Friday, February 19, 2016

Ezra Levant, Brian Lilley, Sheila Gunn Reid, The Voices of the Corporate Conservative Party of Canada

Written by Grant G

I must admit my surprise when The National Post...Globe and Mail..Calgary Herald and even more newspapers ran to the defense of Ezra Levant....Front page stories to boot..

Rachel Notley made a mistake in banning the Rebel from Government pressers...I understand Rachel Notley's frustration, Ezra Levant lies, distorts and spews bile hatred every time he opens his mouth or keyboard..

Alberta's woes aren't the fault of NDP government, it's the price of oil yet somehow the racist hatemongers believe the NDP government caused oil to crash in value...

Oh indeed, the world glut of oil at the same time China stopped building ghost cites,  shale oil, tight oil, Iran sanctions lifted and boy oh boy does Iran want to sell sweet crude...Every country wanting to sell more oil as oil consumption and demand wane...

Alberta tar oil, mined oil or injected steam into the ground to liquefy buried oil, they all have one thing in common...It's expensive oil to process...What does Ezra Levant and the oil industry want...

Pipelines west, many pipelines west, pipelines east, pipelines south and north to the now not frozen arctic..

Ezra Levant and the oil industry's answer to the world glut of oil is to add millions and millions of barrels of oil into the already saturated market..

I'm not a rocket scientist but that doesn't sound like a prudent economic plan....And..there are no oil companies willing to dig up, dilute and pipe any oil at the current price level...The same scenario exists in the world LNG market..too much gas for not enough available customers....Who is prepared to not sell their petro product so other petro sellers can one...Only low-cost producers will survive in this current scenario..

That makes Canadian LNG and Alberta tar-goop oil stranded assets, and for many, for the majority, that is a good thing...Canada's petro industry is a sunsetting  industry..

However, this posting isn;t about the new clean economy, this article is about how sad the mainstream corporate media has become...Vancouver Sun..Calgary Herald, National Post no longer produce journalism....They engage in what I call "Goebbelism"...As in Joseph Goebbels, Adolf Hitler's chief propagandist...

Postmedia's newspaper chain has been hijacked by the corporate sector, even once respected columnists/journalists like Michael Smyth and Vaughn Palmer in recent times have become irrelevant,,..Michael Smyth writes nothing, no thought, inane drivel and as for Vaughn Palmer, he merely quotes BC Liberal Government ministers, matters not if those BC Liberal ministers lie or distort,,,,Sadly Vaughn Palmer has found a way to lie to the public using other people's words..

As for rightwing corporate media running to the defense of so-called journalism and or freedom of speech, admirable indeed, that is if the journalist of note was a worthy person...Ezra Levant deserves no such rescue,,

Robin Mathews was denied media accreditation and was forbidden to report the truth about the BC Rail trial.....The Gordon Campbell media juggernaut won the day...Keith Baldrey had no qualms in denying Robin Mathews the freedom of speech....Yet all of a sudden Keith Baldrey found the light when it comes to Ezra Levant..

Robin Mathews was never convicted of slander, libel, multiple times convicted of libel and slander like Ezra Levant......Robin Mathews didn't accuse environmentalists of deliberately causing the Lac Megantic vapourization like Ezra Levant did, oh indeed, Ezra Levant and Greg Renouf made complete asses out of themselves

 Robin Mathews didn't call Adrian Dix's wife a beatnik on SunNews...Remember the SunNews network(now defunct)...Their prime-time viewing audience Canada wide was a mere 5000 people, even as Stephen Harper and CAPP lavished oil dollars and Federal Government ad dollars on Sunnews they still couldn't garner any viewers..

What was Adrian Dix's wife sin that so outraged Ezra Levant?...She doesn't have a cellphone, reads poetry and takes transit...Oh the humanity..

Robin Mathews never had to beg on air for money to pay his legal fees like Ezra Levant has done on many occasions..

I don't recommend to anyone that they check out Ezra Levant's Twitter feed, however, I'm convinced that if it was lefty person threatening a rightwing government, or big oil and corporations, along with racebaiting the RCMP would swoop in and arrest the person for hate-speech and racial fearmongering in a New York minute......But somehow the RCMP,  Postmedia and corporate Canada is comfortable with Ezra Levant's hatred and racebaiting..

