Friday, October 19, 2012

The Climate Pollution Scam is Over/Problem solved!

The Durban South Africa climate summit has ended, thank goodness, can you imagine, the audacity of environmentalists to continue crying wolf over their narrow minded view that the world is in danger due to man-made pollutants....
BEIJING, China - Beijing authorities canceled hundreds of flights and shut motorways on Monday as thick smog descended on the Chinese capital, reducing visibility at one of the world's busiest airports.
Air quality in Beijing reached "hazardous" levels on Monday, according to the US embassy, which conducts its own measurements, while the official Xinhua news agency said pollution was likely to reach "dangerous" levels.

"Coal burning is the main cause of all the grey hazy days that Beijing gets," Zhou Rong, an air pollution expert with Greenpeace China, told AFP.
"China has more than doubled its coal consumption in the last 10 years, so we are getting more soot in the air, as well as secondary pollutants like sulphur dioxide and nitrous oxide which also help cause the haze."
Beijing's nearly five million vehicles also emit a lot of the particulates that make up the capital's air pollution, she added.
Authorities in Beijing went to huge lengths to clean up the city's air ahead of the 2008 Olympics, shutting down coal-fired power stations and restricting the number of cars on the roads, but air quality in the city remains bad.
Frequent smog in October and November has given fresh impetus to a growing public debate over air quality in Beijing, whose 20 million residents are increasingly worried.
British Columbia reports record shipments of coal to China.....Record shipments of coal to China, big deal I say, because.....Because the Durban South Africa climate summit has solved the problem!

Nowhere on Earth is more earth being moved these days than in the Athabasca Valley. To extract each barrel of oil from a surface mine, the industry must first cut down the forest, then remove an average of two tons of peat and dirt that lie above the oil sands layer, then two tons of the sand itself. It must heat several barrels of water to strip the bitumen from the sand and upgrade it, and afterward it discharges contaminated water into tailings ponds like the one near Mildred Lake. They now cover around 50 square miles. Last April some 500 migrating ducks mistook one of those ponds, at a newer Syncrude mine north of Fort McKay, for a hospitable stopover, landed on its oily surface, and died. The incident stirred international attention—Greenpeace broke into the Syncrude facility and hoisted a banner of a skull over the pipe discharging tailings, along with a sign that read "World's Dirtiest Oil: Stop the Tar Sands."
 (July 27) -- The last thing the United States needs at this point is yet another oil spill. But that's just what it got this week, times two.

On Monday, a 30-inch oil pipeline sprang a leak in Kalamazoo County, Mich., and it has now released more than 800,000 gallons of oil into Talmadge Creek, a tributary that flows into the Kalamazoo River.

According to news, police, fire and rescue teams are frantically trying to contain the oil. The pipeline, which is owned by Enbridge Energy Partners, a Texas-based company, said it had shut down the pipeline but not before up to a million gallons of oil flowed into the creek.

The pipeline connects Michigan, Indiana and Ontario, Canada.

Local officials are advising residents to avoid all recreational activities in the Kalamazoo River, which flows into Lake Michigan. Despite
earlier reports that the oil could reach the second largest of the Great Lakes by Sunday, creating a nightmare scenario for the nearly 12 million residents that live along its shores, officials now say that crews will likely be able to contain the mess before it reaches that point.

Meanwhile, also on Tuesday, a new oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico erupted when a boat struck an oil rig wellhead in Louisiana's
Barataria Bay.

Wednesday will mark Day 100 since BP's Deepwater Horizon oil rig went down in the Gulf of Mexico. An estimated
92 million gallons have leaked into the gulf since the spill began

BEIJING, Oct. 10 (Xinhua) -- The Chinese government will launch a nationwide campaign starting Saturday to inspect the country's offshore petroleum drilling and exploration businesses to prevent future oil spills.
The joint inspection by six government departments came after an oil spill at a platform in north China's Bohai Bay caused the country's worst offshore pollution in June this year.
The three-week inspection will be conducted by the Ministry of Land and Resources, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Ministry of Agriculture, the State Administration of Work Safety, the National Energy Administration and the State Oceanic Administration from Oct. 15 to Nov. 4.
During the period, six inspection teams will check oil drilling and exploration platforms, pipelines, floating production storage and offloading facilities, onshore terminals, docks and transport vessels affiliated with state-owned oil giants CNPC, Sinopec and CNOOC, as well as foreign operators in the Bohai Sea, the East China Sea and the South China Sea.
Compensation procedures for environmental damage caused by oil that leaked from an oil drilling platform operated by Houston-based ConocoPhillips' China branch are under way.
The oil spills have polluted more than 5,500 square km of water in Bohai Bay since June.


