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Christy Clark Lies On CKNW RADIO, Forced To Retract

 (A reposted story, the real story on BC Ferries, Christy Clark lies on radio, forced to retract, Christy Clark`s defense of the $million dollar man David Hahn, Christy Clark blathers lies on air without any facts, the Christy Clark pattern, dumb as a sack of hammers..Grant G.April 20th/2013)

In 2001 Gordon Campbell took power in BC.....He immediately announced a massive cut in corporate taxes and income taxes, Gordon Campbell quickly squandered the $1.6 billion dollar surplus the ndp Government left him...

The surplus was gone, the deficit for Campbell`s first year turned negative by $2 billion dollars, in 2003 Campbell ran deficits again....Gordon Campbell and Christy Clark then proceeded to break their election promise and sell BC Rail to Gordon Campbell`s election campaign financer David Mclean.......That deal still stinks today, Campbell corrupted the court and shut down the legal process at a cost of 10s of $millions, and for that money we didn`t get one single question answered.  Christy Clark, her brother, her husband, now ex-husband were up to their eye balls in the BC Rail theft...

So now the Province got paid some money from CN rail on the  giveaway, but it wasn`t enough money, the BC Government was still running massive deficits, where could Christy Clark and Gordon Campbell get more money for general revenue?.....Cue up the privatization of BC Ferries...

What Gordon Campbell did, with Christy Clark as deputy premier, as part of cabinet, as education minister.....What Campbell and his minions did was....They created a quazi private corporation, Gordon Campbell took all BC Ferries debt and took it off of BC Ferries balance sheet and put the debt in the Province`s tally sheet(added it to our Provincial debt)....

And that`when that the tricky wheeling and dealing and corruption took place.....I will let Debra Marshall from BC Ferries tell you what happened on April/2/2003.....The below is a letter that Debra Marshall of BC Ferries provided me.

 Here is the complete letter from Debra Marshall at BC Ferries sent to me.

" The government used to own the controlling interest in BC Ferries, which had a book value of $503,178,000.

On April 2,2003, the government issued BC Ferries a debenture for $427,701,000, which BC Ferries promised to pay in cash.

In addition,at that time,the government was issued 75,477 non-voting preferred shares in BC Ferries,valued at $1000 per share.

On may 27,2004, BC Ferries paid the debenture of $427,701,000 to the government.BC Ferries had also paid the government interest on the debenture of $25,879,191.49.

For the government`s preferred shares, BC Ferries pays an 8% dividend per year of $6,038,160. We`ve paid that annually for six years for a total of $36,228,960.

In summary,BC Ferries has paid the province $489,809,000."
So there are a couple of facts on what was done to BC Ferries....Let me fill in the blanks...Gordon Campbell and Christy Clark had two motives, one was to remove BC Ferries from freedom of information, that had to be done to avoid the hard questions and disturbing answers that would be forthcoming.....Also, Gordon Campbell needed money to claim a balanced budget, he had some CN rail money but he needed more....So the Campbell Gang created a quazi corporation, he eliminated BCFerries debt, then the Campbell Government issued a debenture to BC Ferries, ....BC Ferries, with a now debt free balance sheet, with all the assets of the ferry corporation, took the debenture(a debenture is a promisary note, in other words the Province of BC guaranteed to repay any debt BC Ferries accumulated, and the debenture was the promisary note)
BC Ferries took the debenture and did two things, they borrowed money from German banks, it was a two way deal, BC Ferries borrowed money from German banks to which they would buy German built ferries, but there was more...BC Ferries also borrowed $489,809,000.00....BC Ferries borrowed over and above the price of the new ferries $489 million dollars which Gordon Campbell put into general revenue ...The reason, Campbell was starved for money and he wanted to claim a balanced budget....But what Campbell and his Government did was(in my opinion) illegal....Campbell lied and sold BC Rail to boost general revenue, and Campbell used the so-called privatization of BC Ferries to gather up more money for general revenue.....Tricky bookkeeping indeed,  Christy Clark was fully aware of what was happening, as she was deputy premier.

