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Monday, June 18, 2012

The Haters Live/ Harvey Oberfeld, Time to Go...AWAY!

 Harvey Oberfeld`s latest garbage post prompted me to re-run this post from January 24th/2011, and..The old adage is true..

"You can`t teach an old dog new tricks"

And this data is specifically for dinosaur Larry Bennett who CLAIMS the Gulf coast is A ok since the spill....

The Gulf Ecosystem Is Being Decimated

The BP oil spill started on April 20, 2010. We’ve previously warned that the BP oil spill could severely damage the Gulf ecosystem.
Since then, there are numerous signs that the worst-case scenario may be playing out:
  • A recent report also notes that there are flesh-eating bacteria in tar balls of BP oil washing up on Gulf beaches
If you still don’t have a sense of the devastation to the Gulf, American reporter Dahr Jamail lays it out pretty clearly:


Prove me wrong Larry...Idiot ..

Harvey, try researching your articles first before blathering on about something your clueless on, you too Larry Bennett....And Larry, are you related to Bill Bennett BC Liberal MLA?...Just wondering because....You know, that pesky cosmetic fertilizer ban thing, right?..Everyone gets cancer!


Sometimes I get really riled up over the messaging from pundits and minor celebrities, I removed my last post about Harvey Oberfeld......

Yea I took Harvey O to task on his last post, I called him a racist, sometimes I forget that older people lived in a different world, a world where colour matters, a world where status and money are the only defense from racism and the class system...

I have met many "older" men(and Woman) who still live in the past, old men with the Jew jokes or referencing the "nigger in the woodshed"...I just smile move along, ingrained racism is the hardest to remove, my dad tells me of the story.....

He was in the US several years ago and met a local sheriff at a rest stop, they started talking, whitey to whitey, it turns out the Sheriff was there to meet the bus, the Sheriff`s words to my senior dad was....

"I`m here to make sure no niggers get off the bus in my town"

My dad just nodded in agreement and left, the point being, the Sheriff was a racist and there was no point trying to convince the Sheriff of anything else, his mind wasn`t going to be changed...

Last month Harvey O attacked Ignatief claiming ..."Ignatief screws the west again"....Harvey O was talking about Iggy`s Oil Tanker ban proposal.....First off, it`s the only wise thing Iggy has done, secondly 80% plus of BCers don`t want Oil tankers on the north Coast...


Ignatieff “Screws” B.C./West … Again

December 13th, 2010 · 57 Comments

It’s not normally the language I would use in my blog … but since “screwing” the West was openly advocated by federal Liberal strategist Senator Keith Davey in the 1980 election campaign, it’s apparently a legitimate central Canadian political philosophy.
And federal Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff is unabashedly carrying on that fine Liberal tradition. 
Last week, Ignatieff led his Liberal caucus into supporting an NDP motion to totally ban oil tankers off B.C.’s West coast.
Now the NDP’s putting forward the motion should surprsie no one: it plays to their BC constituency; it has an anti-American bent; it snubs its nose at global corporations;  it helps bolster their “green”  credentials with environmentalists right across the country; it conveniently ignores all those oil tankers bringing oil MUCH closer to land up the St. Lawrence River to Quebec and Ontario; and, most importantly  the NDP haven’t got ANY chance of forming government in the next federal election. An easy, if shallow, point-getter



Harvey`s post about the Enbridge proposal, his attack on Iggy was a pathetic post...Harvey was clueless to marine liability, the risk, he distorted facts, Harvey was basically reading from the Enbridge press release....What Harvey didn`t know was...Enbridge wouldn`t be responsible for a ocean spill, the carrier would, most tankers are registered out of Liberia and the maximum insurance they can get is $500 million dollars, most don`t even have that, Exxon Mobile still hasn`t paid its fine and clean up costs from 21 years ago, there is still oil under the rocks, the sea life still hasn`t recovered, Harvey O also wasn`t aware that in terms of oil spills the Exxon Valdez was a tiny spill compared to the big tankers....Then Harvey O started making up facts as his contributors  attacked....

