Thursday, October 11, 2012

(UPDATED)Canadians awake and Aware of Stephen Harper`s Treasonous involvement with the world`s most corrupt company and its direct support of sanctioned Iran

 UPDATED HERE<October 11th/2012...In light of Andrew Nikiforuk`s latest column, Stephen Harper is a treasonist basterd, death would be too kind, endless torture for the greatest Canadian sellout would be more fitting....2 more years Harper and you`re done, hopefully Canada can survive.....Fuck You Stephen Treason Harper..

The below was written by the Straight Goods on January 27th 2012...I stand by it, Stephen Harper is an enemy of Canada


Eventually once real thinkers start putting 2 and two together the smart ones come to the same logical conclusion, time to shine a light on what has transpired behind closed doors

Stephen Harper, as I pointed out several times over the last month appears to be controlled by the Chinese Government, Richard Fadden was right, finally others are waking up to Harper`s treasonous actions and his dealings with the most corrupt company in the world, Sinopec China`s state owned company whose favorite trading partner is IRAN....

The same Iran that Harper is waving his fist at...Spread the news people, it seems like we have a treasonous traitor amongst us and his name is Stephen Harper....

Let me remind you what Richard Fadden said about Canadian politicians.

 "Canada's spy agency suspects that cabinet ministers in two provinces are under the control of foreign governments, CBC News has learned.
Several members of B.C. municipal governments are also under suspicion, Richard Fadden, the director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, told CBC News in an exclusive interview.
"We're in fact a bit worried in a couple of provinces that we have an indication that there's some political figures who have developed quite an attachment to foreign countries," Fadden said.
"The individual becomes in a position to make decisions that affect the country or the province or a municipality. All of a sudden, decisions aren't taken on the basis of the public good but on the basis of another country's preoccupations."
He said the politicians and public servants see it as a long-standing relationship and have no idea they are being used.
"There are several municipal politicians in British Columbia and in at least two provinces there are ministers of the Crown who we think are under at least the general influence of a foreign government."

Read more here

OK, here`s the deal, while environmentalists have been attacked and labeled radicals and enemies of Canada by Harper, this was a deliberate distraction from the real issues,  many are working hard behind the scenes to expose Harper`s criminal ties to a ruthless Chinese company,.

it doesn`t matter about  Stephen Smart`s little slap, I could care less how media in this town have circled the wagons, they have no credibility anyway, that vanished a decade ago,  Stephen Smart, Keith Baldrey, Leslie, Palmer, I can`t remember the last time they delivered intriguing investigative stories, this is the story.

Look at who wrote the below ball-busting story......TERRY GLAVIN(who?), he`s a lecturer on journalism and a writer, he put more juicy tidbits into play in that one story, how come these stories are never discovered or sleuthed out by our legislative stars, the big dailies, it seems today media journalists and reporters have turned into spinners, hired guns skilled in the fine art of distraction, obfuscating, more like providing cover.. we are talking about national security, the implications are severe, if we can see the obvious insanity in Harper`s actions, his Government`s actions, thousands of others will too, so will Canada`s judicial, when glaring conflicts are busting strained seams time for a long second look is required...Harper`s actions are bordering on the criminally absurd.....

Here`s the lede from Terry Glavin, an article he wrote for the Ottawa Citizen..
 "China and the oilpatch: Questions we need to ask

The government is not being clear about foreign access to our oil

"On the face of it, it is a neatly packaged controversy.
You could say it's about the government's weirdly over-the-top enthusiasm for the $6-billion Enbridge Inc. proposal to push a pipeline from Alberta's oilsands through northern British Columbia to saltwater at Kitimat. Or you could say it's about an environmentalist plot to keep Alberta's oilsands landlocked, although even the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers is laughing out loud at that one..........

In any case, we all agree that it's about satiating China's growing demand for energy and getting out from under Canada's reliance on the limited American market for Albertan oil. But something else has been going on, and it's not funny anymore......

Nearly half of the $100-million upfront cash for the Enbridge project is coming either directly or indirectly from the seventh largest corporation on Earth, the absurdly corrupt Sinopec, a ravenous behemoth run directly by the regime in Beijing..... 

