Thursday, February 26, 2015

Christy Clark And Her Paid Team of Scofflaws and Slimers

This post is about a BC Liberal Government that breaks laws, ignores court rulings, a government that has disrespected almost everyone who has lived, and died in British Columbia, but more importantly this article is about the slimers and media that not only enabled this Christy Clark BC Liberal government but cheerleaded their actions..

Where to start, so many lowclass creeps to keep track of..

Phil Hochstein who was rewarded a well paying appointed position at the Port of Vancouver, that was his reward for slamming the public sector, for fighting minimum wage and his futile attempts to ram through Gordon Muir Campbell`s backstabbing HST tax....

Twitter follower counter Keith Baldrey, a brutal partisan government press release reader and Global BC legislative reporter and one of cknw`s three main stooges, keith Baldrey to this day stills claims BC Rail theft from our province and even the Basi/Virk trial ending payoff was above-board....Keith Baldrey now talks on cknw`s Friday cutting edge of the ledge show of the future Christy Clark governing dynasty.....Keith Baldrey like Michael Snyth has never done a lick of research or heavy lifting in any written article...the reason why those two  media bought scabs never research or dig for a story is because they are paid in advance to push and promote a pre determined BC Liberal slant on everything..

They both applauded David Hahn and the quazi-privatization of BC Ferries, they both applauded and promoted the BC Liberal`s IPP private power giveaways, a Ponzi scheme started by Gordon Campbell, a scheme designed to enrich BC Liberal party insiders at the expense of both BC Hydro and ratepayers, the result is skyrocketing hydro rates and a bankrupt crown corporation, BC Ferries is also drowning in debt and ferry crossing fees are so cost prohibitive that ridership for cars and foot-passengers are at 20 year lows, that despite a 1 million person increase in BC`s population over that time frame...

Everything Global BC news, the Vancouver Sun, The Province, CKNW and other local media championed and promoted at the behest of the BC Liberals has fallen apart, even Canadian Broadcast standards were broken by these media outlets to shamelessly help the BC Liberals get elected..

Yes indeed, Christy Clark honed her lying for votes routine early on in life, she left S-F-U- with no degree, a school drop-out, what was her sin that forced her to quit?..She cheated on student elections, she was caught cheating on students elections, she became a school embarrassment and decided to quit, not being able to face her fellow students she turned to a new profession, she found a warm home and welcoming arms....She joined political parties, Christy Clark joined the young Liberals of Canada and become a BC Liberal, a natural fit, you see, a pretty face and forked tongue were exactly the pre-requisite qualifications Gordon Campbell was looking for, he found a star candidate in Christy an appointed cabinet minister in the 2001 Campbell Government Christy Clark authored a Bill...Bill 28...Bill 28 has been found illegal not once by the BC supreme court but matter for Christy Clark, she as leader of the BC Liberals will once again appeal the decision and drag it out through the courts....Christy Clark hates teachers and educators, perhaps because she couldn`t cut the mustard in school and quit, perhaps because she was caught cheating and was a laughing stock, or maybe because her Dad was a teacher...I`ll leave that question for Sigmund Freud...

There are many in the media who claim neutrality when it comes to reporting, a stalwart corporate pimp and political game player is Prince George`s own Ben Meisner, a complicit radio trickster when it came to BC Rail...Now he pumps out BC Liberal press releases, suppresses pertinent data and is a brutal comment deleting information holding BC Liberal spin doctor residing at Opinion250...Don`t waste your time reading there, Ben is an industrial sellout, he lacks any moral compass, his goal is self-serving, lie for friends and hide the truth, a truly sad man..

Our BC Media and especially our legislative reporters...Tom Fletcher, Sean Leslie, Michael Smyth, Les Leyne, they knew, they knew it all, of Gordon Campbell`s lust for liquor and his lust for other woman, marriage never got in the way for Gordon Campbell, he could lie, spin and have affairs with many, including the worst kept secret(besides BC Rail scam, BC Ferries scam, Besides the IPP private ripoff power scam) was Gordon Campbell`s long-term adulterous affair with Laura Dauphinee...They all knew, hell, if I knew, the internet knew, BC Mary knew you know they all knew, they just didn`t care, wink, nod, shut up and the pay-cheques with promotions will roll on..

