Friday, April 12, 2013

Christy Clark, Canada`s Newest Federal Conservative

Sweet justice, karma, incompetence, missed opportunity, misguided, advisers from a Conservative hell-hole, whichever line you like, my smile beams from ear to ear..

What a great NDP fiscal plan, what timing, small tax hikes on big corporations(overdue), and the one demographic that still supports the corrupt BC liberals is the well-to-do rich fat cats, they will see an income tax increase.... Broadening the base of the carbon tax to include big oil and gas flaring LNG companies is fantastic too, we get ripped off at the pump no matter what the barrel price, if the barrel price rises we see an increase 5 minutes later, if barrel price falls and stays down maybe a month later the pump price trickles down, maybe...

And as for a 3% capital tax on the big banks, what beautiful timing, these financial beasts are reaping record profits every quarter and as of late front page stories abound about RBC selling out Canadian workers for cheaper Indian employees, RBC actually had the employees training their own replacements,

A mere 2% of British Columbia workers make over $150,000 per year, the NDP`s budget is golden, it`s what BCers want, a fairness budget that improves life for the masses, Mike De Jong and the BC Liberals are furious, and more, I heard through the grapevine that the BC Liberals were planning on increasing the labour tax credit for the movie industry during the writ period, the NDP stole their thunder in a preemptive strike, and as per usual when the NDP announced increasing the labour tax credit for the film industry Christy Clark started chirping and clucking(before thinking) about how awful this move was, her mouth again put the BC Liberals in a box, after Christy Clark started bleating and beating the drum against the movie and film industry any chance of matching or copying the NDP platform on this item flew out the window...Absolutely priceless..

For the last year the BC Liberals have been screaming at the NDP to release a budget, now that they have released their budget the BC Liberals are screaming even louder, if the NDP`s budget was as bad as Mike De Jong claimed he would have said nothing at all, and the entire Liberal party would be rubbing their hands together with glee..

With most BCers drowning in debt no one will feel sorry for those high income earners, with big oil gouging the little guy at the pump, no one will cry for Chevron either, record bank profits at all Canadian banks every quarter, for years and years, no one will weep for RBC...Priceless, a budget released at the perfect time, a budget targeting those that can afford it, poll after poll wanted banks and corporates to pay their fair share.

Have a look at the above picture, Christy Clark under advisement of her handlers threw her federal Liberal roots under the bus and embraced Stephen Harper, and embraced Stephen Harper at the exact time his star turned black hole, Christy Claimed to be a born-again fiscal Conservative, a free enterpriser...She brought in Sara the gum, Ken the groper, the leaky Greek, she brought in Harper disciples from across the land, from Alberta to Ottawa, where are they now, sent home on a bus...Priceless!

Stephen Harper is poison in British Columbia, actually Harper is now poison all across Canada., the latest national polling numbers from Nik Nanos are..

Federal Liberals............36%

Federal Conservatives..31%

Federal NDP ............... 24%

Even before Justin Trudeau has been anointed leader his party is in the lead, I wrote about that happening in the below linked post, wrote it 7 months ago..

I support the NDP both Federally and Provincially, however, sometimes there is nothing you can do to stop a superstar or runaway frieght train...Trudeau bashed in Patrick Brazeau`s face for charity(couldn`t have happened to nicer person), Trudeau gave Harper the finger in parliament, Trudea cursed the evil Harper in parliament too, the people loved it...The man has great hair, he can raise $millions and $millions with ease, he can draw the electorate that doesn`t vote to the polls, that being young people..

Trudeau has rightwing hack bloggers shaking in their boots, Alise Mills can`t hide her fear, yes indeed, Stephen Harper has $millions of dollars in attack ads ready to go targeting Justin Trudeau, they`ll start airing this Monday...And, they won`t work, just like Christy Clark`s attack ads they too will fall on deaf ears...Justin Trudeau is no piece of plain toast like Stephan Dion, and he isn`t Dijon mustard like Michael Ignatief...Justin Trudeau is Canadian maple syrup loved by the masses, sometimes phenomenon can`t be explained, right, or wrong. 