 Oilpatch rumours have it that Beijing's own Sinochem and the China National Petroleum Corp. came up with at least some of the other half. In any case, you aren't allowed to know. Prime Minister Stephen Harper isn't saying, and neither is Enbridge.
 It was Sinopec that spent $2 billion on an outright purchase of the Alberta oil and gas firm Daylight Energy late last year. A direct Beijing foothold - this was a first for Canada's oilfields.....

But it was an earlier $2-billion Sinopec takeover of Vancouver's Tanganyika Oil that won Beijing its first big piece of Syria's Oudeh oilfields, and that's how Sinopec provides the sanctions-busting revenues that allow the delusional mass murderer Bashar al-Assad to hang on in Damascus..................

 It's the same game Sinopec has been playing in Sudan, keeping the genocidaire Omar alBashir in Khartoum instead of in the prisoner's dock at the International Criminal Court in the Hague.....

Here's where it gets really ugly. China is now Iran's No. 1 trading partner. Sinopec is now Iran's main buyer of crude oil. Tehran has managed to avoid the bite of Euro-American sanctions aimed at curbing the ayatollahs' nuclear ambitions. Sinopec is the reason why the sanctions are failing.......  

If sanctions fail, it will almost certainly mean war.
Just how Sinopec became co-author of Stephen Harper's new foreign policy and energy strategy isn't a question we're supposed to be asking..... 

Here are just a few people who have told me in recent days that whatever is going on here, there is something very strange and wrong about the whole thing.
Martin Collacott is a senior fellow with the arch-conservative Fraser Institute.
He was a career public servant with Foreign Affairs, and the department's former director-general for security. Stephen Kaufmann is a former Canadian trade commissioner in Hong Kong, the president of his own forest-products company. Scott Newark, former executive director of the Canadian Police Association, was senior policy adviser to Stockwell Day, the former minister responsible for the Asia Pacific Gateway (Day is now a "distinguished fellow" with the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada). The list goes on and on.
So do the questions. There's another one coming up.

In the summer of 2010, Richard Fadden, the head of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, let it be known that politicians in at least two provinces were under "foreign influence" and China was funding political activism in Canada. For his trouble, Fadden was thrown under the bus by the Commons Public Safety Committee. New Democrat Don Davies likened Fadden to the infamous, communist-obsessed American senator Joseph McCarthy, and claimed that Fadden had "tarred" the entire Chinese-Canadian community.......
Fadden followed up with a detailed memorandum to his boss, Public Safety Minister Vic Toews. A heavily redacted version came to light a few months later.......

Fadden wasn't talking about the influence of American eco-millionaires. He was talking about China. Fadden named names. Toews knows the names of the politicians Fadden was talking about. Here's the question: Who are they, exactly?....

I'll leave the last word to David Kilgour, a former MP with both the Conservatives and Liberals, a former deputy speaker of the House, and an unflinching friend of the Chinese people: "We have to start asking these questions. What's happening here is madness. It's madness."
Terry Glavin is the Harvey Stevenson Southam lecturer in journalism at the University of Victoria. His most recent book is Come From the Shadows. He wrote this for the Ottawa Citizen."....

Read the whole shocking story here


I will reiterate, Stephen Harper is either being controlled or he`s been bought and or he is suffering from mental illness and he`s putting Canada`s environment and international reputation at risk.

Harper and his string pullers in the oil patch will have to commit genocide on British Columbia`s populace to get this pipeline through our province...

I believe there are legal grounds to arrest Stephen Harper and charge him with treasonous acts against British Columbia and Canada, and by association Harper may also be guilty of war crimes...

Canada imports 780,000 barrels per day of oil from Saudi Arabia, Harper is guaranteeing Canada is beholden too and reliant on middle east oil in both the near and long term while at the same time he`s threatening British Columbia`s fragile pristine environment, Harper is prepared to destroy BC`s commercial fishery, devastate First Nation`s food fishery spoil our water supply and tarnish BC`s world renowned Super Natural tourism industry, Harper is acting treasonous towards both British Columbia and Canada...

