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Christy Clark, Brian Bonney And Pamela Gardner, "Today`s B.C. Liberals"

Boy oh boy are  "Today`s B.C. Liberals" getting a little testy, 12 years in power and now just 62 days until the Liberals move their diminished caucus to the other side of the legislature, the opposition side of the legislature, I`m sure this is causing much consternation in the Liberal party..Funny don`t you think, the word party implying, party party party, as in a festive celebration, well, I liken "Today`s BC Liberals" not so much as a party but a death march...

Last week "Yesterday`s BC Liberal Kevin Kreuger" called John Cummins and the BC Conservatives "scum, morons, not fit to tie Pat Bell`s shoes or tall enough" here is the actual email..


From: Krueger.MLA, Kevin
Date: Tue, Feb 26, 2013 at 4:01 PM
Subject: The Honourable Pat Bell
To: "" , "Krueger.MLA, Kevin"

Attention: B.C. Cons:

Mr. Cummins, and everybody involved in this news release, are “Unmitigated” MORONS to have published such crap as this.

Pat Bell is beloved in Prince George, for good reason. There is not ONE of you scum worthy to tie his shoes – nor tall enough.

You have just blown whatever support you might have hoped to muster in Prince George, and many other places.

What idiots you are.

Kevin Krueger, MLA

Kreuger is perhaps the missing link Darwinists are looking for, this came as no surprise to me, Kreuger has been a buffoon for years, the part that puzzles me is.."Honourable"...Why do we have a parliamentary tradition of calling those elected "honourable"...Kevin Kreuger probably can`t spell the word or utter it without bursting into uncontrolled laughter..Honourable Gordon Campbell, Honourable Kash Heed, Honourable Jane Thorthwaite, Honourable Colin Hansen...Kevin Kreuger invokes, to me, the words "mentally Disturbed"..

Shirley Bond is in a tither over BC Rail allegations, she smirks, she grins, she dares, she bafflegabs, well, she is also losing the battle against gravity as accumulated stress lines from years of lying take their toll, again, the word Honourable or attorney do not imply to her either..

And today Bill Bennett, or as he is known to me.."slime for hire" got in on the act...The Kooteney racist, who could forget Bill Bennett slime for hire running racist ads during the 2009 election, and offering free beers to young people, free beers, and all those youth had to do was get educated by Bill Bennett as to how to vote...and to think Billy Bennett is one of Christy Clark`s top ministers, brings new meaning to the term.."best and the brightest"..Well, with Don Mcrae`s intellectual prowess and Terry Lake`s gummy bear pretzel logic perhaps Bill Bennett is the "best and the Brightest" out of "Today`s BC Liberals"

And speaking of death march(like that segue?)..The Burnaby Hospital scandal.

The Burnaby hospital scandal wasn`t so much about an ethnic outreach plot by the BC Liberals, that was indeed a huge part of the scandal, the real scandal was over 100 elderly people who walked into Burnaby hospital and left in a box, dead, killed by a germ infested hospital, a hospital that became germ-infested because "Yesterday`s BC Liberals" Gordon Muir Campbell fired the in-house HEU cleaning services and outsourced this important job to Aramark, where this company hired unqualified cleaners while simultaneously slashing cleaning hours per hospital..This led to C Diff outbreaks everywhere Aramark went, Nanaimo, Victoria, Burnaby hospital, a trail of needless death...And instead of closing the hospital down Fraser Health continued to allow sick people to enter a Burnaby death-trap hospital...

So instead of protecting patients the health authorities protected "Today`s BC Liberals"..Then something very disturbing happened, when the story broke, all the needless deaths, what did Christy Clark and her caucus do, did they address the situation, did they express sympathy or even apologize to the families of the deceased, no, the BC Liberal caucus with help from their partisan operatives and party hacks tried to turn this human tragedy into..

"Quick wins"...into.."an election winning issue"...This indeed was part of Christy Clark`s, Kim Haakstad`s, Pamela Martin`s, Brian Bonney`s, and Pamela Gardner`s and many other BC Liberals Ethnicgate planning document..

North Van Grumps revealed a couple of weeks ago that BC Liberal operative Brian Bonney and or his wife Monica Bonney(one in the same).. was writing writing letters to the editors, or is promoting the BC Liberals 2013 bogus budget..The same Brian Bonney who tried to turn the Burnaby hospital deaths into a political win..

Blog Borg Collective: "B" is for Brian; "M" is for Monika, "BCL" is for BC Liberals

Monika Bonney, Brian Bonney`s better half is a frequent letter writer too...

Education funding rising


Dear Editor:

Re: Teachers go back to the bargaining table in spring, Burnaby NOW, Sept. 5.