Harvey is a scorched earth Dinosaur, clueless to the harm of a massive spill, a spill that would extinct many species including the Orca...And for what, a handful of jobs...The US already takes all the Tar Oil it can get, there is absolutely no need for the Enbridge pipeline, it is nothing more than a risky insurance policy in case the Americans refuse the oil for ethical reasons....I don`t care about Enbridge`s assurances, a spill would happen, it`s inevitable...Harvey Oberfelds article was so poorly written, so unresearched  that I actually felt sorry for Harvey O...

Harvey O`s article yesterday, racist overtones, slagging First Nations, calling every BC NDP potential leader a joke except for the baggage carrying Gay man Mike Farnworth....

The bringing up of Farnworth`s sexuality was a cheap low brow move, Gary Mason and the Globe and Mail did a big story on Farnworth highlighting his gayness...Both of these hacks claim the gayness isn`t an issue but they sure talk about it....It`s yellow journalism and back door messaging...Harvey Oberfeld is a Federal Conservative and a BC Liberal...Harvey can`t help himself from slagging NDPers.....I am a partisan blogger, I go after everyone but never once did I bring up any candidate`s sexuality to attack....What did Harvey Oberfeld say about the NDPers...He said Adrian Dix has baggage from the Glen Clark days and has tainted membership sign ups....Harvey calls Simons and Dana Larsen nut jobs....Harvey Oberfeld treats Harry Lali  like some radical dissident and then Harvey Oberfeld completely dismisses John Horgan as a leader because....Because a First Nation`s elder blessed his run for premier!.....


NDP Leadership Race: No “Wow” Alternative

January 23rd, 2011 · 33 Comments

More of the same … just what BC voters DON’T want.  Yet  that seems exactly what we will mostly get with any of the NDP leadership candidates.
MLA Mike Farnworth was first elected MLA in 1991 and is a nice guy: where have we heard that before? And clearly part of the “old” gang of  New Democrats.
MLA Adrian Dix also has a long party history…including being involved in  improper backroom NDP operations and controversies: just what BC needs?
MLA Harry Lali has threatened to take legal action against his own party over “contaminated” new memberships submitted by Dix: won’t that produce a vote of confidence for an alternative to the Liberals!
MLA John Horgan sought guidance from a spiritual elder of  the T’Sou-ke First Nation who “looked inside my soul …and advised me that my cause was just and my heart was pure and I should take that journey. That was the turning point for me.”   Say no more.
Dana Larsen is a pot activist and MLA Nicholas Simon reportedly  thinks “all social policies should be seen through the eyes of a child”.  Right!
Now tell me, honestly please, which of these do YOU think British Columbians would enthusiasically entrust with $40 BILLION annual provincial  tax revenues?


Harvey takes a cheap shot at Horgan in a racism filled post....Harvey O finishes off his article saying....Farnworth is gay, with baggage but is the best of the NDP candidates...

That is crap writing, what an endorsement from the Federal Conservative Harvey Oberfeld....Vote for the gay man with baggage because the others are all a joke....It was a sad article, .....I wrote about it last night, I had a post up and later removed it.....

I got to thinking that Harvey Oberfeld is old, he`s tired, he grew up with racism, it reminds me of those old men with the jokes about "niggers in the wood shed"....About the Shreiff who meets the bus...Or the oh so tolerant priest in the US who claims he has nothing against blacks and other coloured folk but refuses to marry inter-racial couples....He claimed he wasn`t a racist, in fact the Justice of the peace actually said....

"I`m not a racist, I even allow black people in my home"

My how mighty white of you!

I have met many Harvey Oberfeld`s in my life, ...I have seen the yellow journalism,  the statements from people..

"There there dear gay men, run for office, we won`t hold it against you"

Subtle racism, messaging, ...Years ago I was anti-gay, but later I realized they weren`t harming anyone, they serve in wars, they are brave heroes,  polite,  they buy clothes, food and contribute to society and are less harmful than violent video games, most marriages end in divorce, who does what in the bedroom isn`t my business, look at Tiger Woods, good for him, Tiger can stick his junk in whatever trunk he wants and good for him, his crime was he was married and cheated, that was Tiger`s Sin, not the sex, Tiger was so hyper sexed his Junk could have been in a male trunk and it would not have mattered to Tiger....But it would have mattered to the public

I took Harvey Oberfeld to task.....I realize that people have prejudices, the old boys can`t change, I have prejudices and I freely admit them, people are strange animals...You ever notice that men are intrigued with Gay Women but revolted by gay men, a double standard exists, of course the men dream of bedding down with PLURAL females gay or straight, myself included although I have enough trouble pleasing one at a time I don`t know what I would do with two...Except try very hard... All kidding aside Folks....

