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BC Liberals 1996 pact with our Media, Exposed

I am probably the only one who has not only written on the mess at BC Ferries but exposed the crimes, the theft of public dollars, the criminal activities hatched by Gordon Campbell, the saddling of debt onto BC Ferries, the debenture, $500 million dollars of debt that BC Ferries is paying that had nothing to do with ferry operations, that money went into general revenue, many of you think it`s similar to the taking of money from ICBC or BC Hydro, you`ld be wrong, the difference is huge..

ICBC, BC Hydro wasn`t forced to borrow money($500 million dollars) and hand it over to the BC Liberal Government..It was a crime, a deliberate crime, a crime hatched so Gordon Campbell could claim a balanced budget going into the 2005 general election, why didn`t anyone speak out, or report this, that`s where this post is going, the even bigger crime that happened was the silence of the lambs, BC`s media, some call them gutless, cowards, corrupt, every definition would fit to a T..

So how did this happen, the buying of the media I mean..Well, the roots of their moral collapse goes back to the 1996 BC Liberal convention at Whistler, names like Gordon Wilson were in the news, Bud Smith, Gordon Campbell, the ever popular party boy, the in crowd..

You had in 1996, a younger Bill Good, a green newbie Keith Baldrey, a spry Vaughn Palmer, there were many more media names involved with that convention..

That convention was such a party party party that even today in the year 2012 Bill Good can`t forget the drinking and smoking(?) fun the "boys" had...And that`s where things turned ugly, at least as far as the general public was concerned, the BC Liberal party was hijacked by old dogs who ran the Social Credit party, and the media was on board, to the point that at that convention, not on the floor but in the party party party backrooms under heavy influence of booze and drugs and pact was made, a media/political party pact, the bond of separation was broken, the BC Liberal party under Gordon Campbell now controlled the media, for the price of cheap booze and drugs Campbell bought a wink and a nod allegiance with British Columbia`s media, a verbal pledge was made, the media was going to protect Gordon Campbell and the BC Liberal party an more, there was also a pact made to protect each other, and today you can still see this pact everywhere in BC`s mainstream media..

Michael Campbell, Keith Baldrey, now Chris Galais also appears on CKNW, Bill Good is still there, Vaughn Palmer appears on CKNW too...And every leftie radio voice has been removed from CKNW..Michael Smyth, removed for talking HST(anti)..Bill Teileman removed over the HST..Simi Sara, now muzzled from producing edgy radio..

The BC Rail sale was promoted on CKNW and everyone one of those media mentioned...Everyone of those secret pact media tried to sell the HST(foist) to the public...Every scandal under the BC Liberals was either buried or ignored, cutting edge reporting was a thing of the past in British Columbia for the last decade, even when they did report glaring stories that soft-peddled them and let it die..The bankrupting of BC Ferries, the theft of monies from ferries by Campbell`s friend David Hahn was allowed to happen right under noses, they saw it, they still see it but refuse to report because of the pact made back at the 1996 Whistler convention, ..

There are shadow tolls on the Sea to Sky highway and to this day none of those named media will report it...People dying by the hundreds in BC Hospitals from lack of a proper cleaning regimen, directly caused by outsourcing the Gordon Campbell corporate did, thousands have died early and needlessly because the media, because of their failure...

The media refused to to hold a murderer by policy to account, they refused to turn on their friend party boy Gordon Campbell...The media ran Gordon Wilson out of town for his affair with Judy, the media hung out in Glen Clark`s backyard trees, with video cameras, they filmed him through windows, they haunted him night and day over a few $thousand dollars worth of patio deck yet Gordon Campbell was an habitual adulterer, an ongoing affair with Laura Dauphinee, it went on for years,

 Laura and Gordo.....Courtesy of the dear departed BC Mary

Lara & Gordo


DSC_559522275 - assistant t& Premier

DSC_559522275 - assistant t& Premier by FlungingPictures.

and with other females and the bought media just looked the other way, in fact there is strong evidence that suggested Gordon Campbell had a child with Laura, she went to the USA to give birth, all designed to keep facts hidden from the public, with complicity and approval of the bought media...

Yes indeed, the BC Liberals have run of debt to well over $100 billion dollars, they rewarded their friends with $millions, with $billions, all under the watchful but un-reporting eyes of our mainstream media, and any media player who wasn`t on message was either shunned or ridiculed..


 This tid-bit Courtesy of Norman Farrell..