And the pattern with the BC Liberals is consistant, BC Rail sold for cash, BC Ferries privatized for the sole reason of using it as an ATM machine for a bankrupt province....The Federal Government with the $1.6 billion dollar hst bribe...The $760 million taken from ICBC for general revenue this year.....Gordon Campbell and Christy Clark know exactly what they did, and why, Christy Clark in a moment of clarity ran for the hills and clean running water in an attempt to cleanse her dirty hands(Christy Clark left Government)....And it wasn`t until Gordon Campbell, Mike De Jong, and all BC Liberals shut down the BC Rail corruption trial, it was then that Christy Clark, the political quitter and opportunist crawled out of the woodwork and ran for leadership of the BC Liberal party, running to appease her bloated ego....

So meanwhile, BC ferries couldn`t be FOI-ed....The new German ferries were sitting idle, they burn more fuel, carry less passengers, they rattle and to this day the old BC ferries fleet, the Queens of Oak Bay,Coquitlam, Surrey,Comox etc etc get the lion`s share of the work while the German Queens are on emergency standby....

So anyway, I got interested in the finances of BC Ferries, they now have a $1.6 billion dollar debt, in 2008 under David Hahn`s control BC Ferries made $37 million dollars for the year, in 2009 BC Ferries made a measly $9 million dollars, barely enough to pay the interest payments on their massive debt......So I started this blog, I started writing stories, factual stories about the financial disaster known as BC Ferries....Then last year...The comptroller General came out with a report and it was revealed that David Hahn was being paid over $1 million dollars in pay per year, the public was flipping out, David Hahn the highest paid public servant running a quazi private, but sortta Government  ferry company with no competition.....The people were upset...Very very upset.

So on November 10/2009...12:30pm to 1:00pm...Christy Clark on her cknw radio show came out swinging in defence of David Hahn and his salary, and as I listened to Christy Clark lie, spin, con, I emailed her that she was wrong, when she opened up the phone lines I called in to confront her, she talked over me, she discounted my claims, she rattled off the most ridiculous numbers....After her show that day I sent Christy Clark stories from me, from the Hook at the Tyee, stories about BC Ferries`s massive debt, I asked her nicely to retract, she ignored me hoping I would go away...I wasn`t going anywhere, I warned her I was making a formal complaint to the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council(CBSC)...Christy mocked me and laughed....

Now before we go any further...Let me take you back to November 10/2009...12:30pm to 1:00pm  Here is what Christy Clark said on radio...

The Christy Clark show ....The transcript.....Christy Clark`s words...

Clark  "How much of a difference has his leadership made at BC Ferries? It`s a company that now delivers a half a billion dollars in profit back to you and I !{sic} the taxpayers  and don`t forget, we didn`t start making this  profit until after David Hahn took over and started cleaning it up.  So how much is that worth to you? And to me, the people who pay taxes in this Province? Yes, we could cut David Hahn`s pay. We could save the corporation maybe a hundred, two hundred, maybe three hundred grand a year.  And then when he leaves and is replaced by somebody who`s willing to work for less, how much profit will there be left for the taxpayer to garner? Would we be earning four hundred million instead of five? Three hundred million insted of five? Maybe we`d be earning the same amount. The fact is no one knows. But are you willing to take that risk? Are you willing to risk hundreds of millions in profits to save perhaps a couple of hundred thousand dollars in salary? 
The fact is that leadership really does matter. And in the case of BCFerries, it`s pretty easy to argue David Hahn`s leadership in particular has made a very, very big difference. Is he overpaid? I don`t know. I `m not really sure what the job is worth. But I do know that five hundred million dollars in profit back to you and I {sic} the taxpayer, is a pretty good deal.
What do you think...604-280-9898...*9898 on your cell.