Rewarding the villains with cold hard cash, Brian Bonney, Pamela Gardener, Kim Haakstad, hundreds of dead seniors and taxpayer funded ethnicgate scandals, when caught insiders John Dyble greased the skids and whitewashed it away, he is now preparing to whitewash the Burns lake Babine criminal explosion away...Anything for a price, including selling your soul..

So many more offenders, too many to list all but cknw as a whole are allstar scumbags, Michael Campbell preaching weekly hate against anything not corporate freebie related, Gord MacDonald, a poor man`s Rush Limpball Limbaugh, Billy Good with his monster-sized glasses of whine and so subtle tepid criticism of the BC Liberals only to always turn 180 degrees and come around to endorsing the Government line, and echoing their stale attacks, the endless drone from cknw radio attacking teachers, every radio voice at cknw rallied for and endorsed the defeated HST tax, mathematically that isn`t possible for neutral people, and that`s the point, there is no neutrality at cknw, they are ordered to tow the line promoting BC Liberals or walk, Bill Tieleman saw the exit door for opposing the HST, Rafe Mair saw the same door for opposing farmed fish...

Christy Clark preached hate at CKNW for several years, almost everyday Christy Clark attacked teachers on radio, ad nauseum..kill button at the ready to silence any critics, she lied as easily as rugs, even being forced to retract on air for lying by yours truly taught her nothing, a mere setback, Christy Clark has lied about LNG, all through the election she lied, about jobs, credit rating and her own Government`s record, without a media to report on or to keep honest nothing was going to stop the parade of lies...Global BC News during the election writ ran BC Liberal advertisements disguised as actual news, complaints by hundreds demanding answers made them reluctantly stop the practice..

Internal BC Liberal slimers, Bill racist Bennett, the Kooterney`s number one slimeball, a First Nation`s hater, a beer-buying for youth in exchange for votes liar, he slimed Gabriel Yiu, he slimed everyone, including Gordon Campbell, (off the cuff) and when caught breaking the unwritten BC Liberal code of conduct he quickly returned to bended knees, in fine swallowing mode, Kevin Kreuger was a real shithead too, nuff said about him..

Brad Zubyk, a Wazuku puke who was paid by the BC Liberals to slime auditor general John Doyle, an honest auditor doing his job and Brad Zubyk(Michael Smyth`s friend) and Wazuku wrote harsh lies about, oh indeed, I have seen first hand the work of Zubyk, an internet troll who lives at the Tyee website, name calling people under many aliases, Luke Skywalker, >Luke..Coolhand Luke, and 100 other aliases, Zubyk who has created many websites, like MR. LNGer..or a website designed to attack The straight Goods and me personally, unfortunately for Zubyk he can neither write or be honest, nor can he attract an audience, a mere paid slime-ball wimp who relies on monies for hate, monies for spin, monies for selling his soul..

Today the BC Supreme court once again ruled that the BC Liberals, that Christy Clark broke constitutional laws in regards to her 2003 Bill 28...The Supreme court of BC ruled that the BCTF get $2 million dollars for punitive damages and that class sizes get restored to manageable levels, a retroactive ruling, they also ruled that Bill 26, another BC Liberal education hating bill that was almost identical to bill 28, ...Bill 26 was designed and written as a response to the first court ruling on Bill 22, Both bills ruled illegal, unconstitutional, not only that but as reported last year on blogs that before the 2013 election the BC Liberal government was attempting to goad the BCTF into striking pre-election for political gain..

A plan that failed as everyone on the left could smell a rat, a plan that would only work with complicit help from BC`s media enablers ..enablers like all of CKNW, Keith Baldrey..Global BC news, Vancouver Sun and The Province..

