Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Adrian Dix And Christy Clark, A Contrast In Leadership

Today Adrian Dix showed what I call "real Leadership"...After accepting the candidacy of Dayleen Van Ryswyk to run in the riding of Kelowna-Mission..

Clearly the vetting process failed, on the first day of the writ period it was leaked that this woman has uttered some very racist slurs towards French Canadians and Canada`s First Nations, there is no need to repeat what she said, these statements in the form of comments on an internet site were uttered in 2009...

Racism comes in all forms, Dayleen Van Tyswyk will have to live with those statements, no doubt the locals will forgive her, I will not, she should have come clean, and no, Adrian Dix and the party will not wear this..

Adrian Dix without a moments hesitation asked her to resign her candidacy, that my fellow British Columbians is showing real leadership...

Contrast that against a backdrop of BC Liberal candidates, both past, and present who shamed not only our province but the human race, and unlike the BC NDP these BC Liberal miscreants remained in office, showed no remorse, and what`s most disturbing is the leader(s) of the BC Liberal party showed no leadership skills and allowed these not fit for office individuals to remain, an arrogant BC Liberal Government who hold others to higher standards while excepting lesser fare from their own...Below are but just a few glaring examples....Where to start..

Jon Yap-Cabinet minister(now just an MLA)..John Yap was handed the candidacy in the riding of Richmond for the 2013 BC election..

John Yap, while minister of multi-culturalism was caught front and center in the Ethnicgate scandal, a serious breach of party, caucus and Government using public assets to woo ethnic voters, this scandal was highlighted by the use of private emails to hide the activities, John Yap was caught congratulating a junior staffer for doing a fantastic job in hiding these illegal activities..And yet Christy Clark gave John Yap the nod and candidacy to represent Richmond in the upcoming election..


Clark's deputy chief of staff Kim Haakstad, who organized meetings and distributed the strategy memo in September 2012, has already resigned.
The investigation reviewed 10,000 emails from personal and government accounts, and interviewed 27 people over two weeks.

One of the emails is to Yap and Bonney from Yap's executive assistant, Mike Lee, referring to the hiring of three contractors.

"It is absolutely critical that we do not leave any evidence in us helping them through this application," Lee wrote on his personal email account, to the personal accounts of the others.

Yap replied: "I appreciate each of your efforts with the three [requests for qualifications]. Great job. Let's now hope for the best."

Clark said Yap will not be reappointed to cabinet "at this time." and another staff member, later identified as Lee, has resigned. Bonney left the public service in February, days before the strategy document and minutes of a meeting called by Haakstad were leaked to the NDP opposition.



Isn`t that a special Christy-style of leadership, John Yap lied until busted by John Dyble, yet there he remains, reappointed by Christy Clark as a candidate to run in the election, what kind of leadership is that..

Rich Coleman, yes indeed, he abused Surrey city council, and he called the NDP communists and pinkos in our BC legislature, he never did apologize..


Thank you, Rich Coleman. In response to my complaint that debate in the legislature was missing the slings and arrows of outrageous sessions of the past, Mr. Coleman rose to the challenge on Wednesday.

The Minister of Energy, Mines, Liquor Distribution, Housing, Horse Racing and Hula Hoops seemed to echo Tail Gunner Joe McCarthy by suggesting there were ‘Reds under the beds’ in British Columbia.
Mr. Coleman didn’t use those exact words, but the implication was clear, as he railed away at the NDP for “socialist-communist thinking … that everything should be nationalized.”

It was enough to make one nostalgic for the good old daze of the 1960s when every election, one week before voting day, premier W.A.C. Bennett would warn the public: “The socialist hordes are at the gates, my friend.”
In fighting the good fight against communism, however, Minister Coleman needs to broaden his attack beyond those Dix-ist Leninists opposite him.
There were, and are, pinkos everywhere.

No. 1 on the list is none other than Wacky Bennett himself. Under the guise of Social Credit, his government took a couple of pages out of the Communist Manifesto and nationalized both BC Ferries and BC Hydro.
Mr. Bennett’s successor, Dave Barrett, wore the reddest underwear of all. The NDP premier used the strong arm of state socialism to not only take over Panco Poultry, but the entire auto insurance business as well.
Next, Mr. Coleman might look at his own former premier, Gordon Campbell, who clearly fell under the spell of “socialist-communist thinking.”

Once possessed of a burning desire to privatize ICBC, Mr. Campbell changed his mind while in government. It’s a public monopoly that makes economic sense, the freshly minted Maoist acknowledged.
Finally, much as it hurts to say so, Minister Coleman may have to turn his red-hunting sights on himself.

Over the past five years, under the direction of Comrade Coleman, the provincial government has acquired no less than 25 single-room occupancy hotels on the Downtown Eastside.
A Communist land grab, if ever there was one.


Rich Coleman has been an abusive you know what for far too long, his grubby fingers buried deep in every poison-berry pie..

Kevin Kreuger, the missing link, a loud-mouthed lout who embarrassed everyone and everything he came in contact with, a veteran politician should no better, this crude dude is in line for a $1.6 million dollar pension, a man who accomplished nothing, a brute who broke eardrums and spittle spraying distance contests...Here is Kreuger from a few short months ago..