Just asking
According to audited financial statements, BC Hydro's debt for future energy purchases was $7.9 BILLION in 2006, not including Powerex. In 2012, that number had gone up almost seven fold, to $53.1 BILLION, not including Powerex.

Can anyone direct me to a discussion of this fact anywhere in mainstream media?

So here we are, BC Rail gone, BC Ferries $2 billion dollars in debt, lobbyists in full control of the BC Liberals, Gordon Campbell carrying on in London doing what he did to British Columbia, Screwing her with martini glass on speed-refill...

And even today, the BC Liberals are politically dead, yet the media is on a slow take-down maneuver of the NDP, tax n spenders, union controlled, taxes taxes taxes, the lies the Liberals made over the HST have been downplayed, the crimes against the disabled forgotten(CLBC)..The torn up contracts, child poverty, WCB(worksafe) corruption all but ignored, British Columbia`s media are re-writing history as we speak, are the 8 deficit budgets of Gordon Campbell reported?, the 4 largest deficits in British Columbia history..No, they still talk of Gordon Campbell`s economic prowess, what a sick joke when our debt is over $100 billion dollars, every project built by Liberals was over budget, the convention center, $500 million over budget...Golden ears bridge..$400 million over budget..Canada line..$1.6 billion over budget...Sea to sky highway maintenance contract, $2.4 billion dollars for maintenance, over 25 years, are you kidding me, theft after theft, deflection after deflection and the non-reporting, the collusion, the pact, it all goes back to the BC Liberal convention at Whistler...

Rumour has it that Christy Clark won`t be calling the election until the fall of 2013..The BC Liberals and media need more time to tear down the NDP and the BC Conservatives..

How do you sleep at night Billy Good, Keith Baldrey, Vaughn?.....

Here are some important links...

And even today, where is British Columbia`s media reporting on the FIPPA trade agreement Harper signed, it affects BC more than any other province, it affects Enbridge pipeline, Terry Lake and the BC Government know it does too, the media in BC knows what FIPPA means, however they are still honouring that pact that was made in 1996..They still have ambitions to resurrect the BC Liberals...

For shame media, for shame...

And for everything on BC Rail crimes, there is BC Mary, 7 years of reporting every nuance, every angle, the leaks, with contributions from Robin Mathews, yours truly, Bill Teileman, citizen reporters, .....

CKNW`s number 1 advertising client is the British Columbia Government, no station gets more money than CKNW, that allegiance to the BC Liberals can only be matched to their allegiance to Government advertising dollars, HST stickmen ads comes to mind, CKNW tried to ram that tax down our throat, and how is Ontario doing with that HST, the savior tax plan, Ontario ran a $20 billion dollar deficit last year with the HST and this year a $16 billion dollar deficit and the Ontario Liberal Government has quit, and porogued the Legislature to escape contempt charges and the discovering that those Liberals spent $1 billion dollars of taxpayer money to try and win a majority, there will be many resignations and probably jail for some...

Beware people, the destruction of the BC Conservative party is well under way and the slow but steady assault on the BC NDP is happening too, and picking up speed...

And please, call your Federal MP, call the media and scream hell no to FIPPA..

Our Mainstream media(mentioned above) are gutless cowards, stooges, the BC Liberals have the blood of thousands on their hands from deliberate policy decisions and you covered for them, you too now have blood on your hands..

And remember this......A story those same media slugs ignored, party boy Gordon Campbell just days after he won the 2001 BC election...

Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Canadian official fined
for driving drunk on Maui

