Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Stephen Harper Throws His Conservative Base Under the Bus(Bring on the Legalized Ganja Edition)

Written by Grant G

Interesting times in Canadian politics for sure, developments are coming fast n furious, special interest groups, the religious right and most particularly the federal Conservative party base are being thrown under the bus in a last ditch effort to retain power..

It shows a Stephen Harper in desperation mode, it also shows a Canadian populous that Stephen Harper has no real values, no real beliefs and no moral conscience, Stephen Harper is prepared to throw everyone who has ever supported him and his party under the bus to retain a grip on power, he`s not willing to stick to his guns, not willing to gamble on a federal election, not willing to take his conservative base and conservative beliefs into an election if it means defeat..

Harper, a shallow man, god, guns, tough on crime, income splitting for wealthy families, free-enterprising, don`t get in the way of the wealthy and crackdown on low life scoundrels, no progressive drug law reforms, mega-prisons being built to house the offenders of a Conservative ideal world...

Everything Stephen Harper championed has been put on its ear as of late, last ditch effort to retain his grip on power, on control, no federal conservative policy is off limits if it means attracting voters..

Sad really, I am no fan of the prime minister but one can`t simply paint over spots and turn them to stripes, beliefs, credo and convictions must be maintained no matter the political fallout, a man, a prime minister, a preacher, father or felon, as people we present a persona, we live and die by our personal beliefs, my respect vanishes when one flips and flops, when one throws their friends under the bus for the sake of power, of control, what does Stephen Harper stand for anymore..?

A vicious man he is, leader of a nasty federal conservative party, expert on attacking opponents, right out of the Republican party play book, divide, conquer, pit man against man, isolate people, promote hatred of those opposed and oppress the vote, how expertly they labeled Stephan Dion, a demure man who couldn`t speak English or connect with the public, a federal Liberal leader who was never going to be prime minister even without the relentless attack ads, Michael Ignatief, target number 2, an elitist federal Liberal who claimed the moral high ground, a man who came across as aloof, haughty, well-heeled, Scholared and pretentious, not a working man, or warm, not a leader you would like to sit down and have a beer with, Stephen Harper`s attack was easy with Michael, the result was expected..

But the times is a changing, Stephen Harper is now so desperate to turn around his impending electoral defeat he has assaulted the voting act, added more MP seats, reneged on his election promises and is now throwing away every conservative conviction while simultaneously casting his rightwing base under the bus, leaving a trail of treadmarks on the faces of those who placed him in power...And for that Stephen Harper has lost the last scintilla of respect I had for him.

Stephen Harper promised in 2010 in his election platform income splitting as soon as the budget is balanced, he called this income splitting tax fairness, our federal budget will be balanced going into the next federal election yet with the vast proportion of middle-class Canadian drowning in debt, in record debt, income splitting helps only the wealthy, the top 5% of wealthy Canadian families will benefit from income splitting, Stephen Harper has run deficit after deficit and when his party has finally managed by hook and by crook to claim a balanced budget the surplus money was promised to the wealthiest Canadians..

A deathblow for a Government wallowing in the polls, Harper promised the wealthiest Canadians income splitting at a time when average Canadians are going backwards, he pledged to help those who need no help and though I do not believe in income splitting a promise made and deliberately broken for the sole reason of clinging to power shows a man devoid of a soul, a believer of nothing..

For 18 months Stephen Harper has assaulted Justin Trudeau, calling him a lightweight, calling him a drug smoking pot legalizing threat to Canadian families, a drama teacher, not ready for the big leagues, federal conservatives with their flagship TV station Sun News, Ezra Levant and Michael Coren frothing at the mouth, laughing at Justin Trudeau, pot smoking jokes, spin, bluster and how dare Mr. Trudeau promote marijuana, ..How dare Justin do that, Stephen Harper, the tough on crime prime minister, mandatory minimum jail terms for everyone who possesses even a handful of pot plants, SunNews Network have thrown everything including the kitchen sink at the behest of Stephen Harper at Justin Trudeau and nothing has stuck..

There he stands, the lightweight, the pot smoker, drama teacher, unqualified, the gaffe man, admirer of dictatorships, trustfund baby, of royal descent, his father`s son, there Justin Trudeau stands after near 2 years and $30 million dollars in federal Conservative attack ads, plus a federal Conservative party television station disguised as a legitimate news outfit for 2 years, every single day Justin Trudeau Sun News targeted, and still, there Justin Trudeau stands 12% to 15% percentage points clear of Stephen Harper`s Conservative party..Harper`s mud has no stick, no grit and now a desperate Stephen Harper is proposing decriminalizing marijuana in a brazen attempt to lure centrist voters back to the Conservative fold..