And no, forget policy and substance, charisma and authenticity trumps those by far.. Justin Trudeau doesn`t worry me, in fact I look forward to his Prime ministership(Anyone but Harper and the Cons)..And I`ll tell you why, he`s incredibly wealthy, an envelope with $100 of thousands wouldn`t sway him, $millions in corporate bribes placed in offshore accounts won`t sway him either, Justin Trudeau is happy in his own skin, Stephen Harper is not...

Justin Trudeau will win a minority Government in his first attempt and a majority in his second, I can almost guarantee that, barring someone knocking him off, yea, I`m looking at you Stephen Harper...And if Trudeau gets whacked the NDP take Federal power, Stephen Harper and his pipeline dictatorship is history..As is Enbridge...When Adrian Dix wins the British Columbia provincial election next month he will give Ottawa 30 days notice to end the environmental equivalency agreement, that will result in our own BC environmental assessment, that process will take enough time to run the clock out on Stephen Harper..


Wazukuuuuuuu....Brad Zubyk and co., what a useless bunch of political advisers, dumber than a sack of hammers, Christy Clark put her political fortunes in their hands and now she`s done, they couldn`t discredit the auditor general or yours truly....

Those failed political advisers forced Christy Clark(federal Liberal) to embrace Harperism and run a slime and smear campaign..A fatal mistake.

They, the BC Liberal party went as far as to have a vote to dump the name Liberal..Again, Priceless..The only reason they didn`t dump the name Liberal was the close proximity to the May 14th election..

Stephan Dion, Michael Ignatief, the worst election results ever for a Federal Liberal party...The Liberal name became toxic, and Christy Clark`s Wazuku advisers pushed Christy Clark to turn on her federal Liberal background and embrace Harperism...And now...

And now Christy Clark can`t call on Justin Trudeau for a photo-op for two reasons, number one, Justin Trudeau doesn`t want the Christy Clark stench permeating his star....Number two, the only voters still supporting Christy Clark are the angry old white guys, also known as Social Credit relics..

If Clark tried to jump on Justin`s star that remaining old angry white guy support would turn on her too, she made her choice, she must now live it, or in this case, die with it..

Christy Clark made the fatal mistake of listening to Wazuku, listening to Mike MacDonald, listening to Brad Zubyk, listening to Mike Watson, listening to Stve Kukucha...

If Christy Clark had followed her own instincts, Clark knew the HST was a killer, while running for BC Liberal leadership she stated she wouldn`t defend the HST, she said she would call a snap election, had Christy Clark went with her gut and put an end to the HST immediately and called her promised snap election Christy would have most likely been elected premier, but....But she didn`t, now BCer`s had a chance to see how stupid she is..How she can`t think on her feet or speak proper English, gaffe after gaffe and now she is toast, her political career finished, had she followed her instinct and stayed true Christy Clark could have rode Justin Trudeau`s coattails to victory..

Now Christy Clark is purgatory bound, a future in Federal politics caput, a future in provincial politics over before it even started.,.

Christy Clark will now be known as nothing but a footnote of history, the longest serving unelected premier in British Columbia history..

 The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

I'm so sick to think that Justin will be our next PM. I find him shallow and not much different from Harper. He supports all pipelines and loved the CNOOC takeover of Nexen. I have no faith that he will care for working people or the environment. He was raised entitled and will continue to be that way.

Grant G said...

That`s your opinion..As for Enbridge northern gateway pipeline..Justin Trudeau has come out completely against Enbridge..

That`s the fact, the Nexen deal was already passed, by Harper..

You can always vote for Harper and co.

Like I said, I`m an ndp supporter..

Justin is in favour of a pipeline am I..

We import 877,000 barrels per day from foreign sources into Eastern Canada..A pipeline east will give Canada energy security, and it will keep supertankers off our east coast..