The face of Conservatism...The face of the Conservative Party of Canada...The face of the Conservative Party of Alberta,,,Ezra Levant, Brian Lilley and Sheila Gunn Reid are the chosen ones...

Maybe a few years ago this would have bothered me but not today, not in 2016.....The oil and LNG industry is in sunset mode...raping and pillaging the earth is oh so 20th century..

Post Media...The Vancouver Sun...Global BC,,,Calgary Herald...National Post...

I'm glad those corporate entities have chosen their heroes, their spokespersons.. ..

Because, for decent, forward thinking modern day Canadians need the constant reminder of why on mass we voted out The Stephen Harper Conservative Party of Canada....

Conservatism, corporate conservatism,..... with spokespersons and pundits like Ezra Levant, Brian Lilly and Sheila Gunn Reid singing the praises of corporate conservatism a calm cool relaxing feeling overwhelms us.....

That and the vision of the Conservative Party of Canada reduced to fourth party status will warm Canadian's kindred spirits..

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open



Bill said...

Excellent post Grant. A very clear presentation of what is going on and who the bad guys are. All perfectly clear.

You write... "Vaughn Palmer has found a way to lie to the public using other people's words."...

Palmer's Saturday piece is just the latest crafted defensive cover for his mandated support of Christy and the Pirates. As always the last paragraph of his puff piece he tosses in a small doubt in an attempt to keep some semblance of his reputation of balance and integrity to his 'job'. Only those not paying attention are buying this deflection. Palmer is toast. All the captured MSM players are toast.

We have a corrupt 1% Ponzi government of lies and a Ponzi MSM of Liberal cheerleaders whose self interest in support of their sponsors fails all tenets of journalism and the citizens of British Columbia.

This Ponzi scheme is known to a growing number of people. The evidence is overwhelming. The bubble will burst. It can not happen soon enough. It is all too blatant and for far too long.

J MacDuff said...

If only others would listen. There seems to be some softening on the part of the MSM on the praising of the Lieberal pirates but then as Bill said, they place a piece at the end that covers it all. I mean Global anchor Steve Darling, after listening to BIV say the LNG window has closed and Petronas is out of the game says "But they want to be in it when the price of oil improves". Journalism, right. WTF. And people still listen and believe.

Unknown said...

Excellent article and comments above. These must be brought out in the next election campaign.

Grant G said...

Bill...Astrom47...J MacDuff....

Thank you for the kind words....

I know as of late my articles have been mostly LNG....

No one else in Canada has revealed, and forecast the pending Canadian LNG failure, and with the BC Liberal crime family risking everything, risking their future on LNG I felt it was important..

With all I have revealed on this LNG scam...I'm amazed that the mainstream media still hasn't got on board...It confirms my belief that the mainstream media is the real enemy here...These BC Liberal crimes would not have happened without direct cover from the corporate traitors,,The Media..

I do like to write from the heart...

Christy Clark will soon feel the heat from The Straight Goods...

As for the media....It is very important that scorn and ridicule is relentlessly directed at Palmer..Smyth..Leyne..Fletcher..

Don't give the papers a red cent, paywalls are easy to breach..Through twitter, different search engines..

I'm glad you fine folks enjoyed the read..

Good Day

Anonymous said...

The MSM is public enemy #1, corruption rules, RCMP, judges, lawyers, courts and governments are all in it together. For anyone who doesn't know the harperman included a taxpayer stocked liquor bar in his multi-billion dollar RCMP digs in Surrey city center NORTH and it butts up against Watts the con and the multi-billion dollar city hall we didn't need and both these groups drive for a living most of the time. There never was a war against drugs, it is a war against the last 3-4 generations of our young people because the cops do nothing about the cartels, shootings and murders and all the serious crimes here, they deal with petty crime to make it look like they're really doing something.