Crews worked into the night to seal the leak and keep the oil that had already escaped from spreading.
They deployed 4,000 feet of booms in the vicinity of the tanker Eagle Otome and the barge that put a 15-by-8-foot gash in one of its starboard compartments near the bow. The two vessels remained entangled Saturday night

The EPA's findings about fracking's contamination of ground water have sent a shockwave through a gas industry in denial.

hursday's stunning announcement from US EPA that implicates hydrofracturing ("fracking") as the cause of groundwater contamination in Pavillion, Wyoming is news that has rocked the world. But as groundbreaking and innovative as the investigation has been, the news comes as no surprise to anyone who has been following fracking closely.
Anyone who lives in a gas drilling area can tell you: fracking contaminates groundwater. Citizens have been shouting this at the top of their lungs in fracking areas since shortly after the process of hydraulic fracturing was exempted from the Safe Drinking Water Act in 2005, paving the way for the largest gas drilling boom in domestic history. The exemption, known as the "Halliburton Loophole", allows fracking companies to inject toxic chemicals under the ground in huge quantities and not report it to the EPA. But with this much fracking going on, with thousands of wells being drilled and fracked in 34 states, and with thousands of reported cases of contamination, the gas industry just can't keep their secrets buried; they keep bubbling up through the ground.
Since April 2009, I have been documenting the water contamination in the gas fracking field in Pavillion, Wyoming. The testimony of Pavillion cowboys John Fenton, Louis Meeks and Jeff Locker and their incredible families is some of the most stirring in our film Gasland. Since that time, I have been closely following the extensive three-year EPA investigation, and the results have shown over and over again that there were contaminants in the groundwater, which posed a significant health risk to the residents.
And just how many oil spills have been caused by Enbridge, according to Wiklpedia.

Spills and violations

Using data from Enbridge's own reports, the Polaris Institute calculated that 804 spills occurred on Enbridge pipelines between 1999 and 2010. These spills released approximately 168,645 barrels (26,812.4 m3) of hydrocarbons into the environment.[9]
On July 4, 2002 an Enbridge pipeline ruptured in a marsh near the town of Cohasset, Minnesota in Itasca County, spilling 6,000 barrels (950 m3) of crude oil. In an attempt to keep the oil from contaminating the Mississippi River, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources set a controlled burn that lasted for 1 day and created a smoke plume about 1-mile (1.6 km) high and 5 miles (8.0 km) long.[10]
In 2006, there were 67 reportable spills totaling 5,663 barrels (900.3 m3) on Enbridge's energy and transportation and distribution system; in 2007, there were 65 reportable spills totaling 13,777 barrels (2,190.4 m3) [11]
On March 18, 2006, approximately 613 barrels (97.5 m3) of crude oil were released when a pump failed at Enbridge's Willmar terminal in Saskatchewan.[12] According to Enbridge, roughly half the oil was recovered, the remainder contributing to 'off-site' impacts.
On January 1, 2007 an Enbridge pipeline that runs from Superior, Wisconsin to near Whitewater, Wisconsin cracked open and spilled ~50,000 US gallons (190 m3) of crude oil onto farmland and into a drainage ditch.[13] The same pipeline was struck by construction crews on February 2, 2007, in Rusk County, Wisconsin, spilling ~126,000 US gallons (480 m3) of crude. Some of the oil filled a hole more than 20 feet (6.1 m) deep and was reported to have contaminated the local water table.[14]
In April 2007, roughly 6,227 barrels (990.0 m3) of crude oil spilled into a field downstream of an Enbridge pumping station near Glenavon, Saskatchewan. Long-term site remediation is being attempted to bring the site to "as close as possible to its original condition".[12]
In 2009, Enbridge Energy Partners, a US affiliate of Enbridge Inc., agreed to pay $1.1 million to settle a lawsuit brought against the company by the state of Wisconsin for 545 environmental violations.[15] In a news release from Wisconsin's Department of Justice, Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen said "...the incidents of violation were numerous and widespread, and resulted in impacts to the streams and wetlands throughout the various watersheds."[16] The violations were incurred while building portions of the company's Southern Access pipeline, a ~$2.1 billion project to transport crude from the oil sands region in Alberta to Chicago.
In January 2009 an Enbridge pipeline leaked about 4,000 barrels (640 m3) of oil southeast of Fort McMurray at the company's Cheecham Terminal tank farm. It was reported in the Edmonton Journal that most of the spilled oil was contained within berms, but that about 1% of the oil, about 40 barrels (6.4 m3), sprayed into the air and coated nearby snow and trees.[17]
April 2010 an Enbridge pipeline ruptured spilling more than 1500 litres of oil in Virden, Manitoba, which leaked into the Boghill Creek which eventually connects to the Assiniboine River.[18]
July 2010, a leaking pipeline spilled an estimated 843,444 US gallons (3,192.78 m3) of crude oil into Talmadge Creek leading to the Kalamazoo River in southwest Michigan on Monday, July 26.[19][20]
On September 9, 2010, a rupture on Enbridge's Line 6A pipeline near Romeoville, Illinois released an estimate 6,100 barrels (970 m3) of oil into the surrounding area

