Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Peter Ladner`s Shame

I`m not quite sure what is going on here, perhaps NPA`s Peter Ladner has suffered a severe brain injury..

Peter Ladner was on with Simi Sara today and he wants the helmet law for cyclists removed...He claims for short bike rides at slow speeds helmets are useless...

And there`s more, BC Liberal policy chair Ted Dixon wants the bike helmet law changed too..


The wheels are spinning in a bid to change B.C.’s controversial mandatory bicycle-helmet law.
The law, which falls under the Motor Vehicle Act, was implemented by the province’s NDP government in 1996.
And with Vancouver planning by next spring a big-budget bicycle-share program, critics of the law say mandatory helmet use will only hurt the move by city hall to get people out of their cars and on bikes.

Chris Bruntlett is among those lobbying the provincial government to change the mandatory bike helmet law.

 (Funny stuff Chris Bruntlett appears to want his child wearing a helmet) Above picture is Chris Bruntlett(Grant G)

He feels for slow, short bike trips, helmet use should be the choice of the rider.
“We have seen the impact of the mandatory helmet law and it has killed off the idea of a short, spontaneous and slow bicycle trip,” said Bruntlett, whose two-wheeler advocacy group is called the Church of Situp Cycling.

“For citizen cycling, where you go out for a coffee or groceries, the idea you need (head) protection discourages people from riding and they will take the car or bus instead,” he said.
Under the Motor Vehicle Act, all children and adults are required to wear bicycle helmets on public roadways.
At the time the law was brought in, government officials cited U.S. studies that concluded bike helmets reduce the rate of head injuries by 85 per cent and of brain injuries by 88 per cent.

The mandatory helmet law is even being questioned by those close to the premier.
Ted Dixon, the BC Liberal Party Policy Chair, told The Province Monday he is speaking out personally about the mandatory helmet law, adding he thinks it could be a topic of debate for the next election.

 Who is Ted Dixon you might ask..Grant G



Ted Dixon, CFA

CEO of INK Research Corp.

Ted Dixon is co-founder of INK Research. INK stands for Insider News and Knowledge and through www.inkresearch.com is Canada's first on-line financial news and research service providing investor insight into what public company executives and significant shareholders are doing with their ownership interests. He has also recently worked as a part-time lecturer in corporate finance at the British Columbia Institute of Technology. Before starting INK, he worked at the Connor, Clark & Lunn Financial Group where his responsibilities included portfolio strategy and product development. He has also been an analyst at the Fraser Institute and a treasury specialist at the TD Bank. In the early days, he was a floor trader on the Vancouver Stock Exchange. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst and member of CFA Vancouver (formerly The Vancouver Society of Financial Analysts). He holds an MBA in Financial Management from the University of Chicago, and a Bachelor of Commerce from UBC. In terms of volunteer work, in 2011 he was appointed to the investment committee of the Fraser Academy Foundation and became Policy Chair for the BC Liberal Party.


“We need to bring the responsibility back to the individual who is riding the bike,” he said. “My personal view is the individual is best able to assess the risk.”
Dixon said he hopes the law is reviewed and ultimately changed, noting that in Australia a mandatory bike-helmet law resulted in people shying away from bikes.


Hmmm, the Fraser institute, what would prompt a University of Chicago economist to weigh in on bike helmets, you BC Liberals are really scraping the bottom of the barrel!

Well, isn`t that interesting, are we in BC Liberal BIZZARRO world, Ted Dixon wants to make it an election issue, let`s be clear, this is a deranged attempt to discredit Gregor Robertson and the BC NDP, because, as you can see in the above article Ted Dixon, and Peter Ladner go out of their way to tell the public that the NDP in 1996 brought in that law, what difference does it make who brought in the law, why did you make it a point to mention the NDP brought in the law, ...That statement suggests that the BC Liberals would not have brought in such a law..Can you clarify Christy Clark?

I have a personel request for Peter Ladner and Ted Dixon...

Go visit the BC Brain injury department, ask the doctors, ask the people whom had their brains scrambled by hitting their head, go tell those people that helmet laws need to be rescinded!

The costs to BC Medical for severe brain injuries and those who are brain dead can cost $100s of thousands of dollars, even in the $millions..

Peter Ladner, Ted Dixon, as public figures you should be ashamed...If even one bike rider follows your lead and refuses to wear a helmet and injures themselves you are responsible..

Bikes hit oil on streets, loose rocks, cars can pull in front of riders, helmets save lives, helmets reduce medical costs..

Peter Ladner, for shame, there are thousands of studies proving helmets save lives regardless of speed, or distance...

For shame on the BC Liberals and their farm team the NPA to attempt to make this an election issue.

You both deserve your faces slapped for this dangerous assault on safety helmets..

Christy Clark, are you really that desperate for a wedge issue against the NDP, if not I challenge you to DENOUNCE both PETER LADNER and your POLICY CHAIR TED DIXON for even suggesting that a proven law that saves lives and prevents injuries and saves BC Medical tons of money should be rescinded!

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

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