I hope the B.C. Teachers' Federation and their president, Susan Lambert, can learn to get along better with Don McRae, the new minister of education, than they did with previous ministers. I, for one, am getting very tired of hearing Ms. Lambert claiming that education funding in B.C. has been cut when it has not been.

Over the past decade (i.e., since the 2000/01 school year) education funding in B.C. has been increased by $1.4 billion. That's a 26 per cent increase.
This funding increase is particularly noteworthy when you consider that there are now 63,000 fewer students in B.C.'s education system than there were a decade ago.

And that's not all.

On top of the $1.4 billion in increased education operating funding (i.e., to pay teachers and staff), the province has also spent another $2.1 billion to build 93 new or replacement schools, to acquire 22 new school sites, to renovate 27 schools and to add on to another 150 schools.

How, in good conscience, can a professional body like the BCTF (one that seeks respect and support from the public, and presumably the same from the Minister of Education) characterize a significant increase in education funding, along with significant investments in new schools, as a decrease in education funding and somehow claim it to be a cut?

Monika Bonney, Burnaby


There you have Monika Bonney spouting the same Liberal party hardline tactic and approach towards the BCTF..

 The truth is, how many schools have these BC Liberals closed in their term, over 500 schools, Monika totally exaggerates school funding, there are hundreds of portables in Surrey, overcrowding, lowest  teachers to student average in Canada, a gradual defunding and degradation of public schooling..

For decades school funding was block funding, school districts would receive a set sum of money, from year to year this money was constant, when Campbell got elected, he quickly switched to per-pupil funding model..If a school loses 50 children in  enrollment, that school loses $400 k out of their budget...Yet the cost to operate remains the same, heat, lights, staff, maintenance..With a declining child demographic, a recipe for starvation..

(More Monika Bonney letter writing below)


Showing restraint

Full marks to Premier Christy Clark and Finance Minister Mike de Jong for continuing to show restraint with respect to government hiring and government wages. The government bureaucracy in this province will be reduced by over 1,400 positions in the coming three years. Good riddance to big government and hello balanced budgets – my kids thank you.

Monika Bonney, Burnaby

More Monika and Brian Bonney letter writing..

And more, Monika Bonney`s letter has been all over Black press, that being the same David Black who muses about a fantasy refinery.

*As a note, there is a letter to the editor in this week’s Observer from one Monika Bonney who lauds Christy Clark for reducing the beaurocracy to balance the budget. See Cuts to public sector will have big pay-offs (Feb 26 2013)

This letter appears to have been published in a number of papers throughout the province.

Full marks to Premier Christy Clark and Finance Minister Mike de Jong for continuing to show restraint with respect to government hiring and government wages.

Yup – you guessed it – Same family as the referenced Brian Bonney in the Johal clip and who was working (at that time) as a political hack for the BCLibs on the government payroll.

Now, I fully support any individual’s right, be they a spouse or not, to hold and express their views.

What is really much too rich though is blasting the very same public service sector that the Libs are misusing (likely illegally) for their own political means … let alone being a family that appears to have personally benefited from all of that.

Your public expenditure thoughts?

More Monika Bonney

You want more Monika Bonney..

The picture is very clear, David Black of Black press has a real hankering for Monica Bonney`s partisan letter writing....

that would be Monika Bonney, wife of BC Liberal operative Brian Bonney..

Below are the Facebooks on both of them, together, same batch of children, Monika Bonney and Brian Bonney are one in the same..

North Van Grumps wasn`t finished, Brian Bonney who was emailed on private back-channel email addresses was part of Christy Clark`s top staffers ethnicgate planning document...Was also updating his resume, promoting himself as an ethnic super organizer..

There is another BC Liberal operative who was part of ethnicgate scandal..

Pamela Gardner was connected to the ethnicgate scandal and the Burnaby hospital scandal...The next bit by Keith Baldrey

For a glimpse of how manipulative and detached from reality many B.C. Liberals have become, one needs to look no further than a three-page memo written by party insiders that deals with the future of Burnaby Hospital.
Entitled "A NEW Burnaby Hospital", the memo purports to lay out a strategy for winning three Burnaby ridings and boost the party's chances in two Vancouver ridings. If it didn't reveal such a crass and phony scheme to whip up public opinion over the hospital's future, it would be laughable.
And much of it is laughable.

 My personal favourite is its emphasis, in bold type, of the fact that Premier Christy Clark was born in this very hospital!

Talk about a game changer. I'm sure public opinion in Burnaby will instantly swing the premier's way once everyone realizes which maternity ward she was born in!

