to assist,enhance or maintain production-meter skids-measurement drilling equipment-molecular sieve-mole sieve pellets-monitoring equipment-machinery and equipment at the well head,processor or rifinery-monitors-motors-MWD-

O)optical sensors

P)packers-panels-PDC(drill bits)-perforating guns-pipes-pipe joints-pipe racks-piping systems-pit volume totalizer-potable buildings-portable toilets-pressure pipes and systems-pump units-pumpjacks-pumps and motorsPVT,used for monitoring the bore hole

R)racks,pipes used in the drilling process

S)safety valves-safety equipment-salt water disposal lines-SCADA equipment-scaffolding,walkways.catwalks.and similar items-screw pilings-sensors-seperator vessels-shot gun equipment-slickline-slips-snubbing unit-software on computers that monitor the operation machinery-solder,welding rods-spiders casings-stabbing guides-storage tanks-submersable sump pumps-submersable trash pump unit-sulpher recovery unit-systems piping

T)tanks for storage at refinery,processing plant-tanks for water-thread protectors-tools-tongs-torque gauges-trandformers-tricones-tubing

V)vacuum tanks and systems-valves-vessels

W)walkways-waste gas transmissions-waste systems and bins-water,natural,distilled,ionized-water disposal lines-water tanks-welding rods and solder-well logging equipment-well meter skids-wireline

Y)YC/YT elevators

Don`t be fooled people,big industry saving are way overblown...almost everything is exempt from PST already.

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