From: Krueger.MLA, Kevin <Kevin.Krueger.MLA@leg.bc.ca>
Date: Tue, Feb 26, 2013 at 4:01 PM
Subject: The Honourable Pat Bell
To: "conservatives@bcconservative.ca" <conservatives@bcconservative.ca>, "Krueger.MLA, Kevin" <Kevin.Krueger.MLA@leg.bc.ca>

Attention:  B.C. Cons:

Mr. Cummins, and everybody involved in this news release, are “Unmitigated” MORONS to have published such crap as this.

Pat Bell is beloved in Prince George, for good reason.  There is not ONE of you scum worthy to tie his shoes – nor tall enough.

You have just blown whatever support you might have hoped to muster in Prince George, and many other places.

What idiots you are.

Kevin Krueger, MLA


John Yap, Rich Coleman, now Kevin Kreuger and Christy Clark just tee-hee,ed it off, these foul-mouthed rude partisans are acceptable to Christy Clark..Christy who claims to champion the bully issue has shown nothing in the way of leadership, Christy Clark has shown a penchant for cowardice.."See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" Christy Clark, except when it applies to the Adrian Dix and the NDP..

And who can forget racist Kooteney Bill Bennett...A foul-mouthed heathen and fellow interior of the province racist...Bill Bennett was reprimanded for swearing at his constituents by Gordon Campbell, yet he wasn`t reprimanded for offering beer to young voters in a bar, all they had to do was be taught how to vote, in the 2009 election Bill Bennett ran racists ads against his First Nation rival from the NDP...Gordon Campbell allowed Bill Bennett to remain, and lately Bill Bennett has been sliming everyone and Christy Clark remains mute..


Bill Bennett should apologize for offensive election ad, grand chief says
Last Updated: Thursday, May 7, 2009 | 5:24 PM PT
First Nations leaders in B.C. say this ad, placed by B.C. Liberal candidate Bill Bennett in an East Kootaney newspaper, is a slight at his native opponent, NDP candidate Troy Sebastian. (Kootenay Advertiser)
The president of the Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs wants a B.C. Liberal candidate in the East Kootenays to apologize for a campaign ad Grand Chief Stewart Phillip says is a backhanded slap at First Nations and his NDP opponent ? a member of the Ktunaxa First Nation.

?All he has to do is to issue a statement saying that it was not his intent to offend First Nations or aboriginal people and that he would issue a public apology,? Phillip said Thursday.

Bill Bennett placed the ad in a free weekly newspaper as part of his candidacy for the May 12 provincial election. The ad reads, ?You want someone who pays taxes and is concerned about how the money is being spent,? underneath a photo of Bennett and his family and a slogan that reads, ?He's one of us.?

Bennett defended his choice of words Thursday.
?I would not have ever seen how anyone would ever see that as racist,? he told CBC News. ?I am an ordinary guy. I work. I pay taxes. I recreate on the weekend doing things that people in the Kootenays like to do.?
When asked if the ad was intended as a slight against First Nations people who live on Indian reserves and are legally exempt from paying some taxes, Bennett said, ?That's not the way it was intended.?

'Backhanded slap' was intentional: grand chief
But that's not what Phillip and other aboriginal leaders in B.C. or the NDP think.
?There is no question in my mind, and in the mind of many native people I have spoken to, that this is a backhanded slap against First Nations people,? Phillip told CBC News on Thursday morning.

Phillip said he was not surprised by the comments because Bennett had a reputation for ?bombastic and bizarre behaviour? and was not known as a defender of First Nations rights.

Bennett was forced to step down from a junior cabinet post in 2007 after admitting he sent an email full of profanities to a constituent.
Bennett's chief rival in the Kootenay East riding is NDP candidate Troy Sebastian, a member of the Ktunaxa First Nation who lives on the Saint Mary's Indian Reserve.

Sebastian said the ad indicates Bennett is desperate to hold onto the seat he has won twice before ? most recently in 2005 by just over 700 votes.
?What I see it as is just another sign that the wheels have fallen off the Liberal campaign,? said Sebastian. ?It shows the Liberal candidate is arrogant and completely out of touch with people in the community.?

(Much much more on Racist Bill Bennett in the below link, Grant G)


Jane Thorthwaite, our 2010 Olympics, everyone in the Province and especially in the lower mainland was urged to take transit, do not drink and drive, almost everyone obliged, almost, Jane Thortwaite while attending an Olympic event at Sochi House tweeted.."BC wine is delicious"..And she got plastered, much later in the night on that fateful day Jane Thorthwaite got a lift to the Seabus, once on the other side in North Vancouver a drunken Thorthwaite got in her car and drove, she took the desolate lower route home, however police were looking for drunken rats using that route, she drove into a road block bebneath the second narrows bridge, she blew over on the roadside test and blew over back at police headquarters...Jane Thorthwaite admitted her guilt, apologized for getting caught and...