And then I was first caller up....."Hi Brian"

Brian..Hi Christy, you know, I don`t know where you get your facts from, but you know BC Ferries has a $1.4 billion dollar capital debt. In the last fiscal reported quarter, April, May and june of this year, they didn`t even make enough money to cover their operating expenses and interest payments, which is fifty million dollar per year on their capital debt. Plus the Province subsidizes BC Ferries to the tune of almost two hundred million dollars a year. Where do you get this $500 million dollar profit amount from?

Clark--They, they return that to the taxpayer. It is on, you can find it in public accounts.

Brian--Yea, well, I suggest that you do a little more scanning and talk to Gary Coons, uh the, ferry critic....Because BC Ferries is in, is right now, is in a financial disaster.uh!

Clark-but they don`t have a fi, they don`t have a capital debt, though. Brian, because

Brian--Yes they do!..$1.4 billion dollars!

Clark-No, hold on, hold on, listen, listen, listen! listen. They don`t have a capital debt. though, because of David Hahn. They have a capital debt largely because we spent so much money on the fast ferries that there was no money left over to actually look after the ferries that were going to work in british Columbia. They had to build new ferries.

Brian--No, your wrong on that. Christy, because when Hahn took over, all the debt that BC Ferries had was retired by the Province. Hahn came in there was a clean slate. And this $1.4 billion dollar debt has been gathered up since Hahn has been at the-

Clark-But he, but, Brian, my point is he came in with BC Ferries that were, a fleet that was, in such a bad state of dis-repair, I mean, some of the ferries were, I think, thirty or forty years old


Clark-They had to be upgraded

Brian-No, no no

Clark-and there was no money to do it because it had been misspent in previous years. That money for the fast ferries should have gone into upgrading the fleet over those years.

Brian--Christy, I have been riding the ferries for thirty years. The, the Langdale run, the island, there are no more sailings than there ever was {sic} The schedule`s been the same for three decades on the Sunshine coast. Uh, they sunk a ferry under Hahn...The fast ferries were a bad design and, and is at issue, but, that the fast ferries had nothing to do with  maintenance of the fleet-


Brian-Or money taken away from ferries-

Clark-Of course it did!

Brian-No it didn`t!

Clark-Of course it did, all those years-

Brian-Look at the convention center--

Clark-All of, oh, come on! Leave the convention center out of this! That`s, that`s crazy. The money that went into the fast ferries was diverted from BC Ferries budget and it shoud have gone into replacing the ancient archaic, old fleet. And it didn`t! That`s why there`s a capital debt at BC ferries. Make no doubt. There is absolutely no doubt about that. The convention center doesn`t have a whole lot to do with that Brian.

And with that the conversation and Christy liefest ended.....Now let me add a few points, after her show I sent Christy the financial`s for BC Ferries, PDF files, BC Ferries annual audits, I sent her a dozen stories and asked her to retract, she ignored me and I warned her that I was filing a complaint to the CBSC...And I did....And...


And on November 26/2009 at 2:57 PM Christy Clark retracted, sort of....Christy Clark clarified and said, on air..

Clark said- 

"On november 10...I noted that ferries delivered 1/2 a billion $dollars in profit to the province,that`s not accurate it to call it profit,that`s not the way they book it,but according to Debra Marshall 489,809,000, was returned to the province" 

There was the retraction....Christy Clark clarified that the money amounts she mentioned on November 10 was wrong, it wasn`t profit,.....Gotcha Christy Clark...And for those paying attention, Christy Clark in her retraction used the exact same dollar amount as in the letter from Debra Marshall(BC Ferries spokeswoman) posted above, and clearly, Debra Marshall admits that the money that was paid to the Province was not profit but was borrowed money handed over to the Campbell gang....And from everything I read, that money went into general revenue to prop up the budget numbers,....... and also so Campbell could claim a balanced budget in the 2005 election campaign.....Deception, fraud, guile, and that`s why it was priority for Gordon Campbell and Christy Clark to keep BC Ferries sheilded from scrutiny and from freedom of information.