Laughable, Harper`s conservative base is being sacrificed, disrespected and thrown under the bus in a late ditch effort to stop the bleeding, and yes this writer is in favour of decriminalizing marijuana but this writer also believes in staying true, not in casting your true beliefs aside for political gain, we laugh at Stephen Harper, we laugh at Peter Mackay trying to walk the tightrope on decriminalizing marijuana..

Conservatives are drafting legislation that will allow police forces to write tickets to pot smokers, tickets with a fine, a monetary dollar amount fine ticket is a defacto decriminalization of marijuana, let Peter Mackay dance a jig, let him bafflegab and bullshit, one can`t have it both ways, Stephen Harper can`t clampdown of small-time pot growers, build mega-prisons, claim there is no decriminalization of marijuana while simultaneously allowing police forces across Canada to issue fines to pot smokers..

What does he stand for, the oil industry only, he`s failed our military, our brave men and woman ply the oceans in broken down transport ships, our few submarines are aged firetraps, still no jets being built, transport land vehicle procurement botched, he`s promised new naval vessels and coast guard patrol boats years ago and still we`re waiting on design, promised funding for military procurements have been shuffled to 3 and 5 years out...meaning Harper failed our military on both infrastructure, funding of infrastructure, and if that wasn`t bad enough the way this government has spat on wounded vets, all those needless military suicides and stressed families, cut the front lines while protecting upper bureaucratic appointees sitting in Ottawa.. Stephen stands for what, not our environment, not workers, temporary foreign workers is Canada`s only growth industry, he`s outsourced Canada`s aircraft maintenance, taken away our mail, every country in the G8 has home mail delivery and Canada can`t afford to provide home mail delivery for an aging population.

Canada pension under assault, unemployment insurance and a promised ramping down in healthcare spending, scientists muzzled from coast to coast, scandal after scandal coming right out of the PMO`s office, Harper doesn`t know, didn`t see anything, someone else`s fault just what does Stephen Harper stand for, debt, deficits, disrespect, a dinosaur obstructionist country on the world stage under Harper`s tutelage and I can only ask, what does Stephen Harper`s Conservative party stand for..?

Only one answer applies...Stephen Harper is the face of the tar sands and big oil, his one true agenda, relentless, nothing else matters, Canada can rot from the inside out under Harper`s rule but as long big oil and big banks roll in dough....

Conservatives, Harper, hatred, maniacal, stand for nothing, become your perceived enemy, become a ghost, chameleon, rebirth into a cool hipster Justin Trudeau light and the old saying rings true when you can`t win, don`t believe in anything, stand for nothing....

If you can`t beat em, join em..

The evidence is clear, Stephen Harper can`t bring down Justin Trudeau, can`t label him, 2 years of smear, of how only Harper is tough on crime, 2 years of Harper calling Justin Trudeau a pot smoking scoundrel, the actor, with good hair, lightweight drama teacher trustfund baby of royal descent and today, March 5th/2014...Stephen Harper has put down his boxing gloves and is crying...

No mas...

And with that you Stephen Harper have shown Canadians and a divided country that the only thing you stand for is big oil profits and your grip on power.


The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open



istvan said...

The only problem is that a lot of people will still vote for him. Cons voters are con voters. The 'greens' have buggered up a lot of the NDP vote. Both the cons and the bclibs exploit this. As the bclibs did in the last election ,buying adds in the times colonist promoting the 'greens' in a riding they couldn't win. The 'greens' seem to me to be another right wing party.

Grant G said...

You are right Istvan, however..

Stephen Harper has thrown everything at Justin Trudeau and he still is crushing Harper in the polls..

The last election many centrists voters took a chance of Harper, they are very disappointed, these centrist voters have now abandoned Stephen Harper..

True Conservative voters will not be motivated to vote for the Cons..

The public have tired of Harper`s hared.


Jon Ghun said...

No doubt you're right about this desperate strategy.

But it's exactly what we can expect from these dishonourable, unprincipled grifters.

The harper cons are not main street conservatives; they are northern trotskyite neo-cons with overt fascistic leanings. They will do whatever it takes to win. Whatever it takes! And we'd better face up to that fact; or else we're going to get suckered and beaten again.