Yes indeed, this plan of screwing the public and distorting the news, of not reporting real news and twisting the facts was a plan hatched in 1996, after the NDP won a small majority, it was a plan hatched at the 1996 BC Liberal political convention held at Whistler BC...Where Keith Baldrey and Bill Good wined and dined, partied and doped their faces off, all funded by the BC Liberal party, a plan hatched by Gordon Campbell and Bud Smith, ...The plan was, get the media drunk, stoned, buy them everything, promise endless perks and promotions, an organized drunk-fuelled plan that involved print, radio and TV media..They vowed to do whatever it takes to keep any left of center political party out of office..

The great right-wing political party money managers....The NDP in 1991 came to office, they inherited a $16 billion dollar debt, after a decade in power where the NDP Government built, hundreds of schools were built all through the province, the Vancouver Island world-class highway was built, the Millennium Skytrain line was built, and yes there were mistakes too...minor in comparison to what these Liberals have done..

After a decade of BC Liberal rule(2001 to 2013) our debt went from $29 billion dollars to $170 billion dollars, BC Ferries in disarray, BC Hydro is bankrupt, electric rates are among the highest in North America, they were the lowest when they took power, $1.6 billion wasted on smart meters, no smart grid rendering a smart meter useless, except for real time billing, Surrey needs 5 new schools now just to catch up, there are none even under construction..

We have dirty uncleaned hospitals, wheelchair fees, the only province with an MSP premium, one that rises every year, we have a carbon tax that goes not to transit or green initiatives but for tax cuts for corporations and high income earners, we have the highest child poverty in Canada again and again and again etc etc etc, leaps and bounds worse than all other provinces, we are governed by a political party that serves only corporate interests..

A BC Liberal Government that refuses to accept BC Supreme court decisions...refuse to accept even decisions rendered by the federal environmental assessment office, Bill Bennett, the Kooteney racist has flown to Ottawa twice on the taxpayers dime to lobby for Tsesako Mine`s destruction of Fish lake open pit  mining project...A project rejected twice but still he lobbies away...Supreme court has ruled again against Christy Clark`s illegal education bills..(Bill 28 and Bill 26)...The court stated that the BC Government was bargaining in bad faith, attempting to provoke a teacher`s strike for political gain..

And come tomorrow cknw will continue the hatred and venom towards teachers..Vancouver Sun editorial board(minus Fazil Mihlar, he left the Vancouver Sun editorial board after the 2013 election and is now a deputy minister in Christy Clark`s government) will write attacks against teachers...Michael Smyth will continue to turn the dribble on his shirt to drivel on his Province paper column..

Tom Fletcher will look the other way, Sean Leslie and his wife will continue to be employed by the Christy Clark government..

Vaughn Palmer will write more government quotes and call it a column..

Christy Clark will not abide by the British Columbia supreme court, these BC Liberals will ignore the law, the courts, a corporation controlled party where he who pays the piper calls the tune..

Christy Clark will continue to disparage teachers, parents, seniors, she will wink, nod and go to her grave content with the fact she got her revenge, on the children...

And you can thank a corrupt media for letting it happen..

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open



lumberron said...

Good article Grant.So true on every point.I assume these useless pricks will appeal.Just wondering if they will try and get another judge like Basi Virk.It worked last time for them.They'll fight this 2 million but sure had no problem shelling out 6 mil for silence did they.These people are despised by the population that actually reads and listens to anyone but the msn.We are so screwed here by everyone associated with them.Everyone can be bought in their circle.You mentioned Hocstein.What a talking head POS.That is the one guy who should not have kids.He would be a mercy fuck in anyones eyes.He is one ugly man in everyway.Just saying Saloo

Anonymous said...

That 2 million should be paid for by Christy or the BC Liberal party. Why should the taxpayers foot the bill for their partisan political games?

Hugh said...

"The provincial government is looking at putting temporary foreign workers into the natural gas industry to fulfill immediate labour needs."

Grant G said...

Yea, that`s pretty disgusting Hugh..However.

There are no LNG jobs, there are no final investment decisions, there are no commitments from any energy companies to build anything.

