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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Death of British Columbia`s LNG Fantasy Meets Whiskey River

Written by Grant G

A much repeated refrain here at The Straight Goods.....When will the BC media remember what journalism is, what ethics are, how could so many scandals committed by the BC Liberal party be ignored by the press, in British Columbia the internet blogger is about the only major source of in-depth coverage on any issue the public can rely on..

Michael Smyth grazes on windblown grasses, a nibble here a nibble there never alert enough to see the big grassy field, one loose straw at a time..

Keith Baldrey has turned into an ATM talking machine, he cant write but talk he can, the ATM reference is to Baldrey`s "extra monies" for spinning stories to the point they whirl right off the front pages...

Vaughn Palmer, the man who asks no questions of substance and the only thing he ever followed up on was a doctor`s appointment, the list goes on and on, many many more left off this list, including Tom Fletcher, he`s been left off the above list because he has zero talent, a knuckledragging beholden to only the Provincial Liberal Government while working on bended knees in Mr. Black`s office, spanking time comes daily like a rising sun for Fletcher..

Scandal after scandal swept away, like last Friday`s(January 30) Superbowl weekend document dump, the Mount Polly tailing pond disaster...

These scandals, reviews, committees, nothing but BC Liberal fraternity brothers and sisters cobbled together(for a price) to absolve the BC Liberals from any responsibility, for anything, including governing, did anyone believe we were about to see a glimmer of light, or even one single ray of sunshine, dark secluded and always opaque is the only way to describe BC Liberal government investigations onto themselves. No longer do me and my fellow honest writing piers look forward to investigation release dates, there is never anything real contained within, ...Oh how I miss our blackballed former Auditor General John Doyle, he didn`t mince words, he spent his entire tenure in British Columbia fighting court battles against the very entity he was enshrined to oversee...Can`t you see the irony, an auditor who was vilified, besmirched then sent packing...

Honesty died that day in British Columbia, the financial overseer, a legislated appointed position was stymied by Government lawyers, given severance pay and shipped out, again, did anyone really expect to see a clear report, our provincial Government is in need of serious cleansing, their road to salvation can`t start until they`re removed, .....We have no help from our domestic media, we are indeed alone. 

BC Rail theft...Basi/Virk payoff...Bollywood scandal..Quick Wins..Burnaby hospital scandal..Health worker firings, illegal shredding of HEU contracts, teachers contracts torn asunder, $billions of dollars stolen through nefarious business arrangements between BC Liberal insiders and party donating companies..Lawbreaking, backstabbing, reneging, corrupt to the point of mandatory jail terms..

From Smart Meters to run of river, money bleeds from the taxpayer while our media wanders around our legislative halls looking for something to do, with journalism, investigative journalism deemed taboo in Victoria the above stooges are left to their own devices, texting each other, talking golf, sports and foods, there they aimlessly roam about, hiding in backrooms, picking gum from their shoes and boogers from their noses...

Gordon Campbell, a serial adulterer, a premier who while governing and married had not only multiple adulterous affairs he had a decades long love affair with Laura Daphinee, he flaunted it, exposed it, dared any BC media outlet to publish the facts...Baldrey, Palmer and Smyth responded by grazing on green grass and picking snotballs from their stuck-up noses..

It`s bad enough that every dirty little and big glaring scandal is swept away from the public purview but why can`t our media report on the failures of Governance on the economic front, as in economic boondoggles, cost over-runs on near every project, their motto should be...BC Liberals, Still not on budget and hell no! we`re not finished yet.

Run of river longterm contracts are presently bleeding near $1 billion dollars per year from the BC taxpayer...Smart meters bled $1.5 billion dollars from the treasury.

The $trillion dollar LNG lie....Christy Clark and Rich Coleman lied their face off during the last provincial election...LNG according to those two bold-faced liars was going to create a $trillion dollars in economic activity, a $100 billion dollar prosperity fund, pay off our $70 billion dollar provincial debt, pay monies to First Nations, provide ample $dollars for northern communities, pay off all crown debt, build hospitals and schools while creating 100,000`s of jobs...

Christy Clark started spouting this verbal insanity in 2011, and today, 2015, nearly five years later, what have we got to show for it....

NOTHING....LNG is dead, caput, every major player has dropped like flies, ....EnCana...OUT...Aurora..OUT.....Petronas....out.....British Gas...out...CONOOC ...gone....Japex...out...Japan Gas Co.....out....Quicksilver...out.....Apache...out...Petro China...out..EOG Resources..out.....And another major player quietly said adios 2 days ago..



