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Conflict of Ethics

 Written by Grant G

 {Today November 29th/2013....This article was originally posted January 21st/2012, hope you enjoy the read, I`d like to point out the references to Bankrupting BC Hydro and the fiscal disaster at BC Ferries, this was written 2 years ago, this article is about a dead busted morally broke BC Media, where were their voices and investigative noses on BC Hysro and BC Ferries then?...They were firmly planted up the BC Liberals ass...Grant G}

Conflict Of Ethics

Funny stuff this tepid bru-ha-ha over Stephen Smart being found in conflict over his 2011 year-end interview with unelected premier Christy Clark, ..Stephen Smart is married to Rebbecca Scott, who is a friend and employee of Christy Clark..what`s funny you might ask..The noise being made over a fluffy meaningless conflicted interview when real issues and real important articles needed to be written, articles on Government corruption are punted into a gaping black hole, never to be seen again..

It`s funny because no one cares, the moment I saw, or any half paying attention politico follower saw that interview, it was painfully obvious conflict existed, that being said Stephen Smart`s interview wasn`t that bad and what I mean by that is, when has Stephen Smart ever done a tough interview with a BC Liberal or any elected member of the Government, I haven`t seen it, past, present or I suspect, future..

Celebrating a little moral gotcha moment against Stephen Smart is fleeting at best for members of BC`s fortress of  journalistic solitude closed the public gate on truth, integrity, tenacity and basic arithmetic a long time ago, for how hard is it to put 2(?) and two together..

It wasn`t like Keith Baldrey, Vaughn Palmer, Sean Leslie, Bill Good or anyone ever got a scoop, broke a Government ball-busting scandal, it was bloggers who kept BC Rail debate alive, it was progressive online journalists and researchers who warned of BC Hydro`s coming debt crisis, a debt crises created by Gordon Campbell`s IPP wealth transfer scheme, a scheme that`s still growing today, John Calvert and John Horgan warned of just this scenario...

Calvert warned of the bad deals for ratepayers and ultimate bankruptcy of BC Hydro, bloggers repeated the warnings in numbers,  online papers were ringing the alarm bell and surprise surprise BC Hydro now loses money, our legislative reporters put their hands up and said.."We didn`t see that coming"..

BC Hydro has no real dividends or profits for the province anymore, and while borrowing monies to give to the BC Liberal general revenue pot they have simultaneously hid(deferred) $billions in debt...Our legislative reporters once again say..."We didn`t see that coming"

Campbell`s IPP/Clean energy plan is still growing, costing ratepayers more and more everyday, Rafe Mair has reported on it extensively, as have the Tyee and yours truly....

The looting and debt creation at BC Ferries, that was nothing but more transferring of public funds,  disasters at CLBC where festering sores were infecting children for years, the Boss Mine scandal, $30 million dollar bribe paid by the Liberals on the courtroom steps, paid with your tax dollars, Basi and Virk`s legal fee outrage, the HST planning, was there any major event or outcome or scandal that Baldrey, Palmer or Smyth ever brought us ahead of time. our province has been devoid of journalism for at least a decade and as for conflict, Stephen Smart was but a tiny blip of conflict, let`s take a moment and talk about conflict....Starting with...

Conflict of Ethics

A story crossed my eyes this morning, it was a little thin of details but the gist of article is...

After the world`s eyes left China,  rights and freedoms granted to journalists, reporters and bloggers just prior to and during 2008 Bejiing Olympics are now but a faint memory, those rights and freedoms have been scaled back, they were temporary, particularly journalistic rights, freedom of the press, bloggers are now being jailed and slaughtered for reporting on corruption or crime, especially environmental crimes, statistics aren`t easy to attain from Mainland China but silence speaks volumes, meaning they`re jailed, beaten, tortured, many have been killed and even more vanished from the face of the earth, censorship by fear....

The great Wall of China, not physical barriers made of bricks and mortar but electrons, gatekeepers, keyword alarms and firewalls all designed to suppress and repel prying eyes from the rising sea of truthseekers.

Reporting freedoms granted around the 2008 Beijing Olympics were rolled back and scores of journalists, bloggers, rights lawyers and activists were  "illegally detained and tortured", the group said in a new report.
"Press freedom in China suffered significant setbacks in 2011," the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) said

Journalists and bloggers were killed, assaulted, jailed and forced into exile for doing their duties, particularly after reporting on alleged corruption.
Several investigative magazines were forced to shut down the report said.
Regulations on reporting for foreign media were suddenly tightened, and censorship directives were delivered verbally in order to avoid outside scrutiny.
Journalists were ordered not to report on weekly pro-democracy protests that took place in several cities around mainland China in February, as well as the Wenzhou train crash in July.
Sixteen reporters were known to have been forced out of their jobs but this was only the "tip of the iceberg",