And, breaking news, 3 nuclear facilities are to be restarted by June in Japan...With the remaining Japanese nuclear facilities restarted by year`s end.

Japan in 2013 actually bought less LNG than it did in 2012..

Right now there are big energy companies scheming and plotting, political interference in an attempt to stop Japan from restarting their nuclear plants..

It won`t work..

If Japan(When)restarts their nuclear plants the bottom will fall out of Christy Clark`s LNG wet dream.

There is a LNG glut now, Japan is key, BC Liberals are hiding shaking knees.

Your article linked Hugh is..

"Cart before horse"

Grant G said...

"Power companies have reason to hurry. They need to restart nuclear power plants to reduce the massive cost of imported fuel for increased thermal power generation, which has been making up for the shutdown of nuclear plants.

The Abe administration, which now calls nuclear power an “important baseload power source” for the nation’s energy supply stability, says it is ready to reactivate reactors that have passed the NRA’s examination once the consent of local authorities hosting the power plants is obtained.

More utilities are expected to apply to restart their plants. Japan Nuclear Fuel Ltd. also recently filed for NRA screening of its spent nuclear fuel reprocessing plant and related facilities in its complex at Rokkasho, Aomori Prefecture."

British Columbia`s LNG fantasy never even got started, too late.


Jon Ghun said...

It's true that the Abe administration is keen to restart several nuclear reactors in Japan; however, there is an all-importatnt election for the Governorship of Tokyo, which could change that agenda significantly, if Hosokawa wins. So i think it's best to wait and see the results.

In agreeing with your main thrust in this article, i would submit that the whole continuous stream of information that gets shaped and fed to us, is laden with malice and forethought. We don't see what we don't see and we don't hear what we don't hear and we don't know what we don't know, until we see and hear and know it. This is a very effective technique they have and it influences the aware among us, as much as it does the comatose. It's the basic principles of brainwashing being employed here. Repeat something over and over and over, and it imprints on the mind; and once something's resident in the subconscious, it can be activated by certain impulses. In other words, you can be groomed to behave in a certain way and that's the point of all of these crude (given how dumb and easily influenced so many people are to begin with) efforts on the part of the evil so engaged.

i would also submit that we need to get past this wall of control they've erected. We must move forward towards solutions, and soon. We have an over-arching challenge in finding ways around the sold-out media presstitutes and their non-stop barrage of nonsense.

The liberal government and party will implode should we ever get an honest hearing concerning what-all they are doing to this province.

Now i know that all those who read around here know what's up and what's going on. We don't believe a word of it anymore; but the the rest of the good people are being kept in the dark and swallowing blindly.

Consider the simple fact that this so-called government was re-elected last May on a slogan written on the side of crispy's campaign bus claiming a "Debt-free BC;" while they have proceeded to run up more debt than at any time in the provinces's history. That disconnect alone is mind-numbing; and yet, there it is: They won, handily, because the people simply weren't told.

Instead, they're being fed a constant diet of lies, distractions, and propaganda. And if things go on like this and the facts are not brought out to them, to the multitudes, at some point, this province is going to implode and many lives will be ruined.

So, keep up the good fight here. Continue laughing in their faces. Remain unafraid of the truth. Create wholly new solutions whenever possible (?perhaps a loose affiliation of independents make a go of it next election?) . And let's take this province back and set it right again, one way or another.

Thanks for doing what you do here. The truth is coming out with your help.


Elwood said...

Grant, you nailed it again! On a personal note, about 15 years ago I had damaging documented information on matter about some villains and other victims, who I was working in conjunction with, told me to "take them down". That is eventually what happened. A very satisfying moment in my life.

Grant, since you seem so well connected and so in tune with the corruption happening out there in the MSM and the LIEberals, go after these guys every which way you can and in any way that you see fit. It is now up to you "take to them down"!!

Anonymous said...

Bravo, for saying all the things that need to be said. Somehow, someway this government needs to be taken down, before it is to late

Just for the Record said...

