Saturday, June 2, 2012

Silence of the Lambs

I find it absolutely astonishing how media in Canada fails to report big stories, important stories, how even quality internet news sites quiver and shake over fear of the gavel, fear of being sued for speaking the truth...And that folks is the reason why the Straights Goods came to being..

What burning issues are important to British Columbia, Democracy, accountability, viability and foremost, the truth...

Enbridge has just launched a multi-million dollar ad campaign in an attempt to change people`s opinion on their northern Gateway pipeline, I saw one of their ads last night, it was cartoon-like graphically and its content was one of fairy tales, smiling people and jumping fish, they attempt to paint a picture of everything will be right in the world if only Alberta tar oil can be piped to Kitimat then shipped to China, a there there BCer`s attitude, just allow us to risk the last accessible pristine environment in the world..There there British Columbia, look at the pretty pictures and forget that we(Enbridge) have lied to British Columbia, threatened, bullied, poisoned environments on thousands of occasions, disrespected First Nations, broke law after law, bought off politicians, paid the media to distort the truth, promised heaven but delivered an oil hell, there there British Columbia, just look at the pretty pictures..

Enbridge Inc. said Tuesday it is launching a multimillion-dollar advertising campaign in British Columbia promoting its Northern Gateway pipeline project in response to stiffer opposition than it anticipated over the $5.5-billion Alberta-to-Kitimat proposal.
"You are going to see a much higher visibility for Enbridge over the next few days. In newspapers, in television and online," said Paul Stanway, manager of Northern Gateway communications for Enbridge. "It's become quite apparent that the debate has become a provincewide issue."


Yes, our environment ultimately is the only important thing left to fight for, Enbridge with their thousands of pipeline spills, Enbridge with their false promises of today`s technology being different, for spills and disasters are a thing of the past according to the petroleum producers of today..Yes British Columbia, you take the risk of a catastrophic coastal disaster so we can fill our boots with money.

Enbridge claim of pipeline support from First Nations a ‘sham’, say aboriginals

VANCOUVER — An aboriginal group along the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline says Enbridge’s (TSX:ENB) claim of widespread support among First Nations is a sham.

On Tuesday, Enbridge announced it had signed agreements with 60 per cent of the aboriginal communities on the route, saying that’s proof there’s more support for the pipeline than opponents would suggest.

But Art Sterritt, executive director of the Coastal First Nations, says he knows of only two First Nations who have signed the equity-sharing deal, and he accuses Enbridge of expanding its corridor to include support from communities that won’t be directly affected by the pipeline.

He says his people are “mystified” about why Enbridge included support from a Metis group when they don’t have rights and title to the land upon which the pipeline will travel.


I am indeed a news-hawk, radio, TV, internet, word of mouth, so how come neither the radio, Global news, CTV, how come no one reported on a 22,000 barrel oil leak in Northern Alberta, 22,000 barrels of oil puked into muskeg, and was it modern technology that discovered the leak, did censors notify this modern infrastructure to shut down production and limit damage...NO..It was spotted by aircraft overhead, had not this disaster been spotted by a third party who knows how much oil would have puked into the environment...

"A spill of oil and water in northwest Alberta has lasted since at least May 19 and has put an estimated 22,000 barrels in the muskeg. The site, a water-injection well and pipeline, is operated by Pace Oil & Gas Ltd., which is now conducting a cleanup operation.
According to news releases on the Pace website, the leak was spotted on May 19 from an aircraft flying over the remote site near Rainbow Lake."


Just imagine 22,000 barrels of Alberta bitumen flowing down the fast moving river the Skeena, this is what Rafe Mair talks about, what Ben West, David Suzuki, Damion Gillis and Grant G have been talking about, how loud do we have to scream before someone in power with a brain listens, not if, not maybe the only question is when the pipeline ruptures and when the oil tankers wrecks on our coast...

I understand Enbridge`s motive, that being profit for the few, but what of the media, the Lambs, their silence on this latest environmental crime is deafening, are you listening Christy Clark, I know Stephen Harper is listening, only he doesn`t care for he`s a bought man, an oil-man, a religious zealot who`s mind was long ago transformed into a singularity of rapture for the chosen, a 21st century Caligula.