Read more: http://www.vancouversun.com/news/China+press+crackdown+intensifies+2011+media+group/6032444/story.html#ixzz1k8DGE8Qe


 Traveling through a underground Chinese bloggosphere looking for clean data is difficult at best but what I found amazed me, it`s hidden, fulsome, raucous, and sometimes very bleak, the sheer diversity glares at you, nationalism dominates by volume but volume doesn`t mean dominance, it`s a whole new realm for China, an eye-opener for sure, more reading required is an understatement, there are reporters, survivalists, whistle-blowers, the desperate and despot are all there, online writers reporting, bloggers putting sinister puzzles together, journalists risking everything to link the world, to put open wide eyes in dark dank corners, look at us, hear us, see our cause, individuals, saints and heroes being paid only a chance, a chance to be heard by a society that cares, a chance to be heard by the world and pray the world reacts with more than..... :tsk tsk,  now let`s talk about that pipeline and tar oil, how many more million metric tonnes of coal will you need Bejiing?: ..Chinese voices chancing death, persecution and torture to tell their tales and here in British Columbia journalists won`t risk reporting anything for fear of losing a paycheque..

Chinese wave  of opinion is coming,  the numbers boggled my mind...

"Minister stresses importance of keeping public fully informed
BEIJING - The government should better utilize micro blogs to provide information and improve transparency, a senior official said.
In the latest call for Party and government agencies to reach an increasingly Internet-savvy population, Wang Chen, mi

Describing micro blogs as an "important platform" for information and "a bridge" between the government and the public, Wang urged officials to keep their blogs up to date.
"Government micro blogs should provide information useful to the people, such as information about commerce, daily life and education," he said.
Micro blogs are increasingly popular in China, which has more than 500 million Internet users, more than any other country and far greater than the total population of the European Union.
More than 330 million Chinese people are registered micro blog users and at least 150 million entries are made daily

minister of the State Council Information Office, said on Wednesday that agencies should open micro blog accounts to better understand public opinion and to respond to issues of public concern."

More here


The days of Canada standing firm on human rights abuses and journalistic integrity are long gone, energy ponzi schemes have replaced fair trade, environmental degradation has over-ruled life itself, air needed for breath, for life has been sold for dividends, tonnage of toxins has sidelined technology, any morality code of ethics Canada once had is gone for nowhere has British Columbia`s free-to-report journalists, legislative reporters or named investigators risked anything, reported anything of substance, when will Global news tell the truth on BC Ferries or BC Hydro, when will CTV report indepth reports beyond taxis and water heaters....When will CKNW stop attacking teachers, everyday  verbal diarrhea soils the air while criminal acts and fiscal plundering happens, where was the Vancouver Sin, where was Vaughn Palmer, Michael Smyth, we hear about Boss power versus the BC Government courthouse steps secret payoff deal AFTER the deed is done, everything is after, after the fact, after the trial, after the court ruling, time and time again it`s reporters from Eastern Canada that report anything of substance, and even that is slim pickings at best, it`s the internet, it`s bloggers that tell the story and conflict has been ripe and rife throughout our broadcast monopoly for far too long..

That Chinese wave will be heard, you can`t stop 500 million internet users, that`s where the power is, 500 million bloggers, astounding in scale and its implications daunting and as for conflict, yes indeed but let`s don`t confuse debate conflict with integrity and divergence or..

Conflict of ethics, morality, Michael Campbell on CKNW 6 days a week still preaching his brother`s agenda, Christy Clark planted by Patrick Kinsella on CKNW, Michael Campbell on Global news, Baldrey on Global news and CKNW, with Michael Campbell,  Christy Clark who spouted BC Liberal policy and spin in her stuttering incoherent fashion for years, Sean Leslie whose wife works for BC Government PAB, Bill Good who is/was a close friend of Gordon Campbell and neighbor on the Sunshine coast, Rebbecca Scott, Stephen Smart and even today, Alise Mills(BC Liberal pundit), Bridgette Anderson(Gordon Campbell`s once press secretary) on CKNW`s new show called the view, well, the show should be called Alise Mill`s view after Bill Good lofts her softball opinions to hit-out of the parkviews, sad, very very sad, Bill Good spinning for BC Liberals on CTV

Conflict, what conflict...Conflict would matter if British Columbia`s legislative reporters had integrity, for none of BC`s legislative reporters, not one BC columnist, nary a BC journalist have broken or busted anything but a hangnail, anyone looking for legislative reporter scoops will be left waiting with an empty cone, days of reporting or warning the B.C. public of Government corruption and malfeasance was long ago replaced with spinning,cheerleading and obfuscation..