Burnaby Mayor Derek Corrigan compares BC to living in a banana republic.

Grant G said...

Thanks Lumberon(long time since I heard from you), Elwood, glad you are in a better mood..

Jon Ghun, I admire your passion.

For The Record..

Yes, I saw that Derik Corrigan video, the man has real integrity and guts, a rarity for a politician..

Mr. Ghun...There are those who are good at organizing rallies and petitions.

And there are those who need to pen written words, I have a short fuse, someone lies to me I get in their face and call them out..

LNG failure will wake the public`s slumber..

They were promised unicorns and streets paved with gold...

Christy Clark had no plan B..

Rumor has it that Christy Clucking Clark wants out, she`s made corporate connections, she`s feathered her nest.

Christy Clark can`t govern, she hates toiling at the legislature.

She will run for the hills a year before the next election, leaving a colossal mess for someone else to clean up..


Anonymous said...

I'd bet Cluck's feathered her nest a few years ago starting the day of the last so-called election. The feathers are our tax dollars and imo 'corporate gifts'. The mafia doesn't let people out unless they call it.

John's Aghast said...

Downright scary!
Mr. Ghun, Grant is correct. There are those who are good at organizing rallies and petitions. Grant is unexcelled in researching and providing the news. Wouldn't it be wonderful to pair the two!
Why can't we organize a paid for "Free Press" to provide this information to the masses! I know the people of Kamloops are hungering for something to read now that the Kamloops News has shut down.
Would it be possible to publish a Special Edition that provided the Real News? Perhaps some other media would pick up on it?
We have got NOWHERE in the past 3 or 4 years preaching to the converted.
Lets shake things up a little before its too late.
If I were Chrispy Cluck I know I'd be feeling the heat and wanting to get my tush outta there before the sh*t hit the fan.

Hugh said...

Run of river horror show:

kootcoot said...

" Gordon Campbell`s long-term adulterous affair with Laura Dauphinee...They all knew, hell, if I knew, the internet knew, BC Mary knew you know they all knew, they just didn`t care, wink, nod, shut up and the pay-cheques with promotions will roll on."

Paul Nettleton who was ostracized from the LIEberal Caucus and had to almost go to the north pole to find work as an attorney, while Gord's roomie in Victoria tried to dissuade Gordo from his adultrous ways, being a prim Christian man himself. Of course then Paul undid his previous good deeds by endorsing the female Satan, Crusty for leader and premier.

I became convinced that the Lara stuff was true when Kevin Potvin published on his Republic of East Van the post "is Gordon Campbell a Made Man?" detailing the Lara affair and many other questionable Campbell scams was never even threatened with legal action and as far as I know the piece is still online almost a decade later. If it isn't I have a copy of it. The rumor (which I obviously can't verify) is that they went to England (his future gift posting from the male Satan, Harper) for the birth of her bastard child to avoid local media attention, as if they had to bother with the local media in their pocket kissing their ass. Laila also did some on the ground research to verify where they were hanging together in a Vancouver Condo in someone else's name.

"Today the BC Supreme court once again ruled that the BC Liberals, that Christy Clark broke constitutional laws in regards to her 2003 Bill 28...The Supreme court of BC ruled that the BCTF get $2 million dollars for punitive damages and that class sizes get restored to manageable levels, a retroactive ruling, they also ruled that Bill 26, another BC Liberal education hating bill that was almost identical to bill 28, "

This sort of thing is sinfully obscene. These creeps break the law, and not to OUR advantage but against us, yet WE have to pay not only their legal fees to fight the charges but as taxpayers will also pay any fines like the 2 mil to teachers. I resent that immensely and think that they, if found in violation of the law should pay their own defense and penalties PERSONALLY. At least Harper when finally having to admit guilt in the "in and out" scandal paid the fines from Reformatory party funds. Of course Harper wastes a lot of taxpayers' money on defending against native groups seeking documents, SenateGate crap and other criminal activity that is the norm for this fascist excuse for a government.

They all need to be in orange jumpsuits!