A.K.A Gaius Caesar Germanicus
- Born in August 31, 12 AD in Antium(Anzio).
- About the age of 2 or 3 he became the mascot of the Germanic Roman legions (Caligula, Little Soldier’s boots). 

- When he was about 17 years, he began to engage in incestuous relationships with his three sisters; later on he became known for his bisexual incestual orgies.
- When being declared emperor, he ordered a bridge to be constructed from Baeiae to Puteoli(about two miles long) and rode it with his horse and wearing Alexander the Great’s breastplate because an astrologer predicted he had "no more chance of becoming Emperor than of riding a horse across the Gulf of Baiae". 

Stephen Caligula Harper will fall, our Emperor wears no clothes, there will be no reasoning, Harper and Harperism will not pause, no second thoughts, a straight path towards some distorted oil-soaked rapture, like a pit bull shaking and crushing the neck of a poodle, where even the owner of the pit bull can`t stop its own dog, where calls and demands to cease fall on deaf ears, only a bullet will stop the pit bull, Harper too will not stop, you can`t reason with one led by a god, even if that god is Satan. The only question is how much permanent damage will be done before sanity is returned to Ottawa..

 And here in beautiful British Columbia where tourism and high-tech should be put on the front burner, we had the Olympics, a chance to showcase our wild salmon, majestic mountains, the wild west coast where bears, flora, old growth trees excite and exude what we are, one with nature...

But no, we have a corporate Government where decisions, policy and destiny are controlled and directed by Gywn Morgan and Patrick Kinsella, where sustainability is tossed out, where nature and our very souls are sold for a fistful of illusionary dollars, we have a premier who lies at will, whose knowledge and mental ability wouldn`t fill a thimble, a BC Liberal corporate Government who has placed our crown jewels in the hands of Chinese dictators, a corrupt foul-smelling Government which promises buckets of gold and mountains of prosperity if we only surrender who and what we are to Asia...

Corporate controlled media and their silent lambs refuse to report the truth, the truth about Chinese ghost towns, the truth of millions of Chinese dying a slow and toxic death as their dictators sacrifice an entire generation for those same illusionary dollars....
How is it Christy Clark and Pat Bell refuse to acknowledge, how Global news, CTV, cknw all refuse to tell the truth, how is it possible that more information and clean data comes from singular voices like Alexandra Morton, Andrew Nikiforuk, Robyn Allen and even Grant G.....
Silence of the lambs, Canada, the land under the thumb of corporate beasts, China won`t save us, India won`t save us, India has 800 million living in stark poverty, China is a myth, Ghost towns and goblins, LNG to Asia won`t happen on scale, it will be another corporate subsidized welfare industry, perhaps if our Canadian sheep stopped baaing and started writing, reporting and holding Government`s feet to the fire items like this would have already been reported..

China's towering metal stockpiles cast economic shadow


When metals warehouses in top consumer China are so full that workers start stockpiling iron ore in granaries and copper in car parks, you know the global economy could be in trouble.

At Qingdao Port, home to one of China's largest iron ore terminals, hundreds of mounds of iron ore, each as tall as a three-storey building, spill over into an area signposted "grains storage" and almost to the street.

Further south, some bonded warehouses in Shanghai are using carparks to store swollen copper stockpiles - another unusual phenomenon that bodes ill for global metal prices and raises questions about China's ability to sustain its economic growth as the rest of the world falters.

Commodity markets are used to seeing China's inventories swell in the first quarter, when manufacturing slows down due to the Lunar New Year holidays, and then gradually decline during the second quarter when industrial activity picks up.
This year, however, is different.

  Copper stocks in Shanghai's bonded storage, the biggest in China, are now double the 300,000 metric tons (330,693 tons) average of the past four years and iron ore stocks are about a third more than their 74 million metric tons average.

China is the world's biggest buyer of industrial metals, which are then manufactured for domestic use or exported to the rest of the world.
Several euro zone economies are in recession and there are serious fears about the solvency of several more. The United States, the world's biggest economy, is sputtering along, with a recovery just out of reach.

