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BC Liberals Take The Cash At Swanky Election Fundraiser Hosted By LNG Proponent Wooodfibre, 2 1/2 Years Before The Next Election

BC Liberals Take The Cash At Swanky Election Fundraiser Hosted By LNG Proponent Wooodfibre, 2 1/2 Years Before The Next Election(An LNG Story)

 Written by Grant G

Well well well.....On January 13th/2015 Woodfibre LNG applies to the BC Liberal Government for an environmental certificate on it`s proposed project in Squamish..


Small LNG project in B.C. applies for environmental certificate

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January 15, 2015
(The Globe and Mail; Jan. 13) - A liquefied natural gas venture near Squamish, B.C., 30 miles north of Vancouver, has applied for its environmental assessment certificate, pointing out the project would be built on property zoned for industrial use. Building an LNG export terminal 4.5 miles southwest of Squamish will also breathe new life into the region because the facility will create economic spinoffs, Woodfibre LNG said in an 82-page summary of its application to the B.C. Environmental Assessment Office.


At first glance this seems to be above board, nothing nefarious, a LNG proponent applying to get an environmental certificate for their project....

Except for a few items are strangely out of order, conflict of interest, buying influence, bribing a corrupt BC Liberal Government..

You see, as of January 13th/2015 Woodfibre LNG STILL hadn`t purchased the land in Squamish where their project would be located..

That seems rather odd to, it also reeks of a BC Liberal Government being bought off by the same proponent....

Let`s review the facts as we know it....January 13/2015 Woodfibre LNG applies for an Environmental certificate with the BC Liberal Government, and in January 13th/2015 Woodfibre hadn`t purchased the land where their project would be located..

But then something strange(Not strange to the BC Liberal Government) happened last week, on Thursday February 5th/2015....

On Thursdayy February 5/2015 Woodfibre LNG paid the whole shot for an election fundraiser for the BC Liberal for West Vancouver, a Liberal backbencher MLA named Jordan Sturdy, ....The proposed Woodfibre LNG project just happens to be in Jordan Sturdy`s riding....Coincidence, I don`t think so...It reeks to high heaven..

Especially when the next provincial election is still 2 1/2 years away..

In attendance at this Woodfibre sponsored shindig was Mike De Jong..Susan Anton..Teresa Wat..

The media were chased out the door, no media invited, everything that happened inside is apparently a big secret..Or is it..


A begging they will go....This entire industry is a scam, these companies will steal our gas and pay us nothing...
Christy Clark and the BC Liberal Government need to be tossed out on their asses, what would you say if an LNG proponent was seeking an Environmental certificate in the next few weeks(woodfibre LNG)..And Woodfibre LNG paid for an exclusive BC Liberal MLA fundraising shindig at a private golf course on the north shore, Woodfibre picking up the tab, paying hundreds of thousands of bribe dollars, with Mike De Jong in attendance, Teresa Wat, ...Money to be raised for a no-name Liberal backbencher named Jordan Sturdy, raising election money for a back-bencher, with the election over two years away, and the media was not only not invited, journalist Bob Mackin was thrown out, shown the door, how is it a so-called fundraising event barred the media?...A fundraiser paid for by Woodfibre LNG proponent, a company waiting/expecting a greenlighted environmental certificate in the next three weeks....That is exactly what happened yesterday..It`s wrong, it`s corrupt, it`s influence peddling, it`s buying a corrupt BC Liberal Government..
From Bob Mackin`s Twitter feed

Was just shown the door by . Sturdy fundraising organizer/lobbyist John Moonen at Cap GC.
Here is another source about Woodfibre`s influence peddling bribefest...