Anonymous said...

Elect Michael Josef Basl. Eesh!

Anonymous said...

lie free BC?
"cluck buck cluck "on no bully day .What do they do the other 363 days of the year?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Hugh said...

A different level of shitty government:

John's Aghast said...

You're preaching to the converted! The Australians are ready to dump their prime minister, Tony Abbot, over some perceived indiscretion, much less egregious than Chrispy Clark or Gordon Campbell's. I reckon they'd be in gaol if they were down here!
Why the difference? Are the Aussies more political?
I think the main difference is that the Aussies have a more honest Press. I think the Aussies, as opposed to Canadians, and more specifically BC'ers have a better perception of when they're getting fu$$ed due to the information they're getting.
One can only hope that we come to our senses before the next election. Maybe we can convince Tony Abbott to emigrate and head up the opposition. Second best would be a helluva lot better than what we're facing!
I commend your perseverance Grant. Let us pray that it works.

Anonymous said...

Politicians and media want to live like rock stars?

2 percent families first,cream of the crop ,and private schools
98 percent, low hanging fruit ,public school cutbacks called efficiencies,and disregard cout decisions not liked

No LNG pre 2020

Total Sell-Out said...

PETROLIAM Nasional Bhd (Petronas) will make a final investment decision (FID) on a project to build a multi-billion-ringgit liquefied natural gas (LNG) export terminal in British Columbia, Canada, by June this year.

However, president and chief executive officer Tan Sri Shamsul Azhar Abbas has alluded that the national oil company would pursue the development as it has received what it wanted from the Government and was waiting for further approvals.

“The issues outstanding with the local provincial government and the Canadian government have been resolved. The capital allowance will be given, which will further improve the economics of the project,” he said yesterday.

Shamsul said that the FID was in June because the Environmental Impact Assessment report would only be out in April.

“We have until June to make a decision. There is no hurry,” he said.

Grant G said...

@Total-sell-out....Well Mr. Sell out, I wouldn`t put much stock in that statement or article...Because the man/CEO who made that statement is out of his job as of..


"Malaysian national oil company Petronas will, effective April 1, 2015, have a new Chief Executive Officer.

According to a statement issued by the Malaysian Prime Minister’s office, Datuk Wan Zulkiflee Wan Ariffin will be appointed as President and Chief Executive Officer of Petronas starting on April 1 2015 until March 31, 2018.

He will replace Tan Sri Shamsul Azhar Abbas, who completed his contract in today. However, Tan Sri Shamsul service will be resumed on February 10, 2015 until March 31, 2015.

“The Government would like to thank Tan Sri Shamsul his contribution to the Petronas since taking office in 2010. He has been with the company since 1975 and has held several senior administrative positions,” reads the statement by Mohd Najib Tun Razak, the Prime Minister.

Datuk Wan Zulkiflee Wan Ariffin is currently the Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President of Petronas Downstream Business.

The Prime Minister has said that Datuk Wan Zulkiflee Wan Ariffin has the credentials and experience to bring continued success to Petronas.

Offshore Energy Today Staff"


that article you cut-n pasted from quotes this man.

Tan Sri Shamsul Azhar Abbas

He`s out as of the end of March...And Abbas is a BC Liberal stooge..Call it one last favour for Christy Clark..Extand the LNG con job a little longer..

Read what Abbas says...They are looking for money from another unspecified Asian partner???

If the project is going to be profitable why take a thinner slice?...

That whoe article is talking about now suddenly the workers and contractors are cheaper???

Did BC workers cut their wages?? Did TFW`s cut wages..

A flff n puff statement from a man on his way out of his job..


Anonymous said...

Secrecy is the currency of corruption

Hugh said...

"We don't see any LNG exports from Canada until almost 2040, he said in an interview."

Grant G said...

Thank Hugh...funny though, these so-called experts quoted in the CBC article...

All that was available at The Straight Goods site 2 years ago..

Nothing new there, dribs and drabs and soundbites taken from this site..


Anonymous said...

BC log/job export