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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Richard Lee could you please clarify your Email

We all know that the Campbell government read the BC Progress board report in december 2008,we also know that Ontario announced going to the HST in january 2008 and subsequently brought it in on their march 26/2009 budget.........
Well according to Colin Hansen today on CKNW with Michael Smyth .........Hansen said he heard Ontario had proposed the HST in january/2008 and formerly brought it in on march 26/2009 but.........
It still wasn`t on his radar,Hansen went on to say that people in the BC finance ministry probably talked with the feds about BC going to the HST but it hadn`t worked it`s way up the food chain to him.....OK....
Hansen said he wasn`t aware of what impact the Ontario march26/2009 decision to implement the HST would have on BC at that time,he further added ......Then we went into election mode so no more formal ministry business was discussed....hmmm

Now you might be wondering why the title of this post is :Richard Lee could you clarify your Email:

Well,after a short visit to the YES HST facebook page I found this little gem posted there,.....An Email from Richard Lee`s MLA office............

In the Email which is (FULL OF) the "SPIN"........It has this little statement......"In light of the Ontario government decision in late may to move ahead with harmonization on july, 1st, 2010 the BC government revisited the idea"

Well Mr. Lee......Did not Ontario make the move to harmonize taxes in their march26/2009 budget?

Could it be Richard Lee that you are attempting to divert/squash/subdue the anger that people are feeling,that feeling that it was not only on your radar but in Hansen`s briefcase,so again Richard Lee.....When did Ontario adopt the HST ? Was it on march 26/2009 or was it in late may? Those are the STRAIGHT GOODS

Here is the link to the Richard Lee Email



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Anon 12.56.....I don`t get your point,could you clarify?

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how many gordallions were given out in total ?