Then there's China itself, where the economy is still growing, but at a significantly slower pace. Economists keep predicting the slowdown will end soon, but it's hard to see how when the rest of the world appears headed for the doldrums.
"New orders have slowed quite substantially from a year ago," said a manager at a large copper tube factory who declined to be named as he was not authorized to speak to the media.

"With demand so weak, we've scaled back operations, shut one production line and reduced the number of shifts."
The slowdown has hit hard some of the small and medium-sized manufacturers and traders who form the bulk of China's metals business. Some steel traders have committed suicide and owners of faltering factories have skipped town to escape creditors, according to local media reports over the past year.

This week, the world's biggest miner, BHP Billiton (BHP.AX) (BLT.L), said it was putting on hold a China-centric plan to spend $80 billion over the next five years to expand its iron ore, coal, energy and base metals divisions.

In his most cautious comments yet, BHP Chairman Jacques Nasser also said he expected commodity prices to cool further and that investors had lost confidence in the global economy.
"We should pause, take a deep breath and wait and see where the pieces fall around the world," he said.

But the buyers never materialized in bulk and China is now left with up to 1.4 million metric tons of copper, the most since 2009. In the past month, stocks have fallen 3.5 percent, half the pace from the same period a year ago, according to data from the Shanghai Futures Exchange.

"The turnaround time for copper stocks used to be only one or two months, but now it's averaging six months or more," said Zhang, a manager at a bonded warehouse at Shanghai's Yangshan Port who would only give his surname.
"The destocking is happening very, very slowly."

The glut has already prompted some firms to sell copper into London Metals Exchange warehouses, a move which would further depress the exchange's benchmark prices.
Copper has also lost its luster as a financing tool for investors who use the metal as collateral to borrow yuan in a punt on the Chinese currency and also to invest in the property sector, which has fizzled out.

Copper has already shed 9 percent in the past two weeks to hit a four-month low of $7,625. Many traders reckon it's only a matter of time before prices test $7,500 or lower, which could spark panic selling.

Iron ore has fared little better. Steel mills are digesting stocks at an average rate of 10 percent this year compared to 20 percent over the past five years, according to BoA Merrill Lynch. Prices are 8.3 percent lower so far this quarter.

Steel futures are also down over 5 percent this year, as mills produce at record levels even though demand is weak.
Some Chinese steel mills have postponed delivery of iron ore from miners, including top supplier Vale (VALE5.SA), as a slow steel market cuts demand and producers expect a further drop in prices, sources at mills and traders said.
As China poisons its own people, investment firms and media refuse to tell the truth, our so-called savior is on the verge of bust, corporations are wrong, the forecasters are wrong, they have been wrong for years and years and every week, every other day our lamb media trot out the Fraser institute, the chamber of commerce, Canadian business councils, progress boards, Michael Levy, Michael Campbell, week in and week out these corporate boards and corrupt mouthpieces echo their corporate marching orders and pat each other on the back while they lead Canadians to the slaughter house, China won`t save us they will enslave us, India won`t raise our boats while they`re still driving goats..

British Columbia and Canada have everything we need to be self sufficient, aligning with 2 billion impoverished slaves living under corporate rule and dynasty dictatorships is the road to ruin, Thomas Freidman was wrong, the world isn`t flat..

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Lots of really good stuff here today.

In fightin' form and firin' on all cylinders.

i Thought the following pieces were particularly interesting:>>

"...but what of the media,"?

"a bought man, an oil-man, a religious zealot who`s mind was long ago transformed into a singularity of rapture for the chosen, a 21st century Caligula...".

" ...there will be no reasoning, Harper and Harperism will not pause, no second thoughts, a straight path towards some distorted oil-soaked rapture, like a pit bull shaking and crushing the neck of a poodle, where even the owner of the pit bull can`t stop its own dog, where calls and demands to cease fall on deaf ears, only a bullet will stop the pit bull, Harper too will not stop, you can`t reason with one led by a god, even if that god is Satan. The only question is how much permanent damage will be done before sanity is returned to Ottawa..."?<<

Nicely put, especially from depths where most dare not go.

Good work.


Anonymous said...

Harper hates everything Canadian, including the people. Harper has caused the loss of thousands and thousands of Canadian jobs. Seems we are also losing G.M. 2,000 Canadian will lose their jobs, again.