Anyway, sometimes I get too worked up, last night I was over the top and apologize, not for what I wrote but for failing to recognize that Harvey Oberfeld grew up with racism, bigotry, it was prevalent,  Harvey as a boy....Would have lived in a very hateful time for Gays, Blacks and ethnics, HO has proven he is very dense when it comes to the environment and his racism is probably oblivious to him, just like the Justice who "Lets Black people in his home"

Let`s stick to issues and people`s records, their qualifications, their charm and skill....Their speaking ability...

I said it before and I will say it again, my horse is John Horgan for all the right reasons but I will support any NDPer who wins the leadership, Gay, Straight, Stoned, Brown, White, .......As for Harvey Oberfeld, he has plenty to contribute, just not on the environment or people.

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Grant G said...

I didn`t post your comment because...As far as I know he hasn`t come out of the closet...

I won`t spread rumours...And it doesn`t matter..

I stand by my position on HO`s last post

istvan said...

Grant to start ,I am on your side(but geting tired of saying so)and I am leaning towards Horgan.OK if an old logger on Hastings St. endorses Horgan where is the news?If a retired couple from say ,Burnaby endorses Horgan who cares?If a native "elder"from Sooke endorses Horgan,now THATS SPECIAL! I think that was the point Harvey was trying to make.Cheers S.

terrence said...

Grant - here is copy, paste and snip from Oberfeld's response to "fan of Hunter // Jan 24, 2011 at 6:29 pm” - (Response: No one on here has criticised Grant ror his facts or ideas … [snip]. it’s his penchant to denigrate with name calling and insults when people disagree. That is, in my view, symptomatic of an extremist who spits out bombast to cover the weakness of his “facts”… [snip]. h.o)

So, HO calls you a “name caller”. He then proceeds to say YOUR name calling and insults are “symptomatic of an extremist who spits out bombast to cover the weakness of his “facts””.

So, on planet HO, HO can call someone an “extremist”, and that is NOT name calling. Just as it is not name calling when he says this “extremist” is someone who “spits out bombast”, which he does to cover the weakness of his “facts”.

Putting the word “facts” in quotes is not done to denigrate your facts/view. And, on planet HO, it is not insulting if HO says you are the one who “insults”.

HO needs new glasses – ones that will help him to see when the kettle calls the pot black. But, he may well be too dense to see what he does; and he may not be able to spell “hypocrisy”.

And, Grant, I know you are lumping all older men in the same group that HO clearly inhabits (planet HO). I know lots of seniors who are very open-minded, curious about the world and the people in it – and their views.

Grant G said...

Harvey was being derogatory towards Horgan..

That was not his intent(humour or praise)

Harvey Oberfeld needs to go back on vacation..His part time musing`s are just that..."Part" part drivel and part smear...His article wasn`t worthy of print...

If Harvey wants to be entertained he can go to the circus.

Grant G said...

Great comment Terrance...I wasn`t trying to lump all old men together or to paint with one brush...

Yes...I have caught Harvey O lying(mis-representing facts)...

I saw HO`s comment about me...Sometimes when people show how stunned they are...As Harvey did on Enbridge/pipelines/and spills...Harvey O is utterly STUNNED on that subject!...

As for his comments about Simons, Larsen and Horgan ...Harvey again proved how utterly stupid he is.

And as for Oberfeld endorsing Farnworth...I am almost positive that Farnworth would reject such a tainted and disguised endorsement.

Harvey Oberfeld at one time either did research or had the newsroom do research...Since his retirement HO hasn`t researched anything except who is responsible for 7/11 bottle retuurns.

I don`t expect dictionary style facts and studious research but Harvey could take at least a few hours researching his stories...What was his last post about?

It was about Harvey calling every NDPer losers and flakes!...Farnworth included...

Harvey has defended the HST(in the past) ..Defended Campbell,HO has defended these BC Liberals for years, including before the last election...

And finally, I don`t give a rat ass about entertaining Harvey O...He has his union pension, his perks, it wasn`t no effing BC Liberal or Conservative that won Harvey a pension, it was the NDP and unions that won that!