Like I say, the climate and world has been saved by all Nations coming together in Durban South Africa to not only create the greatest climate saving plan in history, they actually have iron clad targets and dates on which to abide....Let me highlight the ground-breaking deal, and wording..
The Europe-led block, including small-island states and the least-developed nations, had urged the conference to require a binding protocol or legal instrument, to be negotiated within four years and taking effect in 2018.
But they rejected adding a third choice that would allow countries instead to choose another “legal option” in the future to address global warming – an option they believed would be too weak to be binding.
Both China and India, the world’s first and third largest annual sources of greenhouse gases, were skeptical, suggesting that industrialized countries, which have historically produced more than half of the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, were trying to avoid paying their fair share.
But the countries later brokered a compromise to toughen the wording an ensure that the eventual solution would have legal force but fall under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, which was founded based on the principle that developed nations should pay for their historic emissions that remain in the atmosphere.
The marathon session was supposed to wrap up on Friday, but instead ended Sunday morning as the longest UN climate summit in 20 years.
Moments before reaching the compromise, Indian Minister Jayanthi Natarajan said her country had made several concessions through the negotiations including accepting the possibility of a legally-binding instrument or protocol, but she questioned whether countries were trying to make India a scapegoat for talks collapsing.
“I’m only wondering if there’s an effort here to shift the burden of this entire climate change problem upon countries who have not (co-operated) to nations who have not contributed to this problem and that is wrong,” she said, before the proposal was modified.
China’s lead negotiator, Xie Zhenhua, stressed that his country took legally-binding agreements seriously and was prepared to honour its commitments. But he questioned why the developed nations were not able to do the same under the Kyoto Protocol.
“We developing countries, will be very serious in our implementation of these documents,” said Xie, speaking through a translator. “We are taking actions (and) we want to see your real actions.”
Todd Stern, the U.S. special envoy on climate change, had also said he was comfortable with the original wording that provided the non-binding option, but did not immediately say whether he agreed with the new proposal.
Canada, Russia and Japan have all refused to take on a second round of commitments under Kyoto, the existing-legally binding treaty, after its existing commitments expire in 2013

Read more:

The treaty will be negotiated by 2015 and coming into force after 2020.
The deal also paves the way for action to address the "emissions gap" between the voluntary emissions cuts countries have already pledged and the reductions experts say are needed to effectively tackle climate change.