Now friends, I need to clarify, there are two levels of complaints at the CBSC..Level 1 and level 2...My complaint to the CBSC council was resolved in level one...I didn`t want to pursue it any further, I got my retraction.

So lets examine a couple of items, Christy Clark was deputy Premier when BC Ferries was turned into a quazi private corporation, Christy Clark was deputy Premier when the Debenture was issued to BC ferries, Christy Clark voted to keep BC ferries free from FOI requests....Chrisy Clark knew(in my opinion) that everything she was saying on air about BC Ferries was a lie!!!!!

For example, how could BC Ferries return $500 million in profit to BC when they get a $180 million dollar yearly subsidy...Second, no ferries set sail until they are certified, it is illegal to have a ferry in service that hasn`t been certified for public transport by the authority....So Christy`s claim that the old fleet was in disrepair was a lie, especially when the same old fleet gets the lion`s share of the work TODAY while the new German ferries sit tied to the dock!
And it was under David Hahn that a ferry rammed the dock at horseshoe bay, it was under David Hahn that the Queen of the north hit Gill island and sunk to the bottom...And lastly, I mentioned the convention center on Christy`s show because...Christy claimed the fast ferries boondoggle took money away from the BC ferry fleet...Can`t the same thing be said of the $500 million dollar cost overrun on the Convention center, the cost overrun of $400 million on the golden ears bridge, $1 billion over budget on the Canada line, doesn`t all of those cost overruns take away from health, from education, from ferries, from the didabled, what is the $800 million dollar retractable roof taking away from Government coffers, from the mentally handicapped, from the autistic, what do cost overruns take away from all ministries?

So folks, Christy Clark in cahoots with Gordon Campbell when she was deputy premier managed to privatize BC Ferries, shield ferries from FOI requests and steal BC Rail  from the public and gift it to David Mclean and CN Rail....
And it was then friends after I forced Christy Clark to retract on air that Nick Ozinsky(He runs the controls at cknw) and Christy Clark banned me from her show, when I called in to cknw when they were giving Olympic tickets away, when I won, Nick Ozinsky, with Christy Clark screaming in the background told me to "Fuck off" and never call them again, and it wasn`t until I contacted Tom Plasteras(program manager for cknw) and told him the story did I get my prize, but I did not get Olympic tickets, I heard through my sources that Christy clark was stomping her feet and freaking out over Tom Plasteras honoring the contest and my Olympic tickets....Well, we know what happened next, I got tickets to see Don Rickles at the River Rock casino in May of 2010 and not tickets to the opening night at Molson Hockey house...Christy Clark got her small vindictive victory, .....So be it, I will win the war Christy!

So lastly, Sean Holman had posted an article that no complaints were made against Christy Clark at the CBSC, that is completely false, the CBSC hold newcasters in different regard than opinion talk shows...In other words folks, talk radio hosts can get away with mis-information, it`s almost impossible to prove that a radio talk show host is deliberately lying, so as for Sean Holman`s assertion that there are no complaints, he must be talking about level 2 complaints and has failed to find out how many complaints were REGISTERED against Christy Clark, regardless of that outcome, perhaps that information isn`t available, although I doubt it because they kept my complaint on file!....Take a look at Christy`s retraction, vague, she admitted there was no profit delivered to the people or Province, I got my remedy and didn`t pursue the complaint any further(level 2)....I received the complete transcript today for Christy`s radio show...The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council sent me the transcript today with all the dirty details!...From a Solange Courteau...Communications coordinator at CBSC....In fact friends, the CBSC did a little of their own research on BC Ferries and this is what the CBSC secretariat said about BC Ferries in their hard copy they sent me..

CBSC-...This is wild stuff folks....Here is what they said..The CBSC secretariat`s cursory research reveals that BC Ferries has a rather convoluted financing structure. BC Ferries is technically a private company , but the Provincial crown(through the BC Ferry authority) holds the single voting share in the company, In addition, the Government hold the non-voting preferred shares in the company, provides subsidies in the form of service fees to BC Ferries and holds a debenture against the company`s assets. snip

Even the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council calls the BC Ferries financial arrangement.."CONVOLUTED"

But....What makes the Christy Clark lie so much more offensive is.....There was no profit anywhere near that amount, BCFerries from 2004 to 2010 combined all years did not make anywhere near $500 million dollars! And..

