Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Enbridge Spills 400,000 litres of oil/Breaking News!

Breaking news....Enbridge pumping station leaks 400,000 litres from above ground pipeline...


EDMONTON - Cleanup is underway after an oil spill Monday along Enbridge’s Athabasca pipeline, southeast of Elk Point, the Alberta Energy Resources Conservation Board says.

The company estimates about 230,000 litres of heavy crude oil spilled from a pumping station along the surface pipeline about 24 kilometres southeast of Elk Point, the board said Tuesday. The estimate hasn’t yet been confirmed.
The spill was reported to the appropriate agencies on Monday, said ERCB spokesman Darin Barter.

It does take some time to assess the site, get our field folks on-site, determine the extent of the spill, talk to the company and see what they estimate the volume at, and then we get forward to a news release,” Barter said. “This one is significant enough that we issued a news release on it.’


Full story to come....

Well cheers to you Harvey Oberfeld!

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Don F. said...

Hey Grant,
Not only was Harvey's post hard to swallow his returns to comments were even harder. I too wish him cheers!
Will be interesting to see how quickly this spill is swept under the rug. That's okay because the people that matter are aware, Us!
Looking forward to the full story just to hear their bullshit response to the public and what kind of crap our MSM tries to feed us. I have already seen the "our pipeline technology is improved" we've come to expect.
Take Care

Grant G said...

Thanks Don..

For an ex journalist Harvey Oberfeld acts like a buffoon, his tee-heeing with those that disparage me and others..Harvey keeps talking about car crashes, that comparison is rude to intelligent thinkers...

Harvey Oberfeld is so far out of his league, his post would get a fail in middle school..

Perhaps dementia has set in..

My gut tells me the petroleum whores sent Harvey a check...

Next post should be up by morning..