The memo was written back in December 2011, and reveals in fine detail how utterly politically partisan a committee created to plan the hospital's future really is and how it was created to save the hides of B.C. Liberal MLAs and nothing else.

The memo's authors are B.C. Liberal party insiders, including a former president of a Burnaby riding association for the party. They make the argument that rebuilding the hospital - you know, the one where the premier was born - is the ticket to winning seats in the municipality.

They suggested creating a committee chaired by one Pamela Gardner, a doctor who was - get this! - born in the hospital as well! Oh, and by the way: Gardner is the former B.C. Liberal riding president and a co-author of the memo.

 They also suggested putting two B.C. Liberal Burnaby MLAs - arguably two of the weakest MLAs in the entire B.C. Liberal caucus: Harry Bloy and Richard Lee - as well as two other potential B.C. Liberal party candidates on the committee.

The committee has since submitted a report to Health Minister Margaret MacDiarmid, but its credibility now appears to be completely shot.
The memo also reveals the B.C. Liberals seem petrified by Burnaby Mayor Derek Corrigan and his wife Kathy, who of course is the NDP MLA for Burnaby-Deer Lake. They were extremely worried that Kathy Corrigan was going to launch a "save Burnaby Hospital campaign" and thus take ownership of the issue and dooming the B.C. Liberals' electoral chances, presumably forever.

The authors suggest they introduce "a second generation Chinese doctor candidate" for Burnaby - Deer Lake, in order "to champion the issue, it would help seal the deal."
Seal the deal?


Brian Bonney and Pamela Gardner, 2 BC Liberal opertaives, both involved in ethnicgate and the Burnaby hospital tragedy, and today...

And today while perusing the Burnaby Now paper, there was another letter to the editor by guess who...Pamela Gardner, hmmm, she and Brian Bonney have a lot in common, and guess what, it seems Pamela Gardner, " Gardner is the former B.C. Liberal riding president and a co-author of the memo." likes to write letters too...Letters everywhere, in Burnaby and more, a BC Liberal operative pretending to be an average person..

 In Pamela Gardner`s newest letter to the editor, dated March 13/2013..Pamela Gardner is advocating opening up public lands for mineral exploration..

This letter, the one linked above, news flash Pamela Gardner, most of BC has had mineral rights bought, in fact the entire Sunshine coast mineral rights were secretly bought by BC Liberal insiders...This happened by guile, no one even knew they were for sale, most people who own land don`t realize that companies own the mineral rights under their floor..What Pameal Gardner is up to with her latest letter isn`t clear, but to my eyes, she`s trying to create a wedge issue for the upcoming election, NDP wanting to save public lands whereas BC Liberals will allow mining everywhere, including your backyard..

However, this post has nothing to do with with that particular issue..

This post is about the BC Liberal operative Pamela Gardner..

About one of her other letters to the editor..

But before we get there...In the latest BC Liberal budget, the only thing the people liked about it was the tax increase on the wealthy and tax increase on corporations, in other words, both of those tax changes were something Adrian Dix said he was going to do for the last year, the BC Liberals took Adrian Dix`s ideas, why, because this bunch is devoid of any ideas...

Adrian Dix has been talking about something else for years, he`s been talking about skills training for BC workers, trades training, upgrading skills..

And as you know, Today`s BC Liberals have spent $30 million dollars advertising fantasy LNG prosperity funds, advertising fake job claims, false advertising on overall tax levels, partisan attack advertising, stupid dominoes,..

Which brings me back to this post....

For back when Adrian Dix started talking about how the BC Government slashed funding for skills training, slashed trade seats throughout the province, Adrian Dix was talking about an urgent need for skills training, Adrian talked about how shortsighted "Today`s BC Liberals" were being...

Pamela Gardner, riding president for BC Liberal`s Burnaby riding was busy writing letters, letters letters everywhere Pamela Gardner was writing letters, not just in her home riding of Burnaby but Port Coquitlam too...

And guess what this BC Liberal operative had to say about spending money on skills training for BC workers, and what Pamela had to say about the NDP..Well..

Let`s have Pamela Gardner tell you in her own words..


Who's in need of an education?

Listening to BC NDP leader Adrian Dix's finance critic, Bruce Ralston, on a radio call-in show as he tried to explain why the NDP oppose Premier Christy Clark's investment in the Prince Rupert port expansion and the Kitimat LNG plant, was almost farcical.

Basically, the NDP's argument was that we would be better off paying for people to go to school.

OK, so let me get this straight: the NDP's jobs plan is to spend millions upon millions of taxpayer dollars to educate people for jobs that don't exist,

  while simultaneously opposing tax cuts and investments in projects that would actually create jobs that people could actually train for.

Way to go, Mr. Dix, you must have stayed up all night coming up with that plan.