The BC Liberal Party of British Columbia lied their faces off....

Since the onset of this LNG scam, (which was designed to steal an election)...We have learned that...Even if some company decides to locate an LNG export plant in British Columbia...99% of all the facility components will be manufactured in South Korea, then shipped to British Columbia...All engineering work if required has been offshored to tax-free haven countries like Bermuda...Energy companies can bring in as many foreign temporary workers as possible...LNG companies will have no restrictions as to Environmental assessments and can pollute as much GHG`s as possible without penalty, and the BC Liberals have made free electricity available to ensure any new LNG facilities will fall into the minimal pollution category thus they will receive $billions in taxpayer subsidies..Even with minimum pollutions requirements each large LNG plant including upstream and downstream emissions would expel nearly 10 million tonnes of pollution per year..

 An LNG tax proposed by the BC Liberal Government started at 7% and has since been reduced to less than 1%....And still these companies refuse to build in British Columbia and they will continue to refuse making final investment decisions until they arrive at an agreement for free gas for export, that`s right..FREE...

I mentioned BC Liberal party insider Keith Baldrey, he`s still quoting BC Liberal liars and still spinning false facts as real data, unfortunately Keith Baldrey doesn`t do a lick of research, that`s not part of his current job requirement, he is required to spin, lie, cheat and promote Christy Clark..

Here`s Baldrey last LNG blabberfest..



"Another important development on the LNG front occurred just before Christmas, Australian LNG giant Woodside Petroleum LTD, bought out Apache Corp`s 50 percent share of the proposed LNG project near Kitimat, (Chevron has the other 50 percent).

A number of analysts have noted a financial transaction of this magnitude(almost $3 billion which includes Apache`s interest in an Australian LNG terminal) doesn`t occur as a mere whim ...



What Balderdash left out....Woodside Petroleum bought out Apache`s assets in British Columbia for one reason only, they had no choice, to acquire Apache`s minority stake in an Australian LNG terminal they had to buy out Apache lock stock n barrel..

Need a little more...You do see the energy company name Chevron in Baldrey`s spinfest...?

Chevron and Woodside Petroleum?...uh uhh...Chevron is out too....

Breaking News....Chevron pulls the plug on its proposed Kitimat LNG plant, the oldest proposal, a proposal that had First Nation support, including the Haisla Nation...

Chevron, like Shell Canada, like British Gas..Progress energy, EOG resources, EnCana gas..CONOOC, Japex..Japen Gas CO...Aurora LNG...QuickSilver...And many more have said adios British Columbia...No SOUP FOR YOU...


Chevron puts brakes on Kitimat LNG project

"People are pretty cautious right now in the LNG market,” Chief Executive Officer John Watson said on a conference call on Friday, adding that it’s not clear all the new projects being considered can be profitable at lower prices......

 While Chevron curbs spending for Kitimat LNG.....

 The company is aligned with Woodside Petroleum Ltd. on the project, he said.
Woodside in December agreed to pay Apache Corp. $2.75 billion for stakes in the Kitimat LNG project and the Wheatstone venture in Australia.....

Engineering Work

Chevron will also continue efforts to secure marketing agreements with prospective buyers from Kitimat LNG in 2015 and negotiate with the British Columbia government on its policies, Ray Lord, a spokesman for the company, said in an e-mail. Front- end engineering and design work will continue, as the companies try to reduce costs of the plant and pipeline, he said.

The Chevron-led Kitimat project is among 18 proposed for Canada’s Pacific Coast to liquefy and export vast supplies of gas in shale deposits by tanker ships to buyers in Asia. None of the proponents have yet made a final decision to proceed."


So, the flickering light Keith Baldrey wrote about, that resurgent LNG industry just buckled, snapped and fizzled out.

Also, if ones reads the above statement by Chevron...Reads the tea leaves..


"Chevron will also continue efforts to secure marketing agreements with prospective buyers from Kitimat LNG in 2015 and negotiate with the British Columbia government on its policies, Ray Lord, a spokesman for the company, said in an e-mail."

Do you see that, Chevron wants to continue negotiating with the BC Government on policies..That is code for more write-offs and taxation breaks..How much more blood must we bleed?