BC Liberals sponsored by Woodfibre LNG at swanky fundraiser

That treads very close to that thin line between legitimate fundraising and influence peddling," said a Howe Sound resident, concerned with Woodfibre LNG

The Clark government’s BC Liberal party was sponsored by Woodfibre LNG at a upscale, private members fundraiser event on Thursday night the Vancouver Observer has confirmed.  
“We’d like to thank our sponsor tonight, Woodfibre LNG,” the master of ceremony said, within earshot of inside the front stately entrance of the Capilano Golf and Country Club.
The exclusive event in West Vancouver was billed as an opportunity for attendees to meet Finance Minister Michael De Jong, and to fundraise for local West Vancouver-Sea to Sky MLA Jordan Sturdy.
The next provincial election is not until 2017.

While it’s not clear why the party is fundraising now, Woodfibre LNG is just weeks away from learning if the provincial government will grant it an environmental permit for its proposed and controversial liquefied natural gas export terminal in Squamish.
The NDP’s environment critic said the sponsorship smells of corporate-influence buying too close to key decision making for the $1.6-billion fossil fuel project.
“That just breeds real cynicism in politics.  Who are our politicians representing?  Is it citizens or corporations?” said MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert.
“If you advertise exclusive access as being something you can buy, it doesn’t sit well with me.  It feels wrong.” 
Minister De Jong took to the podium to speak to the “packed” Liberal event, according to an MLA tweet, but he was not immediately available for comment.
Attorney General Suzanne Anton and Minister of International Trade Teresa Wat were two other cabinet ministers in attendance for the fundraiser to raise money for the local MLA.

Eoin Finn stood outside the golf club’s street entrance in the rain to protest the event.
The retired Bowyer Island resident – a former KPMG partner with an international MBA and a PhD in chemistry -- is well known for his opposition to the project’s LNG tankers that would traverse Howe Sound if the project goes forward. 
He said it was odd that the local Sea to Sky MLA Jordan Sturdy would be seeking to fundraise at this time.  It’s in his riding, that the Squamish LNG facility would be built.
“It’s very unusual that a backbench MLA is fundraising in between the election period.  And the fundraiser would attract the Finance Minister and the Attorney General,” said Finn.
“That treads very close to that thin line between legitimate fundraising and influence peddling,” he added.


So let us again review these timelines and facts....As of January 13/2015 Woodfibre still had not purchased the land where their proposed LNG plant would be located...Yet they still applied for an environmental certificate on January 13th/2015..

On February 5th/2015 Woodfibre pays the big bucks at a BC Liberal secret fundraising event for Jordan Sturdy, who just happens to be the MLA for the riding where this LNG plant would be located..

Woodfibre as of February 5th/2015 still hadn`t purchased the land where this project would be located...Then we had the big BC Liberal porkfest and hefty contribution to the BC Liberal party by the proponent Woodfibre..

Still just a coincidence I`m sure..

We don`t know what promises Mike De Jong and Susan Anton, Teresa Wat made to Woodfibre at this all the booze you can drink for free event.....And as others noted, this type of influence buying by an industrial BC Liberal Party donor on the eve of perhaps receiving a greenlighted Environmental certificate is a definite appearance of conflict...

No, it`s more than a appearance of conflict it`s a direct conflict of interest...

One more time with the timelines..

On January 13th/2015 Woodfibre files with the BC Liberal Government for an environmental certificate..They still had not purchased the land where this project would be located..

February 5th/2015 Woodfibre LNG paid a small fortune to host a election fundraising party at a swanky private golf course on the north shore, for the BC Liberal MLA where the proposed LNG project would be located.....A big private event where the media got booted out, everything, every promise, every financial transaction that happened at that bribefest party a big secret...And on February 5th/2015(Before the big private fundraising party) Woodfibre still hadn`t purchased the land where this project would be located..

And then today....February 9th/2015....


Western Forest Products said that it has completed the sale of its former pulp mill site to Woodfibre LNG at a purchase price of $21.8 million.

 includes 212 acres of industrial waterfront land located at the head of Howe Sound, southwest of Squamish, British Columbia, and all associated foreshore leases, water licenses and permits, stands in the company’s statement.