There will be no sanity in Ottawa, as long as Harper is in office. I believe Canada is already lost. We all pretty much know, the robo-calls were made by the Conservatives. Harper is trying to quash the investigation.

Harper even begs Canadians to shop in the U.S. Losing billions of dollars of revenue, suits Harper just fine. READ: Harper gives a speech in New York, at the Council of Foreign Relations. Thus was Sept 25/2007.

Our wonderful BC Mary even said, more than once, Canada will be a huge state of the U.S.

Harper is giving the tar sands to China. They are bringing their own, to work their projects. They even have their own Chinese cooks. The tar will be refined in China. China is also bringing thousands to build, the Enbridge pipeline.

BC is already dead in the water. Campbell gave our mill industry to China. The three mayors, pleading for government help, to save their catalyst paper mill, will no doubt be in vain. China will probably, give the paper mill, to China as well.

China also owns BC mines. They are bringing their own, to work those jobs too. Boessenkool and Christy are selling what is left of BC's Real Estate.

They are working under Harper's rule...BC must be totally destroyed. We are opposing Harper's Enbridge pipeline. They don't call Harper spiteful Stevie, for nothing. The oil clean-up crew pulled out of BC. The Search and Rescue, being shut down. Oh yes!! Stevie is indeed spiteful...just like his henchman Gordon Campbell.

Jim Parrett said...

Sanity will take its time returning to Ottawa. I only hope the damage already inflicted by the HarperCons is not permanent. As for the 90 percenter Con media, they're in bed with Harper. It's up to blogs I guess to present "the other side of the story".

Crankypants said...

I think that the MSM picks a story and beats it to death while many other stories get only a passing mention or ignored altogether. Sometimes I am of the view that they do this on purpose.

Take the proposed closing of the Kitsilano Coast Guard station for example. It has been front and centre for the better part of the last couple of weeks while many parts of the federal omnibus bill have been all but ignored.

Before that it was the Richard Branson episode that put much of Provincial government news on the downlow.

It's no wonder that many people are much less informed than they should be.


Anonymous said...

Labour unrest in China is growing daily. How come we never hear that in our media? There is 15 billion Yuan worth of unpaid wages in China. If you don't pay wages and instead choose to stall(manage) over excuses, and offer a mistruth about the ability to produce a cheaper product here, you can stay in business. Seems that competition is so great that mistruths are relied upon to continue to get contracts. Corporations have become so vile, so shallow in their reason to be and we all just accept that yes, the almighty dollar is first and foremost. China is the canary in the coal mine but the western media prefers to put its' fingers in its' ears.

We are all forced to shoot for the moon and when that fails we all better learn how to dig in the dirt or die.

Anonymous said...

It was around 2004 (less than ten years ago) when the price of gasoline went up to 65 cents a litre and I along with many other people was shocked.
Now the price in my small town is 1.32 a litre. More than doubled. Food prices have also gone right off the map where I live. So, despite what government may say, I know that my basic cost of living has gone sky high.
Just saying, it's funny that in country which is a supplier of petroleum to the world, we are cut out of the benefits of plentiful supply and placed in the clutches of transnationals who know no limits to their greed.

This is not a country, this is corporate ownership.

Grant G said...

$1.48 per litre in the Sunshinecoast..

The growth curb is unsustaibable..

IPPs..P3s...Corporate sellouts and subsudies..

And every time there is a bit of good news, a good jobs report, a good forecast..

Our reward is commodity prices head skyward thus taking more money from the middleclass..

Anonymous said...

Here's the problem. This province was once resource based, then manufacturing based. Now it is retail based. Retail jobs are $10-12 an hour. Hardly a wage that encourages consumerism. It's no wonder that the price of houses are dropping and consumers are heading south. Family values my arse.

Anonymous said...

And just a week before look who comes to town.

Big names, big money.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...


barry said...

from port edward bc
i am left in sad feelings about our future, but will not give up. i think fukushima, and pending repercusions from that... are even the greatest threat today...nature will decide. we are not the designers we presume to be.

my name is barry johnston,peace to all

Anonymous said...

And Enbridge continues to try and brain wash with their glossy ads.

Have we had enough yet? I think so.

You can't eat oil.