Earlier Venezuela's ambassador, Claudia Salerno, had stood on a chair and banged her nameplate as she accused the UN chair of the session of ignoring the views of some developing countries. Referring to the money promised by rich countries to help developing countries to adapt to climate change, she said: "This agreement will kill off everyone. It is a farce. It is immoral to ask developing countries to sell ourselves for $100bn."
The row over the legal status of a new agreement has dogged climate talks for over a decade. Rich countries have wanted rapidly emerging economies such as like China – the world's largest emitter – and India to be equally legally bound as developed countries, though taking on softer targets on emission curbs.
However, developing countries argue that they were not responsible for the bulk of climate change emissions in the atmosphere and argue that they have pledged to rein in their emissions more than the developed countries.
Despite the broad backing of more than 120 countries, including major developing economies such as Brazil, plus the US and Japan, the EU had found it hard to push through its ambitious "roadmap", which would establish a new over-arching agreement that would commit all countries to emission cuts.
China, India and some developing countries had raised a series of objections throughout the talks about the dates that the new treaty would become operational, and argued that the Kyoto protocol would effectively be killed off before a replacement could be put in its place. With Japan, Canada and Russia saying that they were unwilling to sign up to a second period, the EU had become almost alone among developed countries in committing to continue the protocol in some form.
Several countries said they feared the deal on offer would suit the US most because it had always insisted that all other countries should cut emissions and has resisted a legally-binding agreement.

The battle to save the environment is over, just think of the implications of this historic deal, ...They(the world`s countries) have until 2015 to create the FRAMEWORK for a NON-BINDING agreement that will take affect after 2020.

That`s good enough for Canada and BC,......So let`s cancel Gordon Campbell`s ground breaking carbon tax, we can bring it back in 2020....Also, we can remove all those eco fees, recycling fees, in fact we should stop recycling all together until the unanimous non-binding climate deal comes into affect sometime after 2020..

I will patiently wait for 2021....When pigs fly!

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Great piece Grant, that's alot of information for a Sunday, thanks! Kim

Anonymous said...

Very good article as usual Grant.

I have to say, the article scares me to death. It also scared me when, scientists found acid in the ocean right up to the shores of BC. They were shocked, they thought the acid contained, way out in the deep. They said, the acid will eat the shells off the crustaceans. The coral is turning white, the Great Barrier Reef will be gone, within 20 years. If the oceans die, we die. The seas are on an over dose of Carbon Monoxide.

The Boreal Forests are also under attack. All forests make it so, stupid humans can breathe. If the forests disappear, so will humans and all wildlife.

In the far north, the ice is melting far too quickly. A polar bear swam for 9 days, to reach an ice floe to hunt for seals. The babies can't swim that far and they drown. Mother polar bears are also eating their cubs. I don't know if the mother is starving, or she knows she can't take care of them?

Anyway, this is what burning fossil fuels, are doing to this planet. Harper and his greed, will pollute this entire world. He is the number one enemy of this earth.

kootcoot said...

"Emissions rose 5.9 percent in 2010, according to an analysis released Sunday by the Global Carbon Project, an international collaboration of scientists tracking the numbers. Scientists with the group said the increase, a half-billion extra tons of carbon pumped into the air, was almost certainly the largest absolute jump in any year since the Industrial Revolution, and the largest percentage increase since 2003."New York Times

BTW - apparently asshat is going to turn his gun on the evil NDP starting tomorrow and fuggit about the being the god of all things BC Rail, due to more important stuff and the fact that the NDP will bankrupt the province if elected! (how do you bankrupt something that is already bankrupt?) and of course Spiteful Steve is still wunnerful, wunnerful and climate change is a hoax to make Al Gore fatter!

Jeeezus, but his hand must be swollen and sore from patting himself on the back every effing waking hour......

Hugh said...

In BC, we take money out of schools and hospitals to make them 'carbon-neutral'. BC became 'carbon-neutral' in July:

So it doesn't matter if we mine coal. That coal is burned in China anyway.

Grant G said...

There is no such thing as carbon neutral!

I hope you were being facetious.

Carbon neutral is a scam..

If you believe that BC Liberal press release..

Go hang at AGT`s house of lies and make believe..

Ask him how he was investigating Gregor Robertson on Cortes island on or around August 2010,when he was blogging up a storm on everything else, including the gay parade, threats and all.

Check his archives for August 2010...

He who laughs last, laughs loudest!



Doug Pyper said...