Every time I go out I talk to as many people as I can about what's happening to B.C., Canada and the planet and not one has a clue about any of it. Even my investment 'manager' refused to believe anything I told him and that's really scary. I consider him a guy who should understand it fully to be able to do his job properly and I had given him blogs to follow like Grant, RossK, Alex Jones'Infowars, etc. and told him not to believe anything he reads in any of the MSM rags. At the beginning of November last year I asked him if any of my stuff has stocks in it and he said they all do so I said then I want to sell them all because the market will crash big-time soon. He was furious and stomped out and photocopied stuff for me to sign to sell and stomped back in and after I signed he said he would no longer be my investment councelor because that is how HE makes HIS living. He put me in Mutual Funds which is fine with me because nothing pays anything anyways. I will be moving on from Westminster Savings soon. I then received a letter three weeks ago regarding something I didn't understand as usual so I went straight to a teller to find out what it was all about and of course she said she didn't know (it's not her job to know). She said she didn't think Paulo was in but if he is she will ask him. I told her that I had sold everything with stocks in them and that he had told me at the time that he would no longer be my investment councelor because that is how he makes his living. She was shocked and said did he really say that to you and I said yes, those were his exact words. She did end up finding someone who could tell me what I needed to know. So...three months later he phones me and asks me to come in to see him on Monday (tomorrow) about something he had 'forgotten' about and it was coming due. I mentioned to him that he had told me that he would no longer be my IC and he completely lied and said he never said that. It seemed to me that someone had talked to him about it so he would have lied to them too. This guy is from Brazil so he should know all about corruption and what is going on here. I plan to talk to the teller a few days after I see him and set the record straight.

It's a cruel, greedy world out there. I'm just glad my real estate guy knows all about it and so should they all.

Another great post Grant and thanks for always telling it like it is and for being there for all of us even when you have so much to deal with in your personal life.

A little late but too funny, the pink shirt bully and her pal and partner in crime BIG Coleman make a great couple!


Anonymous said...

Looks like those paywalls aren't working very well for the rags!

Some publishers, unsurprisingly, change their minds. He reports one mid-sized daily newspaper as taking down its paywall "because it had a drastic effect on our online advertising revenues..


Grant G said...

Thanks Jean....Beware of ALL real estate agents..

If you need anything, you know how to contact me..


Steve Cooley said...

I liked this posting. Its content was clear and it is presented in one large font that my 3 score and 10+ year eyes can read easily. Don't revert to using a variety of font sizes. For some postings, I had to copy and paste the article into Word to enlarge the font size.

Evil Eye said...

Good read!

Robin Mathews is a diligent journalist who writes it as he sees it.

Trouble is, we live in an age of grifters, who sole purpose in politics and journalism is to enrich cronies and financial backers.

With the now failed LNG promises, Premier photo-op has now set her sights on dam building, but that is way up North. w

Down south in Metro Vancouver Surrey Fraser docks will be vastly expanded, necessitating a $3.5 billion bridge to replae the perfectly good Massey Tunnel so Cape Max. & Panama Max. tankers, colliers and container ships can travel up the Fraser to Fraser Surrey Docks to load dirty bitumen oil and dirtier Montana coal.

Burns Bog will be toast, converted to bulk commodities storage (coal, bitumen oil, and possibly LNG) and warehousing; 2 new highways will be built to Mission/Abbotsford.

The sweetener for Metro mayors may be that the Patullo Bridge replacement and a rail tunnel replacing the decrepit Fraser River Bridge maybe paid for by one of the big developers.

We are talking $15 billion.

Then there are the Tsawwassen Mills twin mall mega malls which will fail in 3 to 5 years and being turned into a casino/entertainment complex (more drug laundring opportunities for Delta's established drug cartel, and the Richmond auto mall relocating there because Richmond would like the current auto mall property for residential development. The Campbell TFN negotiation was never about the TFN, rather it was all about getting farm lands out of the ALR!

So where is BS Baldry and Vague Palmer on this?

The ghost of Gordon Campbell abetted by the psychotic Photo-op is destroying BC and making it a corporate wasteland.

Grant G said...

Mr. Cooley....Thank you

Mr. Evil Eye...Been a while since I heard from you..

I'm not too sure about The Massey Tunnel..Rumblings in the ledge suggest there is no money available, with coal exports in the tank and LNG dead...from what I have heard..

BC Liberals are merely going to promise that the bridge will be built(soon) during the 2017 writ period...Port Mann corporation is belly up, revenue forecasts for that tolled crossing are off by 60%...Massey bridge harbinger..