One day the Tar Sands will be shut down...That day is a fair way off..


susansmith said...

I'd not being so quick to think Justin will end up much of anything. Remember as a neoliberal leader, the corporations and oil companies just switch hit again.
We've seen this one before in 1993.

Grant G said...

Hello Jan...

I would be thrilled if Thomas Mulcair won the next Federal election, I`ll be supporting and promoting him..

However, if the NDP come up short, I`ll take the lessor of two evils..

That would be Justin Trudeau..

He`s a very wealthy man, he doesn`t need a bribe, and I believe he will listen to the younger.

Anywho, don`t shoot the messenger.


opit said...

That pipeline business to the East bothers me - and as an expatriate Easterner I chuckled when price controls kept their costs down. Not so much these days. That glop from the tar sands needs a good dose of toxic additive to keep it flowing and even then must be pumped at high pressure. In an era of deregulation and no commitment to inspection, even a regular line would have been iffy. With corporate evasion of environmental sanity the order of the day, I figure it only a matter of time before we have a hummer of toxic mess improving our environment.
This from a guy who does not support carbon credits. I'm selective in what I consider pollution.

the salamander said...

A fine rant.. with some pretty fair guesses & intuitions throughout.

I wish more folk saw things your way.. the country would be spinning true instead of tap dancing to Energy and China's tune. And that econo wank Harper from my home town Toronto would be the infamous footnote he deserves to be.

I keep trying to find a shred of reason, why common sense Canadians would back this manipulative, shallow political animal, or the spineless wimps & petro pimps that jump when he says jump.

Why are they cumulatively so determined to trash the Canadian environment and ecosystems? Why lie and deny and obstruct or fire or muzzle concerned and caring & able Canadians who serve to protect the land, the waters, the air, the creatures and their fellow citizens.

It must be some weird narcotized political dream state or rapture zombie fuzzy f'd up realm. But that's the toxic virtual environment where dead brains like Oliver, Kent, Ashfield, Clemente, Flaherty, Baird and the rest of them roam.. grazing, snuffling & snorting the green bitumen froth.

Truly astounding.. I hope they donate their tiny decayed brains to science so the rest of us can come up with an inoculation or antidote..

Hey we have inoculation for rabies and an antidote for snakebite.. !

So why not for Harper Delusion Syndrome ?

Anonymous said...

It's simple to me. I (might) vote for a Liberal (maybe NDP), even if the Libs nominated a festering vegetable hiding in my fridge for a year, as a leader.
Harper and his replacement workers program is anti Canadian.
Let's call them what they really are. SCABS.

Anonymous said...

There is a BC person who, owns a row of townhouses. Some of the tenants are unable to pay their rent. Their outrageous hydro bills of $750 and up, are killing BC renters. They have to choose between, hydro, rent and food. Hydro is far more than a mortgage. There are going to be many, many family's on the streets.

I stumbled upon this web site. There is a section on BC hydro. Hold your nose when you read it.

We need to give Gordon Campbell a fine welcome, next time he is in BC.

I am supporting Dix. He has a very good, strong team. His budget is fair to business and citizens alike.

Problem is, business doesn't just want to make a profit, they want to make a killing. We are still waiting for the money from business, for their savings by the HST.

I don't know how any person with, self respect, decency, morals or ethics, could ever support Harper?

chuckstraight said...

Just got a robo-call from Pam Martin. Thought she was still under investigation?
Unfortunately the recording was unable to hear me tell her to _F___ off.

Grant G said...

I also received that robo-call..

What the arrogant Liberals don`t understand..People are turned off by Pamela Martin, a well-to-do teleprompter reader paid $140k to be the Clucking Clark gal pal..

News flash..Sunday voters are watching Masters golf all day..Then Justin is anointed..Bad day for Liberal infomercial..


Females voters won`t be swayed by anything Clark says or does.

She already decided Clark is fake.