Chrisy Clark was deputy Premier to gordon Campbell when the debenture was issued to BC ferries, Christy Clark was deputy premier when BC Ferries was removed from freedom of information requests, Christy clark, her brother, her ex-husband were all there for the BC Rail fraud...Christy is up to her eyeballs in dirty corrupt Campbell Government deals to insiders!

Believe me friends, Christy Ckuck Cluck Clark is no new Sensation, stale bread with a pasted smile!

And for the complete BC Ferry-Gordon Campbell scam and debenture smoke and mirror money laundering operation story, read this..

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Can't we (someone) take out a full-page ad in one othe so-called Newspapers so those who don't read blogs are aware of the lies, deceit, subterfuge, theft, collusion, etc. these purported "Leaders" have promulgated?

Anonymous said...

I will donate to that cause

Grant G said...

Amazing isn`t it, if this was Adrian Dix lying on air and having to retract there would be a BC Liberal attack ad on it..

So funny, right after that radio episode I sent Christy Clark BC Ferry financials proving BC Ferries was in debt, I warned her to retract, I gave her 5 days to respond to my complaints, she blew me off..

That was her mistake, Christy Clark was so used to lying with no consequences resulting..

Well, she paid a heavy price for messing with me..

I`m the only one in the Province who actually made Christy Clark retract for lying....

Just contrast what Christy Clark said that day about BC Ferries, and that of the reality of what financial shape BC Ferries is actually in.

Funny stuff, that`s why Christy Clark went after me 2 years ago, online and in real life, ALA the Wazuku smear machine and Brad Zubyk.

I`m still here, very soon Christy Clark will be gone.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait until this bunch is voted out. It's been a dismal, sorry chapter in this province's history.

Paul said...

Bill Good happily announced during his 'Cutting Edge of the Ledge' segment on Friday that he would be hosting Christy Clark for a whole hour from 08:30 - 09:30 this coming Monday (April 22).

He sounded like a proud father when he made the announcement.

I wonder what the rest of the CKNW staff are going to feel like watching her strut in like she owns the place after dumping all over their bread and butter at last summer's BC Liberal BBQ.

I was listening to News1130 in the bathroom tonight and they also announced that she would be on their station on Monday night.

Grant G said...

Thanks Paul..It doesn`t matter at this point..

Christy is trying so hard to make everyone like her.

Christy isn`t real, LNG revenues arn`t real, BC Liberal record is real, the upcoming deposing of a corpo-facist Government will be real too.

cknw shouldn`t have Christy Clark on air before the election and or before the radio deabate..Not without extending the offer to Adrian Dix.


Anonymous said...

The evil the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals have done, to this province and the people, is actually very sickening.

Nor do we forget Harper's part in this corruption and evil. Harper is the Mafia boss, as to my thinking. He is doing the same to Canada, as the BC Liberals have done to BC.

Rumor has it. With FIPA, comes the Chinese taking the timber and the mines, on Vancouver Island? F.N. people say, if they block China? China will sue Canada because, Harper's Omnibus Bill, gives China permission to do so.

The FIPA vote is on Monday, is it not?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I'm a reasonably intelligent ferry user but still confused. BC Ferries' financial hijinx are obviously so convoluted that any public exposure of this longwinded scandal must use good graphics and diagrams, not just words, to reveal the entire plumbing scheme of political corruption.

debris54 said...

there is a player left out here.. which is fine, as he doesn't necessarily have anything direct to do with this particular story. However, when mentioning who runs the province, NOT mentioning Jimmy Pattison in some context is extrememly detrimental.

Grant G said...

@ Jay H....Your comment was off topic and will not be published, this Factual article is about Christy Clark lying and getting caught

Grant G said...