And a special BC Liberal appointed prosecutor gave Jane Thorthwaite a free pass, she was only charged with reckless driving, not impaired..A free-pass..And Jane Thorthwaite is running again for the bC Liberals with Christy Clark`s blessing..Is that Leadership Christy Clark, Gordon Campbell and Christy never ever punished their own..



Yes indeed, Christy Clark calls herself a leader, calls herself a strong leader and yet time and time again Christy Clark has blown off all responsibility and ignored these glaring moral impurities exhibited by her own BC Liberal team, not only has she failed to discipline but failed to even consider disciplining these BC Liberal club members..

And I save the best for last, or is that the worst..

(updated, April 22/2013)...



Kash Hedd, his campaign chair, his campaign accountant admitted to overspending, admitted to sending out a flyer written in Chinese, depicting pictures of prostitutes, drug addicts, words telling those Chinese voters that the NDP was going to legalize drugs, legalize prostitution, force everyone to join a union, these were sent out in the last two weeks of the 2009 election campaign, Kash Heed`s brother Jerry Heed was involved, Barinder Sall, Dinesh Khanna, a BC liberal friendly print shop in Richmond produced the material, Dinesh Khanna testified that Kash Heed saw the offending flyers..

Yet Kash Heed claimed the Bambi defense, he didn`t understand, he`s a newbie, Kash Heed claimed it was all so complicated he just didn`t understand, to which I say..

BULLSHIT..Kash Heed was a Chief of police in West Vancouver, he had filled out thousands and thousands of complicated documents, he was trained to watch, to recognize, he was a veteran police officer yet Kash Heed claimed he didn`t know what was going on under his own nose..

Kash Heed won the riding in a very close count, without the illegal smear documents Kash Heed would have lost...After the election the facts came out..

After an investigation where Kash Heed`s entire election team admitted their guilt, admitted to obstructing justice during the investigation, illegal smear flyers, a campaign that over spent, hid their activities..

Kash Heed did not do the right thing and resign, and neither Gordon Campbell or Christy Clark ever demanded that Kash Heed do the right thing and step down from Government.




And Christy Clark calls herself a leader....

Christy Clark merely cluck cluck clucks, a clucking clown..

There is only one real leader in our BC Election, Adrian Dix..He`s running a positive campaign, no personal attacks, he acted immediately and dumped the racist from Kelowna-Mission..

That is what real leaders do, Adrian Dix shows real leadership....Christy Clark and Gordon Campbell allowed lawbreakers and moral deviants to remain in office, laughed off their sins and disrespected everyone in British Columbia.

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Grant, Thank you my friend.

Anonymous said...

Good for Dix, for asking Dayleen to resign. There are many of us who, support and respect the F.N. people. They fight very hard, to protect our eco-systems, from government greed.

Meanwhile? Who thieved and sold our BCR? Who forced the HST onto the BC people? Who thieved and sold our BC Rivers? Our BC hydro destroyed. Many BC citizens are being sent hydro bills, for over $1000. My friend owns a row of town houses. On top of their rent, they were sent, $750 hydro bills. If tenants can't pay all of their rent? They are forgiven the balance of their unpaid rent. Strangely, other tenants didn't get the monster hydro bills. The thefts of hydro bills, seem to be at random. No-one knows when, they will be next.

Adrian and his team are Sunday School Teachers compared to, the lying, thieving, corrupt, Campbell/Clark BC Liberals.

Anonymous said...

And does she realize these are mostly Norman French the other cohorts in apartide.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I think he did well to ask this woman to go, and promptly. It sets a standard of behaviour. I expect better of our elected officials.

judi sommer said...

Hi Grant,
Absolutely spot on! The Liberals will always have a double standard for what they do for "the greater good"-to keep the province 'safe from the socialist hordes".Yap will win again handily-he is Chinese in a predominantly ultra-Conservative riding who are not outraged by what he did.A sad reflection on them and their ethics.And as far as Mr Coleman goes, he is the teflon don of his riding-no bad press allowed in any local paper who relies on Liberal-friendly businesses for their advertisingStories of his bullying and dodgey links to certain people like Kinsella do not register with his riding..Sad indeed.There will be some justice when the Liberals have to pick up the tattered remains of their party in May.It will be a huge shck to Coleman when he is not "the natural heir" given how current Liberal MPs feel abour him and CC according to Keith Baldrey.Hubris will do him in! Got to love Martyn Brown's conversion on his own road to Damascus with his op-ed piece in today's Sun.How many more sleeps? Keep up the stellar work! Great to see links to your posts popping up in the comment section of the MSM!

Grant G said...

Thanks Judi Sommer...

Yea, my posts have been all over twitter, CBC comment sections, Facebook. seems I`m the only one(With professor Robin Mathews help) going after the Harper disgrace, covering the provincial election with finite details, and keeping my on Enbridge and world environmental crime stories

Traffic real heavy.

I see your comments on Facebook and other places..

Thanks for helping us fight the good fight Judi.

Welcome to the blather free zone.


Anonymous said...

Every time I hear one of these guys spew this nonsense I think to myself, must get me the t-shirt that proclaims.....'Proud wacko pinko commie'

Yup, that is me. As long as I am not one of them and no matter what you call me I am content.