Check out this PDF file on what the Communist, Dictatorship Government still does here, try page 7..

And I found a lot of useful stuff here, the China Beat...

"Canada starts here, new trading partners China.....".(Sound familiar?, BC Government ads )....Canada  looks the other way while China poisons the air their citizens need to breathe and anyone who reports it either go missing, be jailed, tortured or even worse....Silenced

Journalistic integrity around or involving the BC Liberal Government by Global`s, CTV`s, CKNW`s and CBC`s legislative reporters has been non-existent for a decade, more information comes from those who care online, the blog, you know who they are.

As for BC`s Fortress of Solitude journalistic club members, they aren`t in conflict.

They are absent from duty.

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Op0en


Anonymous said...

Harper and his Conservative's and the Campbell/Clark, BC Conservative/Liberals, have no morals nor ethics, what-so-ever.

I find it ironic. Harper bombed two country's, killing innocent victims and their children. His excuse is, the leaders of those country's were killing their own people. I guess Harper thought he would help those leaders along.

Strangely, Harper hasn't bombed China. I wonder why? Crimes against humanity in China, are an every day occurrence. Can you imagine? The working conditions in an apple factory are so bad, the people who go there to work...Have to sign a declaration they won't commit suicide.

I don't want to hear one more word from Harper's big mouth, about WMD in Iran....Especially after Iraq and their WMD. Obama can fight his own, damned battles with Iran and China. Russia has warned, it would be a mistake to attack Iran.

Ever since Harper got his majority, Canada has steadily gone down hill. Can we imagine that fool, attacking Iran? Probably.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for this chilling and damning article on both the house of Harper (Dictator in Chief for Canada) and China.

Harper it appears, will do anything to please the apparent Chinese master - no real morals from our "born again Christian Dictator". Just like Campbell, Harper is getting to be both too vocal and too alarmist. No doubt the hidden agenda of Harper is affecting his thought processes and fails to see the damage to Canada, that these humungous projects will bring.

Time for Harper and the Haperites to be ejected from power - Canada just cannot afford to keep them in power !

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

This story reminds me of Newt and his Evangelical minions preaching their higher moral compass.
Condemn the immoral Dems but it's ok to be forgiven by God if you are a right wing nut job.
Godless Socialists be damned!

Anonymous said...

Come on. It is too easy to pick on Bill Good. People have been doing it for nearly 30 years. I recall when Richard Vogel sued the CBC and Bill Good (as the news reader) for defamation in the early 1980s, his counsel, the late Peter Butler, when withdrawing the case against Mr. Good, said he was only guilty of having the insensitivity of a gramaphone needle. Has anyone ever considered Bill Good a heavyweight journalist?

Christopher said...

I would suspect with the SOPA and PIPA bills in the USA starting to surface , It won't be long before Harper start drafting similar laws in Canada regarding Internet blog sites and deeming them dangerous to our national interest or some other bullshit reason . Then they can truly prevent the truth . All we'll have left are these D-bags of corporate media . Until then thank you and other independent journalists for all you provide ...Cheers

Hugh said...

Cost of IPP power to BC Hydro in 2014 = $1.1 billion.

See Amended Table 4-7, p. 4-30:


Hugh said...

That link again:


e.a.f. said...

I do recall Harper saying some time ago, we wouldn't recognize Canada when he came to power.

Well I'm sure we won't.
The west coast will be drenched in bitamen oil; our medical system as we know it will be gone; more people in prison; lower wages for working people and higher taxes; corportions having lower taxes; and the senate which we thought he wanted to abolish or at least make an elected senate stacked with so many political appointees, he makes the federal liberals look like pikers.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...



And Steve and Christy continue to sell out our country and our province! Don' think I can get any more disgusted.

Anonymous said...

Hey Grant; Don't forget about the new VI or A-channel or what ever they're calling themselves this week....The worst of them all is the Times Colonist, when that place files bankruptcy, I'll be dancing in the streets.
You shout write an article about all the reporters who have been fired, I mean retired.

Anonymous said...

Good idea to re-post this article on our , on the take media. It's not just msm journalism though I fear that has been muzzled. The Tyee seems to be watering its content down to tepid from courageous these days (the hook still is the stronger section on their site), same thing withhuffPost. The perfect example isbCHydro recently announcing the builder of the Vancouver Island damproject...nothing to see nothing to say.

Upton Sinclair said, “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.”

Grant G said...

The Tyee has gone weak, passive, they take advertising money from Enbridge, the tar sands, ...

Except for a few writers there, the majority of Tyee articles are cheap crap, ..

Huff post are always late to the game, they follow, not lead..

Vancouver Observer ..

Focus Magazine are 2 strong writing and strong worded leading outfits.

David Beers can stuff it up his ass!