Incredible piece of work Grant.....frightening!

Anonymous said...

I see that the province has a piece our man in London about the great man himself Gordon (my lips are moving so I must be lying) Campbell. yes they are trying to turn him into a hero.

Grant G said...

Thanks Doug...

These climate summits concentrate on Greenhouse gases in the atmosphere but at the same time they ignore water pollution, tailing ponds, fish n wildlife and the like..

And as for Enbridge, sheesh, they have had thousands of pipeline oil spills in the last decade alone and yet..

They have the audacity to say ..."Trust us, we won`t have anymore spills, let us build our pipeline to Kitimat, let us cross 1200 rivers and streams, trust us!!!!!

Enbridge, they are bold-faced..Bald-faced fucking liars!

Not one major media lambasted Enbridge for the dirty low-down tactic of pretending they had major first nation support...

An illegal $7 million dollar deal inked by three people with no authority and...

And that First Nation group`s inland territory is more than 50 miles from the pipeline!!!!

That`s like Abbotsford inking a deal(for money)..A deal that gives vocal support for a contentious risky deal in Vancouver!

The Gitxsan Nation is 50 miles away from the pipeline.

Nobody said boo to Enbridge for that dirty low-down tactic!

I hope karma and harm comes to Enbridge executives,..They deserve no quarter from anyone!

Anonymous said...

I see Alex G has a big hate on for the NDP now. I guess he went to the convention and they didn't do or say what he thought they should so now he is going to write negative articles about them. What a big baby that guy is turning out to be.

Grant G said...

You are exactly right..AGT went there expecting to be mentioned or honoured over BC Rail, that didn`t happen so he had his usual hissy fit.

It doesn`t matter, AGT is merely repeating what was revealed at BC Mary`s site years ago.

He couldn`t affect the Vancouver landslide election of Gregor.

AGT is irrelevant, his hatred of the NDP is nothing new.

He`s merely passing more gas, he`s the biggest bullshitter on line!


BANK NO MORE said...

The real scam that no one woke up to yet is BP was misleading from the gates in a very stupid way regarding the of oil gushing out of The New Horizon Rig Why:
1. They are steeling the oil like all other oil companies around the world "the biggest reason for denying global worming, fighting alternative energy".
2. Not just steeling "claiming at first that 1,000 barrel a day gushing out, fighting and kicking for months to arrive at 40,000 barrel, all while it's over a million barrel a day, imagine they pay royalties to the US governments on 1,000 barrel a day and take 1,000,000 barrel, and we talk about foreign oil.
3. You wonder why all governments in the world are week against big oil and banks, they are owned big oil and banks.
4. All these oil royalties payments are certified and public records, where are they, where is the permit for the rig even, I asked everywhere, everyone, all investigative journalism, all shows, they are all scams, or stupid.
5. We are stupid, blind and dumb, to let this continue to go on.
6. Pay for one thousand and steel 999,000 barrel everyday, it's amazing.

BANK NO MORE said...

it better be published my friend,
Next we should stop public protesting in the streets while all corrupt people watch us and laugh, we need to take matters into our own hands, a peaceful and final showdown:
1. We the people everywhere go to our banks withdraw our money or whatever we get from it.
2. We go buy and fill 5 - 5gallon containers, cars with gasoline.
3. Stock on food and supplies enough to survive for 3 months at home.
4. No one goes to work unless it's a vital job.
5. No one makes a payment to any financial or insurance institutions again on anything.
We will end this monopoly as we have knowing it forever and can start a new system that works for the people:
a. everything on the net, all government buildings are on 24 hour cameras, no closed meetings with any public official.
b. All government money and money transactions and accounts on the net.
c. all public projects on the net, and open bids on the net.
d. all public officials accounts, and past history on the net, no one to ever take money later for speeches, nor payback positions like they do now.
e. healthcare for all, no healthcare insurance companies, no more brokers for everything.
f. schools for all.
g. internet for all, TV for all, radio for all
h. no paid for advertisements for politics, take money out of politics period.
that's enough for today.
enough lies about our history:
Land of The Free while you have stolen the land from the Indians, and have slaves, what a hippocratic anthem scheme.