Harvey Oberfeld is a hypocrit whose best before date expired years ago..

terrence said...

typo, typo

"I know you are lumping all older men in"

Should be, "I know you are NOT lumping all older men in"

Sorry about that...

Old fart said...

Grant G, I am one of those old people. I grew up in the era to which you refer. I really thought that you yourself was an 'old' person. I have an incredible brain, talent by the truck load, but I am considered unemployable due to the predudice and ageism that is spewed. I am really surprised and appalled at the degree of this that I have been reading in your last posts.
You have so many important things to say yet you seem to be in a spiral of angry.
I would hope that you will get back from the 'depth' that you appear to be in and expose the truth.
We apparently can put a 'worm' in the Iranian centrifuges to destroy their uranium enrichment program yet now one can get the goods on the sleaze bag group of liars destroying our province.

Grant G said...

Yes...Anger indeed...It`s an ebb and flow thing with me, maybe I see things in rose coloured glasses, I expect better from some people...

Taxation...Harper wants to lower corporate taxes again, they`re running deficits already, that means one of two things, more consumer taxes or cuts..

And when someone else cuts taxes even more..We don`t want to win that race..

Cui Bono--? said...

Before it disappeared, I read your post concerning the two hit pieces by the big o. and "G" Mason (who's appropriately named, i might add), and there was not a word in error, or even off target, in what you wrote.

On the other hand, you and i both know that the messaging in both of those two hit pieces was subliminally and intentionally pejorative. They meant to invoke feelings of aversion in the reader. And for you to forgive either for they knew not what they did...was, well, too kind...in my opinion. They did not deserve it for any reason i know of; and the slack you've cut them will only embolden them to go even further next time. And you can mark my words here--these two will keep it up. Because they work for the enemy and have a dirty job to do. As i'm sure you realize, the election writ is to be dropped soon; so they have been given order to go out and disparage the candidacy of the real contenders for the premiership. They will not stop playing dirty simply because you have the decency to give the old guys some allowance for the cognitive failings associated with their gaining years.

You had 'em down-and-dead-to-rights; and you should've put them out for the count. Instead, you let them get up and scurry away to fight another day. They'll be back sometime soon and you'll have to waste more valuable time and energy addressing their next outrageous spew of disinformation.

These two are partisan shills, plain and simple. They are working for the big money boys. They are actively trying to control the debate and direct it towards their masters' ends. Surely you see that neither Premier John Horgan or Premier Mike Farnsworth are in their plans for the future.

Now, for what it's worth, I would've stood by your calling them out as you rightly did, and i would've defended to the bitter end your right to say it.

We must resist these hypocritical hacks and refuse to allow them to control the parameters of the debate with their mealy-mouth calls for correctness and civility, while they get away with smearing and slander and obfuscating at every turn of phrase. "Enough said."

"For, If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear." (George Orwell)

Gary E said...

As long as Harper has control of the HST the people of BC have no control over their taxes. That means folks if Harper is running a deficit there is not a God Damn thing we can do if he wants to raise the HST to 15%.

If you're against Recall You're against democracy.

Anonymous said...

Campbell works for Harper. Has not anyone noticed, when Campbell is in Harper's presence, his face literally beams. We know Campbell and Hansen, told an election lie, the HST wasn't on their radar. The HST papers were on Hansen's desk before the election. Hansen, did finally admit to it. Harper, Campbell and Hansen, colluded together on the HST, before the BC election. Harper, is for Global governance, he needs to control all of the money. There will be much worse to come. Democracy, is not in Campbell or Harper's plan. Or at least, I haven't seen any democracy in BC. The next Liberal dictator, will remove the recall, faster than the speed of light. After all, it's not fair to Ida Chong, who chomped her way, through $6.000 for her very, very fine dining. Just look at all of the dirty tactics, Campbell, Crag James, the C.O.C. Hochstein and big business are using. Campbell is being paid millions, to fight and keep the HST. You would have to be totally dense, not to see how the HST is destroying this province.

Anonymous said...

Grant have a read on the Wise Law web site.

They say, the skinheads are cheering Harper's bill of Human Rights Act. Canada's Human Rights, are not pretty they say. That this was a private vote??? I get lost in the legal jargon, and the underhanded politics.