Like a lot of British Columbians, I don't miss the days of endless deficits, special-interest corruption and unemployment that Mr. Dix's last tenure in government produced.

And it looks like he's not changed one bit since then. Whether it's finding new and exciting ways to send jobs out of the province, like taxing the pants off people and small businesses, or whether it's "fresh ideas" like taking the forestry industry back to the 1950s and trying to compete with paper and product manufacturers in the global market, clearly Mr. Dix just doesn't get it.

The NDP were not kicked out of office in 2001 because the people were bored. They were kicked out because they just can't see past their own noses and make decisions only in the favour of special interests, not the people's interest.

British Columbia is poised to be a leading economy in the 21st century. Premier Christy Clark gets that fact, while Mr. Dix is clearly attempting to capture our hearts and minds by opposing investments in jobs for B.C.

Perhaps the NDP is the one in need of an education.

Pamela Gardner, Burnaby

Well well well...I wonder what Pamela Gardner thinks about Christy Clark raising corporate tax last month, increased tax on high earners, tax increases for families with more MSP increase..

I wonder why Pamela Gardner was silent on BC Ferries having many vessels built in Germany, even the newest Seabus is being built out of the country..

The latest Maximus contract extension to an American company..

I wonder what Pamela Gardner thinks about the new tax announced by Christy Clark on LNG exporters, even though there isn`t even an industry yet..

I wonder why Pamela Gardner is now silent on the need for trained workers in BC, does HD Mining ring a bell, plus the BC Liberal Government advertising that hundreds of thousands of skilled workers required, workers we don`t apparently have..

It`s my opinion that if Brian Bonney, Monika Bonney and Pamela Gardner are insistent on writing letters, pretending they are average people, they should disclose that they are on the BC Liberal Party payroll..

As for David Black of Black Press, perhaps he should rename his media company to Yellow Press, as in Yellow Journalism..

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Bill said...

Great digging and revealinG of "Today's BC Liberals" and their operatives for what they are - corrupt, win at any cost scum, and that characterization is too kind.

Keep up the good work grant. Thanks.

North Van's Grumps said...

Just to be clear here, Brian Bonney wasn't given credit by the Newspaper for the Letter to the Editor, .... Monica Bonney was the "author"....

Grant G said...

Well, I adjusted the post..

If you do a (telus reverse phone look-up)..

Punch in Monika Bonney or Brian Bonney and they come back to the same address in Burnaby..

They are one in the same.


Grant G said...


Look at Facebook..look for Monika Gerick Bonney..

You will find a picture of Monika Bonney posing with her husband Brian Bonney.

These BC Liberal operatives are habitual letter to the editor writers, and Pamela Gardner.

How many more letters will be found, these scum posing as regular people.

Thanks NVG..

Brian Bonney..

Monika Bonney..

Are one in the same..

Check out the post, I updated just for you, a partisan attack against the teachers and the BCTF..A letter written by Monika Bonney.


Grant G said...

Pictures on both facebook pages, pictures with each other!..Monika and Brian Bonney


North Van's Grumps said...

Decided to have closer look at the Letter writing campaign of Mr. Bonny.. and the best place to go for that kind of info is OnLine, at your local library,... Digital..., Canadian Newstand.... goes all the way back to 2002.

Brian "Billy the Kid" Bonney appears to have cut one too many notches into his six shooting pen.

Anonymous said...

Let's do some math...
The BC Liberals have always touted themselves as the "fiscally responsible" government; they can manage our finances better than the NDP.

The facts prove otherwise.

Prior to the BC Liberals bringing in their first budget under Gordon Campbell, the total debt of British Columbia was $35.897 billion.

With the recent budget, the debt is estimated at $62.689 billion an increase of $27 billion.

In other words, in their very short period in office, the BC Liberals have increased the provincial debt more than all previous governments did in 124 years, from Confederation to 1995, when the provincial debt was $27.038 billion.

All these numbers are from BC budgets and they dramatically illustrate the financial mess the Liberals have left behind and expose the lie to their claim of fiscal prudence. At some point the public is going to have to stand up and demand that our politicians do a better job of managing the money we send them.

Anonymous said...

Incredible Grant, amazing sleuthing!

kootcoot said...

"Talk about a game changer. I'm sure public opinion in Burnaby will instantly swing the premier's way once everyone realizes which maternity ward she was born in!"

Well if they build a new hospital in Burnaby, they should save that ward to be a monument to EVIL like Auschwitz or Dachau - saved parts of which serve as reminders to Germans and all people how wrong a political movement can go!

I'm not sayin' the BC liaRs are Nazis, but they are pretty fascist if you use Mussolini's definition!