The legal grounds are there, Harper is acting against British Columbia and Canada`s national interest.

Parliament must hold former hearings on Harper`s involvement with Sinopec, his personal involvement and Canada`s involvement with a ruthless Chinese state owned Oil Company that is violating sanctions against Iran, a company that`s financing ruthless criminals who were and still are committing war crimes..

Stephen Harper is making Canada look like idiots in the eyes of the world, the game is up Harper, no pipeline for you, check out these links too, and this, and that...And for good measure

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


BC Mary said...


Very interesting(horrifying) stuff. Does it never end??

Just wondered where David Emersen fits into your picture. He's now a hireling of a Chinese corp. and his wife, I think, is Chinese. Not sure if he lives in Vancouver or China, but whatever: he'd be sitting pretty (as usual) when the deals begin.

Old Boy Rupert Murdoch has a much-admired Chinese wife, too; remember how she whacked the pie-thrower at Murdoch's press conference?


Don F. said...

Amazing isn't it what this guy Harper has gotten the hard working trusting people of this country involved in.
I agree totally that he will have to commit genocide on the people here to put this absurd thing through. Rafe has said he will be there with his eighty year old body and I will be there with my sixty year old one, may not be of much help but when the people see them shoot us maybe they will notice!

Grant G said...

Harper`s insane Don, there will be 1000`s prepared to fight to the end..

But before that happens, there are legal grounds to charge Harper...National Security, he has a 870,000 barrel per day domestic market he can fill..

Securing that market would be priority number1..But it isn`t..

No premier, no leader can endanger our province when a bigger domestic market at home exists, this again proves Harper is controlled..Think about it, China can take our middle east imports and Enbridge can pipe it east, tanker threat gone, BC still intact and Asia gets its oil..

Mary..Emerson is knee deep in BC`s smart meters, knee deep with Gordon Campbell, as for Emerson being involved with this oil scandal, not sure, I`ll investigsate..


Don F. said...

Very interesting! This makes me question alot of things such as price? Canada is likely giving it away!

Anonymous said...

Allowing all of this foreign money to control our resources just asks for trouble. We have the resources yet Harper cannot give it away fast enough. Sick.

No foreign ownership allowed!

Anonymous said...

Grant where does carl rove live,and who gaurds his palace and in what country does he live in, just a few more peices to a puzzle that needs to be completed.

Anonymous said...

Has not ICC Chief Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo, given Harper a summons, for war crimes and crimes against humanity?

Criminal Campbell was giving BC's forest industry to China. Some of our mills were shipped there. Our raw logs go to China. What good did that do for the BC people? China makes a fortune, with their cheap labor and selling their junk to us at inflated prices.

China is sending their people to school, to learn English, they will get the BC coal mining jobs. I do believe I read, those jobs were supposed to be for the F.N. However, if the seven mines going into northern BC are Chinese owned. They will bring their own people, to work for cheap, cheap wages.

I wish all the Chinese could be sent back to China. It was a bad, bad mistake to let them in. They even want their customs and history, taught in our schools. They have completely overrun Vancouver, and they are still coming here, and buying up everything. I was so horrified, when I read about the Chinese immersion schools they want. How about the other nationalities in Canada? The Chinese said, it was because there were so many of them. Chinese will become the second language schools. Just like the French immersion schools.

China has been handed, our forestry, our mines, our factory's, the oil sands, on a silver platter. All because of greed and cheap child labor.

The expansions of, a railroad yard, to store China's junk. Port of Prince Rupert, being enlarged, to be able to accept China's big freighters. The CNR carry's the freight, to the storage rail yard. Everything is done, to move China's junk all over Canada and the U.S.

Fadden did warn Canada against China, and he was totally right.

Anonymous said...

Breaking news flash! The Prime Minister of Canada was poached on Native Lands! While he did fear impeachment for crimes against the country he never suspected empoachment at the hands of the people he robbed. A hunter who was poaching on lands claimed by the Canadian government had this to say:

'Yer honor, I honestly mistook him for a weasel. When we realized he wasn't good to eat we stuck a Chinese flag up his ass and pushed him off in the general direction of China. We was drinkin Canadian beer at the time.'