Now I know I'm stating the obvious here; but just for the record, permit me to spell out what they're aiming to do with this ploy.

Con advisors are making the calculation that the hard-core con voters will stay on-side and vote for another conning despite this venal move away from one of their core beliefs. For seniors, zio-christians, and rotarians, it'll amount to a non-issue and will be long forgotten before they go to the polls next year.

Meanwhile, those same Machiavellian con-sellers are angling to lure a percentage of folks who like to sit on the fence, to catch a percentage of that constituency of unaligned voters who are swayed easily. By pressing on this hot button, they are attempting to win over a share of these undecideds, because they often spell the difference between victory and defeat.

Even if this gambit doesn't work to actually attract voters for the cons--and it may not--it could still serve to neutralize (at least partly) one of the biggest advantages counting in Trudeau's favour going forward.

Now keep in mind that the harper con government was re-elected in 2011 by only 39.62% of those who actually voted.

In other words, out of a total of approximately 24 million eligible voters only 14.7 million cast their ballots, and of that figure only 5.8 million voted for Harper. Less than a one-quarter of the population actually voted to be conned.

It was the second lowest voter turnout in Canadian history, the lowest being the 2008 election when Harper was able to win a minority government.

So in reality harper only received two percent more of the votes than in 2008 but due to the election system we have here in Canada that 2% translated into an additional 24 seats in parliament which gave the harper neo-cons a majority win.

Harper called it a “decisive endorsement” of his party’s campaign platform; but that was hardly the case considering the far greater number of citizens who didn’t vote con at all (more than three-quarters).

Anonymous said...

Harper is doing major suck-ups to Ukrainian people, Jewish people and the Chinese people, of whom Harper has brought over by the thousands to take our resources and resource jobs.

Christy is now working to have, Chinese culture and history taught in our schools. Christy of course, is just a mouthpiece for Harper.

Harper is getting all of his ducks in a row, to cheat the next election too. Fair Election Act my @$$.

Anonymous said...

Canada is on the cusp of signing into law a free trade agreement with Honduras. This country with human rights abuses of one of the worst in the world. An illegitimate government that watches journalists, gays, transgendered, minorities and opposition activists murdered under their watch with no investigations or convictions. How is it that the Cons AND the Liberals stand in our House and vociferously favour of this trade agreement? That they somehow think that if we reach out and touch them with business deals with that illegitimate government it will somehow improve the lives of the oppressed?
This business at any expense and nothing matters more than money, when did Canadians get to this place?
I for one am not there yet and probably never will be.

e.a.f. said...

It maybe his base he is appealing to, by changing the game rules. His base is well off and have kids. These kids go to parties and toke. Their parents, his base, do not want little Johnnie or jannie barred from traveling and/or getting into a profession because they have a criminal record. its fine for other people's kids to have criminal records but not those of the "entitled".

He also doesn't want the police chiefs in open rebellion, or coming out during an election saying his policies are costing the police forces way too much money chasing, charging, and incarcerating people over small shit. There are bigger fish to fry.

it comes down to money. If oil can doesn't change the "law" around weed, the cities, provinces, etc. may start asking for a whole lot more money to enforce his "laws".

Anonymous said...

Stephen Harper will face two formidable opponents in the next federal election. He'll face Tom Mulcair who as substance, and he'll face Justin Trudeau with style. Tom Mulcair will definitely attack Harper on policy differences whereas Justin Trudeau will go after Harper's style. Mr. Trudeau will want to send a message to voters that he will be both friendly to business an to middle class Canadians. He will also try to appear as the consensual leader whereas Harper will be portrayed as the autocrat. Expect both Messrs. Mulcair and Trudeau to do a lot of mainstreeting in the next election to counter-act Harper's campaign bubble style.

Skinny Dipper

istvan said...

It seems to me that every 'party' has moved to the 'right' . The merchant class has taken over
. 'economists' rule the money .
The federal ndp leader is a bit of a pit bull .So what? Justin is cute but he has nothing different to offer .The NDP has the best platform .We need the bull dog not the cute one.

Grant G said...

Istvan...I`m not promoting Justin Trudeau..

I merely described and wrote about a phony Conservative Stephen Harper reacting to Justin Trudeau`s polling numbers..

I like Thomas Mulcair, maybe he should lose the beard?