Friday, October 26, 2012

(Updated)BC Liberals Public Affairs Bureau

 CKNW`s question of the day.....

Do you think the BC Liberals can renew themselves before the spring election?

At 8:10 am this morning the numbers were...




I guarantee you that by the time 4:00 pm rolls around those numbers will turn around 180 degrees..

I voted before the BC Liberal PAB..Public affairs bureau have had their scotch and corn flakes..

Interesting numbers though, at 8:10 am this morning the BC Liberals are polling almost exactly what Angus Reid has pegged their support at..

I`ll update the results about 5:00 pm....

They had a couple of polls of note in the last month..

"Do you support the Enbridge pipeline"....That one went 78% for the pipeline..

And they had another last month..

"Who will you vote for in the next BC provincial election"

That one at 8:00am had the NDP at 55%...By the time PAB woke up and spiked the results..By 5:00 pm the results were...BC Liberals 68%..

Today`s poll is here-----

UPDATED HERE...Well well well..... As of 2:37 pm.....Shocking(insert sarcasm here)

Do you think the BC Liberals can renew themselves before the spring election?



As of 2:40 pm

No -23%


As of 2:59 pm



Hello PAB........I believe in Santa Claus too

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


RossK said...

Looks like the fine folks you mentioned were hard at work on their smart phones on the drive up to Whistler this morning....

The 'poll' has already swung by lunchtime...

Grant G said...

Yea Ross, pretty funny stuff, cknw polls would have us believe Christy is the second coming and oil is holy water..

CKNW announces the results(on air) usually about 5:30 pm..

Here they come, Philip Til was ripping Adrian Dix Wednesday on the Simi Sara show(12:30 to 12:45)..I guess Hocstein was too busy pulling wings off flies and dressing NDP voodoo dolls..

Interesting, I always knew that Gord MacDonald was a raving Liberal..

Philip Til twice in that segment described Gord MacDonald(while Gord was listening to the Adrian Dix interview with Billy) as "Bouncing in his chair" over Adrian Dix`s spin..


Anonymous said...

First, that road to Whistler - only drove it once and I'm glad because a lot of fancy cars have turned it into a race track.
Second, although I unfortunately couldn't find the link for this, was reading the other day that parliament in England actually came to pass because the king at that time was in debt up to his eyebrows and it was suggested to him that if he gave the people a 'voice' via a fake democracy, he could then make them all responsible for the crown/government's debts and put them into taxation slavery. Some things never change.

Anonymous said...

We must never forget Gordo's tearful moment (bs moment):

"I have made a serious mistake, and I want to apologize to everyone including my family, my colleagues and the people of British Columbia."

Gord, Christy, Stevie and Co., lieberal members, I doubt that your life expectancies are long enough to apologize for all of the harm you have done to the province of British Columbia and its people.

Despicable bunch.