Canadians coast to coast quit work to celebrate.

Anonymous said...

David Emerson, After pulling off one of the most preposterous floor-crossings in national history (just days after the election, because he “didn’t like losing”), Emerson stayed in Cabinet for a few years before deciding that serving Canada’s best interests wasn’t nearly as attractive as

Here he is:
And here:

And continue to follow links and you'll find "Gary Collins" involved also.

Disgusted by the Lieberal party and their corrupt bunch, as well as the CONS in Ottawa. None are looking after the best interests of "CANADIANS", only themselves and their inner circles.

Louise Fribance said...

I think you would find much more ties to China if you looked into Chrétien's dealings now and when he was Prime Minister. That's when the ownership of Canada by China started.

Grant G said...


I could care less where first ties, second ties came from.

Harper is in charge, not Chretian..

Ties aren`t the issue, the issue is Stephen Harper acting against Canada`s national interest and acting irresponsible against BC`s economy..

Harper should be arrested.

e.a.f. said...

Well, I don't expect to see this article on the front page of the Sun or Province.

People just don't want to know. It would require them to do something. They may do something once they see their medical and pension system going down the toilet. What Harper is trying to do it reduce our standard of living to that of China's.

His wanting to build more prisons has more to do with profits for private American prisons than with our declining crime rate.

The best we can hope for is a few of the Conservative M.P.s see the day light and vote with the federal NDP and Liberals.

People like Harper and the local lieberals like governments like China's. They wish they could get away with the same things China does, but Harper is working on making us more like a 3rd world fascist state.

Evil Eye said...

We get the government, that other governments pay for.

Evil Eye said...

We get the government, that other governments pay for.

Anonymous said...

I hope that Mr. Jeanes doesn't mind that I actually copied his letter to the editor here.
Thank you to Charles Jeanes of the Kootenays. I couldn't have said things any better than he lays it out.

Anonymous said...

Anyone hear Campbell's daily rant today? The guy is STILL whining about the HST...

Anonymous said...

Hey Campbell, you moron. You lost, remember, and the citizens of this province booted you out for all the lies, deceit, corrupt shenanigans you have pulled off and are still trying too. GET LOST!

Hugh said...

Article about tarsands and railways:

Anonymous said...

China just doesn't quit - see link for latest "wants".


Anonymous said...

e.a.f. said...

and now Harper goes to China to do "business". I wonder if he will really bring up China's veto at the U.N.

Because of Russia and China's veto more Syrian civilians will die. If Harper really wanted to get China to change its vote all he has to do is cancel his trip to China and tell them, no oil. Will he do it, of course not. He will continue to speak out against Iran, who does business, with Chinese government companies & speak out against Syria but he will do nothing.

As long as Harper can sell oil to China he doesn't care how many Syrian people are murdered.

Anonymous said...

I knew these guys were involved in Canada.
Stevie training his own army for the civil unrest to come I'd say.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed? The Premier of Quebec Marois. Was going to kick Harper's butt. Harper stuck his fat face in, at the convention. Suddenly she is going to work for Harper.

Harper also bought Ontario out too. McGuinty is going to stick by Harper, and work for him as well.

How funny is this. Harper is going to have Canada as a leader of world intelligence. They have even started to build, the intelligence complex.God help Canada with Harper and MacKay at the helm.

Harper is the worst traitor to Canada ever, in the recorded history of this nation.

For cripes sake. Harper has sold Canada out to a Communist country, that other country's are kicking out of their territories.

Red China has been showing their aggression, to other country's around the globe. Hacking into other country's secret files. Selling infected electronic components.

What kind of crap is this anyhow? Is China already in full ownership of Canada, or what? Harper has given China all of the jobs. Company's have permission, to hire cheap Chinese workers.

Please dig Grant. I am not very good at it. I want to know, just what kind of crap is going on.

Hugh said...

Most read, most emailed:

I hope this article is spread widely. I sent the link to my MP, she hasn't got back to me.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

never has so much deceit from this pm who claims were now dissolved as a nation. Secret meeting with obama Feb.04, 2011