The company intends to use the proceeds of sale to pay down outstanding debt and to further its strategic capital plans.
Woodfibre LNG, that had its application for an environmental assessment certificate accepted by the Environmental Assessment Office, is proposing the development and operation of an LNG production facility and floating LNG storage at the pulp mill site.
The Woodfibre LNG project comprises construction and operation of a gas processing and liquefaction facility to produce approximately 2.1 million metric tons per annum of LNG, associated storage capacity of 250,000 cubic meters, and export infrastructure.

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So...Woodfibre applies for an environmental certificate on January 13 th/2015....

On February 5th/2015 Woodfibre pays for and hosts a big expensive shindig for Jordan Sturdy and the BC Liberals..

Then after the bribefest..err..Election fundraiser 2 1/2 years before the next election...In the same riding where Woodfibre`s project is located...

Then and only then did Woodfibre complete the purchase of the land where their PROPOSED(?) project is located...

Kinda like Woodfibre knew after the big casholla fundraiser that they would definitely get their project approved and thus they decided to finalize the purchase of their industrial lands..

Hello to all you municipal districts, cities...Hello West Vancouver Mayor and council..

Hello Squamish Mayor and council..Hello Sunshine coast mayor and council...

Hello Boyer island...Hello Bowen island...

Hello ferry travelers going to and from Horseshoe bay ferry terminal..

Get prepared for LNG tankers traversing your waterfront properties, squeezing in between all that ferry traffic..

The fix is in...The Environmental certificate to Woodfibre LNG from the BC Liberal Government is a guarantee.......Property values??..Safety???

You know where to contact Christy Clark and the BC Liberal Government..

Good luck with that...

Oh...And your new industrial owner and operator...He`s a tax evading dirtbag..

 The below link is an article about the danger of LNG pooling, as in leaks, and of massive explosions.

Pleasant Dreams..

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


North Van's Grumps said...

Horizon on Woodfibre LNG

Grant G said...

Thanks NVG....That is sure one long link.

Hugh said...

Great, let's take our public, clean, renewable hydro energy and sell it at a loss to an LNG plant which provides few benefits and lots of risk, including release of GHG.

The fix appears to be in.

woodie1953 said...

Lets see ,building a sun deck or throwing a party,to influence a business deal.

Anonymous said...

cng/lng fuel cell BC power

Jon Ghun said...

Nice catch, Grant.

What we have here, of course, is the usual suspects running one of their many pay-to-play hustles. Sturdy Jordan is the latest court jestor to do the limbo with his hand out.

The conflict is glaring but they don't care.

And who are we going to complain to when they are so enmeshed within the system that should be preventing this. Hell, i wouldn't be surprised to find that balderdash, vonponcer and biffy good were slurping up single-malt pops together at the bar that night.

The profit system is killing the morality that used to undergird democracy. We're watching the death shakes, and these people are damn fine with that.
They are all tickled to death with their own power and arrogantly believe they are untouchable now no matter how flagrant the corruption gets.

This government is for hire.

It's chairs for shares.

Buy in big and they'll get you anything you want.

Gassy, crsipy, de fraud, all for sale.

Just don't be slow with the dough, Joe.

Anonymous said...

Merv Ritchie said...

Thanks again Grant - Yes, the fix is in here there and everywhere - Red Chris is running up their equipment to destroy the Stikine River system just like they did at Mount Polley, even after the latest report detailed the design (same as at Red Chris - only Red Chris is much much bigger) was partially at the cause of the failure as was the geology underneath (just like at Red Chris).

But good 'ol Murray Edwards - the owner of Imperial Metals donated to the Crime ridden family at the helm of BC.

But this is nothing new to us up north here - A gathering of all the northern government leaders met and accepted Enbridge's money while applying for their projects approval from them all -

Only one Haida Native community called it what it was - refused to attend a corrupt bribery gathering - and wrote about it. They complained about the same bribery event three decades earlier too.

Merv Ritchie said...

We are partners I see from the link provided by Grumps

Anonymous said...

BC Libs fault oil prices for LNG in throne speech.Not as true?
extra competition more likely

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...