By Gary T. Kubota
LAHAINA >> After drinking three martinis and some wine, British Columbia Premier Gordon Campbell drove erratically on Maui, speeding and nearly crossing into a lane toward another vehicle. Campbell pleaded no contest yesterday to drunken driving and three other offenses.
As a first-time offender, Campbell was fined $500 for the petty misdemeanor of driving under the influence of alcohol. He also was ordered to pay $50 for failure to drive on the right side of the road, $50 for disregarding lane markings and $125 for speeding, going 70 mph in a 45-mph zone.
Campbell, who has publicly apologized for his behavior, did not appear in court, but was represented by Honolulu attorneys Steven Barta and Philip Lowenthal.
District Judge Reinette Cooper did not require Campbell to undergo 14 hours of alcohol abuse counseling and a substance abuse assessment, since he fulfilled the requirements before his court hearing.
Cooper said based on an assessment, she was satisfied Campbell required no further counseling.
"I do not believe there are aggravating circumstances," Cooper said.
She said she felt Campbell had been sufficiently embarrassed in the public, "as well he should be."
Barta said Campbell immediately accepted responsibility and has accepted a harsher penalty than usual.
Barta said usually, first-time drunken-driving offenders have lesser offenses dismissed, but Campbell decided to plead no contest to all of them.
Barta said Campbell's license was suspended for 90 days in Hawaii immediately after he was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and that Campbell has continued to observe the suspension while in Canada.
Campbell, 55, was arrested on the early morning of Jan. 10 on the two-lane Honoapiilani Highway near the Napilihau residential subdivision in West Maui while driving a rental car toward Kaanapali.
He has told the news media that he had three martinis and some wine while dining with friends Fred Latremouille and Kathy Baldazzi during his annual vacation on Maui and was returning to a place where he was staying.
Deputy Prosecutor Mark Simonds said that about 12:55 a.m. a police officer stopped next to Campbell at a traffic light, and when the light changed, Campbell sped his vehicle forward.
The police officer said Campbell crossed the double solid line to his left, then pulled to his right crossing into the bicycle lane, Simonds said.
Campbell's driving was erratic, sometimes hitting his brakes, and he almost crossed into a lane that had a motor vehicle going in the opposite direction, he said.
Simonds said when the police officer stopped Campbell, he had a strong odor of liquor, an oily face and slurred speech.
When asked why he was speeding, Campbell said he was tired and wanted to return home, Simonds said.
Campbell was recorded to have 0.161 percent blood-alcohol in a field sobriety test and was tested at the police station in Wailuku to have an official blood-alcohol of 0.149 percent, well above the state limit of 0.08 percent, Simonds said.
Nonresidents arrested for drunken driving are subject to the same procedures and penalties as Hawaii residents arrested on the petty misdemeanor charge and can arrange to enter a no-contest or guilty plea by mail without being present, usually through an attorney licensed to practice in Hawaii.

 There are too many unreported scandals, unreported facts, there can`t be that much incompetence, these people did go to journalism school, they were legislative reporters, these issues were debated in the people`s house, in estimate debates, question periods and media scrums yet for some reason only they can answer the stories died a swift death between the legislative house and the public airwaves..

There you have it, Gordon Campbell, illegally given the Oder of British Columbia, Gordon Campbell now Canada`s Ambassador to the United Kingdom, a chef, a driver, a residence in London, a massive expense account, the party boy rages on..
For shame media, for shame..

The Straight Goods

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Anonymous said...

Canadians are living in very evil times. Our Canadian democracy is vanishing. Our Civil Rights and Liberties taken from us. Our
Freedom of Speech under attack.

BC got a double dose of dirty tactics, by both Harper and Campbell. They didn't tell the people of BC, Campbell worked for Harper. Campbell began grand larceny BC. Christy chose to work for Harper too. We are still forced to pay the illegal HST scam, of Harper and Campbell's, right to this day.

It was blatantly, in our faces obvious. The media were propaganda machines for Campbell's corrupt government. Their bias so terrible, at times I was actually embarrassed for them. Campbell's tactics were so, filthy and dirty, and still the media kissed his @$$. I know I canceled my newspapers. Never again will I have them back, into my house.

The media of to-day, are a total disgrace to their professions. I have no idea how anyone, could write and report such lying crap.

Hugh said...

Here's a link to a good 3-part interview with Gus Van Harten about FIPA:

Anonymous said...

Probably not the right place to say this, but I was reading today an article in the Financial Post of all places that says the Northern Gateway is a dead pipeline walking.

Don't quite know what to make of it, as the NP is so far right they make Ronald Reagan look like a liberal. Why would they publish that article? That's not rhetorical, I'm asking.
BTW, I won't actually believe that until we have a new government which has committed to scrapping it.

Grant G said...

Stephen Treason Harper is planning on using the FIPPA trade agreement to push this project throgh..

The article, may well be a ruse to stop people(Canadians) from thinking about the implications of FIPPA..

That article misses the point, it talks about failed First Nation land claims and building trust, what the article fails to say or admit..

A tanker spill in Hecate Strait will destroy most of BC`s ocean species, the tourism industry and commercial fisheries.

Something very suspicious about that article..

Perhaps the intent of the article is to calm down BCers while this fraud review continues..

Very poorly written article..

Environmental protection of the only northern hemisphere temperate zone in the world trumps vague promises of riches..


Anonymous said...

(Christy and Gordo and gang work for Harper.)