Anonymous said...

If Justin is so wealthy why does he put his job as MP behind that of going out on the speaking circuit of paid gigs? He never seems to be in the House to represent his constituents. I have also heard that he never intends to as he will spend his time on the road instead. Has he never heard of email? Canadians email MP's all the time to tell them what they think, you don't need to go on the road for that.

"The Northern Gateway pipeline, as proposed by Enbridge, is not the right solution," he said.
"It goes through too vulnerable a place environmentally, the necessary buy-in from the aboriginal peoples simply isn't there and the way it's been handled, I don't think it's going to be there."
'But Trudeau said there are alternatives to get Canadian oil to coastal waters. For instance, Kinder Morgan is looking to expand its Trans Mountain line, which currently delivers crude to the B.C. Lower Mainland'.

I'm happy he doesn't support the current Enbridge route, but he is a definite elitist that supports export through BC and increased tanker traffic. Personally I don't think he deserves the free ride you are giving him. IMHO

Anonymous said...

I should mention that I am also NDP. I am troubled by Justin's support of the Nexen deal and the fact that he supported it is a red flag to me. Why do you give him a free pass on this? I am in favour of the east pipeline because it favours our interests with jobs and less imports from the Saudi's.
As for shutting down the tarsands.....that is not going to happen soon as people will deep their investments afloat whatever it takes. Alternatives are the only answer. Give consumers another reasonable choice that works.

North Van's Grumps said...

Christy is using Bully tactics to win a fourth term for the BC Liberals, and yet she said this during the lead up to the Leadership race:

"The next thing you know, elections are won and lost by who can smear the other candidates the most, because people aren’t participating and you have to find some way to get them to the polls through negative advertising. - Christy Clark BC Liberal Leader Candidate January 13, 2011"

Grant G said...

No one gets a free pass..

I never said Justin Trudeau was the best candidate, or smartest, I said Justin Trudeau will be Prime Minister.

There is a difference, let`s give him a chance to tell of his policies..

Now that he is leader of the Federal party, now he will talk of policy and direction, now he will have to listen to the people..

We have all been inundated will Harper`s action plan propaganda, including politicos..

Let the real economists have freedom to speak, unmuzzle the scientists, let`s talk water quality, environmental damage..

Once our voices are free to speak, once the science is released opinions will change..

The damn asshole Harper and his vicious Convict party, they have scared Canadians(some) into believing Canada is dead without gooey black tar pipelines zig-zagging our land..

One small step at a time..

Job number 1..

Remove Canada`s most dangerous criminals from office,

That be Harper and his Convict party.

Baby steps first.


Grant G said...

People need to relax...You know those poll numbers where the NDP have a 30% percentage point lead with female voters.

Those females didn`t detest Christy Clark from the beginning, it took time, that my friends can`t be changed..

That old saying comes to mind..

"Hell have no fury like a woman scorned"

Females and all voters have been scorned and mocked at the hands and mouth of Christibg Clucking Clark.


Anonymous said...

My point is removing Harper into the hands of Justin is pointless. The guy has the same economic principles. As far as I can tell he doesn't understand this tough stuff.
Canada is fucked with Harper or Justin.

kootcoot said...

"The Liberal name became toxic, and Christy Clark`s Wazuku advisers pushed Christy Clark to turn on her federal Liberal background and embrace Harperism...And now..."

We all know that the BC LIEberals were never anymore "Liberals" than Preston Manning. Adulterer Campbell used adulterer Other Gord's peccadilloes to wrest the use of the name that Gordon Wilson had resuscitated from near oblivion. Mini-wac and Mr. Woodenshoes having made the long running Social Credit name toxic. BTW, even the original Wacky just appropriated the Social Credit name without ever actually implementing any actual policies of the original Social Credit movement in the U.K.

You can tell it is sleazy when most politicians have to travel under assumed names because if they were honest about who they are and what they want to do, we not only wouldn't vote for them but would jail or shoot them!