The BC Liberal Government has already caved on the use of temporary foreign workers, caved on GHG emissions, gave away 90% of the taxation revenue and still these energy companies want more..In other words Chevron, Petronas, Shell Canada want free gas, free of any taxation and the Government should be content with some paltry income taxes and the import of plant facilities..
Everyone of these companies will commit nothing until after the next provincial election, in other words, give us more or we walk..

I say ...To hell with LNG, to hell with this game, we will never see any money from LNG.

We have, as a province, a school drop-out for premier, a woman who uses sexuality, her child and rancorous verbiage as her tools for negotiations, what a complete embarrassment she is, bad jokes and her serious(in her mind) utterances...British Columbia considering posting ads in the Fort McMurray airport urging BC workers to return to British Columbia for LNG jobs..
What Jobs Christy?

Is this a nightmare, a bad dream, a fantasy, what say you BC Media..any real thoughts, or just more spin, more repeating industry echo chamber rumors, more grazing on grassy fields..

Not one loud word about Chevron bailing out, a superbowl Friday take out the trash article on the ongoing demise of any viable LNG industry and the Mount Polley whitewash, a double feature. ...Superbowl weekend, a Friday special...There is no point investigating anything, it would be cheaper to accept blank pages, spending fortunes for bafflegab reports that never ever find fault is an exercise in futility..
Absolutely shameful..

The next goal of our BC Liberal appointed media is to push forward on the farce known as Site C dam..

The flushing of $15 billion dollars down the toilet....$15 billion dollars for power to facilitate a mythical LNG welfare industry..

$15 billion dollars, flooding of lands, destroying farmland and livelihoods all for the sake of winning the next election..

$15 billion dollars for a scant bit of electricity when we can create more clean power for 1/10 of that cost...

Our BC Media.....They will cite Gordon Campbell`s clean energy act as reason to expend $15 billion dollars on a dam, the clean energy act, a Gordon Campbell bill that is costing British Columbia over $1 billion dollars per year in electricity losses, buying high while selling low...A bill that enriched hundreds of BC Liberal insiders...

Gordon Campbell`s Clean Energy Act will be cited as the reason British Columbia must spend 10 times as much for power ....When we could build this...Save land, not have to flood 30,000 acres, save British Columbia over $13 billion dollars..

No, Keith Baldrey and Vaughn Palmer, Sean Leslie and Tom Fletcher will never go against Gordon Campbell`s clean energy act, IPP private power is draining a $billion dollars per year from BC`s coffers..

Keith Baldrey, Vaughn Palmer, and Sean Leslie promoted Gordon Campbell`s private power rip-off...They argued against many, John  Calvert, The Straight Goods, Rafe Mair and many more, they claimed it was ideology, public versus private, now the IPP private power money bleeds from the taxpayer hands year in year out.....

Our BC Media has never, ever admitted they were wrong...

Lift carpet, sweep dirt underneath, shuffle feet, text each other and go pick noses....The daily routine for British Columbia`s legislative reporting.......Gang!

From a corrupt Gordon Campbell to a dimwitted IQ deficient valley girl named Christy Clark, the girl who never grew up....

Too bad British Columbia has no professional media and no government opposition party, we only have Danielle Smith disguised as John Horgan to fight for the people..God Help Us All...

It`s Enough to make one turn to drink....Whiskey River take me home.

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

While a number of First Nations bands remain firmly opposed to LNG projects and pipelines, this spate of agreements may signal that opposition may be waning in the face of being able to partner in lucrative agreements for First Nations members.
Another important development on the LNG front occurred just before Christmas. Australian LNG giant Woodside Petroleum Ltd. bought out Apache Corp.'s 50 per cent share of the proposed LNG project near Kitimat (Chevron has the other 50 per cent).
A number of analysts have noted a financial transaction of this magnitude (almost $3 billion, which includes Apache's interest in an Australian LNG terminal) doesn't occur as a mere whim, and may indicate the Kitimat project is closer to a final investment decision than many may have thought.
- See more at: http://www.burnabynow.com/opinion/columnists/lng-may-have-a-future-in-b-c-after-all-1.1728198#sthash.U7zAAzD0.dpuf
While a number of First Nations bands remain firmly opposed to LNG projects and pipelines, this spate of agreements may signal that opposition may be waning in the face of being able to partner in lucrative agreements for First Nations members.
Another important development on the LNG front occurred just before Christmas. Australian LNG giant Woodside Petroleum Ltd. bought out Apache Corp.'s 50 per cent share of the proposed LNG project near Kitimat (Chevron has the other 50 per cent).
A number of analysts have noted a financial transaction of this magnitude (almost $3 billion, which includes Apache's interest in an Australian LNG terminal) doesn't occur as a mere whim, and may indicate the Kitimat project is closer to a final investment decision than many may have thought.
Finally, the head of the B.C. LNG Alliance, David Keane, has pointed out a decision to invest in LNG is not going to be based on the price of energy today. He told me these are long-term investment decisions, and that "supply gaps" of energy need to be filled over the next 30 or 40 years.
- See more at: http://www.burnabynow.com/opinion/columnists/lng-may-have-a-future-in-b-c-after-all-1.1728198#sthash.U7zAAzD0.dpuf


Jon Ghun said...

Ah, there it is: The bracing truth!

Thanks for being here. It's just not the same when you're gone.

The masonic $indicate has got the place by the throat and i'm afraid we're going to have to go medieval and revolt if we ever want to get free and be sane again.

The massive debt, collapsing energy exports, and falling housing prices are going to drag this place down into a crisis before long, and then the hard work really starts. A wholesale sell-off of public assets and crippling austerity are right around the corner. Won't surprise me at all if the liberals ransack the place and then take a dive in order to stick Horgan with the bill after the next election.

Greeks are giving lessons in how democracy can work these days. They are trying to get themselves out from underneath the thumb of their oppressors, and it's long past time that we did so too.

Stay strong and never give up.

Things are about to get real.

Hugh said...

Is it all about declining energy return on energy investment? LNG export is low (or negative) EROEI.

Also I think it's about the supposed need to Grow the Economy Infinitely.

Govt is DESPERATE to grow the economy, in order to keep the ponzi financial system going.

That explains their LNG-Fervour.

Hugh said...

WTF is going on.


Anonymous said...

Even bc est for mW is 38 to 42

Anonymous said...

My dear Grant,

As usual not anything I can add cuz you always cover everything so well and in a way everyone can understand.

I did read somewhere! that the illuminati/1% criminals will own most of the wealth on the planet by 2016. 2015 will be horrific also.

To quote Jon Ghun 'Thanks for being here for us,it's just not the same when you're gone (for 18 days), I counted 'em and checked in every day to see if you were back. I was so worried because of your home in Garden Bay being torched and your 3 murdered cats. Also worried they may do the same at your mom's house when you and your mom are asleep. Anyway I am soooo relieved you are both OK and you are back doing what you do best.

Hugs, Jean

Anonymous said...

As far as I am ware, Christy Clark did not graduate from either the Sorbonne or Edinburgh.
Maybe I missed it but I don't think so, as the world would have known about it.
So, the newspapers were deliberately misleading the public back then too.


Anonymous said...


Merv Ritchie said...

Thank you - Thank you - Thank you - We reposted this on our facebook page and the shares and likes are taking off along with the accolades for your insight. As for the questions as to what is happening and why - we encountered the root of this problem when we were dealing with "Flyin" Phil Gaglardi and his underlings the Papalia twins, Roberto and Antonio in Vancouver 1988 and 1989. The "Mob" took over BC then as was detailed by these Italians private investigator to Grace McCarthy in a secret 17 page letter exposed in 1992. George Peden died very shortly there after - BC Mary help with some of this linked story providing the BC Hansard links to buttress the evidence of the Attorney Generals cover-up with the BC NDP compliance way back then. No one will expose this takeover of BC by Black Ops type criminals because they do not wish to die either. - Yes Virginia there is an underworld and it has taken over our governments - or should we use - Yes the truth is much stranger than fiction - I know the truth, all I can do is tell it - it is up to the public to live in Fantasy Island as Vanderzalm directed at that time - or take the blinders off and run the bums outta town. - Oh and good luck with that. http://www.mwpr.ca/show6602a300x300y1z/HAS_THE_MOB_TAKEN_OVER_BC_-_PREDICTED_IN_88_BY_GEORGE_PEDEN

Grant G said...


Thanks Merv..Jean..Mr. Ghun..Keep those links coming Hugh..

And to Anon above...Not only did Christy Clark not graduate she was never a regular columnist for The Province or Sun newspaper..

The few articles penned(with Christy`s name attached)...Were written by others...

Christy Clark can`t speak english, her verbiage incoherint..

A columnist...Well...Christy Clark could probably give BC laziest writer(?) Michael Smyth a run for the money..

That`s not saying very much..


Anonymous said...

Back to Northern Gateway and Kinder Morgan ...